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Matchstick a wonder medicine

Matchstick a wonder medicine

About 2 years ago we were trakking in the remote Himalayas, from Gangotri to Kedarnath. No village or any human being exists once a person starts walking on that pathless land through the ice-fields situated at least 12,000 feet high.

It was at least 6 days journey. At the second day one person started having cramps and his health started deteriorating because any water or food he took just passed out. It was a crisis, we had some loperamide but it too ran out but only gave a slight temporary relief. Probably it was amoeba or giardia infection. Homeopathy phosphorous was indicated.

I took 2 whole matchsticks from the matchbox and put these in half empty plastic water bottle. Shook the bottle vigorously and asked my friend to take a sip from that bottle. That friend was cured of his dysentery in two hours. No more further problems.

Down the way, same problem occurred to another friend but just one sip from the bottle relieved him too.

Later on this experiment was repeated upon many people, they all cured. Joe De Livera used this method in Sri Lanka and there too all cured of the dysentery. Anytime my friends or folks visit India from USA etc. they all suffered with traveler’s dysentery but this remedy cured most of people.

Later on I refined the way to make this remedy which I consider is a One-Composite-Remedy.

1. Hold a matchstick near a cupful of water, burn it with other matchstick and immediately dip the burning head (make sure it is still in the process of being ignited). Repeat this step with another matchstick.

2. Put the water in a one liter plastic bottle but half empty so we can shake it up vigorously. It gets difficult to shake water if bottle is almost full. Add two whole unburned matchsticks in the same water. Close the lid and shake the bottle vigorously for at least 50 times.

3. Medicine is instantly ready. Take a small spoon of water as remedy. Repeat the dose only if needed. You can remove both burned and unburned 4 matchsticks after two days and store the liquid in refrigerator to avoid the fermentation.

This remedy is safe for children but use only one drop in the water. Do not overuse it.

A matchstick contains following things.

1. Sulphur
2. Phosphorous
3. Potassium Chlorate
4. Potassium Carbonate (as flame retardant)
5. Carbo Vegetabelis (burnt heat)
6. Phosphoric Acid (When still ignited matchhead is dipped in the water)

That is the reason this remedy should be considered as one whole composite remedy.

In next posts will bring out more cases that this rem
  kuldeep on 2007-10-03
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
This August I was again tracking in the Gangotry region in the Himalayas. Instead of walking on the paved road, I and my brother were taking a shortcut between the village of Harshi and Mukhba in the upper reaches of the district Uttarkashi.

We met a shepherd gentleman Mr. Bhagirath Prasad or Mukhba village. While his sheep were grazing we fell into conversation. He said he is 65 years old but to our amazement he looked only 40 years old with no wrinkles on the face and heedful of natural black hairs. He said he has only one physical problem. Two years ago he has an accident and nose was broken. Nose is not mended but he can still feel the split of bone and has pain in the region. His sons were in the army, they took him to good hospitals in Delhi and Dehradoon but doctors said it is the age related bone necrosis. This reminded me of the same matchstick remedy. I suggested him making the remedy.

When we were returning after 12 days we met Mr. Bhagirath Prasad. Actually he came running to us and in excitement he said, “My pain is gone. My Pain is gone.”
Well then he insisted us to visit his village……….

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kuldeep last decade
This is what a match stick contains.

'Safety matches are designed so that the head can be ignited only by striking on a specially prepared surface on the match package. The tip of the safety match contains antimony trisulfide and an oxidizing agent (such as potassium chlorate), again held in place with casein or glue. The striking surface on the package contains powdered glass for friction, red phosphorus and glue. When the match is struck the heat of friction converts the red phosphorus, which ignites and, in turn, ignites the head of the match.'


There are two types of matches

'Strike any where' matches which are not available in India, and 'safety' matches, which are standard here.

In these safety match heads there is no phosphorous. The red phosphorous is in the side strip.

The compostion of the 'head' varies widely, depending on the manufacturer.

See this link for further details.

http://www.freepatentsonline.com/4060434.html (scroll to the bottom and look for safety matches tables)

However, the bulk of the head material in ALL safety matches is

POTASSIUM CHLORATE..close to 50 Percent.

It is nothing but our Kali chloricum. (Not Kali.Mur)

Now read about Kali chloricum in Boericke.

Stomach.--Feeling of weight in epigastric and umbilical region. Flatulence. Vomiting of greenish-black matter.

Stool.--Diarrhœa; profuse, greenish mucus.

No wonder it works for diarrhoea...

The matches available in India are all 'safety' matches, and hence there is no phosphorous in the tip.

So, the surmise that it acts as a low potency phosphorous is at the best a wild guess.

gavinimurthy last decade
Composition of a matchhead is well described in:

I visited WIMCO match factory. Red phosphorous is added in the match head but in low quantity. Most of the phosphorous is applied on the rubbing surface.

Once the matchsticks are formed, they are soaked in ammonium phosphate, which is a fire retardant. This prevents the stick from smoldering after the match has gone out. During manufacture, the striking ends of the matchsticks are dipped in hot paraffin wax. This provides a small amount of fuel to transfer the flame from the burning chemicals on the tip to the matchstick itself. Once the paraffin burns off, the ammonium phosphate in the matchstick prevents any further combustion.
kuldeep last decade
From the above url.


The heads of safety matches are composed of a single part. They contain antimony trisulfide, potassium chlorate, sulfur, powdered glass, inert fillers, and animal glue. They may also include a water-soluble dye. Antimony trisulfide cannot be ignited by the heat of friction, even in the presence of an oxidizing agent like potassium chlorate, and it requires another source of ignition to start the combustion. That source of ignition comes from the striking surface, which is deposited on the side of the matchbox or on the back cover of the matchbook. The striking surface contains red phosphorus, powdered glass, and an adhesive such as gum arabic or urea formaldehyde. When a safety match is rubbed against the striking surface, the friction generates enough heat to convert a trace of the red phosphorus into white phosphorus. This immediately reacts with the potassium chlorate in the match head to produce enough heat to ignite the antimony trisulfide and start the combustion.


There is no phosphorous in the safety match heads we use in India.

gavinimurthy last decade
More wonderful results are obtained on using this remedy when cold is settled in the chest. So far it has cured some cases of pneumonia in small children. In my own cases, cold always settles in the chest and it has cured me.

When chest is filled with mucus, much rattling sound. Chest inflammed, lung working hard to inflate.

It should be tried in most cold cases when cold has settled in the chest or lungs.
kuldeep last decade
In almost all cases it has cured most fungus infections including nail fungus.

This is the remedy for Tenia Versicolor which infects lots of people in Tropical and Sub Tropical regions in the world. (a fungus, that changes the color of the skin)
kuldeep last decade
There have been reports on the net that this was found useful for diferent conditions.

I tried when there was a hint of impending diarrhoea, and it worked.

The discussion about the ingredients is only of acadamic value, and the proof of the pudding is in eating.

Try it out and post the responses here for the benefit of every body.

gavinimurthy last decade
My whole family, uncles, cousins, nephew and many friends reside in USA. They always had traveler's dysentry within a week of their arrival in India. Even many natives in third world countries has this problem. But each of my relative reported that they took this remedy on the onset of the symptoms of dysentry and it worked.

If one thinks that match head does not contain phosphorous, In that case I recommend to tear off a piece of rubbing surface and add it to the water along with the matchsticks.

Caution: Do not over use this remedy. Take a small tea spoon only or just few drops once a day.

In USA and Canada trackers usually get dysentry due to Giardia. This also worked in those cases.

Take this remedy, if it works in few hours -- fine. Otherwise seek proper treatment.
kuldeep last decade
Dear Dr.Kuldeep,thank you for your wonderful practical achivement.In this conection im curious to know if you dont mind to further clarify.In our country two type of match stick are shown in the market i.e red and black head which can be used.While preparing the medicine only one burnt stick of match is need to pour in the bottle of 500 ml of water or 2burnt and 2 intact are to be poured in the bottle and if i burnt 2stick at a time whether that will not serve the purpose or 2burnt and 2 intact are to be poured in the bottle may kindly be clarified.Im enclosing a photograph of match stick that contain black head for your examination.

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Dr.Haran ch malaker last decade
Dear Dr.Haran ch malaker, same question was asked by many people. ie -- to use Red head matchstick or blackhead matchstick. Chief ingredient in both red and black is Antimony compounds, Sulphur and Potassium Chlorate (kali chloricum). In India I visited WIMCO match factory they were using some Red Phosphorous in the match-heads too. They say there should be always some red phosphorous on the tip of match otherwise in damp season match will fail. Anyway I will not stubbornly say that red phosphorous is always present in the match-head. But people used both red and black matchsticks and reported the relief.

So to make a consistant remedy, one should also tear off a portion of rubbing surface of the matchstick and add it to the liquid in the beginning.
kuldeep last decade
How to make this matchstick remedy?

You need a matchbox with 4 matchsticks in it.

1. Hold a matchstick near a cupful of water, burn it with other matchstick and immediately dip the burning head (make sure it is still in the process of being ignited).. As the matchstick is floating in the water, you should be able to see that complete head is not burnt but a little portion is still un-burnt. Shake the water with a spoon immediately so that some smoke is mixed into it.

2. Repeat the step number one. So now there are two partially burnt match sticks in the water.

3. Tear off a portion of the rubbing surface of the matchbox, let’s say half inch long. Put this in the same water.

4. Put the water in a one liter plastic bottle but half empty so we can shake it up vigorously. It gets difficult to shake water if bottle is almost full. Add two whole unburned whole matchsticks in the same water. Close the lid and shake the bottle vigorously for at least 50 times.

Medicine is instantly ready. Take a small spoon of water as remedy. Repeat the dose only if needed. You can remove both burned and unburned 4 matchsticks after two days and store the liquid in refrigerator to avoid the fermentation.
kuldeep last decade
Brown strip is the rubbing surface. Tear about half inch of that surface to be used for the remedy in the above post.

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kuldeep last decade
Dear Dr.Kuldeep thank you once and again for your nice clarification.May God bless you a long peaceful life in the day to come.
Dr.Haran ch malaker last decade
Dear Sir Dr.Haran ch malaker

I am not a doctor, not even PhD.
kuldeep last decade
'kuldeep'bhayya' :

The match stick remedy did not work for me, when I personally tried it for 'diarrhoea' after eating the pudding, during my recent visit to Canada.

I even used all types of matchsticks (Red, black, green, pink, blue matchsticks).

Can U PLEASE explain URGENTLY, why it happened so. BTW, what else can be used in such urgencies. Hope you understand the urgency.

Remain Healthy & Happy ....... Nesha-India

Also read other INFORMATIVE articles / posts by Nesha-India :
Nesha-India last decade
Dear Nisha, I am sorry to know that you had diarrhoea. How many times did you go to john....

I told you many times, stop using those things. Those thing cause loose motions to fine ladies.
kuldeep last decade
'kuldeep'bhayya' :
I went to the lavatory nearly 20 times, even after taking the match stick remedy.

What is the meaning of 'How many times did you go to john' ? 'john', what is 'john', I could not understand, Kindly please explain in detail. Is it some type of a mona-sardar joke in your current home-town in Canada ?

Also can you also answer my earlier question, which sadly you did not answer. Personally I think you are a great Doctor & a pHD. And I request you to answer the same without any dilly-dally.

BTW, I coined this for you (n I hope U read this with your patiala peg):

What is the difference between a lavatory & a cemetry. ...
actually no difference. YOU have to go YOU have to go.

Remain Healthy & Happy ....... Nesha-India
Nesha-India last decade
Dear Nisha,

If match stick remidy is failed

than please try the following-

1 1 teaspoon ful of Dhnia powder.[Currionder


2 1/2 tea spoon full black salt.

31/4 tea spoon of black piper

mix all and take 1 teaspoon full

after any meal. If still

problem than take one more

teaspoon .


Dr R.K.Khatri
RajuK last decade
Dr R.K.Khatri,

Thank for your suggestions. I'll definetly try the above.

Remain Healthy & Happy ....... Nesha-India
Nesha-India last decade
If dysentry is bloody and painful -- Nesha-india you should try Mercurius Sol 30, just single dose. Phosphorous or this matchstick remedy may work on most cases where dysentry was painless.

Also please tell if you had fever too and for how long. Did you take any antibiotic.
dr mehmood last decade
kuldeep said not to repeat this remedy unnecessary and not to over use it. If it does not work in a day, move along.

I have used this remedy on my patients and it has worked on all of them except two cases, one case was having diarrhoea due to panic attacks to Ignatia worked and on other Podophyllum worked, because she was having problems only in the morning.
pradip007 last decade
People who used this matchstick remedy reported that their hair loss is stablized and quality of hairs has been improved. In that case you should repeat the remedy at least twice a week.

Sompe people reported that they put about 2 whole match-sticks in their hair oil and reported benefit. I suggest you to insert a small portion of rubbing surface too in the hair oil.
kuldeep last decade
My wife's sister was losing hairs, she too believes that this remedy has stabilized her hair fall. It is too early to know if new hairs are coming or quality of hairs etc.
dr mehmood last decade
Hi kuldeep
would this remedy work for hairfall problems accompanied by hypothyroidism?
what would the dosage be?
moddy last decade
No harm in trying.

Hope you are also taking homeopathy treatment for hyperthyroidism.
dr mehmood last decade

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