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Pls help - my mother has rh arthritis, chronic high bp
Hi All, My mother has had high bp for a number of years now and rheum arthritis for even
JMalik 2006-08-25
9   last decade

sex weakness
Dear sir I am 26 years old woman and newly married. My husband ejacuates very quickly as
neha25_4u 2006-08-25
2   last decade

anderogenic alopecia
i'm sorry one thing I forgot to mention is that I have heart burn ( diagnosed by allo
raj mulhotra 2006-08-27
no replies yet

GERD and Asthma
The connection between both has been the subject of some studies and I am copying one belo
Joe De Livera 2006-08-27
no replies yet

need advice joe
Hi joe, i'm taking the nat phos and arnica for my constipation and food intolerances
elainesmyth68 2006-08-22
11   last decade

more info needed on nat phos
hi everyone, i have been using nat phos over two weeks now after reading joe's post,
elainesmyth68 2006-08-26
1   last decade

Blood in Semen
2 days ago I noticed brownish/red discharged in my semen. There was a slight ache at the r
rozanosaad 2006-08-23
4   last decade

How to with potency - Aconite
Hello I have a friend who seems to fit the aconite picture. She has had quite a few mental
saltOftheEarth 2006-08-26
2   last decade

Hot and cold remedies
How is that in Kent's repertory Lyc is presented as a 'aggravated by cold' re
cosbiss 2006-08-24
6   last decade

2.5 yr old son diagonized with PDD/Autism
My 2 yr 4 month old son has also been diagnozed with PDD/Autism. I live in PA and need inf
lata_b 2006-08-26
no replies yet

Question From a New Person To This Site
I know that homeopathy is NOT a major healing protocol in the U.S. I'm just curious

joyce martino 2006-08-24
15   last decade

AUTISM the mechanism!
DO NO HARM? Questions persist regarding vaccine efficacy and safety. (David McNew/Getty Im
walkin 2006-08-24
8   last decade

PE - Family live is in question
Dear Homeopaths, You all are great people. You spend your valuable time for a cause. I r
sthillaiyah 2006-08-25
3   last decade

sad kitten
i have a kitten abt 5 months old. he was rescuesd from street real sick and full of eye i
dani11 2006-08-26
1   last decade

i get frequent motions and after that i feel quite weak. doctor says it is ameobiasis and
sanjaykc 2006-08-26
1   last decade

asthma AND thirst
can any one tell me what remedy has folloing symptom when asthmatic attack is over then
malik_123 2006-08-26
2   last decade

For Joe
dear joe, I had read about the effects of arnica 30 in wet dose lowering the blood sugar l
moddy 2006-08-26
2   last decade

cronic renal failure
My mother her age is 60 suffring in crf she is taking two one dialysis in week after one w
sidiki 2006-08-19
4   last decade

cracks on penis
Could you please tel me if this is serious and if there is a way to cure it? I have never
polish999 2006-08-17
4   last decade

Toothache, Apple cider burn on gums?
So I am new at trying home remedies...and someone mentioned cider vinegar was good for a t
jojojousa 2006-01-22
3   last decade

water on the elbow
water wells up on elbow then goes partly down only to reappear again a few days later. ge
ladyb1 2006-08-24
2   last decade

Yellowish Teeth need help?
hi, i ma 25 years old male. my teeth are yellowish, even if i brush regularly twice a
bk123 2006-08-26
1   last decade

21/2 year old with cold
wondering what I can give my son for his cold.It came suddenly (after 1st 4 days at school
cab03 2006-08-25
1   last decade

up set stomach to joe de.
hello to all what can one take to stop upset stomach. for my wife 43 yr female last nite t
kahlil007 2006-08-25
2   last decade

brown patches on face, please advise
I am 47 year old female and had no problem with my skin, but suddenly in the last 2 years

mohini 2006-01-25
23   last decade

On Decadron, what's best to counter the symptoms?
I was put on Decadron about a week ago, I'm having severe allergic reactions. Basical
Pixie-elf 2006-08-24
4   last decade

2 yr old -coughing,congestion,heavy breathing
My son had developed cold couple of days back .he is still having runny and blocked nose w
prapurna 2006-08-24
5   last decade

hayfever or cold???
hi all does anyone know of a way to tell the difference between hayfever and the common co
elainesmyth68 2006-08-25
2   last decade

Stomach Trouble
Stomach Trouble From samur420 on 2006-08-25 0 replies 3 views Hi, I have this problem o
walkin 2006-08-25
1   last decade

Appatite reducer, digest slower homeo doctors anyone knows reply
I feel i have a very high appetite after given appetite increaser medicines. my story on
dishwara 2006-08-25
1   last decade

Hello everyone. Im writing to ask you your help. My grandmother was diagnosed with having
jose07 2006-08-24
2   last decade

A question
Hi everyone! I am comfused about something... I have started taking Lycopodium since J
zenia157 2006-08-25
1   last decade

Headache - migraine - Sinus – Cure by Homoeoapthy- Dr. Deoshlok Sharma
Headache - migraine – Cure by Homoeoapthy- Dr. Deoshlok Sharma Know your headache and Migr
deoshlok 2006-08-18
2   last decade

I don't understand my problem,neither docs?? will you? acidity, gastiritis??? dilemma
I am now 78 kgs. i have problem around 2 years What i feel now is giddiness/falling sensat

dishwara 2006-08-20
13   last decade

tetanus shot
Hello to all. I recieved a tetanus shot 3 days ago for stepping on a piece of glass and re
jonelle 2006-08-25
2   last decade

whiteheads,,need help for acne
hi m nida,22 yrs old,suffering from this acne thing since last 8 yrs,,,it started when i w
nida h 2006-08-11
1   last decade

urinary tract infection
i had uti around 3 months ago symotons are burning sensation while urinating and urge to

kriti06 2006-07-30
14   last decade

daughter 6 mo. eczema
Hi, my eyes are sore from reading all the forums regarding eczema and children, and though
colleen and cass 2006-08-24
1   last decade

my roomate uses strong vicks in my bathroom every once in awhile
and she's not stopping and i can't kick her out. I also take medications so my
stickysnap 2006-08-24
1   last decade

coxsackie virus help for 3 mo. old
anyone know if there is a remedy for coxsackie virus? my 3 month old has a 103 fever and
afc33 2006-08-25
1   last decade

treatment for retina holes
please advice for medication or anything that will help cure this retina hole problem
sukhi 2006-08-24
1   last decade

Arnica + Fish Oil = Hair Loss
I was recently advised by my doctor to take Arnica 9C (5 balls, 3 times daily) and 6 grams
John Mathis 2006-08-03
2   last decade

Are we slow?
We've had a report that our new super-dooper server has been running slowly. I'v
moderator 2006-08-23
8   last decade

Sleepless during pregnancy
Help I haven't had a decent night for 2 months: - 9 months pregnant (due date August
windhaven 2006-08-23
3   last decade

Chronic Lower Back Stiffness
I've decided to look for a remedy to address a long history of lower back stiffness (
joyce martino 2006-08-22
7   last decade

Caffeine & Homeopathics
I know that you are not supposed to drink coffee while using homeopathic remedies but does
RenaLittauer 2006-07-11
4   last decade

Aspartame confusion..Who's to believe?
Aspartame Warning Netlore Archive Part 1: The 'Nancy Markle' Email By David Em
sammy1 2006-08-24
2   last decade

lumbar pain
lumbar pain in lower back due to spondilytis at L5&S1 to a lady of 53 yrs without dia
drashish 2006-07-27
2   last decade

hair falling diagnosed as androgenetic alopecia
My hair started falling last year and they slowly kept increased. In October I went to de
Sunita 2003-05-09
3   last decade

constipation in 17 month old
MY 17 month old is constipated and she's taking Bryonia and nux Vom. she's been
mercedesgal06 2006-08-24
1   last decade

Mind Symptoms.
In homeopathic literature, mind symptoms are much accentuated. No doubt, they play an impo
sajjadakram635 2006-08-24
2   last decade

Herbal remedy for headache
Hay hello this is gerge john I have a pain of head I don’t now what it is a headache or ju
rabort 2006-08-24
no replies yet

nephrotic syndrome
I have a 3 year 9 mos boy that received the diagnosis of NS when he turned 3 years. We hav
chiquis 2006-08-24
2   last decade

I need help
Hello, I would like to give you a little history I am a 33 year young woman. I have been
tmd973 2006-08-15
2   last decade

urinary track infection
urinary track infection From ritzzz on 2006-08-24 0 replies 0 views i m 54 years old by
walkin 2006-08-24
1   last decade

Liver Transplant
I've posted my jaundice conditions. Got help. It worked. I thank you all who helped.

sammy1 2006-08-08
31   last decade

Difference between Merc Sol & Merc Viv?
Hi, Is there one? From what I've found on the internet, they seem to be the same. Fo
JMalik 2006-08-19
7   last decade

Cassia for Type II Diabetes
Cassia is a close relative to the Cinnamon (Cinnamomum zeylanicum, or 'true cinnamon&#
akh826 2006-08-24
1   last decade

Referred sacroiliac pain
Hi, I'm trying to help a friend narrow down what remedies to look at. It is apparent
Daisy43 2006-08-24
4   last decade

Breaking out on head
Hello, for close to a year now I have been breaking out badly on my head and havent been t
djrj78 2006-08-24
3   last decade

Dear Doctors & Readers, I am 42,healthy person.I was operated 16 years back for right
Munajfa 2006-06-30
1   last decade

Drugs that make you well can make you ill
Hidden Cause of Adverse Drug Reactions By Shane Ellison, M.Sc. An Adverse Drug Reaction (
walkin 2006-08-23
2   last decade

Bloating after having baby
posted a previous question about my baby, but now one for me. Since I delivered (maybe ev
momto2 2006-08-23
3   last decade

Rooting out hereditary heart disease
In our family heart disease is common. Cholestrol levels go up for me too sometimes. I am
homobeliever 2006-08-23
3   last decade

Ankylosing Spondylitis
I have been suffering from neck pain for the last 7-8 years. I had an X ray done...5 years
aruncap 2003-06-12
10   last decade

Is there any sort of homeopathic anti acid? My symptoms include headaches and breathing d
zarano7 2006-08-23
1   last decade

Confused about reflux remedies
Hi- I am fairly new at homeopathy. I have a 10 week old daughter who has reflux. She is ga
momto2 2006-08-23
1   last decade

dr. hasnaat ............i need your help.
Dr. Hasnaat please i need your help soon and can you please email me your phone number wit
yacert 2006-08-24
no replies yet

Also...face breakout now
I forgot to ask since im here...IM 28/m and my face has been breaking out just as of late.
djrj78 2006-08-24
no replies yet

white spots on teeth
i have white patches on 2 of my teeth.Bcoz of this my teeth also seem to look yellow
doubts 2006-03-02
4   last decade

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