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This simplified version of our online homeopathic remedy finder is based on the most common 500 or so rubriks. For a more thorough analysis, see the full homeopathy software which contains around 65,000 rubriks.

Homeopathy relies on gathering a detailed picture of your complaint before Homeopathic Remedies can be correctly prescribed. Therefore, for homeopathic remedies to be suggested, you should mark all the symptoms that apply from the checkboxes below. To tick more than one symptom in a box, hold down ctrl while clicking.

Mind Head Eyes
Ear Nose Face
Mouth Nose / Breathing Cough
Abdomen Genitals Extremities, Limbs
Skin Miscallaneous Specific conditions
For a listing of conditions made up of numerous symptoms, see the user contributed common conditions page.
When do symptoms occur? What aggrevates symptoms? What relieves symptoms?
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