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Holy basil/ Tulsi/ Ocimum Sanctum
Does anybody know if there exists a homeopathic of the above mentioned herb? If so, what
jentoun 2006-11-12
5   last decade

Help - 26yo Female - Patch of Hair Loss
I am 26 years old. About 6 years ago when I was 20 I noticed I had a sudden bald spot a li
HomerCat 2006-11-10
7   last decade

acne scars
I am 18 and have had alot of acne in the past 4-years, I was recently on Roaccutane, which
SCORPIAN_KING80 2006-11-11
no replies yet

ATYPICAL facial neuralgia - Can you help ?
Hi from France, I felt on your Web site skimming over Google and found it very interestin
szweig 2006-11-10
9   last decade

any remedy for digestion
hi there can anybody tell me a remedy that can speed up digestion. i am a student and i ha

nauman00 2006-11-09
19   last decade

where is John Stanton ???
Attention all : Please do not take any advice from John stanton. He kills people ///he sho
bullcow 2006-11-03
9   last decade

Please help. I have a cold (or something like that). I feel awful between 6 and 7 a.m. whe

martita 2006-11-04
49   last decade

post-traumatic Fibromyalgia Syndrome
I changed my reply topic to a previous post but then realised it did not change the main t
hahnemann 2006-10-31
3   last decade

fungal infection reappears
My fungal infection has reappered and here is my brief history. I am 55 years old woman. I
gracefullady 2006-11-11
1   last decade

4 years Child has Development Delay
We have a 4 year old son and he is delay in speech and development delay in social skills

saad2002 2006-11-01
15   last decade

worse after overdose
my 5 year old who has been coughing for a week took almost a whole tube last night of dros
mollydalton 2006-11-10
5   last decade

dengue haemorrhagic fever
Please any body knows which remedy is best to prevent DENGUE FEVER, and if unluckily one g
purdaysee 2006-11-07
5   last decade

To Kuldeep.....Plz advice!!!
dr kuldeep, i had posted my message in this forum and i was advised by mr.pankaj varma to
vivpan 2006-11-09
5   last decade

premature greying of hair
Sir iam 26 years old male suffering from pitutary microadenoma 1.3x0.9 MM.75% of my hair i
venkatesh 2006-11-04
7   last decade

help please (i have a rash)
i have a rash on my penis but i dont want to go to the doctor what are some home remedies
cbear 2006-11-11
1   last decade

runny nose at night
Hi, This is my first time posting here, so sorry if this topic has been covered before. M
ali_and_jo 2006-11-10
3   last decade

nossal congestion
I am 52 years old is suffering from nossal blockage in both noses since 15 years and had
parinoor 2006-11-09
2   last decade

Open letter to Joe De Livera
Dear Dr. Livera, Please help me. Please see my previous post under swollen legs -- I re
Buchworm 2006-11-10
5   last decade

Dear Docs, I sometimes get this skipping heart beats.Its rare but worries me a lot.I have
raajkunvar 2006-10-30
2   last decade

fertility problem
Please assist and suggest My history is I was operated for Hernia and Varicocele at the ag
chetansuri 2006-10-31
2   last decade

Viral Gastroenteritis- Two year old..
My son who is two years old has been suffering from Viral gastroenteritis(diagnosed) from
Gautam 2006-11-10
6   last decade

alopecia areata and atopic dermatitis
I am a 30-year-old male. I suffered from alopecia areata four years ago. Initially, ther
sunil76 2006-11-01
1   last decade

Significance of warts
How Significant is the presence of warts while choosing a remedy. most kids gets warts fre
sinu123 2006-10-31
1   last decade

Possible Gardnerella
Hi, I am new to homeopathy - I have actually been using it with animals for about 4 months
CAT11 2006-11-10
no replies yet

I've been reading about acid reflux/heartburn. What happens if you take a remedy at x
weedotty 2006-11-10
no replies yet

Plz Think About That i am worried
Dears In Empty stomache i feel secrtion of acid ,and i feel my belly going inside meantime
shabbir_bzu 2006-11-06
5   last decade

An inspiring story of a healer
Dear friends, I just thought that i would share this story with you. There were two frie
rajivprasad 2006-11-10
7   last decade

May help diabetics
It is widely accepted that diet and exercise are beneficial in diabetes (see WDDTY vol 3 n
walkin 2006-09-26
10   last decade

Kidney Failure Due to Scarring of the Kidneys
I need help because I don't want to have a transplant and both kidneys are affected:

cks689 2006-11-03
20   last decade

Tooth Pain & Possible Tooth Extraction (Help)
Hi: I may be getting a tooth extracted due to an abscess/infection. The tooth is also l
Qiuleaf 2006-11-09
9   last decade

For the attention of Dr Joe Livera ': I am 47 year guy, medium built, working as an e
gautammazumder 2006-11-09
7   last decade

stool problem
i have lot of gas formation after sleeping in the afternoon if i dont pass stools in the
charan 2006-11-01
2   last decade

rajivprassad -my progress.
hello again.i am on my second week of nux vomica 1m but i feel i have to intervene with a
mollydalton 2006-11-09
2   last decade

i think i have overdosed my child,i gave him almost all a tube of dosera mk thinking mini
mollydalton 2006-11-09
2   last decade

Mollescum Contagiosum, 3 year old
Hello.. My 3 year old son was diagnosed by a dermatologist about a year ago with Mollescum
darbilynn 2006-11-08
6   last decade

How can we get rid of a body rash with severe itching
My partner has a severe bady rash and little pustules -- which at first the docotr thought
Buchworm 2005-12-21
5   last decade

hair loss help?
i was diagnosed pcos after years of irregular periods. after taking bcp (laurina) for a fe
jessicaxmas68 2006-11-08
2   last decade

Hello, My digestion is very poor. every morning a take 3 glasses of water and then I go
hanuman_2000 2006-11-10
2   last decade

Help- Many symptoms just started
HELP! Ok- the first symptom is like a yeast infection. There is vaginal discharge that is
kwillow 2006-11-09
1   last decade

4 kilogrames overweight
Could somebody help me, I had a molar pregnancy and my body and hormones were a mess. I ga
sayayin 2006-11-10
5   last decade

Fear of eye contact
Hi, are there any remedies for fear of eye contact and fear and nervousness around people,
CodyD 2006-11-10
1   last decade

Attn: Joe De Livera
My 27 yr old son was diagnosed last year with type 2-diabetes. Please help. He is overweig
sam_thrish 2006-11-09
4   last decade

Hi I m new here age 24 Bs-Cs student in Pakistan. I have skin problem since I was 18 and s
onewinsome 2006-11-09
2   last decade

need an answer tonight
i´ve been advised to give my 2 coughing boys drosera 1m before bed.i`ve just recieve
mollydalton 2006-11-09
2   last decade

effexor xr...
Ok I know many people think this is pretty dumb but I've decided to come off of Effex
theprynce 2006-11-08
2   last decade

sinus problem
Problem - bad breath. Cause - sinus - possibly post nasal drip. only from the right sinus.
sinus 2006-11-07
6   last decade

Help! head pain , cat allergy?
I hate to think that I have an allergy, however I have been in terrible pain for 2 months.
stephanie1968 2006-11-08
1   last decade

skin problems
I was diagnosed with seborrheic dermatitis last year and given a couple of scripts. Well t
lokidoodle 2006-11-08
1   last decade

diabetic-kidney failure -help required
my uncle aged 63yrs is a diabetic because of which his kidney is getting affected,recent t
vivpan 2006-11-08
6   last decade

itching and hairloss. I am waiting for reply desperately. Please help..
I am a 30-year-old male. I suffered from alopecia areata three years ago. Initially, there
medicare 2006-11-09
1   last decade

My life has become miserable,please help me !!!!!!
I am a 23 year old indian boy.firstly i didn't stammer till the age of 9 or 10 but su
joe_metallica 2006-11-09
1   last decade

2 small boys coughing and congested
i`ve been home with my 2 boys all week,they are both coughing and congested.the 1 year old
mollydalton 2006-11-08
2   last decade

does it have any side affects
Does homeopathy has any side effects??
gudipudi 2006-11-09
3   last decade

I am very thin & low weight
Hi, i am very thin with low weight, if there is any medicine in Homeo, which can gain me w
smile7 2006-11-08
1   last decade

any remedy for infection in the bile please
is there any remedy for chronic infection in the bile?
maryam 2006-11-08
12   last decade

My wife has a hysterical tendency
I have been trying to find a remedy for my wife. She has a hysterical tendency that when s
eurostar 2006-11-07
4   last decade

vocal warts
I was recently diagnosed with warts on my vocal cords. Can someone please recommend me s
Benws 2006-11-02
2   last decade

To Joe...Please Advise
Hello Dear Joe I hope all is well with you and your family. I would also like to wish you
Bali36 2006-11-08
7   last decade

Remedies For Never Well Since Terror
What remedies do you normally think of in a 'never well since' an extreme terrifyi
homeopathyguy 2006-11-08
10   last decade

thiosinaminum question
Since I cannot purchase the THIOSINAMINUM Q for external use on stretch marks, which form/

Kiranna 2005-01-15
15   last decade

Baby with congested nose, and cough
Hi I have a 9 month baby, who has a congested nose, a bad cough, and the usual cold sympto

LizzyW 2006-10-25
15   last decade

sir kuldeep, nmgdes pigmentaion
hi sir kuldeep, thankyou for your guidance, i managed to buy the phytolacca decandra 3x f
nmgdes 2006-11-08
1   last decade

acne ruling my life!
I have quite bad acne especially on my cheeks. I have been told that i have candida and th
janey.84 2006-11-07
2   last decade

my 10 year old daughter is sick, with stuffed nose and ear infection
My 10 year old daughter has a history of ear infections. She had a stuffed nose for the la
akaganer 2006-11-08
2   last decade

Dosage Influenzinum 9ch
Bought but do not know how much to take, how often, for how long...to prevent flu. They a
bbethany7 2006-11-08
1   last decade

High Eosinophil Count
Does anyone have any advice about how to get my eosinophil count down. I have the constan
nancilynne 2006-11-07
4   last decade

practicing homeopathy
To all who practice homeopathy. Just curious, I would like to know approximately how many
jose07 2006-11-08
7   last decade

Calcarea Flourica -- Hypertension
Dear All I have read the posts by Dr.Sajjad Akram on Hypertension because i also suffer fr
Daniel Iype 2006-11-08
1   last decade

Always tired....
Hello, I am a 27 year old woman and I have been feeling constantly tired for over a year n
rachelemily 2006-11-08
7   last decade

ear and toothache
i have been suffering with this problem for over a year now. have been going to the docto
murray04 2006-11-07
2   last decade

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