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Trouble swallowing food
I have to drink a bit of water for food to get to my stomach. Seems to be stuck in the eso
Foteini 2016-12-21
1   gavinimurthy last year

Aphthous ulcers
Hello Doctor. I'm 38 Years old male. I need your help and proper treatment for sore
Minhaz 2016-12-21
2   0antivirus0 last year

Can i use phosphorus 200 and Canthris ??
I got phosphorus from Remedy Finder and canthris mother tincture ..can i use phosphorus 2
asad3 2016-12-21
3   mnaari last year

Line under nail
i have this line under my nail of a finger :( what does it mean ?? this is symtom of whic
asad3 2016-12-21
no replies yet

early ejaculation
name - Nikhil age - 21 weight - 47 height - 5.4 inch i have a problem of early ejaculatio

nikhil003 2016-10-27
137   nikhil003 last year

Hi, MY mother is suffering from Chikungunya. First 5 days she was suffering from high feve
jayshree.gedala 2016-12-21
1   mnaari last year

swelling in finger middle joint
I got bike accident before one month. i got 3 stitches in middle finger joint location and
ajaypanchwal 2016-11-24
12   mnaari last year

Natrum mur 30,silicea12x,bartya carb30
Hello doctor can i take Natrum mur 30,silicea12x,bartya carb30 and lycopodium30.for my hai
abj 2016-12-21
no replies yet

any medicine for hypoxic encephalopathy in homeopathy
hello sir , iam karthikeyan ,my father age 64 had a cardiac arrest on 24-07-2011 ,from tha
karthikeyan25 2011-08-27
2   ram3 last year

Cough and headache
Hi - I have a very nasty bug...It started Sunday evening in my lungs. This burning sensati
TimLondon 2016-12-20
1   simone717 last year

Stomach issue
sir i m having burning in stomach after eating , constipation , migrane and a lil bit itc
asad3 2016-12-20
1   simone717 last year

Confusion about medicine
Sir i gave symtoms to Remedy Finder and it suggest me Phosphorus , nux and natrum muriactu
asad3 2016-12-20
1   simone717 last year

erection problem please help
I'm 38 yrs. male suffering from erection problem.I have anxiety, I use to masturbate

jimmy234 2009-11-18
17   Shemul last year

Dr. Murthy or ANYONE request for continuation of treatmemt plan
My previous post is here : http://abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/527975/ I just received th
Brunstuckie 2016-12-20
4   Brunstuckie last year

Silicea 6X aggravation in behavior
My wife has red acne marks on her right side cheek. She started using it & the scars s
varunb 2016-12-20
3   mnaari last year

Help from doctor for my 2 year old daughter
I was giving Homeopathy medicine for my child. The doctor never gave a prescription. I bel
agriz 2016-12-19
6   agriz last year

Eye Floaters
I (31 year old female) am seeing 2-3 eye floaters in my right eye for about more than a mo
sukhman 2016-12-19
1   0antivirus0 last year

sexual or pinched nerve?
sir asad here.. i m really tired of running after doctors,homepaths and Herbalist but nob
asad3 2016-12-20
no replies yet

Mental Issues
Hi Doctors My wife's age is 25+. She always feels very insecure and tensed. She is i
Soumick Basak 2016-12-19
3   0antivirus0 last year

More than 20 years of Premature ejaculation
Dear Doctors, Please see my case history and suggest if something can be done in my case.

s1972ks 2015-07-28
38   s1972ks last year

Baby distressed and crying out after eating
Recently my 3 week old started to become increasingly distressed and crying/grunting after

Tgaruccio321 2016-12-12
16   sameervermani last year

Clinical observation of Arsenic Album 200C to reduce side-effects during Chemotherapy Protocols
European Congress Of Homeopathy 2016 Vienna. Abstract 311 Clinical observation of Arsenic
ravidoctor 2016-12-16
3   ravidoctor last year

constipation and incomplete bowel movement
having a incomplete bowel movement from past 6 months.I try to increase fiber rich foods i
abj 2016-12-19
2   Teupne last year

Nervous Exhaustion, Chronic Headache, Stress and or Anxiety, Depression
Sir I am 37 yrs old and I am suffering from the following for the past few years. ·

kiran123 2011-10-31
20   Dikshya2 last year

Hair fall after changing shampoo
Having hair fall problem from past one 1 year.Hair becomes very thin.Most of my hair falls
abj 2016-12-18
2   gavinimurthy last year

Tinea versicularis
Pt. have skin affection of Ring worm, Of 7 months , I have given treatment but can't
Quinp 2016-12-19
2   gavinimurthy last year

Crusader mode
I've noticed something that's it's been going on for a very long time. When
cosmicweaver 2016-12-15
11   gavinimurthy last year

Penis thickness and PE
Sir, i read it from some forum that by taking cydonia vulgaris 30c 4 drop thrice daily my
adviboy 2016-12-14
3   kadwa last year

premature ejaqulation
Hello sir, I am 22 years old. Height is 6' and weight is 65KG. My problem is PE. I ma

AKASHRAJ 2016-10-29
32   HealthyWorld last year

Hair thin and falling
Having hair fall problem from past one 1 year.Hair becomes very thin.Most of my hair falls
abj 2016-12-18
1   HealthyWorld last year

5 year old
My 5 year old has a low grade fever. (99.8 F) She is very congested. She is sneezing and
jazmine7 2016-12-18
11   sameervermani last year

irregular periods and no periods for last 2 months
Hi, I'm a 265yrs old and 5 feet tall unmarried girl having current weight 63. I was

meera.gudu 2015-01-13
24   0antivirus0 last year

Acne After masturbation ):
I cant have a normal, sexually active life if I want clear skin. The reason why I breakou
bahi010 2014-05-29
7   BFM last year

depression and anxiety problems
From the past 10 years the problems begin as with general lack of confidence which further

raja4 2005-08-17
24   simone717 last year

Understanding remedies.. phosphrus and herpes zoster?
Excuse me can I ask question about over using a remedy cause i never know when to stop. I
Alia S 2016-12-17
3   sameervermani last year

Save me from allergy problems
I am a man with multiple problems. Allergy problem is one such that poses tremendous occup
ProfessorM 2016-12-15
12   simone717 last year

cold sores???
Please, help, I get these few times a year on my lips (never outside). I get one at the ti

nikoletayu 2014-11-07
20   aamirshah2008 last year

Good morning to all I am 51 year old suffering from gout since 1998 initially I was not s
Yunus1965 2016-12-18
1   homeo_helper last year

looking for solution of Lipomas
Dear Sir, I am 30 years old. I have more than 40 blood vessel(lipoma) in my whole body. Th
deepakdc 2016-12-18
1   homeo_helper last year

herpes simplex 2 & 1, & hpv
Does homeopathic Herpes Simplex 2 get rid of Herpes Simplex 2 in the body? Does Homeopath

sweetyogi36 2011-12-30
15   Jerryeric234 last year

How can I completely antidote and restart a remedy?
We know, using right remedy too much dose is more harmful than using wrong remedy. Because

sadeqahmed 2016-12-13
19   simone717 last year

Dr kulkarni need help......feeling hopeless
Hello, This Ansarishoaib....Male....24yrs old.....with uneven brown complexion. I was su
ansarishoaib 2016-12-16
3   simone717 last year

premature ejaculation
Dear sir, I am married and is suffering from premature ejaculation for last 2 years it la

Abish 2016-11-23
16   Abish last year

Attn: DrKulkarni: Neck pain with headache
Dear Sir, For last 12 years I have neck pain, diagnosed 8 years ago as cervical spondylit
speddiraju 2016-11-02
11   DrKulkarni last year

Increase Penis thickness
Is 'CYDONIS VULGARIS 30C' good for increasing the girth(Thickness) of penis?. Or c
maruti 2009-12-17
5   Shemul last year

To Dr. Kadwa, requesting remedy for erectile dysfunction
Hi Dr. Kadwa, I am Dinesh. I have been suffering from impotency for the last 6 years. It

dinesh7482 2016-08-28
18   Teupne last year

white patch under penis
hai mam /sir, my name is immanuel am 25y/m.before 1week I found some white patches comein
immanuelraja 2016-12-16
1   deoshlok last year

healing crises
For years, I have taken very high potency homeopathic remedies daily, 10 M and even 100 M.
havefaith1 2016-12-16
1   deoshlok last year

Assalamo Alaikum Doctor Mahfooz, My husband age is 31 years and we are married since las
roomi 2016-12-17
no replies yet

Severe hair fall and dandruff post childbirth
Hi....my hair is falling rapidly after 3 months of childbirth and has become full of dandr
Anon16 2016-10-26
7   homeo_helper last year

Blind Fistula
I am a 33 year old married lady and I have a daughter who is 2yrs and 9months old. I had a

kmpriya 2008-03-27
27   drpuneetkochar last year

Chronic Fatigue, Environmental Illness, Anxiety/Depression
Hi, I am chronically Ill, as the title clearly shows. Can someone offer me some help with
Stefoo 2016-12-16
1   Teupne last year

My friend is diagnosed for psychosis. I will list some of his symptoms. * He has been smok
taimmur 2014-09-30
5   Teupne last year

Central Serious Retinopathy
Dear Sit, I am 38 Years old male, i am suffering from high myopia since i was 8. Recentl
afzalsubhani42 2016-12-04
7   telescope last year

astrology & health: a lay manâs approach
Rajendra 2010-04-29
1   ProfessorM last year

seek classical homeopath to suggest me the treatment
1. Name Rajiv Bakshi 2. 56 years old 3. Male 4. Married for 26 years blessed with 2 daug

NIIEV16 2016-08-12
127   DrKulkarni last year

Dr Kadwa plz help - Dandruff, greying and falling of hair
Dear Dr Kadwa, I have this dandruff problem since 2004. Due to this i had excessive hair
sangi 2016-12-08
4   sangi last year

Hairloss Stopped, how do i regrow lost hair?
hello, i am a 19 y/o male, i had hairloss for around 2 years and around 4 months ago it go
yedaopa 2016-12-15
3   HealthyWorld last year

Redness/Itchy Left Breast nipple goes inverted when wearing bra
Hello, I am asking for my mother. Her left breast itches and is red and really blotchy.
stacey05 2016-12-13
6   sameervermani last year

nat mur 200c
I was given 3 doses of 200c of nat mur taken on saturday. I was given it for hair fall and
JULIA1 2016-12-15
3   sameervermani last year

Constipation in 4 year old daughter
Hello, I'm new to using homeopathic treatments. Several moms in a clean living group
Worried_mom 2016-12-15
1   sameervermani last year

Want to quit anxiety drugs
I am an Indian male 58.I have been suffering from anxiety problems for about 25 years. So
ProfessorM 2016-12-14
10   simone717 last year

Cough and cold
My son has cough and cold , he has green color mucus discharge .please suggest .
Ana2 2016-12-12
5   simone717 last year

Gastritis ,small hiatial hernia and mild duodenitis
Hi , Am suffering from burning sensation in stomach , in stomach pit and under ribs ,went
Tom _tummy 2016-12-15
1   kadwa last year

Dry Eyes Blurred Vision and Pain
Hi, I am male 44, having blurred vision in my left eye and left eye pain and even pain ou
cuckoo2k 2016-12-14
1   kadwa last year

Need advice on how to dose with remedy
I just purchased the herpes nosode as our classroom turtle is suspected of having the herp
kt808 2016-12-13
1   kadwa last year

Erictile dysfunction
Getting married in one month. Suffering from erictile dysfunction or performance anxiety.
puneetkamra22 2016-12-13
1   kadwa last year

Breastfeeding mother with Eczema
Hello, I need help in purchasing the right homeopathic remedy for a condition I developed
ChrisCigoli2012 2016-12-13
1   kadwa last year

Painless red spot
Recently I found a painless red spot on my penis head(I never had any physical relationshi
Ifie 2016-12-13
1   kadwa last year

Help needed for my father
dear sir my father is 65years old. because of cold his testicle and waist is paining. pl
Nitesh Kamal 2016-12-13
2   kadwa last year

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