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Jaw/TMJ problems
I am having alot of popping and sometimes locking in my jaw. If it locks, it allows me to
3konrkids 2010-11-05
2   3konrkids 7 years ago

pain in right testicle
3 months before i have started a pain in right testicle when i go to homeopath in our cit
faheem_bhat41 2010-11-06
2   faheem_bhat41 7 years ago

[message deleted by girl2010 on Thu, 28 Jul 2011 04:27:50 BST]
girl2010 2010-11-05
5   girl2010 7 years ago

Sore eyes
My son has a sore eyes and it is already his 5th day today and until now his eyes is still
mammoe 2010-11-05
1   nawazkhan 7 years ago

urine remain inside
After i pass urine,i feel that some urine still remaining in urethra,and urinate again,thi
ken1668 2010-11-06
2   ken1668 7 years ago

Homeopathy effect
I have a friend. He has anxiety. He was alright in India. He came to US the effects of the
talkpeace 2010-11-05
4   talkpeace 7 years ago

help with homeopathy books in mumbai
Hello friends, Can anyone help me by suggesting bookstores in Mumbai or websites which d
samur420 2010-11-05
3   samur420 7 years ago

Feline Aggression
Hello, my name is Victoria and I am looking for advice. I currently have 2 cats of my own

vrnav 2005-02-09
31   sherkatz 7 years ago

Parotid Gland - Need professional advice
Need professional advice, please help! 34 years old female, 165 lbs, 5'6' (or 1.7
nenufar 2010-10-27
7   brisbanehomoeopath 7 years ago

silica...what is the dose for fibroids?
I read on site that silica is good for making fibroids disappear ? Can someone tell me th
kegva 2010-11-05
1   brisbanehomoeopath 7 years ago

Natrum Phosphoricum or Natrium and Phosphoricum separately?
Hello, I have a question, maybe somebody can help me. I wonder if there is any difference
Karpo 2010-11-05
3   brisbanehomoeopath 7 years ago

Suffering from gluten allery,
Dear Sir, My nephew is suffering from gluten allery, He is only seven year old ,Wh
radheygiftian 2010-02-28
2   bidwell 7 years ago

best homeopathic pharmacy in india
This question is mainly for mr. murthy. Please arrange the given list of pharmacies in des
hpathyisgr8 2010-11-05
no replies yet

How are Combination remedies made?
Hi, I have been to many homeopaths who use the combination remedies. My question is.. 1)
samur420 2010-11-04
7   samur420 7 years ago

calling all homeopaths - question regarding potentcies
i am very ignorant about potentcies. i have tried to learn more via websearch but remain a
samikirk 2010-11-04
2   samikirk 7 years ago

Weight Loss with these remedies
Kali phos (6X)Calc fluor (6X)Calc phos (6X There is a product that has all of the three r
onyxgroup 2010-11-04
1   onyxgroup 7 years ago

Skin Affections
It must be realised that the treatment of a so-called 'skin disease' is in a great
siloutec 2010-11-04
1   Dawnnoelle1045 7 years ago

bed wetting
my daughter is 8 yrs and she has aproblem of bed wetting she is been doing it every day at

kanika mann 2010-08-21
13   kadwa 7 years ago

akshaymohl please reply.
Re: night fall, sexual weakness, masturbation... suggested treatement - first draft From a
mustafarshi 2010-11-05
no replies yet

Dr.Brisbanehomeopath, help please.
I am a victim of masturbation. Can you please help me. I have some main sufferings, i.e.
Parimal_N 2010-11-04
2   Parimal_N 7 years ago

10 Months old baby girl suffering from cold
Dear Pankaj Verma Ji, My Daughter is 10 months old. We are staying in Hyderabad,India.Wh
ram_k 2010-11-05
no replies yet

Kidney stone, Fibroid and blood sugar
Hi I am 28 years old, unmarried and suffering from 1. kidney stone for past 10 years. Th
preetib 2010-09-27
2   kasly 7 years ago

kidney disease
dear Dr. sharma, I just wanted to ask your opionion. My mom is in end stage renal failure,
soli958 2008-09-02
1   kasly 7 years ago

Kidney failure- Creatine level 11.7(please reply)
Ny brother of age 27 recently got to know that he has both kidney failed. his ceratine lev
nidhijasmine 2009-05-07
1   kasly 7 years ago

kidney function
SIR I have a stone in my left kidney at P U junction. For that i had taken some medicine f
realfun5 2009-10-14
1   kasly 7 years ago

Help kidney stones for over four years now
They stones were smaller earlier only in the left kidney. and the size kept on increasing.

hellzing 2009-10-08
35   kasly 7 years ago

Low Kidney Function
I have to keep having tests taken because they say I have low kidney function - could home
onyxgroup 2010-11-04
1   nawazkhan 7 years ago

Social Anxiety
Deal All, I have the following disorders.Please give me some remedy. 1.Social anxiety :
Rao_N 2010-10-27
6   Homeopathy International 1 7 years ago

Ankle injury.
My left side an ankle got twised 3 weeks ago ,in the begining there was not much pain or
nikkikumar 2010-11-03
2   Homeopathy International 1 7 years ago

night fall
i am suffering from nightfall since last 6 years and hav started growing pimples.please he
anjan9040 2010-11-04
no replies yet

Seeking any remedy suggestions for a 5 year old with Alopecia universalis
My daughter is 5 years old will be six in Dec. She is a twin and was born with a full hea
jaime409 2010-11-04
1   sameervermani 7 years ago

Suggestions for best book on Mother Tinctures/
Hi, All Doctors & Homeopath enthusiasts, can you recommend the best book available on moth
samur420 2010-11-04
6   samur420 7 years ago

please help!!!!!! cannot sleep
I'm extremely troubled by a foot rash on top of both feet as well as on calves and b
slashragnarok 2010-11-03
2   slashragnarok 7 years ago

sir ive a problem of constipation n im using nuxvomica since two years i changed the poten
hiadeel 2010-11-01
3   cancerian007 7 years ago

nerve pain
I have a trapped nerve in my left elbow.The pain is very sharp. nothing helps it. I am try
billyboys 2010-11-02
4   kadwa 7 years ago

During Coughing few URINE drops come out
Hello Doctors. My wife she is 44 years whenever she has coughing few drops comes out. Plea
RKGupta 2010-11-02
3   kadwa 7 years ago

This infectious disease, involving especially the tissues of the central nervous system, p
siloutec 2010-11-04
no replies yet

Piles or Haemorrhoids
This is a fairly common condition and may cause considerable pain and distress. There is a
siloutec 2010-11-04
no replies yet

Surgical and Dental Operations
These events hardly come under the category of accidents but they inevitably involve injur
siloutec 2010-11-04
no replies yet

This infectious fever, also known as Morbilli, should be avoided if possible. Not only is
siloutec 2010-11-04
no replies yet

This term denotes disorder in the digestive functions sufficient to cause discomfort. It m
siloutec 2010-11-04
no replies yet

This curious and unpleasant affliction is due to a sudden in¬voluntary jerky contracti
siloutec 2010-11-04
no replies yet

Herpes Zoster
The common name for this complaint is 'shingles'. It is ascribed to a virus identi
siloutec 2010-11-04
no replies yet

Herpes Labia lis
This affection, commonly spoken of as 'cold sore', is a frequent accompaniment of
siloutec 2010-11-04
no replies yet

Heart Disease
The heart is a very remarkable and a very wise organ. It knows how to relax and, if beatin
siloutec 2010-11-04
no replies yet

Headaches which persist, grow worse and incapacitate call for expert investigation. Headac
siloutec 2010-11-04
no replies yet

This term has for long been a favourite diagnosis label in ailments associated with sharp
siloutec 2010-11-04
no replies yet

The fact that the temperature of the body is raised above normal is usually an indication
siloutec 2010-11-04
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vitiligo, Anti vitiligo oil, vitiligo skin patients in USA, Uk , Canada , Australia
Anti vitiligo oil is famous product in all over the world especially in USA, UK, Canada, A
vitiligooil47 2010-11-04
no replies yet

Eye Affections
Any serious trouble in connection with the eyes must always receive the most expert care a
siloutec 2010-11-04
no replies yet

As mentioned in the section on accidents, ears must be treated with great respect, gentlen
siloutec 2010-11-04
no replies yet

DiphtheriaŚ(see Sore Throat) Dysentery
This term is used when stools are extremely frequent, accom¬panied by much pain and te
siloutec 2010-11-04
no replies yet

Sudden twists and turns may wrench, disrupt, or damage liga¬ments or 'pull' a
siloutec 2010-11-04
no replies yet

Spinal Injuries
The spine may be jarred or jolted by a fall and this may some¬times lead to rather per
siloutec 2010-11-04
no replies yet

Normally by the time the contents of the digestive tract reach the terminal portion, or re
siloutec 2010-11-04
no replies yet

This alarming suffocative attack occurs in young children of two to four years of age. It
siloutec 2010-11-04
no replies yet

Cramp is due to a violent spasm in one or more muscles, often in the calf or the sole of t
siloutec 2010-11-04
no replies yet

A cough is usually the result of some form of irritation affecting the air passages, such
siloutec 2010-11-04
no replies yet

These thickenings of the skin, with a central and exquisitely pain¬ful core, are usual
siloutec 2010-11-04
no replies yet

In this connection it is most important to realise that to insist on a bowel movement ever
siloutec 2010-11-04
no replies yet

This type of pain is caused by violent contractions of the muscular walls of tubular organ
siloutec 2010-11-04
no replies yet

chronic Stress and Anxiety, tensions
I have extreme chronic Stress and Anxiety, tensions and fears. I can not absorb any thing
arazas 2010-11-04
1   arazas 7 years ago

Much time, money and ingenuity have been expended in the search for the 'cause' of
siloutec 2010-11-04
no replies yet

This dread disease may be mentioned in case prompt action should be called for overseas in
siloutec 2010-11-04
no replies yet

A chilblain is a vascular accident. An originally rather sluggish circulation in an expose
siloutec 2010-11-04
no replies yet

Although this malady may present a very constant symptom picture, yet from the point of vi
siloutec 2010-11-04
no replies yet

A carbuncle is an area of septic inflammation below the skin and in this way differs from
siloutec 2010-11-04
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Erectile dysfunction
Helo evry1.i'm 19.suffering 4m erectile dysfunction. I had a good erection a yr ago b
morshed 2010-04-11
8   drahmedaslam 7 years ago

Acne plz plz help........
Hi i am 22 year male (student) and suffering wit acne for the past 4 years over the cheeks
mani babar 2010-10-20
11   Homeopathy International 1 7 years ago

pain in right side
patiant age is 35 years . he is plumber, and do work often in wells. sudanly he felt pain
greatdajee 2010-11-03
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