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Need help with Dyshidrosis (Dyshidrotic Eczema)


i would appreciate if someone could tell me the treatment for Dyshidrotic Eczema. i have small blisters on my palm, which itches, scratching breaks them and realeases watery fluid. i have this for 2 yrs now. presently applying Labote GM cream, which heals it temporarily.

Thank you!
  bhopesh.gandotra on 2008-02-25
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
any past and family medical history ????
faisal qureshi last decade
None at all
bhopesh.gandotra last decade
You should post much more information than this.

For instance, when I had this condition, placing my hands in hot water made them itch beyond belief. I could have ripped my skin off to get relief. It's is an extremely itchy condition, and I would also get them between my fingers.

Another thing is that when the fluid filled blisters would burst, then later dry, they would peel off. With this condition I would literally get blisters on top of scars of former blisters in a rarely ending process.

I sincerely believe mine were related to a nickel allergy.

I no longer get this condition, but during the years when I did, I belonged to a yahoo group where there were people who had suffered from it for a number of years.
Eureca last decade
So, it means that u didn't take take anything and it got cured by itself?

i have this problem on my right hand palm, and i spend 10 hrs of my day on computer using the mouse, i thought that's the main concern, i have tried avoiding the use of mouse, but whwenver i do my palm becomes very sweaty and triggers the allergy more. keeping the hand dry helps.

but now the allergy area is increasing, earlier it was coin size, now it's on almost the entire palm.
bhopesh.gandotra last decade
I can't say with certainty that it was the remedy that I took (graphites) or the chelating that I did at the same time (using supplemental dmsa by THORNE labs, but it went away and I haven't had a problem since I first posted to this forum.
Eureca last decade
Temovate. Only thing that has ever helped. (Clobetasol). Called Dermovate in some countries. The stuff starts working immediately on dyshidrosis. The ointment is more effective than the cream version - when you get the prescription, specific ointment - some places only stock the cream - shop around. The ointment leaves your hands greasy, but is far more lasting and effective. Getting both can be good - cream is good if you're keyboarding or something during the day - ointment at night. In between treatments, bathe your hands in the thickest Eucerin jar cream - standard kind - avoid the specialty creams.
asherblack last decade
I have noticed that my dyshidrosis is triggered by long stressful work days with my right hand on my roller-ball mouse. How my left hand is also affected somewhat though is still a mystery to me. My doctor once prescribed Prednisone but he won't anymore. But the Predisone worked like a charm, better than any ointment.
lw11948 last decade
There are many creams out there that will suppress the itching. I have eczema and use Elocon (Elomet). Since these creams contain steroids, a prescription is needed. An OTC cream that helps with itching, but does not make the rash totally go away is Cortisone.
jwise1 last decade
I had a very severe case on both my hands and one foot. I tried everything from steroid creams which probably helped relieve the symptoms the best...but did nothin to solve the problem. I finally went to a homeopath who after discussing my history gave me nickel as a remedy. It has been a dream come true, after only one minor flare up I have been completely free of any outbreaks. The initial cost for the homeopath was $175 but that included the treatment and all followup, actually cheaper than all of the creams, lotions and prescriptions I had tried. Good luck
kjack75 last decade
I was diagnosed with Dyshidrotic Eczema as a small child and suffer regular outbreaks.

Tiny blisters form on the skin of my hands, begin to itch unbearably, eventually break open & peel and burn, and are sometimes followed by deep, painful lesions. Several stages of the chronic problem could be happening at once, so that my hands are both itching with blisters and raw & burning, with painful cracks. Usually, the outbreaks resolved themselves on their own after a few weeks, though I had to occasionally use a topical steroid to rid myself of a long outbreak.

This last year, however, the symptoms became incredibly severe, with major swelling and excruciating pain. My fingers began looking like sausages and I had virtually no skin left anywhere on my hands -- even the backs became covered in blisters. I visited six different doctors, each multiple times. All prescribed some form of steroid -- creams, ointments, shots, oral cycles, etc. In each case, the steroid would work, briefly; within weeks or even days, however, the symptoms eventually returned full force. I read about natural remedies and began diet changes -- I went on a vegetable fast, then an apple fast, supposedly to clean out my digestive tract and rid my body of the toxins causing the skin ailment -- to no avail!

Finally, a dermatologist sent me to an allergist who performed a patch test used for determining contact allergies (the doc said that if the patch test hadn't turned up anything, he'd have checked for food allergies next, followed by environmental allergies).

As it turns out, I'm allergic to a chemical called methylisothiazolone (also called methylisothiazolone, metatin GT, Mitco, Acticide, algucid, amerstat 250, Euxyl K 100, Fennosan IT 21, Grotan TK2, Kathon, Mergal, Chloromethylisothiazolone, etc.), which is present in most hand soaps, shampoos, conditioners, baby wipes, cosmetics, detergents, fabric softeners, dish soaps, and even paint. The chemical, which is also present in a compound for which I tested positive, is known as a common allergen and is widely used as a preservative in cleansing products, since it has antibiotic and anti-fungal properties.

If your skin is compromised in any way (if you suffer from any form of Eczema, your skin often is!), then continued exposure to this chemical very commonly causes an escalating allergic reaction which may be confused for a regular outbreak. Ironically, because I had so many lesions over the surface of my skin, and have two young children in diapers, I washed my hands constantly, and when washing became too painful, I used baby wipes (both, I've discovered, had the chemical). Gloves have always made my skin even worse, so good hygiene seemed a necessary evil. I now realize that I was, of course, making things even worse for myself.

My doctor told me that complete avoidance is extremely difficult, as the chemical is prevalent in so many products. I've had to replace tons of products with substitutes from a local natural food & drug shop (although I found the chemical in a few of the products there as well!). The chemical takes up to three weeks to break down in the skin, so even after exposure is limited as much as possible, you may continue to exhibit symptoms while the break-down process happens. Also, the chemical transfers easily; my husband and son now have to change their products as well. In addition, we've had to re-launder towels & sheets, to hopefully speed the rate of break-down for items that have already been exposed.

I recommend allergy testing to anyone suffering from this incredible painful form of eczema -- you, too, may have developed underlying issues which are interfering with your body's ability to heal itself. It's a simple procedure and was covered entirely by even my (crappy!) insurance (I payed hundreds of dollars in doctor & specialist co-pays before finding this root cause).
wonderfulworld last decade
The sensitivity to this chemical could be cured by homoeopathy. That would probably be the best way to deal with it. Have you tried homoeopathy yet?

I have had a fair number of clients with strange chemical senisitivities do quite well on treatment.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
I had been suffered from dry eczema for a couple of months and I have done everything to relieve. I have Ulcerative Colitis and am using Imuran which affects the immune system.
But I finally found the reason to my problem and how to resolve it in short and long term:
1- The problem was because of allergy to either paper or ink (I figured out that the problem happened when I dealt with hundreds of pages of print in a week).
2- I could keep it almost in the same condition (or slightly better) by keeping it wet using ointment or skin creams. But "Betaderm" ointment (needs prescription) had better results (used it for 2-3 weeks). Especially the ointment works well after bathroom when the skin is fresh.
3- I didn't know this is because of paper/ink (I thought of mouse, notebook touchpad, latex gloves, etc.) so thanks to a pharmacist in Edmonton who advised to use cotton gloves, I avoided touching almost everything at work.
alisa1 8 years ago
If you are in Pakistan then use BM#182 else see remedies in this compound and use them. It will cure a long way.
Fayaz ur Rehman 7 years ago
After trying all the steroid creams given to me by Dermatologist and taking oral steroids, for dyshydrotic eczema of all my fingers.without success. And trying several creams including Mother of all Creams available on online. I finally got some relief with Foderma serum. My finger tips would chafe, itch, hurt, crack, ooze, peel then bleed, but after applying foderma serum, my fingers show significant improvement. I apply liberally and then put on cotton gloves. I noticed an improvement after the 3rd day. Such relief! worth the money and a try. I strongly recommend foderma serum.
Madonna1 6 years ago
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simone717 6 years ago

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