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3 yr old girl -- Skin and temper problems

Hi all ,

This is about my niece , who is having a skin problem.

Her face and thighs went pinkish red and there was intense swelling and itching lasting for about 5 days. The area is still pinkish.

Her mental symptoms:

Very impatient. Wants things her way. Wants things NOW. If she doesn't get things her way she lies down on the ground and starts crying , kicking the floor and screaming. She is generally quite hyper-active.

She also hates to lose. She does not say sorry and does not admit her fault. She hates authority and if you lose patience at her tantrums , she goes even more wild.

Does NOT crave for affection...or sympathy...and is quite un-emotional. e.g. If dad has gone out of station , she will not talk to him on phone... and does not like to cling in general.

She can be quite fastidious at times . i.e. It has to be the same 'pink cup' which she will drink milk from. Anything else , and the milk will be rejected.

However , she shares things quite well with her elder sister . e.g. Would always buy 2 cookies from a shop and give one to her sister.

She also craves for warm milk.

Can somebody please help me find her constitutional remedy ?

Which miasm are we dealing with ?

Thanks for the help in advance.

  sameervermani on 2007-10-20
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
I would also like to add to the above symptoms, that she is extremely restless ,i.e. constantly she has to do something with her hands even while sitting. And if she is fiddling with something delicate and you tell her not to do it , she will do it again and again and will not stop.

Also, if you tell her not to do something , she will do it even if she has not planned on doing it.

i.e. 'She likes to do things which are prohibited'

Also, she will change her mind at the last moment to take the thing that her sister wants. e.g. She is given a choice among 2 cups , pink and blue , she will chose pink one but when her sister wants the blue one , she will become hell bent on getting the blue one now.

Please advise.

sameervermani last decade
chamomilla 6c thirice daily for five days and report j k mohla
akshaymohl last decade
Thank you, Mr. Mohla.

Maybe some of the other homeopaths can also offer their opinions on this before I go ahead and give her Chamomilla.

One thing , I found from her mother is that she does NOT refuse a thing she wants when she is offered that thing by someone.

She KNOWS what she wants and tries to get it through her tantrums at any cost.

This took me away from Chamomilla.

It's her adamancy about getting it at any cost and her impatience and irritability which is troubling.
sameervermani last decade
if chamomilla fails you can try a single dose of nitric acid 30c or 200c.

note her mentals for a week and report.
rishimba last decade
Dear homeopaths,

I have tried Chamomilla for 4 days but her hyperactivity is still the same.

Please let me know what to do next.

Is there a case for a Nosode being used here ?
sameervermani last decade
Read these remedies.

Hyoscyamus, Tarentula, Veratrum Album.

gavinimurthy last decade
Thank you Mr. Murthy. I will do so.

Thanks once again.
sameervermani last decade
Tarentula H. does sound indicated from the brief details that you've given. (Though it does not cover the craving for warm milk) However, the obstinate & contrary behaviour along with the fidgety hands and fingers sounds like Tarentula.

The bowel nosode Proteus is also very useful in children who are prone to throw temper tantrums.. you could think of using it as an intercurrent later if needed.

Firuzi Mehta
Firuzi Mehta last decade
welcome. Dr.Mehta

This forum is a free for all, and you will find the threads and posts here some times educative, some times repulsive, and in general all the prescribers try to help the patient, to the best of their abilities, though the prescriptions may some times rise a few eye brows.

Any way, you will get used to it soon. :-)

gavinimurthy last decade
Thank you very much, Dr. Murthy. For the welcome and the warning :-)

Its good to see you on this site too.

Bye for now,
Firuzi Mehta
Firuzi Mehta last decade
Dear Dr. Mehta and Dr Murthy ,

I went over Tarentula H , and found that some sort of sensitiveness to music has to be there which I could not confirm in my niece. Can we prescribe Tarent. without any sensitivity to music ?

She also does not have any of the shameless streak or shock value of the Hyoscyamus..child

I tried to get some additional information from her mother....

She does like to watch the same cartoon in a DVD over and over again....for weeks...

She makes sure her pillow is brown because the milk she drinks has the same colour due to chocolate flavoured supplement in it.

This sounds like 'sense-less repititive behaviour' of veratrum album , but she is not precocious like a typical veratrum child...I do not know if we can prescribe in the absence of precocity.

Also , SHE LOVES TO HIDE. She will make her mom wait before she can enter her room, untill she has hidden behind the pillow..

She also hides in cup-boards, when everyone is about to leave and keeps hiding till her parents finally open the garrage, and then at the last moment, when she realizes she is going to be left behind, she comes out screaming.

She is also scared of any sort of monsters on television. She will make everyone swtich off the TV at any cost if she gets scared by something on TV. Otherwise she is pretty fearless and confident.

The main guiding symptoms :

Impatient , wants things now and wants them her way.

Becomes more agressive if scolded.


Lies on the ground when throwing a tantrum

Likes to hide

Please guide me ....
sameervermani last decade
Adding on to my previous post , I also just came to know that she starts spitting when upset.

sameervermani last decade
No one will have all the symptoms of a medicine mentioned in Materia medica.

Write down the prominent charecteristic symptoms of the patient and see which medicine covers them most.

Don't bother about the other symptoms the medicine can produce. We are not interested in those.

Match the patient to the remedy and not the other way.

Read again keeping the above in view.

gavinimurthy last decade
Thank you Mr. Murthy .

Hyperactive, impatience, tendency to hide and falling on the floor during tantrums , the medicine becomes Tarentula H.

Desire to spit , meaningless repititive actions and hyperactivity, disobedience belong to Veratrum.

I guess, I will look to prioritize these and decide the remedy.
sameervermani last decade
Just reading through this... Is her bed a tip in the morning? Another words a total mess? And how does she respond to music especially fast loud music. Something to consider..
lakemee last decade

bed is not a mess.....but she moves her legs a lot during sleep and sometimes even tries to bang them on you in the middle of night...either in dream or knowingly....

Does this tell us anything ?

sameervermani last decade
I found the rubric 'restless in bed' in Tarentula H. Keeping in mind all the previous symptoms as well , I think Tarentula H is the most similar remedy.

I have told my sister to give Tarentula H to the child. Will post the results in a few days.

Thanks to everyone in the thread for their guidance.
sameervermani last decade
Dear Mr. Murthy,

She has taken 3 doses of Tarentula H 30C till now. She is taking wet doses with 3 sucussions. However , no change is visible at all. I am planning on giving 2 more doses to be sure , it is not working.

Should I move onto Veratrum Album after this ? She does like to cut paper meaninglessly too which I know is another Veratrum symptom.

Another remedy I was thinking of was Rhus-Tox because her skin condition looked like a Poison Ivy rash. Rhus-tox also has a lot of restlesness and irritability. It also covers the desire for milk. Please let me know your thoughts on this.

sameervermani last decade
Adding on to my previous post today...

Some more symptoms of the child are coming up.

She likes to throw things in her tantrums. She also likes to spit when she is in a rage.

She also has a tendency to bed- wetting in sleep at night.

I was trying to repertorize all these symptoms with the earlier ones, and another remedy which is coming up is Tuberculinum. However, I want to be completely sure before administering a Nosode. The desire for milk is also covered by Tub. And ofcourse, the falling on the floor , irritability and contrariness are also there.

Please advise.
sameervermani last decade
I will come back.

gavinimurthy last decade
Okay Mr Murthy !

Another thing which I notice from her pics is this.

She has sparkling eyes filled with mischievousness, which is typical of Tubercular child.

I will wait for your response

sameervermani last decade
30 potency is unlikely to touch these behavioural problems.

Before leaving Tarentula try in 10M, a single dose, 4 pellets and wait for atleast three weeks to assess the response.

Don't be in a hurry to try medicines one by one, too fast.

gavinimurthy last decade
Dear Mr. Murthy,

Won't the 10M potency directly and that too a dry dose result in a similar aggravation ?

I feel a bit hesitant to administer 10M straight away.

I have seen emotional and mental changes in my own case with even 30C in the past. Ofcourse the remedy has to be correct.

sameervermani last decade
Childern tolerate the higher potencies well.

If you are hesitant try with 1M. Lower than this may not work.

A single dry dose is unlikely to cause aggravations.

gavinimurthy last decade
Dear Mr. Murthy ,

I raised the number of sucussions and the quantity of the 30C wet dose from the remedy bottle.

And now she has started responding very well to Tarentula.

Thanks for making me stick to the remedy.

PS:- 30C did bring changes on the mental plane too. I guess, changing the sucussions and dosage amount can bring totally different reactions.
sameervermani last decade

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