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Hi sir, I hear good things about you. I was wondering if you would be willing to take a lo

rom109 2016-06-16
28   homeodr last year

Azoospermia and Klinefelter-Syndrom
Aslam-o-Alaikum, I am Tahseen from Germany. Meri age 25 hai aur mere husband ki 31. Hmri
Tahseen 2016-03-08
5   Prin last year

Petroleum 30c - Causing Rashes/Irritation
Hi, My 7 year old daughter has eczema from her birth. Till now when she had sever eczema
ssanthan 2016-06-27
12   akshaymohl last year

Coxsackie virus/HMF
My 5 year old daughter gets HMF every year and every year less sever and slightly differen
AYoung 2016-07-05
1   anuj srivastava last year

Getting over Drug High
Is there a remedy most suited to help a person detox after a single episode of drug use?

rom109 2016-07-04
27   John Stanton last year

Depression (postpartum) help
Hello! I am 5 months postpartum and really struggling. My baby does not sleep and screams
Stellamoon 2016-07-04
6   John Stanton last year

Health Issues
[message deleted by rockerhell on Sat, 02 Jul 2016 06:45:45 UTC]
rockerhell 2016-07-02
2   rockerhell last year

frequent stool
Hello doctor,now a days i am facing a problem that i have to got to toilet within 15 minut
hp1990 2016-07-03
6   fitness last year

5 years daughter with slow height and lac of appetite (FITNESS)
Hi, My 5 years daughter is suffering with lac of appetite and slow growth. Could you advis

mahmoodjnu 2016-05-27
17   fitness last year

Constipation, Acidity, Gas, Constipation?
Doctor, I'm suffering from constipation for years now. Sometimes i use to take herb

savio004 2011-07-01
16   karmakarbiswajit last year

L4-L5 compression
My mother is aged 65 years and for the past 2 years she is having acute pain in the lower
Ashley1 2016-03-28
3   Ashley1 last year

Symptoms after taking tissue salts
Hey, I have an issue possibly related to a tissue salts.. well I have a chalazion on my l
ghostcali 2016-07-04
2   ghostcali last year

constant diarrhoea
Hi i am 30 years old.I had ideal digestion.Never had any constipation or diarrhea. Almost

sana zia 2016-06-15
139   John Stanton last year

Please somebody help me its urgent
dear doctor, i am male, 22yr.unmarried,student.some Feel weakness in nerve system, mucus i
fujayel 2016-07-01
5   fujayel last year

Optic Nerve Problem
I have very poor vision and cannot be corrected with eyeglasses. I have 4.0 power in both
vision 2005-02-06
11   Griphash last year

Mental Health
Hi folks I posted about Chronic Fatigue. Another Important point Is I have a history of Me
KcG955 2016-07-02
1   nawazkhan last year

golden retriever mini stroke remedies
I took Ripple to the vet after a mini-stroke, she is almost 13. He gave her an anti-nause
Bonna 2016-07-02
1   kadwa last year

less hair growth on face
I am chirag male 22 years old and have very less hair or mustaches on my face. So please h
Chirag1 2016-07-01
1   kadwa last year

After DNS Surgery
I am 50 years Male weight 72 kg height 5 feet 7 inch. I have gone through with DNS surgery

Ibtia 2016-05-20
13   kadwa last year

Infant reflux
My six week old has been suffering from reflux from her second week. When I spoke to her p
Dan1 2016-06-26
5   kadwa last year

I have always been a worrier and realise now that I often don't do things (like drive
sfburgundy1 2016-07-03
3   fitness last year

maximum term to use agnus castus Q
Hello i am suffering from after effect of masturbation my erection just disappers in secon
hp1990 2016-07-03
1   sabkamalik1 last year

Taking two remedies at the same time
Hello. How does one take two remedies simultaneously? I'm currently taking argentum n
Kash1123 2016-07-04
1   rom109 last year

Worms/parasites in intestines.
Hello, I have had episodes of painless diarrhea for 2 years. I used to get diarrhea that
rahman_hope 2016-06-30
9   fitness last year

Groin discomfort-shrunken left testicle-swollen/twisted spermatic cord-testis cyst
Hello I have a problem which is making me feel bad for allmost a year now... I m a 23 ye
bronga 2009-10-23
1   Joakonkia last year

Hair fall
My age is 25. I am suffering from heavy hair fall.
rockyaryan 2016-07-03
1   nawazkhan last year

Temples headaches/jaws/prominent facial veins
Hello, I am having headaches in my left temple mostly, sometimes it could be right templ

koshka 2016-06-10
20   koshka last year

Rules for LM potency usages
We know for centesimal potency, a remedy is taken and we wait for any changes, aggravation
kamrul 2015-05-09
4   John Stanton last year

severe headache on LHS,RHS &whole head
That my wife age 57year height5"3" has suffered C R V in 1997 and she has gotten
yogesh baijal 2016-06-27
2   yogesh baijal last year

Help - Anal warts
Hello, I am new to this site, and I would like to retrieve help from a doctor in homeopa
nishantgoswami10 2016-07-02
6   anuj srivastava last year

for all homeo docs
Is it possible to overcome the erection problem caused by over masturbation, how much time
hp1990 2016-06-29
8   hp1990 last year

Peyronies Disease help?
Hello! My husband has pretty severe peyronies Disease and we are not sure how to proceed.
Stellamoon 2016-07-02
3   Stellamoon last year

Suffering from fever, cold, sore throat.
Hi, I am suffering from fever, cold, sore throat from 2 days. Nose is congested most of
Dineshrrr 2016-07-02
4   nawazkhan last year

My 10 year old God son sufres from ADHD and Anger Outburst
My 10 year old God son sufres from ADHD and Anger Outburst, I was wondering if I can give
Enkea 2016-07-02
2   Enkea last year

severe back ache and stiffness after sciatica kindly help
hi i m 34 years old.18 years back i sufferd from sciatica however i managed with excercise
naviiiii 2016-06-18
9   anuj srivastava last year

Hi, My mother is about 80 years old. One year back she had taken heavy doses of medicines,
gbhol 2016-07-02
1   anuj srivastava last year

Height Increasing
Hy. I want to increase my height upto 3, or 4 inches.. I heard about baryta carbonacia200.
Mudassar143 2016-07-02
no replies yet

Wonderful drugs for Joints pain Try it now- Dr Deoshlok Sharma
Dear Doctors/Friends/and sufferer from joints pain, I am going to place a wonder full dru

deoshlok 2006-10-02
53   dpnctl last year

never take dr batras medicine
Yes it is right that we shuold never take dr batras maedicine .yes they are making fool of
ravi ranjan1 2016-07-02
no replies yet

Multiple health issues. Help require from any experienced doctor!!!! Thanks!!
Dear Doctors, I am 27 year male and facing multiple issues together. Request you to pleas
Ausuiph 2016-06-30
6   fitness last year

parasites and homeopathy
Hi, so my friend recently found out she might have parasites and i wondered if homeopathy
bwill13 2016-07-01
no replies yet

deoshlok 2006-05-15
45   govind07 last year

If diluting remedies doesn't change the effect of it does it stand to say I can add a
Offthewall 2016-07-01
1   kadwa last year

my husband is on dialysis for 8 years now . past one year reports are showing high feretti
SAviA1 2016-06-27
2   kadwa last year

dizziness,in early morning
Dear Sir, My father is 58 years old and recently got one bells palsy on right side and aft
pankajrsingh 2016-06-27
1   kadwa last year

Semen coming out with urine
Sir i m 22yr male.. My basic problem is that Semen coming out with urine . And already i h
fujayel 2016-06-30
3   fujayel last year

itchy burning scalp and hair loss
I'm 58 year old female. I started having an itchy, burning scalp and the beginning of
peepers58 2016-06-29
3   anuj srivastava last year

Dosage thuja capsule 1000 mg : how long and how often per day by genital warts
Thuja 1000mg capsule: any idear how long and how many times a day should I take them by ge
Hatsuhime 2016-06-30
4   nawazkhan last year

Dr Kadwa Please help with remedy for plantar fasciitis and knee pain
Hello Doctor Please advise on remedy for severe knee pain and plantar fasciitis in foot. I
a_hm156 2016-04-17
6   a_hm156 last year

Delayed fatigue
I have an unusual symptom. I have no problem exercising, but 24 hours later I experience a
toothy 2016-06-21
8   rkoct14 last year

Help fpr Menopause
What is the best remedy for menopause?
Jazminx 2016-06-30
2   rkoct14 last year

4 year old with some autistic like features
My son 'A' was born quite premature at 29 weeks gestation. The premature birth w
aliach 2016-06-30
1   fitness last year

john stanton re advice
hi there john i am a week in to lach 200 and feel like im aggravating horrendously. on mon

paula1 2016-06-23
28   John Stanton last year

DEmentia / Any doctors, plz help.
My dad has early dementia. Has paranoia. He is forgetful especially short term memory. Ha
Oohia 2016-06-12
8   fitness last year

Thuja OCC & Silicea side effect
I have plantar warts from last one year, couple of weeks ago I started taking Thuja OCC 6C
henricoric 2016-06-28
9   John Stanton last year

homeopathy and parasites
So I have a friend (no really, its a friend lol)!She thinks she has parasites, but hasn�
bwill13 2016-06-30
no replies yet

Sex Problem
hi, this is boby from lahore city.i am 25 year old.i am to much worried about of my diseas

boby4321 2008-07-02
15   Sandhu52 last year

Social Phobia
Hello doctors, My parents are overprotective. this is why i hate to go out of house with m
Zohebnawaz 2016-06-30
1   anuj srivastava last year

"Extreme Gas and Pain in Whole abdomen"
Hello Expert, I have been facing extreme gas problem and pain in my whole abdomen from on
asifkhan2500 2016-06-21
6   mnaari last year

6 y son with ADHD and frequent throat problems
hi i have a son aged 6 years now. since early age i think 3years he was very active. he is
raheelsuleman 2016-06-19
6   raheelsuleman last year

black tea
Does black tea antidote sulphur?
kirsty28 2011-01-07
1   Machinima last year

Acute spondylitis and frozen shoulder
My mother, 52, has been suffering from spondolytis of the neck area, which travells down h
Buink 2016-06-29
1   anuj srivastava last year

NightFall nd Semen leakage problem
due to bad habit i am doing mastarbution since 4years approxx but aftr knowing the harm of
kraja6072gmail.com 2016-06-14
6   RajdeepOjha98 last year

Berberis Vulgaris Q Issues
I was diagnosed with a kidney stone of 3mm calculi a year ago. I had Red blood and puss ce
paktangent 2012-09-06
6   rajiv_2003 last year

Increase height at 38 years.....
Hi, I am Rajib Kundu from India. My height is 5.7, I want to increase my height by 3 to 4
rajdip 2016-06-29
1   akshaymohl last year

Blocked tubes
Hi I'm 42 Years old Dr said both tubes are blocked I had IVF treatment but not succes
Buttsab 2016-06-27
2   nawazkhan last year

Gum infection/swelling overnight
Hi Doctors, My mom is suffering from gum swelling/infection (right-back) from three days,
hardreboot 2016-06-28
1   nawazkhan last year

Stammering since childhood
Hello doctors i need your serious help. I am 21 years old male. My name is vaibhav kalra

vaibhavkalra 2016-06-24
50   John Stanton last year

Bad sinus infection
Totally congested with yellow/green mucus in nose. All left side of face hurts from temple

Mika80 2016-06-26
26   John Stanton last year

Restless leg and insomnia
hello sir,i have been suffering from restless leg and insomnia for last 5 years gender-mal
sunny85 2016-06-18
8   sunny85 last year

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