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Liquid dilution externally???
Can I use a liquid dilution externally or only tinctures? I am speaking of nitric acid spe
Jdele 2007-02-24
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not sstrep throat?
About the start of January my tonsils became inflamed and my throat very sore. It hurt to
curious george 2007-02-24
2   curious george last decade

please clarify arnica remedy for hairfall- dr joe
Hi i have gone through all the posts for arnica remedy for hairfall and i am still confuse
rachanabc 2007-02-24
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results back from lump!
Hi everyone I was with my surgeon yesterday and he examined me and found the lump is a her
elainesmyth68 2007-02-22
10   elainesmyth68 last decade

Eczema treatment - to Dr Deoshlok Sharma – Pls help
Dear Dr Sharma I've just done some reading on homeopathic remedies for eczema (from
CAKmum 2007-02-22
4   CAKmum last decade

Is Erika around?
I posted a reply to a topic Erika's helping me with last week and have had no respons
newbie2 2007-02-24
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To Joe De Livera: regarding rapid hair loss
Dear Joe,I discovered that you are the Arnica specialist on this forum so that's why

jameswashere 2005-11-20
30   RajuK last decade

MY mother is suffering from this problems she does it all the time at night her sleep is d
fuadkhan 2007-02-23
2   fuadkhan last decade

Hair Growth
I would like to know what I can take to make my hair grow longer and faster. I read a few
ericstar2k 2007-02-23
5   deoshlok last decade

Stuttering treament by homeopathy
Hello, I am Nishant , native of India. I have stuttering problem since childhood and very
mohanish 2007-02-24
1   rishimba last decade

Please help cure my stutter.
HiWhen i was a boy i had a severe stutter problem from the age of 4 to 8 or 9 years old i

Interloper 2005-09-14
29   mohanish last decade

Joint Pains
Hi, My mom is facing lot of problems with her leg joint pains.She is about 53 yrs and s
pradeepsidhanti 2007-02-17
3   rishimba last decade

concept of hot and cold remedies
Could someone explain the concept in relevance to individual?
hisam 2007-02-12
8   Cynosure last decade

Hello All, Have read these forums for a while, finally screwed up the courage to visit an
ollive 2007-02-08
11   rishimba last decade

Dangerous cholesterol levels dropped 52%
Bios Life™ Complete The Only Clinically Proven, Patented, Natural Alternative to Statin D
elluitt21 2007-02-24
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8 mnth old wakes every 2 hrs thru night
Infant wakes crying throughout the night. Tried the 'cry it out' method - worked w
krisbrad 2007-02-23
1   deoshlok last decade

Pet Rat is really sick
Hello. My female rat who is a little over a year old is really sick. About a month ago s
Lezley 2007-02-23
1   parachute last decade

How to take Calcarea Flourica
Hello All; This is my first post here. I've been taking homeopathic remedies for yea
goldencompass 2007-02-23
1   deoshlok last decade

Hell Pain
Dear Homeopath experts. I am 27/male, currenly staying in UK. I am facing hell pain every
kumar_wadian2001 2007-02-22
4   kam42 last decade

i have been told that i am not ovulating apart from clomid are there any remedies you can
mari4kelton 2007-02-22
1   deoshlok last decade

Guillain-Barre Syndrome
Dear All, One of my friend is suffering from this disease and is on her death bed.She is p
pilgrim3 2007-02-22
1   deoshlok last decade

hair loss 1974
Hi i Am Shashi 31/m from delhil i have been suffring from hair falling problem since 2003,
shashi11 2007-02-23
1   deoshlok last decade

I suffer from facial hair that is hereditary. I wanted to try the Oleum Jec 3x. Has anyo
mmelan8 2006-12-16
5   RajuK last decade

Hidradenitis suppurativa
Hi All, Can anyone give a remedy for my friend, she has this skin disorder as Hidradenitis
elainesmyth68 2007-02-23
1   elainesmyth68 last decade

mouth ulcer
TO DEREST DOCTORS MOUTH ULCER As I am suffering form mouth ulcer since last November
khurramkausar 2007-02-13
4   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

emotional and spiritual
paladium was prescribed for me recently. what does it do for me emotionally and spiritual
rtilil 2007-02-21
2   rtilil last decade

nasal plolyp 1992
I have child of 15 year old. He is suffering from nasal polyp problem since last 3 years.
parmod1978 2007-02-22
3   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

Thuja 2oox and polio vaccination
Greetings from Cambodia. We are considering to immunise our 7 months old baby girl for Po
Komai 2007-02-23
2   Komai last decade

HELP, need remedy, dog has a UTI!
Hi, I have a 130pound English Mastiff (DOG)she has a pretty bad bladder infection. I too
sswens 2007-02-19
3   Beth Murray, CCH last decade

Advice on Tuberculinum please.
Hello, I would welcome any advice you have to offer on our problem. My young son was given
seekingadvice 2007-02-22
1   Cynosure last decade

Headache After Meal
I m 32 yrs male. was having problem of burping and headache after meals. a doctor prescrib
shayan 2007-02-17
3   sajidrafique last decade

Shy bladder (paruretics)
I have been suffering with Shy bladder i.e i can not pee in public places. I am able to ma
rkrishnav9 2006-08-09
3   -Fra- last decade

8 month old with eczema clearing
Hello I have an 8 month old who started out with baby acne at the age of 2 weeks old. This
isis01 2007-02-22
2   isis01 last decade

Laser Burn
I'm beginning 6 sessions of laser treatment to remove a tattoo on my back. Does anyo
Tina R 2007-02-22
1   Daisy43 last decade

Cat with overly stinky feces
My cat has overly stinky, slightly runny feces since birth . The smell seems to be getting
skydancer 2007-02-22
1   Daisy43 last decade

Hi there, I noticed this on my profile today and dont understand it, theres no-one at home
elainesmyth68 2007-02-22
no replies yet

Dandruff in Hair
Hi ,I am 30 years old male and having too much dandruff in my Hairs and also scales behind
shahidpk 2005-11-23
6   shivam last decade

medicine 4 long pennis
Kindly advise me some medicine that make my PENNIS long and big in size and gridth. Medici
present_year 2007-02-21
2   Hasnat last decade

pecular symptoms
A lady aged 58 is having these symtoms -Over Sensativity, -Confrontation agravtes -A thin
hisam 2007-02-22
1   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

Bleeding at the back of the Eye
I have got an old friend of mmy Mum who has bleeding in the eye. Doctors say nothing. She
HamishC 2007-02-21
2   HamishC last decade

Dear Guys, I have Dark Circles around my eyes I started Masturbation at the age of 14 yea
fuadkhan 2007-02-19
5   Dr Kireet last decade

16 yr OldTeenage Girl With Headaches Every Day
My daughter is always complaining of a headache. During school, sometimes during the week
De Yone 2007-02-21
2   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

Hi cellace, you mentioned some docotor in india who treats avn. can you help me out for th
Snehal Shah 2007-02-21
1   deoshlok last decade

liver showed hyperechoic rounded lesion in RT Lobe? Hemangioma
hi friend recently i took my wife for ultrsound scan and the results shows that there is w
yoursrajesh75 2007-02-21
1   deoshlok last decade

sunken eyes
Hi, I'm 19 y.o female.. I have sunken eyes and I had this since I was 16 or 17.. I d
blue_shaddow 2007-02-18
4   blue_shaddow last decade

arnica dosage
hi, wondering if anyone can suggest a dosage of Arnica drops 30c as i'm getting my
~alicia~ 2007-02-22
2   ~alicia~ last decade

What is is the difference?
What is the difference between Granules and pills when you go to purchase them from the si
Jdele 2007-02-21
1   deoshlok last decade

pls help- ??? an adverse effect
Hi, i've just started taking Brauer Renotonic as suggested by an osteo as i have te
~alicia~ 2007-02-22
1   deoshlok last decade

Please help, not sure if autism or not
Hi my daughter will be this May. She has not started talking yet. She understands somethin
nandi 2007-02-21
1   nandi last decade

I hate effexor
I am sooooo happy that I have found this site, it has really helped me coming off of the p
mohawkprincess1978 2007-02-21
no replies yet

pankaj varma please
hi pankaj varma, i see your post but for reasons unknown you have refused to address my pr
sanvar 2007-02-21
no replies yet

How to correct Skin cluster problem.
Hi, Please help on the following problem: Which pathology has better and reliable solutio
vikaspass 2007-02-19
1   andres last decade

Lycopodium: Has my child proved it?
This drug worked well each time I used it for her. However, I noticed a gray hair on my 6
kirsten13 2007-02-19
2   andres last decade

will iodine supplement interfere with homeopathic remedy?
I'm thinking of taking an iodine supplement (lugol's)... can anyone tell me if t
john34 2007-02-21
1   andres last decade

I've gone deaf!
Help. I am sure I am about to go mad. And, sorry to everyone who is already talking on t
waterlott 2007-02-12
10   andres last decade

Glaucoma drops
I am a 51 year old female who is borderline glaucoma. I have been taking Xalantan for abou
mphorsley 2006-02-28
4   anitasingh last decade

Can I take 2 different remedies at the same time???
Hi. I think I read somwhere that it is better to take on at a time but I was wondering if
Jdele 2007-02-19
2   rishimba last decade

jcs2006 (jacob scott)
has been banned for aggressive, intolerant posts and requesting contact away from the for
moderator 2007-02-18
11   moderator last decade

kidney stone hemoe/allopathy
Respected Members, 1. On 2nd feb 2007, I was identified for 6MM calculi on the VUJ by Ul
rskdelphi 2007-02-21
5   rishimba last decade

remedy for side effects ?
hi docs is it possible to reverse the side effects of 'allopathy medication ' i
livex 2007-02-19
6   livex last decade

Heavy Mensturation Period
Hi,! Anybody can help us that my wife is suffering from huge bleeding during its period an
msbaig 2007-02-20
4   msbaig last decade

Postpartum hypertension
I am new to this for, so Hi to you all...... I have what I deem to be a big ask..... H
bilalrose 2007-02-20
1   rishimba last decade

My mother has this problem of constipation(Dakar) for the past few years she has it all ni
fuadkhan 2007-02-21
1   rishimba last decade

Homeopathic remedy - Detoxification - question
My 10 years old daughter is using Tuberculinum LM1 3 glass dilution for her eczema. We�
CAKmum 2007-02-20
9   CAKmum last decade

Hello, I am living in Korea teaching English. I am home from school today with what I thou
angielee 2007-02-20
5   angielee last decade

how to promote
Pls advise homeo best remedy to promote blader tone and increase muscle strength to promot
purdaysee 2007-02-06
4   purdaysee last decade

skin eruptions: rash?
I have a situation that has been going on for approx. 2 months and has grown increasingly
dougt 2007-02-15
11   andres last decade

14 month baby - very low apetite - very dry skin
Hi All, My baby is 14 months old. She has very dry skin right from a week after her birth
papikondalu 2007-02-20
1   Dr Kireet last decade

Yellow Vomit / headache
It happens to me during sleep..I am 54 year old and I have had this on and off for the las
sajidrafique 2007-02-18
6   sajidrafique last decade

effect of smoking on homeopathy
Does smoking affect on the effect of homeopathy?It is heard that the person who is undergo
elkuna 2007-02-20
2   elkuna last decade

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