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Urgent: Regarding Kidney failure
Sir, my son age 9 years having Renal Parenchymal Disease and presently he is on Peritoniel
negiaudit 2012-12-07
2   sujisuji 5 years ago

Dear Doctor, I have Lipoma in my both hands & high too. its is stable from long time, but
abhi.apj 2012-12-06
1   Paki1 5 years ago

Ganglion Cyst on back of hand
Hi, I have had a ganglion cyst on the back of my left hand for several years. I've ha
elenaw 2012-12-07
1   Paki1 5 years ago

asking for RA treatment suggestion
my mom is aged 59 yrs n is suffering frm RA frm past 5-6yrs. she's allergic 2 diclofe
chinnibond 2012-12-07
1   Joe De Livera 5 years ago

An interesting query
Hi there, First of all thanks to mr. Kadwa as he replied to my query very soon on right w
tariff 2012-12-05
4   maheeru 5 years ago

need help PLEASE my dog has kidney failure not long until..
Hello i removed my dog frm the vet today because i could not afford any treatment, only iv

kang44 2012-08-11
16   maheeru 5 years ago

Mouth ulcers.
My husband has pain in his tongue and it's burning pain in the night . Sometimes pain
nikkikumar 2012-11-23
5   HANMANTH 5 years ago

Homeopath Remedies for Reducing Cholestrol
Inspite of healthy life style and diet, my cholestrol numbers do not stay within the recom
alok1229 2012-12-07
no replies yet

Skin Infection - Hydradentis Spurrativa
Symptom : Boils through out the body. It is a bulge sometimes with pus and sometimes with
bhappyharsha 2012-11-28
11   bhappyharsha 5 years ago

Dog- anxiety
I trained my dog to be on its own when I am away during the day. It has been doing well. B
homeo for us 2012-12-07
1   kadwa 5 years ago

Anxiety and Vertigo
Dear Doctor! I'm writing you about my wife who is suffering from vertigo and anxiety
swaqar098 2012-12-02
9   kadwa 5 years ago

Need help
My husband is diagnose atherosclerosis ( calcium is building up in arteries) he also have
Sued Ali 2012-12-05
3   kadwa 5 years ago

HypoThyroid - Thyrol from Allens
Hi, I have been detected with hypothyroid 2 years ago. TSH was 9. I started taking allop
mayaasivam 2012-11-28
6   kadwa 5 years ago

dark circles - ruined my face
My dark circles under my eyes have ruined my face. I remember when I was younger I never h
Ruruba 2012-12-07
1   doctorbadar9 5 years ago

son with atonic seizures
My 4 year old has a tonic seizures..he is taking lamictal and depakote but still has seizu
guigui 2012-12-02
6   guigui 5 years ago

Hidradenitis suppurativa - therapies
At several forums, people are referring Hidradenitis Suppurativa patients to ABChomeopath
rob34 2012-11-28
1   rob34 5 years ago

Erectile Dysfunction.
I have been under psychiatric medicines for the last 12 years. Since a while ago I have be
kersasp 2012-12-06
no replies yet

pcos please help
dear doctor, kindly please find the old post. still now am having the problem.please help

sharinvino 2012-10-25
33   nawazkhan 5 years ago

Thyroid Problem
Dear All I am a pakistani national. After my first child birth, i had a problem of thyroi
ilu04 2012-11-23
4   sarojverma 5 years ago

Consulting a Dr. via chat/skype
I want to consult a Dr. via chat/skype, anyone can help me in this? I know there are a lo
ahamaham 2012-12-06
3   simone717 5 years ago

ADHD and othor dissorders
I hope there is a remedy out there for these mental problems I've had most of my life
soysos 2012-12-06
2   soysos 5 years ago

4 year old vomiting
My 4 year old woke up this morning, got some water and threw it up about 10 min later. He
aksa22 2012-12-05
2   aksa22 5 years ago

Erectile Dysfunction.
I have been under psychiatric medicine for the last twelve years. I donít get an erection
kersasp 2012-12-06
no replies yet

Severe muscular pain on leg
Hello Sir, I am 31 yrs 63 kg working person. I am getting leg pain from last 2 weeks when
ROYSOUMEN1 2012-12-06
1   kadwa 5 years ago

Eczema in ears and repeated infections.
Hi. I have had repeated ear infections for the past 3 years. Went to countless doctor vis
LorenJ 2010-05-03
7   mrserenity 5 years ago

Hi, I am looking for cough remedy. My husband old is 28. He started coughing almost 3 we
Alaawaswas 2012-12-05
1   kadwa 5 years ago

irregular preiods and over bleeding
My age 31.I getting period for 2 months! and over bleeding.It is distrubing my family life
lakshmi krishna 2012-12-05
2   Joe De Livera 5 years ago

Inner Ear Pressure and Foggy Head
Hi.. I have been experiencing a strange problem from past 1 yr. Problem :- 1) Inner Ear P
Rohitb 2012-12-03
3   Rohitb 5 years ago

move from 30x to 200c?
I have been taking Bromium 30X for cough and mucous in the throat for five days and have n
warpaint 2012-12-05
1   kadwa 5 years ago

8m pregnant, pus in gums, its real bad
Hi, I am currently pregnant started with my 8th month and having serious issues with my
Karni 2012-12-05
1   kadwa 5 years ago

Does homepathy tablets increase body heat?
Hi, I'm trying homeopathy medicine for chronic cold and dust allergy. Noticed I'
praveenkj85 2012-12-05
1   kadwa 5 years ago

Antidote ars alb 200 urgent
My 6 years old son was prescribed ars alb 200 everyday once for a week atleast for minor f
pirani21 2012-12-05
9   Paki1 5 years ago

Help, Gallstones, in much pain, need assistance
After many many tests, the doctors have concluded I definitely have gallstones. I am still

Flower Song 2012-12-01
13   Flower Song 5 years ago

Eractional mal-functionality
i'm 22y old and having masturbation since i was less than 14y, 5times a day. Even, st
mortal_human 2012-12-05
no replies yet

staff infection
Hi, my friend's daughter 23 months has been getting the staff infection for the past
redbilberry 2012-11-27
5   redbilberry 5 years ago

Dr Joe please help with nat phos 6x
I am mother of 5 weeks old daughter and she is suffering from silent reflux( gagging,hiccu
Hetal 2012-12-04
1   Joe De Livera 5 years ago

A B C Homeopathy
it is a great service for humunity.
Dr. Umar Farooq 2012-12-04
4   Dr. Umar Farooq 5 years ago

is it possible to reverse grey hair?
Hi, is there any solution to reverse premature grey hair? i did not have any grey hair un
ishha389 2012-12-05
no replies yet

Dr. Kadwa Pls Help
My mother, 65, Indian female, is suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, for many years. Till
Plgoyal 2012-11-10
3   kadwa 5 years ago

Jock itch
I am a 47 year old Indian male living in California. For the past many months I have the p
jaymitt 2012-11-07
3   kadwa 5 years ago

hair loss...!!!!
I am facing hair loss since past 6-7 months. I have tried consulting dermatologists and al
ankita10 2012-12-05
no replies yet

hi dr.reva
I find something from your post about quitting masturbation habbit. Is it good to take the

Parimal_N 2012-10-05
21   Parimal_N 5 years ago

Sinus and Gray hair
Dr Kadwa I have been suffering from sinus from past 2 years, initially I treated it with
shabnamansari40 2012-11-18
8   kadwa 5 years ago

Leg Pain
Dear All, please guide me for my problems I am suffering from leg pain on muscle start fr
ROYSOUMEN1 2012-12-05
no replies yet

medicene for hypertension
i have mild hypertension which actually shows up in winters-abt 150/90,im male 48 otherwis
andy_65_in 2012-12-05
2   andy_65_in 5 years ago

left side problems
left sinus+left testicle fileria+total left body weaknes+cold allergy+acidity reflux usoph

HANMANTH 2012-11-08
14   HANMANTH 5 years ago

Antidote ars
Sorry this got posted twice
pirani21 2012-12-05
no replies yet

Kidney surgery & diabetes
Hi, A family member of mine with type II diabetes got a UTI, then went into a diabetic co
annie79 2012-12-05
no replies yet

Pulsatilla and panic attacks
I was prescribed Pulsatilla last night by my homeopath because I am suffering badly with P
jennielouises 2012-12-04
2   Dr. Umar Farooq 5 years ago

Constitutional Remedy
I have been studying constitutional remedies that suit my constitution and physical mental
bronasthma 2012-12-04
no replies yet

Speech delay in 2,5 years old
Hi! My 2,5 years old daughter still doesn't talk, dhe only says very few words and i

Pris.tornblom 2012-10-04
15   maheeru 5 years ago

skin problem
i am suffering from a skin disease since a long time. I am now in 32yr. When i was in my 1
sampa_here 2012-11-30
1   sampa_here 5 years ago

does 2 sprays equall 2 pellets?
Hi! I would like to know if I can subsitute 2 sprays for two pellets? Does each spray equa
crselection 2012-12-03
1   kadwa 5 years ago

Skinny, underweight guy
Hello, I'm 20 years old and I'm very skinny. My height is 5.7' and weight is
akash701 2012-12-04
no replies yet

Can homeopathic medication produce Diabetes
Two of my friends who are on homeopathic combination medicines, recently told me that they
randpi 2012-12-03
2   Parakletos 5 years ago

Sexual weakness and Problems. Going to marry, please help me
I am 30 years old , I strated mastubration at the age of 15 accidently.. Earlier i didnt k
ali_wasif123 2012-10-11
7   HANMANTH 5 years ago

multiple sexual issues
Dear Doctor, I am 27 years old. I suffer from poor erection and pre-mature ejaculation. I
amp09 2010-04-15
2   HANMANTH 5 years ago

Is hypertension curable
Hi, my bp reading is 142/90, and I am on allopathic since 4 days... I am not overweight a
manju.babu 2012-11-29
7   Joe De Livera 5 years ago

hematoma remedy for my dogs ear
Dear Doctor I was looking for a homeopathy remedy for hematoma for my dog who has it on h
vijaya lukose 2012-12-04
1   kadwa 5 years ago

eustatian tube dysfunction and allergies.
I am 46 years old and over the last 15 years I have become more 'allergic'. I dev
daveabes 2012-12-04
no replies yet

poor memory and other problems
I am 25 years old male. Live in one of the south est Asian country. Height 6 ft weight 65
nishitho 2012-11-25
9   AsadGhumman 5 years ago

Penial Dysfunction
i feel penial dysfunction. i cant continue erection any longer and discharge in 1 or 2 min
mn7786 2012-12-04
no replies yet

Multiple warts on fingers
Dr nawaz, Please could you help! My 4 yr old girl has multiple warts on her fingers and

Suzannec 2012-08-23
37   nawazkhan 5 years ago

I am a 54 y/o female with a 1cm gallstone that is causing 1) gnawing/gripping pain in the
tess1253 2012-01-15
1   Stephb03 5 years ago

Advise for croup. Have just given Aconite 30c
Hi my son had just woke with croup, he sneezed a few times today and thought he was possib
pixie wood 2012-12-03
no replies yet

Free From Clonazepum
Yes you Can. I take Clonazepum for a long time, 1 years. I fear that I can not Made it, bu
ctgkiron 2012-12-03
1   simone717 5 years ago

syphilinum and Silica
I have taken Syph. in the 30c in the past and presently in the 200c and have reacted badly
openeye5 2012-03-19
12   YWill 5 years ago

Male voice..indistinct
Hi, I am male 30 from India. I would like to make my voice more masculine. Most of the tim
daniel.1980 2012-12-03
no replies yet

What can I take pre-op to reduce scaring?
I'm having a hysteroscopic to deal with a submuscous fibroid. Is there anything I can
whitfield 2012-12-03
no replies yet

low bllod pressure
my daughter is 23.her blood pressures remains90/60.she is having body wt.abt 55kgs with go
ss bagga 2012-04-12
4   HANMANTH 5 years ago

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