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baby green motions
Hi,My daughter is 10 mths old. We r in Bellevue, WA. Its very cold here. She is passing gr
vatsi 2005-12-16
8   last decade

Does AloeElite work?
My cousin says that AloeElite helped her UC. Before I invest in the product, has anyone e
JerryM 2006-08-21
1   last decade

Great confusion please help!!!
I am having acne and I want to buy Arnica 30c. Can any suggest me which one should I buy.
rohanpatel 2006-08-23
1   last decade

Multiple problems, Help
I am a 45 yr old woman. At the age of 18 I met with a burn accident whereby my anterior po

maya_hari 2004-11-02
72   last decade

sinus/asthma advice...post chemical burn scarring.
Hi, Due to an odd chain of events, 6 weeks ago i ended up inhaling much concentrated chlor
Moyaselene 2006-08-22
3   last decade

bach flowers and homeopathy
dear friends can any one take bach flowers while talking homeopathy treatment ?
kokeelam 2006-08-21
2   last decade

hair loss
hi i m facing hair loss in hughes amount pls. suggesst me some good medicine thx jay
jay906 2006-08-22
1   last decade

Ragweed !
Now that the hay fever season is in ,Iam asking for a homeopathic remedy Thanks
Chuck D. 2006-08-21
2   last decade

Chicken pox with an infant??
My daughter is 14 months and has the very early stages of chicken pox. I have been reading
Mojocelyn 2006-08-21
1   last decade

Widely used products/ poisons!
Hi, I came across the following article on dr. weils website http://forums.drweil.com/n/mb
moddy 2006-08-22
1   last decade

please help
the best remedies for your problem are Belladona Pulsatilla Picric Acid Carbo Veg Lycop
walkin 2006-08-22
1   last decade

Please help me
Plz help me.... From muravian80 on 2006-08-22 0 replies 6 views Dear All, I am a 25 year
walkin 2006-08-22
no replies yet

Make Your Own Natural Bug Repellents
Make Your Own Natural Bug Repellents All natural bug repellents are becoming more common
walkin 2006-08-21
2   last decade

Long-term lung mucus & expectoration
I have had a case of 'bronchitis/pneumonia' for nearly a year. I have tried every
Guest444 2006-08-20
2   last decade

Plz help me....
Dear All, I am a 25 year old guy with 5'7' height and 56kg weight. I have pain i
muravian80 2006-08-22
no replies yet

5 days of Diarrhea
Hello, My 3 yr old son has had diarrhea for 5 days now. No other symptoms at all. We are k
Jay 15 2006-07-20
3   last decade

Conflicting Information re: coffee and remedies
A friend just recently spent some time with me and she goes to a homeopathic doctor in Por
joyce martino 2006-08-22
3   last decade

eye floater
Dr. I have eye floaters in both eyes. I have them for long time as long as I can remember.
gone30 2006-08-20
3   last decade

genital boil !!!
Hi There!Totally new to this.I know there is another thread for this, but it hasn't b
BoilPain 2006-04-04
4   last decade

Recurring Boils
For about 2 years I have been getting boils on the back of my upper thigh and on my inner

thistlewish 2005-08-26
14   last decade

Eczema - Please Help!
Hello all,I have had this terrible condition since I was 13 years old – I am now 24.Recent

stickyfingaz99 2006-01-02
17   last decade

scalp infection + stomach problems
Dear all, I am a 39 yr old man and have been suffering from severe scalp infection for th
fatso 2006-08-18
2   last decade

How to get rid of faecal odor
I used to engage in anal sex. Now anytime I use the bathroom I have to use a lot of tissue
bankolect 2006-08-19
2   last decade

bach flowers and homeopathy
dear friends can any one take bach flowers while taking homepathy treatment please ?
kokeelam 2006-08-21
no replies yet

I have a 2-year-old son. He started eye twitching/blinking and facial grimacing. He is all
rverma_mich 2006-08-21
1   last decade

scissarion delivery
Is there any medicine which can avoid the delivery of baby through operation. My first bab
iffi123 2006-08-21
2   last decade

body growth and masturbation
hii im khan, im 21 years of age !i have been masturbating from age of 16 !i have noticed
khan_khan 2006-08-21
1   last decade

hyper acidity + vertigo+headache
i am 30 year old and weight 80 kgs. i have problem around 5 years What i feel now is gidd
rakeshjain3 2006-08-21
1   last decade

tingling sensation on scalp
hi, i am losing hair for long time now. but now i am feeling this wierd tingling sensatio
Tommys 2006-08-16
7   last decade

for mr. joe
Dear Mr. Joe, I am a 33 yrs old woman under a homeopaths care, and am taking natrum mur i
moddy 2006-08-19
10   last decade

foam in urine
I noticed that when I urinate, there is foam in the toilet. I have read medically that it
merlinberg 2006-08-21
1   last decade

Animals used to make Homeopathy Medicines
LATRODECTUS MACTANS Spider The bite produces tetanic effects that last several days. A pi

girilal 2006-07-19
84   last decade

Homeopathy medicinal herb of the day
Dulcamara: Notice: Each leave has two ears. It is a vine usually found climbing on surface

girilal 2006-07-05
406   last decade

Hi does anyone know of a good sunscreen? All the ones I try burn my sensitive white skin.
jwalz120002002 2006-08-21
no replies yet

Mastubration, stomach upset, hair loss, muscles strain
hello, I am 28 year single. Weight 59kg and height 5'9'. i developed the habit
alokbajaj 2006-08-20
1   last decade

Knowledge News
Discovery of the Week 12 Planets (and Counting) Time to update your solar system? O
sammy1 2006-08-20
1   last decade

Streptococcin Haemolyticus - 30M
Does anyone kno where I can buy this from? I've been told by a homeopath I need to ta
zarano7 2006-08-19
2   last decade

Kidney / Renal Failure
My father who had some fever took some allopathic medicines in jan 2006. Since then he fac
vikasarora 2006-03-04
9   last decade

Kidney failure - Urgent
A patient, male 55 years of age has diagnosed last week, that his kidney had failed upto 8
sthillaiyah 2006-08-09
8   last decade

Heat Sensitivity
I had a sun stroke, or near sun stroke several years ago and can no longer tolerate being
Momasita 2006-08-15
2   last decade

i need a cure for anxiety pls,.. thanks
methodman840 2006-08-19
2   last decade

I'm 20 F,can i still grow taller?
Hi I would like to know if I can still grow taller with homeopathic remedies?If so, what s
Rishona 2006-08-20
1   last decade

gallbader stone bile duct stone
my wife age 49 having gallbaderstone 4mm&5 mm &also some bile duct stone. 1. any
shailendra 2006-08-19
1   last decade

Red Tongue
I am 52 years old. I have developed Fissure at the tip of tongue and red thorn at the tip
akh826 2006-08-20
2   last decade

care after turp for enlargement of prostrate
Iam now 55. oone and a half years back, when for a few days i felt that the urine jet was
ramachandran 2006-08-18
4   last decade

Can dilutions be taken in water w/o sugar balls?
I am in south India. I watched many doctors writing prescriptions with homeo meds like ar
kns_3 2006-08-19
2   last decade

Runny nose, dry cough in 6 y/o.
My 6 y/o started school this week and has already come home with a runny (alternating with
josiewales 2006-08-19
1   last decade

fluid retention
Hi all, I was wondering would there be a remedy for fluid retention, most women get it bef
elainesmyth68 2006-08-19
1   last decade

hi, My daughter 9 years old caught chickenpox. she got lots of blisters all over her body

anon99 2004-07-03
17   last decade

vomiting & constipation in pregnancy
my wife is in 3rd month of pregnancy.she has constant vommiting. allopathy medicines of no
agupta 2006-08-19
1   last decade

dog ...bladder control
My pug is getting older and has a palsy that her homeopathic doctor believes is due to the
merlinberg 2006-08-19
no replies yet

looking for a homeopathy doc in bangalore
I am having probs in erection. Can I know of some good homeopaths in bangalore who deal on
biswatosh 2006-08-18
2   last decade

Black Spots
Black spots on body may be liver spots near about ten years. Liver region pain aching type
drmsj786 2006-08-19
1   last decade

Sinusitis GERD neck pain
Hi My name is mark ia m from india i ahd chronic sinusitis and had endoscopic surgery.
markrobinson 2006-08-17
3   last decade

I just got back my results for TSH levels and I have 8.46 in a range of 0.5-5.0. The test
jose07 2006-08-08
4   last decade

Hi, I'm a 21 yrs old girl, having jaundice every year in the summer season for 20 yea

sammy1 2006-06-08
17   last decade

Burn wound with weird infection
Hi- Haven't been in a while, but hi! I'm hoping someone can help me with this.
Rebecca 2006-08-18
2   last decade

Please help me
I have a problem that is starting to worry me. For a little while now I've had a whit
taylor 2006-08-19
1   last decade

For Joe, With Some Sucess
I'm taking all the remedies you've prescribed and have not had to take a tyleno
joyce martino 2006-08-19
2   last decade

You can see advertisement on TV, News papers, Magazines.Internet”Don’t go to slimming cent
sajjadakram635 2006-08-18
5   last decade

Severe heart burning
My problem started about 2 years ago. I started to get heart burn..mostly in the evening.
Leshka 2006-08-18
6   last decade

Hospitals are risky places
The government revealed yesterday it was reviewing the way it warns people they may be inc
walkin 2006-08-17
1   last decade

Strep B during pregnancy
I posted before about having strep b currently while pregnant. Need to get rid of it as I
Padzster 2006-08-18
1   last decade

Lysteria Poisoning Please Help!
I am a homeopathy student and a friend of mine has come to me asking for a remedy...while
Mon Cherie Amour 2006-08-18
3   last decade

Hi I'm a 29 years old male and I have some Lipomas on my back and the epigastrium tha
Shotokan Do 2006-08-16
2   last decade

walking and headache
I was walking and felt dizzy with severe headache. This caused anxiety leading to an incre
zulfi.ali 2006-08-13
5   last decade

For Girilal
Hi there! My Father in law has Type 1 diabetes for around 30 years and last year he was de

Talat 2006-06-11
15   last decade

2 issues as result of childbirth torticollis and prolaps
I have a 8 week old daughter who has torticollis. Our homeopath has prescribed Lycopodium.
Edythe 2006-08-17
3   last decade

Where can I purchase decolorized or white iodine? I live in Maryland. Thanks!
Chuck D. 2006-08-18
no replies yet

lupus ( sle )
Hi, This is RajaSekhar from INDIA, presently working as Software Engineer.I got Kidney Tra
rajasekhar 2006-08-18
2   last decade

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