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High WBC treatment
My Father is suffering from High WBC (i.e; 20) Age 50 Also Hepatitis C patient (But In con
Kashif Riaz 2015-09-29
1   kadwa 2 years ago

Large Tonsils and Mouth Breathing
Dear Dr., My son is 5 years 10month old.. He has been having large tonsils and we have bee
kirangundurao 2015-09-28
1   kadwa 2 years ago

6 week old baby sick for 2.5 weeks cough/congestion/warm
Born 8/7/15, he caught a virus from his older brother (4 years old) on 9/8 He has had his
Esharmony 2015-09-27
3   kadwa 2 years ago

Please help! Suffering from female pattern baldness
Hi... I'm 36 yr old mother of 3 children. After my 3rd delivery (ceasarian) i'v
Sonu.j 2015-09-29
4   0antivirus0 2 years ago

My New Born Baby Meningocele Problem
My 6 days old daughter diagnosed with Meningocele Since birth she has a swelling (about
razi110 2015-09-30
1   telescope 2 years ago

sabal and nux vomica side effects
hello i have been under treatment before and here is the link of my previous treatment ht
earth 2015-10-01
1   mani_jee 2 years ago

Trigger thumb to one and half year baby
My baby has developed the trigger thumb suddenly and is not being able to stretch her thum
Yuvraj_89 2015-09-30
1   telescope 2 years ago

Plz plz help.i am 18 years old.i have big brest and puffy nipple.befor 4-5 year i have kin
akibk 2015-09-30
1   Sivaji1 2 years ago

My elder brother age 70 has been suffering from chronic dysentery from young age. Please p
mkh2000 2015-09-30
1   telescope 2 years ago

Finding some shops
Where can I get Brahmi Q (Germany or indian) homeo medicine in dhaka city.if possible give
Md.Rahat Mahmud 2015-09-30
1   Info.rahiq 2 years ago

son biting fingers and hands
My 15 months baby biting my fingers and hands. she is doing from last 3-4 months. and now
drai05 2015-09-29
3   mani_jee 2 years ago

height increasing treatment
Hello,everyone. I am a girl of height 4.9",age-22 n weight- 39 kg. Due to my short he
Gehna 2015-09-30
no replies yet

height increasing treatment
Hello,everyone. I am a girl of height 4.9",age-22 n weight- 39 kg. Due to my short he
Gehna 2015-09-30
no replies yet

Oral problem
Hi I m 32 yrs old I used to hav pan & pan masala from last 10 yrs now my mouth is not
Chintan 2015-09-30
1   mani_jee 2 years ago

Male 34 Unmarried suffering from Impotence
I am a male aged 34 unmarried. I am suffering from erectile dysfunction. I have been into
Sinnu 2015-09-27
4   Info.rahiq 2 years ago

Any one can plz help me...
hey i would be thankfull if any proffesonal who can help me... i am male age 23 years. i
abhay111992 2015-09-30
no replies yet

7yr old with abdominal pain only at night
Hi , My 7 yr old daughter has abdominal pain only at night.It starts 30 mins after eating.
shilpa23apr 2015-09-29
1   0antivirus0 2 years ago

Abdominal and back pain
I am having pain in abdomen left and right side and back as well. Was diagnosed with kidne
gunjit3 2015-09-29
1   0antivirus0 2 years ago

loss of tooth enamel
i was told to take symphytum 200c to increase tooth enamel. how does symphtum increase to
tomdreskin 2015-09-29
no replies yet

i was told to take nat sulph for sensitivity following a fall on forehead 55 years ago. i
tomdreskin 2015-09-29
no replies yet

my mother (age 70) suffering from paralysis (Right leg and Right hand not working also no

Bhavin parekh 2015-05-24
27   Bhavin parekh 2 years ago

Pcos sufferer taking homeopathic med..needs urgent advise?
I am 24 year old girl, having PCOS and its all symptoms since the age of 14. In last few y
Aisha92 2015-09-28
3   nawazkhan 2 years ago

Neuroma in left foot
I have a neuroma in my left foot and am looking for a remedy. I have used chiropractic, co
Idic0101 2015-09-28
2   Idic0101 2 years ago

GERD/Acid Reflux problem
Dear Sir, I have been facing the acid reflux problem since 6 months now which i got after

rmishra436 2015-08-03
57   sabkamalik1 2 years ago

hello mani_jee can u help out
i am male, age 23 years, i cant grow beard and dont have hairs on chest, please help
abhay111992 2015-09-29
no replies yet

Dog with a rash
a couple of years ago Anuf hlped me with my dog's rash. Is he still on the ABC foru
dexter 2015-09-29
no replies yet

Gastric problem
I have been suffering for 10 years, My problem is Gastric ,appetite, digest, I m not heal
Pradip sarkar 2015-09-19
7   Raja Arrive 2 years ago

Dr Kadwa, suggest treatment of ACL tear
Hi Dr Kadwa, 6 weeks back While playing kabaddi, my left knee twisted left side partially
Mahidbdwh 2015-09-26
2   Mahidbdwh 2 years ago

Need help for hemihypertrophy
Hi everyone, I am in big tension as my 8 months daughter is suffering from the disease he
Manish7 2015-09-26
9   rishimba 2 years ago

premature ejaculation
Dear Dr Showrab, Good day. I am suffering severe problem of premature ejaculation. I am 3
himans 2015-09-28
no replies yet

suffering from lipoma for last 10-12 years but still couldn't get proper remedy till
ravikantmdp 2015-09-28
no replies yet

Doc Rahiq/Doc Nawazkhan Pls take my case :--Sudden hair loss..brisbanehomoeopath, pls help
Hello Doctors & Experts I am 27 years male working in IT 9 to 6, suffering from hair f

sumedh 2011-01-04
496   HoneyKhanna 2 years ago

cystitis , premature ejacutation&erectile dysfunction
.sir mujhe premature ejaculation h. sir mera veerya 2-3 second me nikal jata haur sexual s
sudhirkunar 2015-09-23
7   sabkamalik1 2 years ago

Endometriosis bleeding from navel
Hi, I am a 39 year woman, never been married and do not have children. I suffer from en
jhelisa 2015-09-28
1   kadwa 2 years ago

2-1/2 year old girl sick
Please help me with a remedy that will help my daughter get well faster. She began loose s
KSmom101 2015-09-27
1   kadwa 2 years ago

urgent help required
I Have a mix lab (her mother had an accidental mating) .Her name is Ginger .She is 9 years

Ajay malaotar 2015-07-30
25   kadwa 2 years ago

Cardiac Asthma
Dear Respectable Doctors, My father is 69 years old. He is suffering from the following di
nila akter 2015-09-07
9   kadwa 2 years ago

fear before exam, nervousness, concentration problem
I have the problem of nervousness and concentration. ...I can't sleep at night before

amiya123 2015-08-03
61   amiya123 2 years ago

height gain medicine
please reply me ... i gain my height 10-12cm so suggest any homeopethic medicine wit
jigs patel 2015-09-28
no replies yet

fistula in ano
Hi, my name is srinivas.age 31. I am suffering with fistula in ano.there is a constant dra

srinu11s2004 2015-08-09
88   nawazkhan 2 years ago

height increase
hello,i am 22 year old and i from gujarat. my height is 165 cm and i gain my height .so pl
jigs patel 2015-09-28
no replies yet

Chronic Constipation, Insonomia and hair balding
Dear Sir, I am 36 years old. I have been suffering from Chronic Constipation for the last
mumbailad 2015-09-27
3   nawazkhan 2 years ago

Nervousness, Palpitations, Vertigo, Fear, Cowardice
Im unmarried, 33 yrs old. Please, Please help me. My life is getting so much effected. Al
dehnaloud 2015-09-28
no replies yet

Dr Nawaz Khan ..please help… respond to my daughter‘s problem... please
Dear Doctor, My daughter, age 11 years, having severe pain behind of right leg knee and fi
Maneesh4996 2015-09-13
10   nawazkhan 2 years ago

Post surgery remedies .
Hi can anyone advise me. My friend is doing his best to recover from surgery . He had a ha
Phoenixflower 2015-09-25
2   Phoenixflower 2 years ago

Struggling with dosage
[message deleted by gailmiller on Sun, 27 Sep 2015 16:58:41 UTC]
gailmiller 2015-09-27
1   gailmiller 2 years ago

Help wtih dosage and conditions...
Hello, I've been trying to learn about Homeopathy in an effort to help cure myself of
gailmiller 2015-09-27
no replies yet

Grey Hair - Hair Fall - Dandruff
Hi I am Ram and 28 years old,Married. I am having severe hair fall and excess grey hair

kramprasadh 2014-12-02
24   ayushjames 2 years ago

After Tuberclosis treatment
Hi friends, I was diagnosed with tuberclosis bacteria in my sputum about one year back. I
rushd 2014-11-08
5   Zady101 2 years ago

Premature Ejaculation
Hello i am 26 years old getting married in couple of weeks. I have been masturbating for t
shahzad.khan 2015-09-27
no replies yet

Homeopathic solutions needed
Dear sir, i m going through breast size issues.which is an embarrassment my weight is 42 K

Secretidentity 2015-09-26
14   rishimba 2 years ago

Total IgE & Eosinophilia
I'm 35 years old male.I have no Asthma, no skin diseases, allergy, chest pain e.t.c.
adil6661 2015-09-25
5   rishimba 2 years ago

Skin problem
Hello doctors My skin of hands and face has become very dark and dull. The t-zone is very
Bgneha 2015-09-26
1   rishimba 2 years ago

schuessler salts make simillimum
Dear All., Is there a posible sinergy between schuessler salts and the correct simi
seroquel 2015-09-25
8   kohler 2 years ago

no replay
hi any dr is mthere for hlp me

shrishty 2015-09-25
22   shrishty 2 years ago

Back pain after C section
Hello to All Doctors. I want to discuss about my wife problem. She recently faced a c-sect

Mr.Sheikh 2015-09-10
21   Reva V 2 years ago

Kali Sulph vs. Calc Sulph
The materia Medica for both Kali Sulph and Calc Sulph are almost identical. How would one
DebbieC 2015-09-27
no replies yet

cantharis side effect on my penis on blow
sir i take cantharis 200 two drops two time in the day from 6 day for cystitis. and now i
sudhirkunar 2015-09-26
1   sudhirkunar 2 years ago

pain in testis
Hello Dr my age is 48 male Is there any suggestions I Don feel good taking ciproflaxin 50
sameer48 2015-09-26
no replies yet

pain in testis
From sameer48 on 2015-09-25, 0 replies Hello since 1 n half week pain in left te
sameer48 2015-09-26
no replies yet

Transverse Myelitis
Is there any medicines available in Homeopathy ?

rckids2 2015-09-19
17   telescope 2 years ago

Need help on Anal fissure treatment completely
Can anyone please follow the below link and reply followed by the question asked in that.
7428136466 2015-07-07
6   telescope 2 years ago

Dosage of sabadilla
I m 40 yrs old female.i m a chronic hey fever patient since my birth. I feel etching in my
Manishamittal 2015-09-26
no replies yet

Appetite in kids
Hello, I have 7 years old with very low appetite , this is going on for years now. She is
Parvanehasadi 2015-09-25
2   Parvanehasadi 2 years ago

seeking medicine for good hair
Anybody pls suggest the good medicine for hair of my wife.Hair are very thin. Very very li
deepeshmmm 2015-09-25
1   rishimba 2 years ago

Respected Senior Doctor's...I'll be indebted for life
extreme psychological issues+ Ulcerative Colitis+ Asthma+ Sex related problems...

Ak2000 2015-08-10
48   Ak2000 2 years ago

Need help with height
Hi, My name is Ratan and I am 25 years old. My height is 5'5" due to which I f
ratanm 2015-09-25
2   rishimba 2 years ago

recurrent cold and sore throat
My daughter is 7 years old. She has a tendency to have a sore throat and high fever which
mmm_mis 2015-09-23
3   AsadGhumman 2 years ago

thyroid and weight gain
Hello, I am a 22 year old male, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism last year, I started

gpram 2015-07-05
45   gpram 2 years ago

Eid ul Adha Mubarak
Dear members, I would like to say to you all, Eid ul Adha Mubarak. Please go easy on me
nawazkhan 2015-09-24
8   nawazkhan 2 years ago

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