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For Zady101-my case

Not sure where to start, I really don't know what matters and what doesn't. Do I just fill the standard form?
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  cosmicweaver on 2017-07-03

This is an internet forum. Posts are not from medical professionals.
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What is your Chief Complaint? Describe in detail.

Zady101 on 2017-07-03

Sorry I wrote it but I lost the post... writing again.

The general problem with me is that there's no serious illness, it's all subtle, chronic and low grade, I function, but there's no true health or thriving. There are things like chronic fatigue and such. I have a lot of chronic, old small stuff and it would probably take years to fix it so I won't go into all of it. Main physical issue to fix at the moment:

Last several years there is too frequent urge to urinate, no matter the amount. I will even dream I'm urinating and wake up just before wetting the bed. Besides being painful if I delay and plain unhealthy, it's causing me practical problems because I often have to delay sleep (because I'm forced to get up over and over). This used to be followed with strong bearing down (but that part got improved with homeopathy). It gets worse by lack of rest and sleep and by overwork (these always make me worse in general).
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cosmicweaver on 2017-07-04

Mental: this is as important as physical.

I'd like to feel better about myself.

I have a low sense of self worth, low confidence and don't feel lovable. I have problems like generalized anxiety and social anxiety, but it all really goes back to disliking myself. When I'm with others, I don't trust they really like me because I don't think I'm likable or loveable. It's really that I feel contempt towards myself and wouldn't want my own company, so I'm projecting it on others, because I can't see myself differently. I constantly think I'm annoying or bothering others, but they don't want to tell me to my face. In social setting, I imagine I might be mocked or looked down upon or laughed at. I feel worse from encouragements and "positive thinking" upbeat people. I feel depressed because I don't have the confidence that I can deal with what life throws before me anymore and that things will turn out well. Of course I can't predict anything and it causes anxiety. I think I'm pessimistic in order to feel more prepared (I'm a really big pessimist). I want to live but it never goes well, so I am tired of living. I am not depressed all the time, it's low grade but I have episodes when I think how it would be nice to die. I'm timid and unable to speak up for myself but pack tons of anger inside. I have the need that people around me love me and approve of me, I don't like this but I'm a people pleaser. There are things from the past I can't let go, it's the situations where I felt humiliated and rejected, things that altered how I feel about myself. Because that's really the heart of the anxiety and depression and distress, it really all goes back to how I see myself. Sorry this took a lot.
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cosmicweaver on 2017-07-04

Things will start getting better now.

What's your age/Gender/location

Can you mail me your picture if you don't mind.

Zady101 on 2017-07-04

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31/female/Eastern Europe, continental climate

I'd prefer to keep my privacy but you can ask me details here if you need any specific detail.

cosmicweaver on 2017-07-04

Seeing a person helps in remedy confirmation. But you have described everything so well that I feel I don't need to see you. It's alright.

Which remedies have you already taken?

Are you sensitive to homeopathic remedies. I am asking bcoz Murthy decided to put you on LM's.

30C,200C and 1M - are these potencies available where you live or you have to order them from outside?

Zady101 on 2017-07-04

I have tried natrum muriaticum, lachesis, lycopodium, (all this before Murthy), then sepia then aurum met (in a long phase where I felt really seriously depressed). I had no results. (I began with natrum mur 200, then moved to natrum mur LM1. Then all were LM1)

I've also taken ferrum phos 6X this winter (as instructed by Murthy) and it improved my blood count and hemoglobine at the time (even though I didn't feel practical changes, it's still my best blood count ever).

Psorinum LM1 helped twice, physically and mentally, but it lasted shortly. But it also helped me see things more clearly. If not for it, I'd have written a way more confusing and scattered report, as I did from the beginning, which made me extremely difficult for treating. I still have to fight myself to not write a million small things, but it's better.

Yes I can get smaller potencies too.
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cosmicweaver on 2017-07-04

Did you get Urinary Track Infection (UTI) few years back? If yes, what did you do about it? How didi it resolve?

For how long do you have chronic fatigue if this is what you meant? What triggeted it?

Zady101 on 2017-07-04

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I don't think so. If I did, I'd just drink a lot of liquids to expel it. I have not taken antibiotics for at least a decade.

Chronic fatigue - I never had the energy or will for sports and fitness and activities like other kids. I was anemic and sickly. But it got really bad early to mid 20's. I am not sure what event exactly triggered it, but it was caused by long-term stress, I'm sure.

cosmicweaver on 2017-07-04

I will come to your main medicine and with your brilliant description of the problem, I think I have figured out what it is, but before that we need to get a few things fixed.

1) Do you face any discomfort in Urination other than frequent urging? Burning,
pain, etc.

2) do you try very hard to clear out bladder in one go?
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Zady101 on 2017-07-04

1) No. There used to be bearing down/swollen sensation with it, but psorinum cleared it. If I try to delay it gets very discomfort-y, almost painful.

2) I don't strain but I will often start several times to get it all out, because I noticed if I relax several times in a row more will go out, less and less. I don't really know for how long I've done this, likely way earlier than this appeared.

P.S. I've had lifelong constipation that I'm just lately really managing with triphala, might have contributed to the problem? Bearing down was worse of the straining.
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cosmicweaver on 2017-07-04

One last question before I prescribe: Do you feel low grade fever?

Zady101 on 2017-07-04

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