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Directory of Homeopathy Web Links

Homeopathy Associations and Societies

These links are to sites outside of ABC Homeopathy. Sites listed write their own entries and we take no responsibility for the content of these sites. That said, we will remove objectionable links.


Australian Homoeopathic AssociationThe only national homoeopathic association representing the interests of registered homoeopaths in Australia.
Australian Register Of HomoeopathsThe Australian Register Of Homoeopaths (AROH) is the national register of accredited homoeopaths in Australia.


Ísterreichische Gesellschaft fŘr Hom÷opathische MedizinAutrian Association of Homeopathic Doctors


Associacao Medica Homeopatica BrasileiraBrazilian Homeopathic Medical Association


West Coast Homeopathic SocietyPromotes public awareness, education, and informed use of homeopathy from a classical perspective.
Ontario Homeopathic AssociationThe Ontario Homeopathic Association is a not-for-profit organization founded in 1992 to re-establish Homeopathy as a recognized healthcare system in Ontario, and to form a united and regulated body of qualified practitioners who provide safe, effective and professional homeopathic healthcare to the public.
Homeopathic Medical Council of CanadaThe Homeopathic Council of Canada is the national organization of registered homeopathic doctors. Our Registered Members complete a minimum of 3-yr University and 4-yrs attendance at a recognized homeopathic institute as well as a further period of clinical supervis- ion before becoming eligible for our public Register. The HMCC works to maintain high standards for the practice of hom- eopathy, and to promote and support the establishment of education and training in homeopathy at the national level.
NUPATHNUPATH - The National United Professional Association of Trained Homeopaths - is the largest Canadian homeoapthic association. our high standards of training and practice reflect the international requirements for professional homeoapthic care. Most of our members are Canadian but our inclusive approach to the practice of homeopathy has been attracting an increasing number of members from the USA and other countries. Registered members of NUPATH are holders of the HD (RHom.) designation and they are listed on our online directory at www.nupath.org
Homeopathic Medical Association CanadaThe HOMEOPATHIC MEDICAL ASSOCIATION OF CANADA (HMAC) has been founded by a group of qualified Homeopathic Doctors/practitioners in the province of Ontario . Professional ethics and standards of this discipline bind all members . Through the HMAC, the public is assured of a professional, ethical and qualified practitioner.
Canadian Society of HomeopathsCanadian Society of Homeopaths (CSH) maintains a voluntary register of homeopathic practitioners who demonstrate high standards of training and competence and abide by a strict code of conduct and accountability. CSH registered members are identified by the credentials RCSHom (Registered with Canadian Society of Homeopaths). The Society advocates on behalf of homeopathy; collaborates with other Canadian and international organizations and government agencies; and promotes a national Homeopathy Awareness Month campaign each April.

Czech Republic

╚ESK┴ KOMORA KLASICK╔ HOMEOPATIECzech Association for Classical Homeopathy


Dansk Selskab for Klassisk Hom°opatiDanish Classical Homeopathy Society


Syndicat National des Médecins Homéopathes FrançaisNational Syndicate of HOmeopathic Doctors


VKHD - Verband klassischer Hom÷opathen Deutschlands e.V.Association of homeopathic professional Heilpraktiker of Germany


Greek Homeopathic Doctors AssociationThe official site of the Greek Homeopathic doctors. Articles on homeopathy, vaccines, lists with homeopaths and homeopathic pharmacies in Greece. Providers of training courses at the highest standards, for the health professionals.


Hungarian Homoeopathic Medical AssociationWebsite of the Hungarian homeopathic association.


Kashmir Homeopathy practitioners ComunityKashmir Homeopathy is a professional Homeoapths community which help the poor people of Kashmir in the healing sector.


Irish Society of HomeopathsIrish homeopathic body and homeopathy information.


JPHMAJapanese Homeopathic Medical Association

Korea (South)

Hanguk Clinical Homeopathy AssociationKorean Homeopathy Association


MRHPMalaysian Homeopathic Medical Practitioners Associtaion


N.V.K.H.Nederlandse Vereniging van Klassiek Homeopaten - Dutch Homeopathy association

New Zealand

New Zealand Homeopathic SocietyThe New Zealand Homeopathic Society


HPCA Pakistan homeopathyloveslifeH.P.C.A. PAKISTAN: The HPCA is the professional association for a body of Homoeopathic Medicine Professionals, who run private homoeopathic clinics across Pakistan. It has founding members who have been at the coal face of the industry for many years, working to establish and maintain Homoeopathic Medicine in Pakistan, often in a hostile health industry environment. The HPCA is different to the Pakistani Homoeopathic Association (HPCA) because it does not accept non professionals as members. All members are practicing homoeopathic professionals who meet the criteria for registration. As an Association of volunteers, the HPCA supports its members, the general public and the Pakistani Homoeopathic Community as a whole by.....


Homeopatia - Wielkopolskie Stowarzyszenie Homeopatˇw Lekarzy i FarmaceutˇwPolish Homeopathy Association based in Poznan. We provide education for both doctors and patients. Our website is full of information that explains homeopathy.


AssociašŃo Portuguesa de HomeopatiaThe 'APH' is the only Homeopathic Association which legally embodies all professional homeopaths in Portugal.

South Africa

Homoeopathic Association of South AfricaThe Homoeopathic Association of South Africa (HSA) is recognised by the Allied Health Professions Council of SA as the official representative of the Homoeopathic Profession in South Africa.


SociÚtÚ Suisse d'HomÚopathie The swiss homeopathy society - site in French, German and English.

United Arab Emirates

Ministry of Health, UAE Homeopathy is regulated by the Federal Ministry of Health in the UAE

United Kingdom

The Society of HomeopathsUk registry of homeopaths
Alliance of Registered HomeopathsA professional association for UK homeopaths. Maintains a register of qualified UK practitioners.
The Homeopathic Medical AssociationThe Homeopathic Medical Association established in 1985, is a non-profit making recognised body of qualified professional homeopaths. Our members have passed a qualifying examination at an approved college, or can otherwise prove their eligibility to the satisfaction of the Council. To ensure that the public may seek treatment with absolute confidence, members are bound by the HMAĺs strict Code of Ethics and Practice, and are obliged to carry Professional Indemnity Insurance. The Association represents its members with Government and other professional bodies, and is affiliated with the Complementary Medical Association.
British Homeopathic AssociationThe British Homeopathic Association, incorporating the homeopathic trust.
Scottish Association of Professional HomoeopathsThe primary aim of the Scottish Association of Professional Homoeopaths is to promote, enhance and protect the practice of Homoeopathic Medicine in Scotland.


North American Society of HomeopathsNASH is the professional association for homeopaths in the US and Canada.
National Center for HomeopathyNational Center for Homeopathy