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semen and erection problem
Asslam-o-Alaikum Dear Dr Mehfooz & Hasnat I m 31 years old and planning to get married
salman5044 2012-03-20
5   salman5044 5 years ago

Brisbane Homeopath - acute cold in daughter
I am hoping this would be a quick question for you. My daughter has a cold, which is foll
Sarah3NN 2012-04-12
3   Sarah3NN 5 years ago

please contact me dr. mahfooz
Dear Dr. Mahfooz. Please contact me on my email id. i need to discuss with you something
raheel777 2012-04-13
no replies yet

Nodular acne
I am suffering from nodular acne from last 7 years. Acnes are filled with pus and are lot
rohan01 2012-04-13
7   rohan01 5 years ago

Thyronormalcy + probable conception issues
Dear Members, I am a 30 year old female. Primary issue: *thyronormalcy* - TSH came out
shad0ww 2012-04-12
7   Dr. Showrav 5 years ago

over weight;
Dr, my weight is 60kg and my age is 32yrs , my tsh is 8.16, i am taking ayurvedic medicin
kshitij arora 2012-04-12
6   Dr. Showrav 5 years ago

sex problem
Dr sahab mujhe kafi sex problem hai hath se karne k karan..night fall hai week me 3-4 baar
kamalgarg89 2012-04-09
2   kamalgarg89 5 years ago

child with blocked ears
dear dr, my daughter is 4 and 1/2 years and she had allergy of nose with thick green mucu
bsdsu 2012-02-02
11   kadwa 5 years ago

heroin and homeopathy
hi what are the effective remedies for heroin addicts
fevray8 2012-04-12
3   Dr. Showrav 5 years ago

severe anxiety
Hi, I'm getting severe anxiety because of sexual thoughts. I'm taking clonazepam
grandhisandhi 2012-04-12
3   kadwa 5 years ago

Fat belly
Me Afreen, my age is 25yrs. My belly is too fat.. I can't keep it in shape.. Please h
nowshad 2012-04-12
3   Joe De Livera 5 years ago

irregular & painful menstrual trouble
Hello doctor, I am 27 yrs old.I am suffering from the problem of very painful mentrual cy
SHILPY0009 2012-04-13
2   Joe De Livera 5 years ago

Acid Reflux - ED
I been suffering from Acid Reflux most of 35 years. I' a 63 year old male. I've

ductman 2011-01-13
24   Joe De Livera 5 years ago

extra skin;
Dr' my father has a type of skin problem , on his neck,under arms and on his neck ex
kshitij arora 2012-04-08
5   nawazkhan 5 years ago

my problem image
yaver 2012-03-19
1   Dr. Showrav 5 years ago

I am On antidepressent drugs
After using Several homeopathic medications , i am on drugs. I went to several alloepathic
signature 2012-03-19
1   Dr. Showrav 5 years ago

Premature Ejection
Dr. My Self Name Sunny Age - 26 Unmarried Diet - Veg, Non Alcholic & Non Smoker I sta
sumit20 2012-04-08
1   Dr. Showrav 5 years ago

constipation since
hello dr. I am suffring from constipation symptoms are No urging of stool, gastric probl
APSingh 2012-04-11
5   Dr. Showrav 5 years ago

Fat belly
Me afreen, my age is 25yrs.my belly too fat... i cant keep it in shape.please help me to k
nowshad 2012-04-12
1   Nikkie 5 years ago

ACL ligament injury
Hi there, the experts whose care I need, I am a die-hard sportsman and am 42 years old. F
John Updike 2012-03-09
6   shouse_nsk 5 years ago

Respected Homeopaths. What nosode?
Please have a look at 'Asthma, salivation and cracking joints'. Thank you!!!
guydz 2012-03-23
2   nawazkhan 5 years ago

Dr. Showrav is it irue??
Sir In one of the post you wrote ::::::::::::: If u like u can give her Nat Mur 200c 1 Do
carebd 2012-03-15
11   Dr. Showrav 5 years ago

Sex Desire Gone
The patient is taking Atenolol 50 mg daily for BP Which has side effected in loss of sex d
harbhajanthukral 2012-04-11
2   Joe De Livera 5 years ago

Cure for Periventricular Leukomalacia in Homeopathy
Hi all, My one year old kid was diagnosed with Periventricular Leukomalacia after an MRI
ramji_pv 2012-04-10
3   kadwa 5 years ago

SSRI withdrawl
Is there something that can help with this, I am coming off Celexa and have SSRI withdrawa
pokergeek 2012-04-11
2   kadwa 5 years ago

Dejerine Roussy
or called Thalamus Pain Disorder when the nerves scare and or misfire causing ongoing inte
Devon777 2012-04-11
1   kadwa 5 years ago

I am a novice in homeo. Please clarify this. I am looking at 'Boericke's Mater
Libra1010 2012-04-10
4   brisbanehomoeopath 5 years ago

anxiety -hyper border collie mix
[message deleted by simone717 on Tue, 06 Dec 2016 04:41:38 UTC]
simone717 2012-04-12
7   simone717 5 years ago

overweight and skin tags - Request for Dr. Nawaz
1. ID:Your ABC Forum Name 2. Age 38 3. Sex male 4. Marital Status married 5. weight 210 6
adamxyz 2012-04-11
1   nawazkhan 5 years ago

dr showrav, advice needed.
dr showrav i need ur help.i hv startd losing my temper wid my 2.5 yr old daughter. If u lu
ariessanaa 2012-04-11
2   simone717 5 years ago

Att: Dr. Sameer - looking for a constitutional remedy
Dear Dr Sameer, I have been advised to contact you. I have been trying to find a consitu

Maria&boys 2009-01-17
208   sameervermani 5 years ago

Ovarian cysts? Homeopathy treatment
Hi, could you kindly give a an idea what I should purchase for a possible ovarian cyst on
Mojopearl 2012-04-11
1   nawazkhan 5 years ago

gastritis & acid reflux problem
i am suffering from Gerd & Acid Reflux. Please mention effective medicine. - frequent
dilam 2012-04-11
1   100%height 5 years ago

pigmentation & pain in area between below knee and above ankle
my father faces pain in area below knee above ankle every night. He is in service and sitt
manav_skg 2012-04-09
7   100%height 5 years ago

i am 43 yrs male. There is bleeding with stool for the last 5 months. Bleeding occurs frqu

babusona 2012-03-19
41   babusona 5 years ago

dr showrav please help me.
i am 31yrs old unmarried male.i will marry in december 2011.i am masterbathing from age 14
chandrama 2011-11-29
1   Dr. Showrav 5 years ago

dr showrav, advice needed.
hello dr showrav. I need ur help this tym for myself. I m getting short tempered with my b
ariessanaa 2012-04-11
1   Dr. Showrav 5 years ago

nose proble remedy
DR. KADWA, my age is 18 yr ..my house is near about 10 mtr from NH...IN summers i feel so
devesh1mishra 2012-04-10
3   kadwa 5 years ago

My father who is 72 years of age is suffering from the following problems 1. prostrate enl
ramssk68 2012-04-10
1   kadwa 5 years ago

Depression with a ftat-effect
Hi! Could you, please, recommend me a homeopathic remedy for depression? I am woman, 37 ye
agirl 2012-04-10
2   agirl 5 years ago

Kidney Stone
Hi, Recently I had a pain in abdomen - right side, lower part. On examination found that
Konark Mishra 2012-04-10
4   Nikkie 5 years ago

Grey Hair - Plz Dr. Nawaz Suggest
Hi, I am 36 years old, married man. My head hair started turning into white a few years
jumnagi 2012-03-16
8   nawazkhan 5 years ago

Mood swings and autism
My 7 year old daughter having large mood swings crying to laughing. I have heard that Bell
autismdad 2012-04-10
5   autismdad 5 years ago

Sulphuric acid
My son is an alcoholic. Someone posted that adding Sulphuric acidum to water and giving t
sarie 2012-04-09
2   simone717 5 years ago

Urgent help needed,Prostotorhea Serious Issue
Hello I am seriously facing issue,when i start talking to my fiance over phone,then fluid
vicky roy 2012-04-07
3   vicky roy 5 years ago

dental problem
is there any alternative for dental implantation in Homeopathy? My mum's teeth are w
sukshma239 2012-04-09
3   Dr. Showrav 5 years ago

22 weeks placenta previa
I have been put on bed rest due to placenta previa and bleeding. Are there any homeopathi
Smubashara 2012-04-09
9   simone717 5 years ago

PCOS with acne
Just came across this website while trying to find a homeopathic remedy for PCOS. Please s

dreamer12 2012-04-02
20   dreamer12 5 years ago

for removing yellowness on from front teeths and Dental flourosis
dr kadwa, i am suffring from dental flouroris and yellowness in upper teeths...pls tell me
devesh1mishra 2012-04-09
4   devesh1mishra 5 years ago

Dr, my mother has read a fact somewhere that fucus mother tincture is useful for weight l
kshitij arora 2012-04-10
1   kadwa 5 years ago

Feeling lethargy all day
Inspite of taking good 8 hrs sleep, i feel sleepy all dayand dont feel fresh,please advise
ashutoshkhare31 2012-04-10
1   kadwa 5 years ago

6 months pregnant with cold
My sister (32 yrs old) is 6 months pregnant. For the past few days she has a cold. Slightl
rania1403 2012-04-10
1   kadwa 5 years ago

in response of one of my post brisbanehomeopath referred to miasm and i started reading ab
hporwal 2012-04-10
1   brisbanehomoeopath 5 years ago

lac leo
there isnt much info on the net about this remedy In the past when I read about it. 3 th
starface 2012-04-10
1   starface 5 years ago

Premature Ejection
Premature Ejection From sumit20 on 2012-04-08 0 replies 17 views Dr. My Self Name Sunny
sumit20 2012-04-10
no replies yet

Arsenicum album for Insomnia - growing immune to medicine?
Hi, My father, aged 70, was prescribed Ars Alb for his chronic insomnia (since 30 years).
cbahri 2012-04-09
1   brisbanehomoeopath 5 years ago

Help for Young Woman Hair loss.
Hello, I have been slowly losing my hair for 5 years.It started back in 1999 when I was ge

SWhair 2004-09-07
81   carolineghm 5 years ago

aloe after ignatia
i have taken 2 doses of ignatia 1000 on sunday based on some mental symptoms which i have
s.beri 2012-04-10
2   brisbanehomoeopath 5 years ago

Swollen Heart
Dear Friends, My name is Anitha.B from chennai.I am in urgent need of your sugge
anithababu100 2012-04-10
1   Nikkie 5 years ago

Self confidence
I am 36 yr. professional in Canada, throughout my life I have issues with lack of self con
Alleem 2012-04-09
3   Nikkie 5 years ago

Stomach bug
Hi I had a stomach bug 10 days ago and still not better. Whenever I eat something I feel
Snowi_d 2012-04-07
8   nawazkhan 5 years ago

arnica pills safe?
My husband has been showing me numerous articles from internet all saying arnica taking in

sangale 2005-01-03
24   Joe De Livera 5 years ago

lipoma treatment:- some cure
Friends, There has been a post on lipomaboard and some positive treatment for Lipoma. Ap
Lipoma2012 2012-02-23
1   Dr. Showrav 5 years ago

reckeweg r83, r84
Hello, Does anybody know if it's possible to buy these drops anywhere in the world t
taggari 2012-04-07
3   Dr. Showrav 5 years ago

Thyroid removed.........
My wife had her thyroid removed and is now beholden to the manufacturers of replacement ho
lajaw 2012-04-09
1   Dr. Showrav 5 years ago

phlegm in throat and runny eyes
In the last year I have found my eyes and nose stream when the temperature is below comfor
kejaf 2012-04-09
1   Dr. Showrav 5 years ago

Vaginal yeast infection
Dear honeopatic doctors, I am 23 years old and I have had a vaginal yeast infection for a
ariela 2012-04-07
5   Dr. Showrav 5 years ago

Multiple Medical conditions
Hello Sr.shawrav This is Aviinfo and to start with am having multiple medical conditions
Aviinfo 2012-03-23
5   Dr. Showrav 5 years ago

Cough and cold to a 3 yr old
My son 3.2 years of age has a problem of frequent cough n cold and his coughing increases
Shaurya rajat 2012-03-25
2   Shaurya rajat 5 years ago

extreme hairfall plzzz help!!!!!
m 17 n im having a very horrible hair loss problem... this just started from the past 6 m
shila 2012-04-09
1   100%height 5 years ago

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