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acute sinus infection
I already mentioned about my wife's sinus problem. Thanks for the reply. We got some
cjitsahota 2006-04-07
1   last decade

for dr deoshlok sharma
Sir this is pankaj i am sorry but i would like to tell u symptoms in detail for remedy sel
pankajnarang81 2006-04-07
1   last decade

amel 17.00 untill going to bed
Hi,Does anybody know which remedies have an amelioration from 17.00 untill going to bed?Cl
kayhello 2006-04-07
1   last decade

Is costochondritis a chronic issue? How long can I expect this to go on? The pain is getti
sat413 2006-03-21
3   last decade

I was wondering if there is any homeopathic remedy to help with chocolate cravings. I cra
monashafi 2006-04-05
3   last decade

aversion to physicals
Hello,I just cannot get myself to a doctor for an annual check up. I just feel that it is
himabindu 2006-04-03
1   last decade

Sinus Infection
My wife is suffering from sinus problem. Alopathic doctor gave her too many medicines. But
cjitsahota 2006-04-05
3   last decade

sulphur for acne
I have very oily, acne-prone skin. I've been taking sulphur for the past week. It is
tatyana1111 2006-03-30
4   last decade

Baby frequently waking up at night
Hi, I wonder if anyone can help? My 7.5 month old has never slept through the night, and w

Shafira 2006-03-23
14   last decade

This is the 2nd time I've posted
THIS WITH NO RESPONSE Hello. I'm a 27 year old female that just starting experiencing
amanda13 2006-04-04
8   last decade

How to have a good memory?
Hi!I am a student and I would like to kwnow what should I take to have a very good memory.
CORSO 2006-03-25
2   last decade

I have been sick since Sunday. I can feel the pressure on sinuses. The left nostril is ok,
Maria&boys 2006-04-05
1   last decade

Low Appetite and frequent Indigestion
I am working in a reputed Comupter Company and I have indigestion and low appetite problem

ravibhat 2005-03-04
20   last decade

Hi, My 66 years old father has been suffering from prostatomegaly for several years. He is

Maria&boys 2005-10-02
13   last decade

to joe d. livera
joe i read you praise arnica 30 or 6 which poentcy is better or stronger. and what is your
kahlil007 2006-04-06
1   last decade

Sinus infection...
Is it possible to get over a sinus infection that includes green phylm without taking anti
sweettooth 2005-11-27
2   last decade

Sore throat for 4 weeks already
My 3,5 years old son was sick a month ago. He was crying all nights because of his throat.
Maria&boys 2006-03-20
2   last decade

Social Phobia
Hi,I am new to this forum.I have have been suffering from social phobia from a long time.M
Lopi2006 2006-03-30
4   last decade

need advice on losing weight
I'm now 46, and about 5 years ago I started to gain about 2 lbs a week, no change in
Grandmaj 2006-04-04
3   last decade

People, help to rescue my daughter!
It is hard to speak and write about tragedy which has happened. In December, 2005 six-year
fitil 2006-04-05
1   last decade

An excellent article on homeopathy
Amongst other things, it explains why remedies stop working when they worked initiallyhttp
GaryD 2006-04-05
2   last decade

Possible results with phosphorus for ADHD tx. Please advise.
I was advised to try my 8 yr old son (who by the way matches the constitutional profile qu
sriva 2005-08-22
9   last decade

Travel remedies for baby
Just wondering if anyone can help with this?Heading to Indonesian Borneo later in the year
Shafira 2006-03-31
2   last decade

Weeping eczema from taking thuja occi
am 23 yr. old female, .I had a stomach irritation on the same spot i had eczema before...i
nikisaini 2006-04-04
1   last decade

Tonsil ulcers?
I thought I might have a flu of some sort. I have a sore throut, head and nasal pressure,
Bronze 2006-04-04
1   last decade

PCOS and homeopathic remedies.
I'm hoping to find some homeopathic remedies for my symptoms. Some baground info:I s
jaba13 2006-03-30
3   last decade

cydonia vulgaris
Can you inform what are the benefits of using Cydonia vulgaris in males and what it treat?
majaown 2006-04-05
no replies yet

to joe de livera
joe let me get something clear the wet method only 3 pelets of 30 or 6c arnica right. 400
kahlil007 2006-04-04
2   last decade

funny video
Astra2012 2006-04-04
3   last decade

How long should the medicine be contined?
Dear experts, I had knee pains so took rhus tox and also apis for burning pains. The pain
mohini 2006-03-31
7   last decade

pls help i have to lose weight pls give me suggestions
my weight is 66 kg and i am 26 years old my height is 5" 2.5' pls help me.
shital179 2006-04-04
1   last decade

to know the work of remedies nat.mur 30 and agaricus 30
i want to know about the remedies nat.mur 30 and agaricus 30. Is this remedies are used fo
shital179 2006-03-31
2   last decade

colin clenser
http:http//www.blessedherbs.com/index.cgiwhoever interested
rdutt 2006-04-04
1   last decade

High Blood Pressure
I am male 33 years. i used to take homeopathic medicine 5 years back. then i started takin
rajesh singh 2006-04-04
2   last decade

A PG Engineer suffering OCD
Dear all:Iam a 31 male from India. Iam a electronics engineer by profession. Suffering fro
akash_sahaa 2006-03-19
8   last decade

Info needed on good homeopath in Bangalore regarding hair loss
Hi,I am a 25 yr s/w engineer.From last 3-4 yrs i have been suffering from hair loss.Kindly
samarjit 2006-04-04
no replies yet

Cold/ear infection/eczema/Question for John Stanton
HelloMy DD is 8 months old today. She is totally breast fed. She keeps catching a cold/run
DP 2006-03-29
12   last decade

Magicure? (3.5 y/o w/reflux)
Hi, You had recommended lycopodium 200 for my son, and I can't order it online, so I
lizzielamb 2006-04-03
1   last decade

Weird?! Any ideas what might be wrong with me?
Okay, well.. i dont know where to start. 1stly my glands (in my neck) have been up for abo
HELENH 2006-04-01
4   last decade

Hi,Im suffuring from IC.Anybody here who has the same problem?I would like to try some hom
mishak 2006-03-31
1   last decade

burning dry eyes
i also have burning dry eyes keep using eyedrops and washing themplease help what should i
emerald 2006-04-02
1   last decade

Help -- does anyone have information on the rubrics for the remedy Nitrogen? I need the ch
carpetshark 2006-04-03
1   last decade

sweathy foots and hand palms
sweathing from both hands and foots during winter or summer season - please suggest me any
ankrutyac 2006-04-03
2   last decade

toddler with 4 week bronchial cough pls
1. Age - 16 months (born November 2004)2. Sex female3. country Canada4. climate 3-9
wendypape 2006-03-28
8   last decade

Please Help - My Blood Pressure is Very High - no pills
Please, does anyone have a quick remedy to lower bloood pressure.My blood pressure is very
ploutos 2006-04-01
12   last decade

Petite mal seizures. help please
my daughter has been having petite mal seizures for a few years now and the doctors have b
Kathy58 2006-04-02
4   last decade

namaste - please help
Namaste, please get in touch with me I have a reall sick kitty and want your advice - we d
ploutos 2006-04-02
no replies yet

relief from costochondritis
Dr. Sharma: i have been taking the Mag Phos for 6 days 3x a day as directed on the bottle.
sat413 2006-04-02
no replies yet

Blurred vision
My husband has had a problem with blurred vision for the past week. It is like looking at
blessme44 2006-04-02
3   last decade

neck/tongue cramp, breathless
I am 76 yrs old - until about a year ago, pretty healthy - on BP med and thyroid meds - be
kmvale 2006-03-27
6   last decade

arrestin myopia progression
i want to know about physostigma and its eficacy in myopia progressin.
reihaneh 2006-04-02
no replies yet

acne scars and silica
Do I have to visit a homeopathic specialist in order to determin what dose I require for m
craig66 2006-04-02
no replies yet

pregnant -bad stomach bloat,constipation
I am 42 and one month pregnant and am getting a lot of gas and bloated stomach,and constpa
emerald 2006-04-02
1   last decade

how much is one dose?
i have been reading and trying to learn homeopathy. one question that i have is "what
nineclouds 2006-04-01
2   last decade

Pulsatilla 30c
in the past i have taken pulsatilla 30c in pill form while in london and since being back
widget 2006-04-02
2   last decade

dr. d. sharma
Checking to see if you are back in your office and wondering if you had received my e-mail
tweetystone 2006-04-02
no replies yet

pet rat bleeding
Hi,I've just found this site and would like to try some natural rememdies for our pet

ratmama 2006-03-11
28   last decade

Is this the right remedy? How to dose?
I had done a remedy search on here for my boyfriend, but I'm not sure if it's th
cicka 2006-04-01
3   last decade

help cant stop gaining weight/ sugar craving
eating all the time, uncontrollable hunger, sugar + savourydepression toowhat can i do to

peskyt 2006-03-22
51   last decade

Advanced Alopecia Areata
Hi folks. I lost all of my hair at age 17 (now 35). Statred as smlaa bald patch in lower b
Dsmoothie36 2006-04-01
no replies yet

Dr. Deoshlok Sharma avliable from Tuesday Morning.
I am out of station for two days . Please bear with me. I will be avliable from Tuesday on
deoshlok 2006-03-25
2   last decade

6 month child--posted for-spankingnewmom
I have a 6 month old boy who has not doubled his birth weight. I have never used any homeo
John Stanton 2006-03-31
5   last decade

Toxins coming out through the skin?
Hello, all. We rely on homeopathy (and also acupuncture) for most of our health needs. Abo
MomAndAHalf 2006-04-01
no replies yet

teething of 4 month old child
I'm not sure what is the problem, that's why I'm trying to give last month
Larisa T 2006-04-01
7   last decade

1 yr old baby with no appetite
Hi! I'm a new member who's asking for some help/guidance about my child.My baby

guill44 2005-07-27
16   last decade

Need to purchase Apocynum Androsaemifolium - Tincture?
Hello I am having problems buy Apocynum Androsaemifolium - Tincture.I tried the distributo
tanto1300 2006-03-29
6   last decade

Dr. Kent's Remedies
Can anyone throw some light on Dr. Kent's remedies like aurum sulhuricum? I understa
himabindu 2006-03-31
4   last decade

Nausea while on medication
Can anyone tell me if Slight Nausea a good sign or bad? This is a new symptom that I deve
himabindu 2006-03-31
4   last decade

You have to feel sorry
for these people who are treated so badly!he British Medical Association said the decision
walkin 2006-03-31
no replies yet

Lactational Amenhorrhea
I have a friend who'd like to take something for adrenal fatigue but is nursing twins
jpatterson113 2006-03-30
6   last decade

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