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attention mr zady...a case of chalazion.8"Attn ZADY, anxiety and depression case"80


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For Zady101-my case

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(Been writing this morning then misclicked and lost the whole post, please allow me some time to do it all over again.)

cosmicweaver on 2017-11-19


Patient name, age, profession:
---If it's okay I'd like to keep my privacy regarding name. I'm a 31yo female and work in a store.

How long patient got married, if married how many children:
---Just got married, no children yet.

Patient daily routine:
---Get up to go to work, have a lot of stress there, get back, usually have something for dinner and then I often fall asleep after that in work clothes with lights on. I am too exhausted to shower, lest cook something. If I fell asleep I wake up later in the middle of the night to shower, do laundry... if I didn't fall asleep I sit down and hang out with husband on skype (we're on different continents) and relax, and then whip myself up later to get clean and do what I absolutely have to of housework not because I don't want to but because I lack energy. I usually don't eat well because I rarely cook. I am an artistic person but have no energy left for things that have meaning and purpose to me, life becomes work and sleep and this makes me feel depressed. I don't really socialize or go out, first no energy and second I prefer connecting with people deeply 1 on 1 not crowd.

---Physically low energy
---Mentally anxiety, but there are other things too: low self esteem, depressed feelings, pessimism, overthinking, excessive worrying... Main problem is not enjoying life or not handling it well, I am not happy

How long patient suffering from this problem,
---At least 15 years, got worse in mid 20s

what kind of pain (symptoms, sensations) patient have ?
---Low energy, struggling with basic daily tasks
---Low immunity (per example I never get fevers)
---Low vitality (per example it shows in things like hair and nails, there is malnutrition even though I'm not skinny)
---Whole body feels tired, painful sore and like beaten up, more or less depending on the day but always there
---Dull low grade frontal headache
---Unrestful sleep, waking tired and in pain
---Varicose veins, not severe but progressing
---Swelling, especially in legs

When symptoms / suffering / pains etc aggravates and when ameliorates ?
---Aggravate: weather and atmospheric changes (feel generally ill and cant concentrate), lack of sleep, overwork, gloomy weather in cold seasons (depression), cold wind (catching cold), excessive exposure to cold, changes of routine, anticipation, sitting (soreness)
---Ameliorate: rest and sufficient sleep, warmth, creative work, hypnosis, pressure and massage

Do you have swollen hands or feet?
---My whole body swells, especially in legs.

Foul smelling gasses?
---Usually not, depends on the food. But I am very prone to bloating.

Any light sensitivity ?
---Yes, a lot.

Sweaty hands or feet ?
---I had foot sweating after silicea, but it disappeared.

Do you feel pronounced weakness in body??
---No, just fatigue and soreness.

What you like in food and what not?
---Like: sweets, chocolate milk, cream, canned fish, tortilla chips, scrambled eggs, high-fat cheese, pizza, sauteed food, spices, tomato, ketchup, potatoes.
---Dislike: mayonnaise, mushy food, smeary food like salad dressings, boiled or too watery food (such as soups).

Choose one condition. Either thirsty or towards more thirst less ??
---More on the low side.

Do you feel cold in body ? or hot ? Choose one condition ..
---COLD. Wearing more than average clothing which causes people to laugh at me, heater and hot showers all year round.

what you like in food The most = sweets or salts ?
---Highly prefer sweets and carbs.

Do you have any other problem beside these ? Describe in details.
---Bad concentration and bad memory. This is a big problem at my job, I've been on a leave so I forgot about it but it will be a problem again I'm sure... already dreading going back to work... This is the worst in summer - constant weather and atmo changes really mess with my head... not cut out to do the job I'm doing but I have to do it well to survive which is causing me constant fear. I work hard and honest, have the knowledge of products and am good at selling, but I don't remember faces and names, forget what I was just told, or what I wanted to say, awful multitasker, don't notice things... all kinds of forgetfulness and absent mindedness. It takes me a lot of mental straining to do my job, and a naggy coworker who never admits her mistakes increases my stress because every tiny mistake is blown out of proportion into a drama and everything is made out to be my fault. It's horribly stressful to be chewed out or listen to nagging every day and have an angry person pouting around all day filling me with anxiety when I haven't even done anything wrong and sometimes she's done it but she won't admit. You are also expected to control things that are completely out of your control, such as the old inventory not breaking of overuse. This is damaging to me. It was so wonderful to be away from this for a month. I feel bad saying this, but I hated even when coworkers called me to congratulate me for getting married and when I went there to bring them cake, my stomach just turns into a knot when I step in there or getting a phone call from work.
---Thinned out hair
---Toenail fungus

Tell doctors opinion regarding your problem as well.
---Diagnosed iron deficiency anemia, worse puberty.
---I've been to psychologists for anxiety and stress management, they said to practice relaxation. I like relaxation but it does not affect the problem.


What medicines you used in the past? Name and potency?

(no note after = had no effect)

Natrum muriaticum LM1
Lachesis LM1
Lycopodium LM1
Sepia LM1
Ferrum Phos 12X --- helped with anemia/blood count I did blood test and saw this on paper but no increased energy
Aurum Metallicum 200C
Psorinum LM1 --- helped with anxiety, confidence and overthinking, gave me some peace of mind, I needed to repeat often to get effect so I finally stopped
Hamamelis 1X
Silica 1M --- restored vomiting reflex (I was unable to vomit for many years) but nothing else happened
Cantharis 30C --- cleared acute bladder infection
Dulcamara 200C
Anacardium 200C
Kali Carb 200C
Arnica 200C --- speedeed up healing of acute bruises


Are you dibetic or suffering from high bp? Or any other chronic disease...??
Low bp, no severe diseases as far as I know.

[Edited by cosmicweaver on ]

cosmicweaver on 2017-11-19

-Prescribed meds: Natrum Phos 200C to be followed with Natrum Sulph 200C two doses, update in 2 days. I started Monday and it's Thursday here.

After Nat Phos I had pain in a groin shooting into the thigh a bit while walking, it was intense pain. It mostly cleared till the end of the day.

I had similar pains before in the same spot from overstraining injury a few years ago. I mentioned this earlier. Since then comes and goes and switches sides every time it appears (it's one sided). BUT this time felt more like period pains, which was odd and got me worried.

Nothing unusual from the second med so far.
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cosmicweaver on 2017-11-23


Got prescribed Silicea 200C and Tuberculinum 200C,
Also instructed to try Kali Sulph 200C two dose first. Kali Sulph actually helped some so I was waiting for report time in case this changes something... did not proceed yet with the other two.

What improved: I feel more rested in the morning. I'm not super energetic, but it's better. I normally feel completely stomped in mornings and that's why I hate them so much.

What didn't improve: Body soreness. Concentration and memory, anxiety I slept soundly for a few days after kali sulph but now I am waking up a lot during the night and insomnia spiked up again. Tired legs, but this is a side issue.
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cosmicweaver on 2017-11-29

This thread continues beneath the following ad.
I am forced to stop homeopathy, I am feeling too exhausted to continue right now. Work is draining all my energy and insomnia is back as well which gives me headache and I feel tired and sore all the time. Feel bad about not continuing but I can't write anything lengthier, sit and type, or remember to respond on time anymore. Thank you for caring, I will be back on forum if I get better but right now I am unable to stick to my part as patient (respond regularly etc - been trying to get myself together to post this for days but I'm always so tired that I just forget). I appreciate and thank everyone who replied to my posts so far.
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cosmicweaver on 2017-12-12

When you feel tired etc forum is a good place ..

I think this decision is a bigger mood swing at the moment ..

No one needs a regular updates .. but when you need to repeat or you need the next remedy .. you have to Tell previous improvements etc .. and you are doing it only for yourself so take it easy :)

Rest is good mood swing ..

Best Wishes

healer21 on 2017-12-12

Zady101 on 2017-12-13

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