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Dark Circles & Masturbation

I have Dark Circles around my eyes and I have been doing Masturbation for 14 years they are perminent they came after i started Masturbation contiously for 3 months how can i get rid of them they are prominent when i do masturbation.Please help me cure this and suggest medicines.
  ladder on 2007-02-20
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Stop Masturbating

sazim last decade
If you really want to stop masturbation Bufo Rana-20 will help you.

Mahfoozurrehman last decade
Dr.Bufo Rana 20 the potency is 20.And wint there be any side affects.I mean it will not do harm to my sexual capabilities.and how many times should i take it. for how many months.
fuadkhan last decade
Medical sciences has already concluded beyond doubt that masturbation as such doesn't cause any harm.It is the feeling of guilt which causes trouble.Therefore relax.You perhaps don't need any medicine, if you don't have any other problem, inviting medical attention.
sbahl last decade
Bufo Rana 200 is useful to avoid the habit of masturbation, obviously stoppage of loss of vital fluid will be beneficial to you.

Mahfoozurrehman last decade
Dear Mahfooz Shb,

For Dark Circles I have come to know that China 200 twice a week is useful.Can I use Bufo 200 and China simultaniously,a nd how mant times in a day the Bufo 200.as well as for bad effects of Masturbation should i use Nat Mur 30 or Stapisgria 30 and for how many times.
fuadkhan last decade
>No such medicines untill unless prescribed by dr.
>Take Bufo Rana 200 one dose daily for a week and then report.

Dr. Mahfooz
Mahfoozurrehman last decade

I have used Bufo 200 the result is I have no power in my ejections now it looks that my capabilities have ended.Will i be able to reproduce or not.Has the sperm power ened or what.What should i do.
fuadkhan last decade
Had it effect on your habit of masturbation?
Do not worry about ejection.

Dr. Mahfooz
Mahfoozurrehman last decade
A Little bit but as when i delebrately masturbute there is no ejection, so mind says try again after one day just to check if its not permenent.
fuadkhan last decade
Okay carry on for a week and report.

dr. mahfooz
Mahfoozurrehman last decade
if you really want to quit try:
loinsees last decade
To All readers, there is no link of dark / black circles under eyes or dark/black bags under or around eyes because of excessive masturbation. How many times u masturbate male or female, will not cause u any harm. Ur body makes siemen ( males )every day, females get excitement and internal vaginal ejaculation. Its same as if couples are masturbating each other i.e. male gets rub by woman and woman gets fingered / dildo etc by man. U can do this foreplay with each other 20 times a day more or less. What if u don't have partners and u doing it urself ? Does this makes any difference ? Ur body gets excited by rubbing and playing with ur hands, either urs or ur partner. Ur sex organs don't know whos hands are touching them. But, problem starts if u are masturbating because u r not getting sexual relief by having sex or u masturbate right after u get stressed either by loosing job, get insulted by ur boss, friend, neighbor, not getting good grades in studies, people make fun of u, laugh at u, u see urself complete failure, u believe in others more than urself, u don't have many girlfriends and u hear or see others have many friends ( especially girls and in girls case they see other girls are getting married and have many boy friends ), u r afraid of talking abt urself in front of others, etc, etc, etc. I have done research with males and females in US, we made them masturbate every day, some masturbated more than 8 times a day, some did 1 to 4 times a day. They masturbated like this till 1 year ( they masturbated in our research facility ), no black/dark circles and bags popped up under or around their eyes. Their sex organs were not out of shape, no penis reduction, no hairy hands, acne, vision problems, etc. I was a part of research too. There are people who go everyday and donate their siemen in siemen banks,they get paid for donating. They masturbate and cum inside the cup, and hospitals keep their siemen. None of them get circles and bags under eyes. Answer some questions Yes or No. R u masturbating bcuz u want to have sex ? Do u masturbate when u look pics of girls u feel like they are looking at u, smiling at u, talking to u? these pics do not necessarily have to be nude pics. U have dark circles and u r afraid talking to girls bcuz u wonder what if she smiles at u and she is laughing at u in her mind bcuz she believes u masturbate ? R u masturbating bcuz u hate urself ? U see other doing good in their lives and u don't ?
Sweet_Lemon last decade
i'm sorry but i do not believe you when you say that 'I have done research with males and females in US, we made them masturbate every day, some masturbated more than 8 times a day, some did 1 to 4 times a day'.

Such an experiment would be unethical and possibly harmful. I know for a fact that excess masturbation can lead to what i like to call 'early release'. this is where the penis will release sperm after only a short time. this is because the mechanism (i'm not a doctor so have no idea what its called) which helps to restrain the release of sperm is overworked.
Which basically means that when you have intercourse with a woman, it will probably only last a few minutes.
so, in that respect, over masturbation does contribute to a physical loss.

i do agree with you when you express that excess-masturbation mostly affects those that are mentally unstable. indeed it is mostly the mentally unstable that over-masturbate in the first instance. those with many friends or with partners tend not masturbate as frequently. The whole idea of feeling guilty just after masturbating leads the over-masturbator to feel inferior, physically incapable, tired, lonely and UGLY. Believe me, i've been there done that. i used to do it 3-4 times a day for about 2 years, and during that time i made no friends and spent most of my time by myself.

what i find confusing is that many websites/ publications say different things about the effects of over-masturbation. Wikipedia says there is no emotional or physical downside to it, whereas other sites say that there is. I do believe that there is an element of bias in a lot of the material that i have read through. for instance, a website promoting the youth to join church will tend to bring up(real or hypothetical) disadvantages of over masturbating.

also, there are some websites that are extremely biased towards the effects of excess masturbating, take for instance this medical website designed to promote the purchase of medication and in order to make a profit. have a look at this (simply join the segments of the below url together):
h t t p : / / w w w . h e r b a l l o v e . c o m / l i b r a r y / r e s o u r c e / o v e r m a s /

Contrast that to wikipedia, which had this to say:
h t t p : / / e n . w i k i p e d i a . o r g / w i k i / M a s t u r b a t i o n # C o m p u l s i v e _ m a s t u r b a t i o n
personalbanana last decade
ps. i know that i have broken the rules with intention, but i thought it was an interesting thing to bring up
personalbanana last decade
Over musterbation is the sure cause of total debility of a human physique what web site encourage to sell their medicine in a modern technique way.Our homeopathy science is over all.A musterbator always lives alone lossing interest to enjoy the peace of world like a wild beast.Masterbation always need a pressure on the dick to eject sperm and this demand of pressure gradually increase day by day damaing the flowing nerve of the penis resulting total loss of power for penetration.Another thing when a musterbator get marry if his errectile remain to some extent but he fails to enjoy the peace of intercourse as pussy of any kind cant spare the pressure to cock the already enjoyed by the hand earlier.It is my request to musterbator please give up the practice and if necessary get marriage.Please dont die with your own hand.Thank you
Dr.Haran ch malaker last decade
well, the point i am trying to make is that of course medical websites are going to be bias. If you click on the above link i posted you will see that they refer to all sorts of effects that arise from masturbation (hair loss, memory loss, pimples etc.). Whether this is true or not, i am not sure. But i am sure that they are trying to make as much money as possible, so will come up with any consequences of excess masturbation that they can think of so that people will buy their products so that they can make profits. That is why it is bias.

As i mentioned earlier, wikipedia (which is basically an encyclopedia) says that there are no physical or mental damages that arise from over masturbation. I am also not sure if this is true
personalbanana last decade
Believe it or not there r researches been done on masturbation and none of them prove any combination what u or other ppl believe.
Sweet_Lemon last decade

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