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Unable to control eye movement

Dear Doctor,

I am a 38 years old male executive, and I have come up well in life mainly due to my technical knowledge. Since last last 3 to 4 years I am unable to look at peoples face and eyes slide to their (men or women, it does not matter)private parts. Even if I try to look else where, the private parts of nearby people always remain at the corner of my eye.
I consulated three doctors. The first one said it is a personality problem and gave me three month course for epitril and C-Pram. The next doctor trained me self hypnosis and said it will solve my problem, but it does not seem to give results but only sleep. Third one could not even understand the problem.

The problem is so severe that people do not come to meet me and take long alterante routes while walking thru office. I plan to take a happy retirement than roubling people like this. I often and constantly tell myself hell with it, but it is only increasing.

It seemed those doctors have not come across such problem, and I also have not seen such habit in anybody else. I need kind guidnace from doctors/patient who have faced such issues.
  utpal1999 on 2008-03-02
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why u think ur eyes cant be controled?
John Stanton last decade

Thanks for your reply. That question I also ask myself. But at the end when I meet people, my eyes tend to take a wide view and I actually see the personal parts of men and women infront of me. Worst case is some body sitting next to me, my eyes cannot be any where else then, nobody would sit in my car or take me in their car for this reason.

I have gone through various shocking situations in my life in last few years, all one after the other, for my fault or not. I feel guilty about that. The only person in my current life who understands and accomodates me is my wife.

Kindly advise what could be of help to resolve this.
utpal1999 last decade

Staphy Sag 2ooc ,3 doses with equal space on same day.

Dr Tahira last decade

I am unable to understand why this is happening. Unless I know this I think the fix cannot be there. I am still looking for advise from those who have come across simillar cases.
utpal1999 last decade

U should discuss the event after which it happened.I have found above remedy usefull for such cases but more detail can through light on the back ground.

Dr Tahira last decade

had similar symptoms. think it is caused by social anxiety (fear of embarassment in social/peer situations) and obsessive compulsive disorder (repetetive intrusive thought that patterns itself). Recommeded remedy makes sense and might help. Medication helps also. A book called 'The Eyes Have It' helped me strengthen eye control muscles and that helped to maintain focus and tune out peripheral vision which helped deal with it..1. try focusing on a spot and holding your stare there a while ....2 look at wall ahead...very very very slowly move your focus bit by bit to the right, then slowly back to centre...then to the left then back to centre..then down and back...then up and back. Do not do too many times at once as very powerful and might get a headache. Also, go for a run daily before work if you can, to sort of run some tension out of the body/brain. I was told in China they treat OCD with intensive exercise. Also, very important, try to remain calm and not too panicy with the symptoms as panic, frustration and fear fuel it more. Another book called Brain Lock explains the brain is stuck in a pattern and the way to eventually get it unstuck is a 4 step program.
1. Reattribute it to what it is...not you but a brain pattern to be ignoredmore to suggest if you want.
palmtree last decade

Had similar symptoms. Think might be caused by a combinaton of social anxiety (fear of embarassment in social/peer situation) and obsessive compulsive disorder (intrusive upsetting repetetive thought that patterns and repeats itself. Two books helped me Brain Lock (explains how the brain gets stuck in a pattern and how to get it unstuck by 1. Relabel it as a faulty brain signal to be ignored. It is not you. 2. Reattribute it to the OCD. 3. Refocus on what you are doing to get your mind to spend less energy on it and fuel it less. 4. Revalue the thought as worthless distraction to be ignored, 'mental garbage'. Keep calm as being upset, embarassed, worried fuels it and strengthens the pattern.
Second book The Eyes Have It..eye exercises to strengthen eye control muscles to help deal with it. 1. Focus on a spot on the wall and hold your stare there for a good while, which seems to strengthen focus and tune out peripheral distractions. 2. from spot in center, very very very slowly move your focus bit by bit by bit to the right, then slowly back, then repeat to the left and up and down. Do not do these exercises too many times as they are powerful and will give you a headache. Medication helps. So does yoga and tai chi and chi king. Get videos and do at home. More to suggest if you have an email I can write to that would be easier than posting here and it is very complicated to explain here. Not sure if you are able or it would help, but I took time off work to get a break from the peer situation that triggered the symptoms, which may have helped to break the cycle, and give me a chance to de-stress as the constant stress of dealing with it was probably making it worse. That was 10 years ago, and it occasionally creeps back but not enough to get a hold on me.
palmtree last decade

The homeopathic remedy sounds worth a try for sure. Meantime, the more time spent dwelling on the symptoms and worrying about them, probably re-enforces and fuels them. I think that is most important to keep in mind. Try to focus on positive solutions to deal with the symptoms ie ignoring, rigorous excercise, eye focus or eye muscle control exercises if you find they help, slow head/neck rotations seem to destress a bit. Build calming and destressing habits you enjoy into your life like reading, exercise, tai chi, yoga etc. Learn new interests in life which help to gradually build new and different brain pathways, occupy the brain positvely and gradually distract it from this pattern over time. See your coworkers as compassionate or not understanding instead of judgemental. Massage or chiropractic or craniosacral therapy might help calm the body and emotions/central nervous system and help get out of a state of chronic stress. Re meds I have used buspar and luvox in combination..not sure how well they worked.
palmtree last decade

I am suffering from exactly the same problem described here from past 1.2 years.
any remedies?
This problem has totally ruined my social life.can anyone help.
sunilstuck last decade

Describe in detail.

Dr Tahira last decade

Everything was normal about a year and a half ago.But then some bad things happened in life.After sometime,I started realising that everytime a see a woman(or even man),my focus was shifting to her/his private parts.This was very weak earlier,but with time,it is becoming severe.now i try not to talk to people scaring that i may look at their private parts while talking.
Doctor, if you need any other information, please tellme.
sunilstuck last decade

I am also have exacty same problem for past 12years. I am 24 years old. At beginning of this problem, it affected my studies, since I can,t able to listem deeply my teachers lecture. Basically I am a first rank student. But after this problem I can't able to get good marks instead I got only average marks. However I completed my engineering degree with average marks. Because during High school and college life, this problem was severe to me.
After completing college, I cant able to get a job related to my engineering degree, because I was failed in all of the personal interviews due to this problem. Since I continuously tried, I got a job with less salary but I cant able to get good increment in the same company. So I came out of that company and searched for another job with my 1 year experience but I failed continuously in the personalinterviews because they didn't like me eventhough I am suitable to that jobs. I have some ideas like doing a business to come up in life but I can't able to interact with people due to this problem. So how I can execute the ideas and how to come up in life. I have no friends for the past 7 years due to this problem. I am verymuch affected by this eye+mind OCD problem. What is the remedy to this. How to live the normal life like others?
Anonym last decade

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