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troublesome child
Dear all, My nephew is 10 yrs old.he is becoming extremely troublesome.he lacks concentra
rjasu 2006-10-04
3   last decade

Under eye Dark circles and puffiness
Please advice :---Can arnica 200 help in reducing under eye dark circle and puffiness.
helpmeout 2006-10-09
1   last decade

Under eye Dark circles
Dear sir, I have dark circles under my eyes from three years back. I have tr
helpmeout 2006-09-29
5   last decade

Please Help, Blood Pressure Question
I've been attempting to contact Sam the last couple days but have not heard from him,
joyce martino 2006-10-09
no replies yet

ovi gallinae pellicula
Hi there I urgently require 'ovi gallinae pellicula" medicine for a patient. Un
tooparam 2006-10-07
2   last decade

Anyone out there have a strong herb for my Insomnia? I am currently taking an Ambien (10m
moosehead4242 2006-10-09
1   last decade

Hair Fall problem, Plz Help Me
I m 24 year old, I m facing hair fall problem frm last 5 years, my dad also have bald head
Jayesh_Shertate 2006-10-08
1   last decade

cat with stomatits/possible bartonella
Hello - I am new to this group and would like to post a case. I hope I'm doing this r
Eva99 2006-10-09
no replies yet

recurring blister on tongue
i have a recurring blood blister on my tongue. have consulted dr. and dermatologist. the b
autumn-b 2005-05-25
4   last decade

the effects of smoking
I also wanted to ask if smoking interferes with the homeopathic therapy. I used to smoke 1
Grigoris 2006-10-08
4   last decade

Obsessive thoughts
I am hoping for some advice on Obsessive thoughts. My friend has constant thoughts about

angeladdana 2006-06-04
62   last decade

Insomina - Nerves maybe?
I suffer from insomnia and have done for practically all my life (I'm 52). After read
Myriad 2006-09-26
6   last decade

Red spots on the brests
I have had red spots on my breasts for over a year, no itching, no burning.Besides I suffe
Stefka 2006-10-08
3   last decade

Stomach probs
Hi, Basically if i stay hungry all day I'm ok, but after i eat i start to have breat
Dappy 2006-09-29
5   last decade

chalazion on 6 yr old
My six year old has developed a chalazion on her left upper eyelid. She has had it for ov
kmbeddes 2006-06-02
2   last decade

After childbirth disorder PLEASE HELP!!
My son was born 4 weeks ago by Caesearean.Since then I've been suffering..My main dis
Nuit4 2006-10-05
3   last decade

Amputated finger
My father recently had an injury at work and lost a finger and half of another one. He has
shana8986 2006-10-04
5   last decade

Constitutional remedies and doses
I have a few questions that I'm hoping someone can answer. If one finds their constit
lily white 2006-10-04
10   last decade

canine renal failure
I have a catahoula lepard dog named buddy. He is 12 years old. Never been sick or out of s
puckdoggy 2006-10-07
3   last decade

question on repeated doses
I wanted to ask what is the reason that in the case of high potency remedies, say 200, the
Grigoris 2006-10-07
3   last decade

Member feedback questionaire
Hi all, On another thread, which went off topic, we were talking about ways people could
moderator 2006-09-28
6   last decade

I am reasearching 'obstinacy' in the following remedies. Calc Carb, Nux Vomica,
syegna 2006-10-04
3   last decade

anal fistula
I am a 38 yr. old woman who suffers with an anal fistula. I have been coping with it for 2
royroyroy 2006-10-06
2   last decade

white teeth
Is there any homeopathic medicine for whiter teeth
zap1003 2006-10-05
1   last decade

Please Help!!
Over the last couple of months, my testicles have been shrinking and was very soft. My sc
abcguy 2006-10-06
1   last decade

eczima on hands ankles above foot
hi I am suffering from eczima last ten years. somehow last two months it has got agreevat
jillarogers 2006-10-06
1   last decade

Severe loose motion, 42 times bowel stomach ache help
It started from yesterday midnight.Suddenly my stomach started making noise and aching bad
osoniare 2006-09-16
11   last decade

Lycopodium Calvatum
Hi I am first time user of the homeopatic medicine, I would like to know if it cures socia
okdoll 2006-09-17
7   last decade

urinary tract infection and vesico-ureteric reflux
Hi all, My son had UTI when he was 8 months old in October 2005. It was also found that he
manzul 2006-10-06
3   last decade

Dr.Dinesh Sharma & Joe De Livera - Why you have trouble getting along?
Dr.Dinesh Sharma & Joe De Livera - Why you have trouble getting along Who gets angry? H

Alexthink 2006-07-20
31   last decade

Chronic Emotional Problem
For my chronic depression, anxiety, insomnia ,intrusive thoughts emotional problem;is ther
raja4 2006-10-06
4   last decade

To wives of premature ejaculators.
My Husband was a premature ejaculator. And he used to feel shame about it, but I never let
sissu 2006-09-28
1   last decade

Hyperthyroidism - John Stanton/girilal/walkin/Dr Sharma or other experienced Hom.
Hi, I'm a 55 year old female. Always had a fast metabolism,losing weight easily, asth
erica 2006-08-30
7   last decade

Help with Zincum Metallicum
My son (3 yrs old) has extremely low zinc. The homeopathic doctor we are seeing has told
dz198 2006-10-05
4   last decade

Mild paranoia
I wonder if anyone can help. I am suffering with what I can only describe as mild paronoi

kerrie73 2006-09-27
21   last decade

flutd problems
I have 3 male cats, neutered, that have had ongoing problems with flutd. About a year ago
lunabay 2006-10-06
1   last decade

using arnica for year after brain injury
I hears that is it very good to use arnica 12x for year after severe brain injury. please
sfayersh 2006-10-05
4   last decade

Results after 4 months of de De Livera hair cure
It would be interessing to know what is the result of de Livera treatment for hairloss: ar
Willy 2006-09-25
3   last decade

Why I get below msg when I try to post a new message in forum?
You are not yet allowed to post external urls to this forum
turningpoint 2006-10-04
2   last decade

Back and Buttock pain
I am 31 years married male having two children. At the age of 21 years i met with an accid
yathirajaswamy 2006-03-11
4   last decade

Got the gout
My friend has gout in his Big Toe, right foot. This is a new problem to him. Is sulphur 3
Jay 15 2006-10-05
5   last decade

Fever case taking sheet
Preface: Fever is a very common ailment of daily life. I am going to post a case taking sh
Dr. R. Saroj 2006-09-24
4   last decade

Migraine remedies PLEASE
Hello, Can someone help me? i am a new mother with a 3 month old. I started migraines las
migraine_pain 2006-10-04
3   last decade

request to experts here
All of you spend your valued time and advise public some excellent therapies but most of t
turningpoint 2006-10-06
1   last decade

geographic ringworm tongue smells baad
hi i have a problem so i consulted a doctor and he said i am having geographical tongue.he
flatron 2006-10-04
4   last decade

Travellers diarrhea & Motion sickness
My family will be travelling soon, and my husband always gets travellers diarrhea with lot
rasingh 2006-10-05
3   last decade

Question about Infant probiotics
I am currently giving my 16 month old son probiotics in the powdered state. It says to us
luckylot1999 2006-10-02
11   last decade

Chronic Rheumatoid Arthritis - HELP
I am a african american male with severe RA for almost 3 years now. Tired of taken medical
ojtwelve 2006-02-10
5   last decade

Blood Rush from irritating sounds. I Need Help!
Hi Im a 37 yr old woman who had bad moods but currantly getting help over hypnosis & lear
mistique 2006-10-03
2   last decade

how to know if a remedy is working?
what kind of signs should i look for to see if a remedy is working? i am on my 3rd remedy

SeekTheHealer 2006-10-05
15   last decade

wet dose preparation
hi guys i want to ask this q abt wet dose. ok i prepared a wet dose by inserting 2-3

kimlee 2006-10-02
22   last decade

auditory hallucinations
Hello My name is Mia and I live in France but. I'm looking for a french homeopathe b

lascandinavie 2006-09-28
19   last decade

Medicine for my 4 years nephew plz suggest me
Hello, my nephew is not eating food he take littlebit fruits because we force him he feels
g_Nagi 2006-10-04
3   last decade

big buttocks and thigh
i have problem, i am having 5.11 inch and was having near 97 weight. now i have
hari_2005h 2006-10-05
1   last decade

Valuable information
Where i can get the information who can give the details of homeopath medicine which are c
iffi123 2006-10-05
2   last decade

ET or something else?
Hi, Iím Veerle, female, 25 years old and I am a professional pianist. Over the last year

veerle 2006-09-26
52   last decade

Got Symptoms List but Confused
hello, using Remedy Finder software i have built a page as per symptoms. i have covered a
SeekingHelp 2006-10-05
no replies yet

Lost sense of taste & smell
anyone know of a remedy? i have been dealing with this over 2 months. the doctor has no id
qeofi 2006-10-05
1   last decade

Erection and strength of penis
My penis is getting weaker in last 6 to 8 moonths. Erection does not last longer than 4/5
ankin 2006-10-05
no replies yet

please let me know as how and where to get the medicines--neobex cream and gentol
FOOTER 2006-10-05
1   last decade

Acidity in my 11yr old daughter
My daughter has been throwing up bright yellow fluid in the mornings since more than a yea
Sumis 2006-10-05
2   last decade

dr.joe please help
my hair has become very thin and i am having hairfall.hairfall occurs even when i take my
addy1234 2006-10-05
no replies yet

low body weight and low appetite
Hi, I have low body weight. But I don't look like very think from outside. But I am
maradallimanga 2006-10-05
no replies yet

Need help with ADD, immune issues and herpes
Hi all,I must apologize for the long post and I hope it makes sense. I am a 42 year old fe

Hilife 2005-05-30
13   last decade

need supplier for carsinosin
Does anyone know a supplier for Carsinosin 30C. I am familiar only with Galen Labs in the
patti3046 2006-10-04
3   last decade

I'm always remembering past mistakes . . .
Hi. I'm always remembering past mistakes and then sort of getting upset over them. I&
TreeFrog 2006-10-04
4   last decade

How much is the shipping carge for remedies from abc forum
Hi, I am planning to buy Hecla lava 30C, from abc forum. Can somebody tell me how much i
anon99 2006-10-05
2   last decade

a bend pennis down side
hi I am 23yrs old and a professional accountant in KPMG firm Paris, France. Nowadays my p
nockturnal 2006-10-05
no replies yet

Is this possible
Hello, few months back i met one nadi veda he told that my muscles in tore in my abdomin w
g_Nagi 2006-10-04
1   last decade

Hashimoto's Hypothyroidism
I am a 54 year old female who has had Hashimoto's for about 8 years. I was officiall
MaryRose 2006-10-02
4   last decade

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