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Pagets disease, Generalized increased bone density, Ascites, right pleural effusion and known patient of psychiatr
Dear doctors, a well known patient of psychiatry and made a suicidal attack with knife mad
Dr Riaz 2018-03-29
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small penis
hey sir i have a small penis also i m suffereing from disease jareyaan.every morning when
aligg 2006-03-29
2   jahanzaib 3 months ago

Dear I am 34 years male, 15 days back i got indigestion and got 2to3 times stool, from the
babu123abhi 2018-03-27
5   simone717 3 months ago

16 months boy unable to expel phlegm
my son is having cough which is bring up phlegm but he takes it back, i have seen doctors
fizspace 2018-03-28
4   simone717 3 months ago

A question
By buying a pocket biochchemic (12 tissue salts) book, can a person become a prescriber ?
earthair 2018-03-28
1   simone717 3 months ago

Please save my merraige life...plz help some one urgent
Low sperm count and less Motality problem also have erectile disfunction and Premature eja
Rumi 2018-03-28
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Candidiasis vaginal yeast infection
Hi I am suffering from vaginal yeast infection since September 2016, did allopathic treatm
Orchid1 2018-03-27
2   simone717 3 months ago

Osteoarthritis in the right knee
Hi, I would really appreciate some help. i have arthritis in my knees, specifically the

ticatee 2018-02-22
26   ticatee 3 months ago

Low sperm count and Motality also have ED and PE problem
Dear doctor, Please suggest me medicine for following semen analysis Report. Total semen
Rumi 2018-03-28
1   Rumi 3 months ago

Both Kidneys Calculus (stones)
Dear Homeopaths, Kindly prescribe over a condition, on which a stone is in the urethra of
meharban Ahmad 2018-03-23
4   meharban Ahmad 3 months ago

Oily scalp with dandruff and sweaty palms and feet
HI. I am a male, 23 years old, fair complexion, 86 kg weight, height- 5'11. I have tw
shubhamrathore17 2018-03-27
1   Tui 3 months ago

Soft palate inflamation
I m an Asian origin female with 3 kids. A week ago I had an argument with my hubby and I w
mominisb 2018-03-25
3   Tui 3 months ago

Low Testosterone Count
I m taking Dr.Reckwegs R41 for sexual problems like premature ejaculation,sad mood,I hv ve

Akshay21 2013-06-25
13   sagheerahmed 3 months ago

Need a general health remedy! Dr kadwa or Dr vikas_grower
Hello all, I am Mayank and I have recently started reading about homeopathy in detail. I
emayank 2018-03-28
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khurana76 2018-03-11
5   drjitesh 3 months ago

DR KADWA/MAHEERU Acute left bunion pain+ right hip/leg pain
Hi Dr Kadwa/Maheeru, For the last ten days, I have pain in my right hip/leg which is wors
syria 2018-03-19
9   simone717 3 months ago

Hello, There is a 23 year old African American women who has been suffering with dry, crac
penny3 2018-03-27
1   simone717 3 months ago

Inflamed sinuses
My 5 years old woke up talking funny like he is pinching his nose while talking. I asked h
bluesky77 2018-03-23
5   simone717 3 months ago

Post Clubfoot surgery issues
Dear all, My nine year old son was born with clubfeet and had two feet surgeries done (a
rgarg 2007-09-28
5   Anildalvi88 3 months ago

About club feet
Hi My son have one leg club feet and he is now 8 month old can homeopathy cure club feet o
Anildalvi88 2018-03-27
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Acne & old acne scars treatment
I developed acne in my teen years and am currently ~29 yrs old. It has been controlled off

rxmom08 2006-06-05
22   Ansi 3 months ago

P.E & Erection problem
Hi, I am 40 years old, married and having 3 daughters. From 3,4 months i am facing 3 prob
khanjikhan 2018-03-10
4   HealthyWorld 3 months ago

Kali Sulph 6x Antidotes Pulsatilla 30C?
I gave my daughter Kali Sulph 6x because of her peeling lips (the flakes in her lips are t
Jane77 2018-03-23
2   Jane77 3 months ago

Headache / Migraine
Dear Doctors I have suffering from Migraine from last three months. Sometimes right side a

zaffar_consfela 2017-12-12
46   zaffar_consfela 3 months ago

No Sexual Desire/No Orgasm/No lubrication in my wife
HI, I am married since 1.5 year ago, In early days my wife has sexual desire but a lot of
SubhaAli 2018-03-17
11   John Stanton 3 months ago

Blocked nose , catarrh , loss of smell and taste .
Hi , dr I need help to get medicine for I am 6 months pregnant past 9 months I am having p
Syeda kb 2018-03-26
1   kadwa 3 months ago

Bee sting
My daughter 6 yrs old was stung by orange/yellow bee.. Commonly found in South East Asia..
mominisb 2018-03-26
1   kadwa 3 months ago

Dr. Kadwa need your help
Dear Sir, My mother age 68. Weight 65 kg.Her Brest tumer in both Brest . One is operated
manaser2005 2018-03-22
4   manaser2005 3 months ago

Osteoarthiritis throbbing pain - Dr Kadwa pls help
Dr Kadwa, My mother, age 69 years has problem of osteoarthritis in both her leg knees. He
vjhos 2018-02-13
6   kadwa 3 months ago

Dr. Kadwa , Dr. Deoshlok - Please Reply - Lumbar Spondylosis and Lumbar Discogenic
My mother aged 70 Years, was suffering from lower back pain since 4 years. Lower back pain
sajidnazir 2018-02-16
7   kadwa 3 months ago

Blood sugar levels
I am 69 years old. From 2016 Sep my blood sugar levels are noticed. It was 130/160. Using
bhavanarayana 2018-02-15
9   kadwa 3 months ago

Increase in Sex Timing
1st My Age is 27 i have a problem that when ever i think about the sex drops comes from my
Mehar1 2018-03-26
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Dr Kadwa - Eczema on and around lips and behind ears
Dr Kadwa, My daughter about 10 years old has developed eczema around her lips and at back
vjhos 2018-03-13
6   kadwa 3 months ago

i have problem of flakes and scale formation on my forehead at hair line which caused heav
Santvis 2018-03-25
3   Tui 3 months ago

Depresion / Anxiety / Acne
Taking sulphur 1M per week for month. No difference Which other medication can I use. Sul
jmdvm87 2018-03-24
5   Tui 3 months ago

Restless Baby fighting sleep and throws hands and legs
Hello My son is four months old, he doesn't sleep at all in night. He is irritable, c

Eecki 2018-02-14
17   simone717 3 months ago

Why most of doctor suggest German medicines and not the indian made which are cheaper?
Why most of doctor suggest German medicines and not the indian made which are cheaper?
khurana76 2018-03-24
3   simone717 3 months ago

what is best medicine for cold and flu?
I heard that for cold and flu best medicine are : aconitum and ferum phosphoricum. But how
leeleee 2018-03-23
5   leeleee 3 months ago

Re: Erectile dysfunction and running thought in mind
Dr I am suffering from insomania and depression from September 2017 and taking psychiatry
Sushil4 2018-03-24
1   Tui 3 months ago

Names are slightly different
I am new to Homeopathy. My Homeopathy dr prescribed pills ending in "200-CH". I have found
Vicky Delgado 2018-03-24
1   maheeru 3 months ago

inquiry on Treatment for Masturbation Effects, Sexual Weakness, Night Fall, Masturbation Effects
It says 'AFTERNOON and EVENING (say 2pm and 6pm) : Bio Chemic Combination # 16 (Nervou
gatx001destiny 2011-11-29
3   james3 3 months ago

Neck back pain(Spondy pain)
I am Mohan Kumar G, working as Software engineer. I am getting severe pain at neck backsid
mohankumargonthina 2018-03-20
4   Nishat Parveen 3 months ago

Eye Sight
Hi My Son is just 3 years old he frequently watches the TAB now he has got the eye sight i
Karthikeya1 2018-03-24
1   0antivirus0 3 months ago

Urgent : Teen-Unmotivated,lethargic,AngerRages, Defiant
My son is giving up on his studies. There is some level of depression or feeling of not be

Jess1 2018-02-27
21   simone717 3 months ago

IBS and anal fistula
Female Age:23 Weight:45kgs I am suffering from IBS from last five years...after every meal

Saima2 2018-03-04
21   Dr R Basu 3 months ago

Best homoeopathic company
Can any one confirm which of the following Pakistani homoeopathic company is considered be
mc060401019 2018-03-19
2   mc060401019 3 months ago

help to choose Potencies of medicines
hi , i have question regarding the alternative of Potencies if particular potency is not
ishan189 2018-03-24
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Thank you Simone !!
Dear Simone , I would like to thank you for all the effort you put My father Dr Deoshlok
drjitesh 2018-03-23
3   drjitesh 3 months ago

Need urgent help with wrist pain not going away
My 20 year old son injured his left wrist while playing basketball last Nov. It's bee
suna711 2018-03-18
7   Tui 3 months ago

Ed due to Angus cast is 200
Sir I m 40 yrs old healthy person . I m suffering from proststae enlargement from last 9 y
dk2058 2018-03-20
4   Tui 3 months ago

Erectile dysfunction
Dr I am suffering from low sexual desire due to taking depression and insomania treatment.
Sushil4 2018-03-23
3   Sushil4 3 months ago

Son has a persistent dry cough . Dr Sameer need your help
Hi Dr.Sameer , My Son who is 15 years old has been having a dry cough spell for about a w
yatri 2018-03-10
5   sameervermani 3 months ago

Morning sickness — Maheeru, please?
Hi, could you offer your advice for my friend? She is about 8-9 weeks pregnant with her se
rom109 2018-03-23
2   maheeru 3 months ago

Sebaceous Cysts on Scrotum
Sebaceous Cysts on Scrotum I am a 43 year old who has multiple sebaceous cysts on the scro
ratan.agarwal30 2018-03-20
4   drjitesh 3 months ago

Hi em saima from Pakistan (Punjab) 1: I have irregular menstural problem 7/8 months del
Saima3 2018-03-23
2   Saima3 3 months ago

Att Dr. Mohla
Dear Sir, My sister age is 51. Weight 49 kg. Hight 5.4. Live in USA. She diagnose today he
busa2007 2016-06-17
7   simone717 3 months ago

Looking for general remedy for health
Hello all, I am Mayank and I have recently started reading about homeopathy in detail. I
emayank 2018-03-22
11   emayank 3 months ago

pain in Both epididymis from last 7 months
Hello, I have pain in my both epididymis from last 7 months, I have been on number of anti
suraj1411 2018-03-22
3   simone717 3 months ago

MEdicine for hyperacidity and gas causing headache
Hello sir... My Age 28 years. Pls suggest some good medicine for following symtoms... 1-
deepeshmmm 2018-03-21
5   simone717 3 months ago

Nerve Damage
My son recently suffered an injury to his wrist and hands where something was put on his h

pattyrae1 2018-03-21
14   simone717 3 months ago

Emotional Sensibility
Emotional Sensibility,Get Hurted,Traumatized very easily,Easily Offended, Meticulous,Discu
DjRogerinhoPDF 2018-03-16
2   DjRogerinhoPDF 3 months ago

Please HELP! Enlarged Tonsils, Adenoids
Hi, I have a 8 year old son. He is 51lbs and almost 4 feet tall, thin built, active (spor
DKS 2018-01-30
12   kadwa 3 months ago

Dr Kadwa, need help with low motivation, melasma, dry skin, falling hair
I am 39 year old female, 5’2”, 150lbs. I am an introvert, shy person. Do not l
DKS 2018-03-20
1   kadwa 3 months ago

Dr Kadwa - Old problem of Premature ejaculation and Erectile Dysfunction
Dr Kadwa, I am 42 years have problem of Premature ejaculation and Erectile dysfunction si

vjhos 2017-11-02
16   kadwa 3 months ago

urea and critinian problem
My age almost 55 years old I am blood pressure patient from Last 15 years my gender is fem
abbas123 2018-03-20
1   kadwa 3 months ago

reducing belly fat
saz8581 2018-03-21
1   kadwa 3 months ago

Dr. Kadwa Please Minus the Sinus Issue
Dear Sir Your miraculous appearance in my life with a Healing Touch helps me a lot to rem
sandy3 2018-03-22
1   kadwa 3 months ago

Dr Kadwa, Low appetite, fear, anger, gums hurt
8 year old, older twin boy, little over 4 feet tall, 53 pounds, thin built, active, very c
DKS 2018-02-13
7   kadwa 3 months ago

Hi, I've been suffering with painful periods all my life. It is so bad that when I g
indiasummers 2018-01-17
8   Singleton1 3 months ago

Weak erections + Unable to maintain erection dr. d. sharma
Weak erections + Unable to maintain erection This is due to bad habits of masturbation, e
deoshlok 2011-12-29
9   Sagar83 3 months ago

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