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Vitiligo-Did Protopic/Tacrolimus work for anyone?
Vitiligo-Did Protopic/Tacrolimus cream work for anyone? Did anyone have success with this
mwmwmw 2007-07-01
3   adiria 7 years ago

Attn. Dr.Khadwa..
Dear sir, for my wife, who is suffering sever cold due dust allergy, you had prescribed as
pradeepx28 2010-08-09
2   pradeepx28 7 years ago

Tip of my penis has irritation and burining sensation
Sir, Tip of my penis is irritating and burning me and some times i have pain. This morini
raaki34 2010-08-09
1   Dr. Rakesh Km Lko 7 years ago

Aggressive Nature
Hello Doctor, My wife has unusual problem that many times she lost her temper and be come
samadmin 2010-08-09
1   kadwa 7 years ago

itching in skin of testicles
Hi there, I am getting itching between the skin at the penis and testicles, when I get th
sarath.ch9 2010-08-07
2   sarath.ch9 7 years ago

Chronic pharyngitis+hair loss+gastric problem
I am 42 single woman, have recurrent pharyngitis/laryngitis (left side) near the jaw alway
snake 2007-10-14
4   shekhar3cs 7 years ago

Dr. Rahiq
Apni to Bangla buzhen...Ami Dr. Kadwa - k onek kothay bolte parsi na. Apni prothome amar p
rehanbd 2010-08-09
no replies yet

Obstructive Jaundice & Cyst in Whole Abdomen
VERY URGENT PLEASE HELP!!! My Mother is 52 Years of Age. She is Suffering from Obstructi
Jamshedpur 2010-07-28
2   Jamshedpur 7 years ago

pain penis
hi i am abdullah i am from pakistan in peshawar i have allredy 15 month treatment but peni
saggar125 2010-08-08
no replies yet

Painful teeth when chewing
I am experiencing pain in my teeth, mostly lower jaw when eating. It doesn't matter w
Teresa_W 2010-08-07
3   Teresa_W 7 years ago

High Temper
Hello Doctor, My wife has unusual problem that many times she lost her temper and be come
samadmin 2010-07-30
11   vikas_grower 7 years ago

I want to gain weight.Plz help?
I am 25 yrs and my weight is 40 Kgs,My heightis 5.3'.I had tried every thing to gain
PZ187 2010-08-08
no replies yet

high uric acid in blood
My friend male,age 57, ht-5.8 medium built is having a problem of high uric acid of 8, he
bapu4 2010-08-07
2   bapu4 7 years ago

Homeopathy International 1 2010-07-05
1   Homeopathy International 1 7 years ago

Anal retention/Constipation in 2 y/o
My daughter is 2y/o and began having constipation issues ever since adding solids around 7
jessicahoch 2010-08-06
3   PANKAJ VARMA 7 years ago

Alternative Medicine Rejects Circumcision
'...but when they assume to boast of this noviceship and declare in public journals an
Homeopathy International 1 2010-06-09
5   Homeopathy International 1 7 years ago

adhd, 14 yr old boy
Dear Doctor I would like your advise on a homeopathic remedy for my son. He is 14 and adop
bino50 2010-08-04
9   vikas_grower 7 years ago

sarath.ch9 2010-08-07
no replies yet

If Bryta Carb is given to Normal Child ...
I want to know from the Learned Docotors in this forum that if we give Bryta Carb to norma
dr.yusuf 2010-08-06
2   dr.yusuf 7 years ago

alopecia aerata
my child of 20 yrs of age is suffering from alopecia aerata for past 3 yrs. Tgher is one p
indranil 2010-08-07
no replies yet

Enlarge Prostate
I have Enlarge prostate BPH and take Dr. Reckewed R25 from last year. Please advice for t
Tony Bergenza 2010-08-07
1   Joe De Livera 7 years ago

Erection Disfunction / Natrum
Hello I have problems getting fully erect during sex intercourse. I can only get frequent
fifika 2010-08-07
no replies yet

help joe-want to loose weight
sir i'm 22 years old,read in bsc 3rd year,my hight is 5ft 8inc..and my weight is 73 k
souravmala 2010-08-05
11   Joe De Livera 7 years ago

red patch underneath the breast
Dear Dr.Kadwa, My wife fair complexion,age 48 yrs,wt 64 kg ht-5'2' is suffering f
bapu4 2010-08-06
2   bapu4 7 years ago

re: joe de livera arnica 6c
I often read your advice in the forum. I have blood sugar. In 8 hours fasting condition it
santanudeb2003 2010-08-06
1   Joe De Livera 7 years ago

Thuja Dosing
Hi, I went to my local natural health store, and the owner gave me Thuja 30c for my aller
pandaxp 2010-08-04
2   pandaxp 7 years ago

Detox for kids
I would like to trya yearly detox remedy for myself and my children ( ages: 17, 14 and 11)
vanilla27 2010-07-27
5   vanilla27 7 years ago

Something shooting up at the lower back of my head upwards
8 to 9 years ago, I was over weight and I used to do some times crash dieting for a month
kkrrr 2010-08-06
no replies yet

I'm about to kill myself
1. Describe your main suffering? Mouth and genital herpes 2. What other physical suffer
franky73 2010-08-05
2   franky73 7 years ago

acid phos increase acidity?
DO acid phos increase acidity of stomach. if some one is patient of acidity and gas in sto
dr.yusuf 2010-08-06
no replies yet

Remedy for Body Dysmorphic Disorder
Hi I am looking for a remedy that deals with Body Dysmorphic Disorder?
ashley_girl 2010-08-06
5   dr.yusuf 7 years ago

depression and anxiety
respected doctors,i m 28 years old female,married,i got post natal depression in 2006 afte
sugarbase20 2010-07-11
7   Info.rahiq 7 years ago

dosage for lycopodium and sulphur
I’m not sure if anyone can help me. I am a 29 year old female who works out daily, and ea

michelle_0402 2010-07-05
15   maheeru 7 years ago

Hi, I am 18 years old. My height is 5'9 and weight 50 kg. I am slim since my childhoo
Ayaan 2010-07-31
5   Ayaan 7 years ago

2 year old with 'Chronic Constipation'
My daughter will be 3 in September, and we have been batteling with dr.'s since she w
KbmomMs 2010-07-29
4   KbmomMs 7 years ago

lichen sclerosus
i am a 22 year old diagnosed with L.S in feb, but had symptons previous for a year. I am
maybes 2010-08-06
no replies yet

I want to know about PCOD without insulin resistance
Hi , my name is Nancy and i am 27 yrs old , i am suffering from PCOD last from 1 year( tha
nikitayadav 2010-08-03
9   nikitayadav 7 years ago

Assalam O Alaikum! I m male,30years old.I have been married since 3 years.my problem is th
cool786 2010-08-06
no replies yet

Dear Sir, How are you sir, actually i am facing one problem since one year tha
ALI AHMAD 2010-08-05
1   Mahfoozurrehman 7 years ago

Neck collar bone pain
Hi My husband is suffering from severe neck collar bone pain since morning. we guess this
prajwal 2010-08-06
1   Mahfoozurrehman 7 years ago

boil on the upper lip with water discharge
Dear Sirs, My daughter is four years old. She had cold last week and due to cleaning of n

sfreya 2010-08-02
22   sfreya 7 years ago

Itchy skin & prolonged menses
I'm writing on my sister's behalf who is 45 years old with brown eyes and black

Teresa_W 2010-05-05
14   kadwa 7 years ago

Advice needed on Vitiligo and Alopecia
My wife, 44 years of age, suffers from both Vitiligo and Male Type Alopecia. The Vitiligo
Shoumitro 2010-07-23
6   Shoumitro 7 years ago

Aurum Met D5/Lavender/Rose Ointment Question
Ok, I hope I don't sound like a total bumbling fool (but admittedly I am in the homeo
MaryMarvel 2010-08-04
2   Dr.Saravanan 7 years ago

Accumulation of Scrotal fluid
i am an unmarried male of 24 yrs. i dont know how, may be injury, i have recently develope
mitbij 2010-08-05
1   PANKAJ VARMA 7 years ago

Psoriasis patient seeking help from you
hello, Dr. Sameer I am 28 yrs old male suffering from psoriasis, which is there at every
tyagivarunj 2010-04-26
2   Homeopathy International 1 7 years ago

Looking for suggestions/new to homeopathy
I am new to homeopathy and I'm looking for some suggestions or advice from a practiti
Rissaj82 2010-08-04
4   Homeopathy International 1 7 years ago

Midwifes Reject Circumcision
'Nancy Wainer is one such mother. When her son was born 34 years ago, Wainer and her h
Homeopathy International 1 2010-06-11
5   Homeopathy International 1 7 years ago

Fear of Future and about the World to come
my friend is suffering from a depression state. the main symptoms are anxiety of severe na
dr.yusuf 2010-08-05
4   dr.yusuf 7 years ago

clarify my doubt
can we use homeopathic medicine and ayurvedic medicine(triphala churnam) at different time
pakeee 2010-08-05
no replies yet

Red rash around mouth
My 7 year old daughter has had a rash around her mouth, especially the corners, for months
Teresa_W 2010-05-04
2   Learner_123 7 years ago

Caught the Flu -
Hi, Just caught the flu. Severe throat dryness with pain. head heavy. Sneezing, Dripping
pimathew 2010-08-05
no replies yet

dribbling urine
my age 22 some drops remain in urethra who comes out after standing position and when i se
asdf660 2010-08-05
no replies yet

dribbling urine
after urination some drops remain in urethra
asdf660 2010-08-05
no replies yet

Ear - Buzzing sound.Please help.
Dear Sir/s My son has blockages in Eustachian tube.So i read here about vacuum method.I t
daverichard 2010-08-05
no replies yet

Sinus problem
i am Nsrawal, 27 yrs old ,suffering from sinus and cough in throat. pls help me .
nsrawall 2010-08-03
7   nsrawall 7 years ago

can dr sameer pls help me !!!
11 views Sex:female Age: 28 yrs Marital status: married Children: one Occupation: hous
sugarbase20 2010-08-05
no replies yet

prof. m. s. verma
Every winter itching starts. It begins at ankle first and gradually goes up finally settli
msverma31 2010-08-05
no replies yet

Flu Like Symptoms after extrenous exercise
Hi everybody, I have recently developed flu like symptoms after over exercising - likely
glowingsoul 2010-08-04
1   Dr.Saravanan 7 years ago

reply me
can we use triphala powder (ayurvedic medicine)and homeopathic medicine at different times
pakeee 2010-08-04
1   Info.rahiq 7 years ago

Help with site information
I am confused. When I go into searching for a remedy to a condition or a suggested homeop
glazer 2010-08-04
3   PANKAJ VARMA 7 years ago

Dr. Bagyavasan, what can you recomend for my 8 yr old daughter with asthma?
Hello, My Daughter has been suffering from mild asthma since two. She will only get asthma
ngalarza 2010-01-27
7   ngalarza 7 years ago

Hypothyroid - Looking for help
Hello, I have just recently been diagnosed with hypothyroid, but I believe it has been a
cynthia17 2010-08-01
7   cynthia17 7 years ago

Could azoospermia be treated after biopsy detects no sperm in semen?
yellowcab74 2010-08-04
no replies yet

Rhus tox side effects
I am trying to find some pain relief for my 83 yr old mother who has a severe case of shin
glazer 2010-08-04
3   maheeru 7 years ago

PCOD - Doctors please help
I am 25 yrs old, married 7 months ago. I was diagnosed and was confirmed with PCOD since f

Vasuvasu 2009-06-09
13   Taruna 7 years ago

severe depression
Sex:female Age: 28 yrs Marital status: married Children: one Occupation: housewife Ha
sugarbase20 2010-08-04
no replies yet

ajay from hyderabad
can we use triphala churnam(ayurvedic medicine)and homeopathic medicine at different times
pakeee 2010-08-04
no replies yet

Suppressed period and cimicifuga
Hello, i really need your help. I had not gotten my period for about 3-4 months so my hom
ihope 2010-08-03
2   ihope 7 years ago

homeopathy and hiv / aids
“What is incurable to-day may be curable to-morrow, and what we are all of this generation
Homeopathy International 1 2010-08-04
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