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i need help please
i have SLE LUPUS Fibro and Ibs and Ic for my bladder and underactive thyroid. I need to kn
johannabreanna 2006-09-28
1   last decade

Walkin-vaccine/whooping cough/tb question
walkin-hi. joe has suggested that i redirect a question to you as you have more experience
Louise in CA 2006-09-26
7   last decade

16 month old not eating at all. Need help imm.
My son is 16 months old and very very fussy to eat . since yesterday he has had only milk
ethan_mom 2005-09-15
2   last decade

looking for a homeopathy doc in chennai
dear friends i am looking for a homeopathy doc in chennai
kokeelam 2006-08-28
1   last decade

can someone plz explain how homeopathy works??? like the body functions and how these smal
musicman 2006-09-28
2   last decade

Leg pain post bypass surgery
Good Morning, I have tried to look through the archives here but was unable to find an ans
cmsgypsy 2004-11-11
11   last decade

Regarding ankylosing spontilitis
Last month I fell severe pain in my lower back (left side), so admitted in Apollo hospital
prakash_slm 2006-09-27
4   last decade

Phytolacca 30c for Dandruff
I wanted to know if someone could help me with specifiying what form of Phytolacca should
LucyB22 2006-09-28
no replies yet

Best Wishes on the eve of Durga Puja
Friends, May Goddess Durga bless and protect you all through the year. Happy Durga Puja
Sujattha 2006-09-27
2   last decade

2006 flu & general vaccine questions... Joe?
to Joe or others: i have two questions: about the influenzinum for 2006-07, do you suggest
Louise in CA 2006-09-26
9   last decade

Depression Plz Help!!!
My husband is suffering from deep depression these days due to sudden death of a very dear
ksjyothi18 2006-09-28
no replies yet

Sepia Constitution and Headaches
I am without a doubt a typical Sepia constitutional type. My Homeopath, who is now retire
Ladykaz 2006-09-25
3   last decade

question for 'walkin'
You recently replied to my post Re Mild paronia. Please could you answer me one question.
kerrie73 2006-09-27
1   last decade

herniated disc in lower back
My MRi indicates a herniated disc L5 S1. This has meant lots of pain. I used to have scia

bluetopaz 2006-06-21
16   last decade

Can I still use homeopathy?
I hope someone can help. I was using Apis Mel 30C for swelling and it worked brilliantly.
Sidney 2006-09-26
3   last decade

sebaceous cyst
Dear All, A friend of mine has a sebaceous cyst on the chest and has had this for 8 years
terracotta 2006-09-27
3   last decade

The Big Issue in Bath would love to work with a volunteer homeopathist
The Big Issue Foundation seeks to help homeless people access support and find a way to be
Big_Issue_Bath 2006-09-27
1   last decade

Haemorrhoids / Piles
Haemorrhoids are enlarged blood vessels in or around the anus, which can cause pain, bleed
abc 2002-07-09
9   last decade

bleeding piles
I need help i have bleeding piles whenever i go to the toilet fresh blood spatters on the
safarris 2005-12-14
5   last decade

mr. joe
dear sir you had advised me arnica 30 c in wet dose, the medicine i am getting in delhi is
VIPINARORA 2006-09-27
1   last decade

sperm volume 2.5 colour gray white viscosity liquidified ph 7.9 sperm count
25242524 2006-09-26
3   last decade

Stomach catarrh / inflamed
Hi any idea about Stomach catarrh / inflamed pain . lots of gas and burning pain spread t
panam 2006-09-22
9   last decade

urinary incontinence
Hi all, I have the following problem for the last 6 weeks. It all started with a feeling

terracotta 2006-06-29
30   last decade

Hair and sex problem
From my teen age, i am facing a problem that whenever i become sexually extra sensitive, m
TAUSEEF 2006-09-27
no replies yet

major depression
i am having major depresion. I have a 6 wk old baby and i have no family close to where i
recordcheap 2006-09-26
2   last decade

Intense Dreams?
I have very intense dreams every night. Not necessarily scary, just very vivid--and becaus
cohenlam 2006-09-26
1   last decade

Squint Eye problem!!!
Hi. I have squint problem since childhood. I had two surgeries. Last suegery I had two yea
hinahassan 2006-09-26
1   last decade

I have various probs, but my latest acute one (comes and goes) is constant horrific burnin
carolinemarbles 2006-09-26
2   last decade

National Council for Homeopathy ELECTION 2006
Homeopathic Dr. Inam Ullah Mirza hold a press conference and given details on election 200
shamid 2006-09-26
1   last decade

Help!!! Infertility cure
Hi, Age: 28 Ht: 5' Wt: 52 Body type : Indian Diet: Indian diet but takes very less f
rohitchattar 2006-09-21
5   last decade

I was searching on info on Lipomas when i came across this link, http://www.abchomeopathy
vikibhat 2006-09-25
2   last decade

How well trained is YOUR surgeon?
Junior doctors falsify records to gain extra time in theatre as their working hours are cu
walkin 2006-09-26
no replies yet

mr. joe- nat phos
dear sir as advised by u i am taking nat phos 6x 2 tab twice a day these are the changes i
VIPINARORA 2006-09-26
3   last decade

6 wk baby has green gooey stuff in eye
my 6 wk baby has green gooey stuff in eye daily a few times a day. could it be eye infecti
recordcheap 2006-09-26
1   last decade

Please do not think Homeopathy fail to cure - Dr. Deoshlok
Your last word to the doctor may cure your disease Patient Version Rubrics Medicine
deoshlok 2006-09-26
1   last decade

8 year old with excema on face
My 8 year old daughter developed excema on her forehead about a year ago. This has cleare
Pamala 2006-09-18
7   last decade

Abdomen pain near bladder.
My friend has sever pain in abdomen near bladder.It happens ocassionally at night.All othe
jsvirdi 2006-09-26
1   last decade

sneeze,hairfall,dark circle..
hii, i have these following problems- i am Savithri, 24 year old, studying in US. 1. i
savdeep 2005-06-18
5   last decade

Arnica Help
Hi .. my mother has trubel with her hands pain in both hands carpal syndrome ? she have
greensparrow 2006-09-25
3   last decade

Stomach ulcers
Here's another problem that I need help with. A good friend of mine told me today tha
AS3122 2006-09-26
1   last decade

7 yr old with infection, on antibiotics
My 7yo daughter has a infected index finger (she bit off a hangnail, and it got infected).
lilbanditos 2006-09-25
2   last decade

To Joe: antidote clarification please, and other issues
Hi Joe. I am new to this forum and have read several of your posts as well as the entire &
Louise in CA 2006-09-22
10   last decade

[message deleted by Frank Wittevrongel on Mon, 23 Sep 2013 07:00:22 BST]
Frank Wittevrongel 2006-09-23
7   last decade

Girl 6 year, weak bladder
Hello! My dauhgter just turnd 6 end of may, and she cant hold her unrinate. Some weeks she
Schere2004 2005-06-02
11   last decade

i would like to know about skin itching severe with small red pimples.
niranjan kumar 2006-09-25
2   last decade

sore throat-on vacarion-help!
hi. a friend who is on vacation just called me wanting some help with what to take for a s
Louise in CA 2006-09-25
2   last decade

fever and cough
Is there any remedy for cough. I had fever for few days with cold, heavy head, and cough.
julyabc 2006-09-25
2   last decade

eye sight
hi ppl i got my eye sight weak now due 2 excessive computer use nd other study mat
kimlee 2006-09-06
10   last decade

Ear virus appears to cause sores on external ear?
I had a sudden onset of tinnitus (ringing in the ear) of my right ear accompanied by heari
dalewb 2006-09-24
1   last decade

members.iimetro.com.au/~hubbca/cellsalts.htm site explain cellsalt dosage and more .
greensparrow 2006-09-25
no replies yet

MVD Funding help?
My friend has been diagnosed with Atypical TN, and she is contemplating MVD as you can see
nigel_ 2006-09-24
4   last decade

Guttate and red underarm rash
Hi, My 4 yr old son has guttate psorasis on his elbows and knees. He has been having thro
Suess 2006-09-24
5   last decade

need help dr.deoshlok
i had told you about my problem of hairfall and you had prescribed natrium mur 10m.i am ta
asutosh1234 2006-09-24
1   last decade

molluscum contagiosum
hi, I'm in need of some advice as my 5 year old son is suffering from molluscum. He h
miaki 2006-09-25
1   last decade

Silicea & Tingling Sensation - Working?
For those of you who had success with Silicea for minor acne scars on the face, did you no
modernlyamused 2006-09-22
4   last decade

Chronic cough and itchy nose in the morning
My 4 year old son has cough and itchy nose, itchy eyes in the mornings for past 7-8 months

matilda 2006-09-19
13   last decade

argentum nit
I recently bought a bottle of argentum nit.Why is the word impulsiveness on the bottle?
zap1003 2006-09-23
2   last decade

motion sickness
Please help me choose the right remedy for my motion sickness in car. I have read about th
Selina 2006-09-24
2   last decade

kidney stone
I have a friend who has a kidney stone. Symptoms for a week or so, still nothing passed.
Newcreation 2006-09-22
2   last decade

For Dr Deoshlok
Ref:http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/63008/ Dear Deoshlok I am on this regimen s
zorro_- 2006-07-12
11   last decade

Spotting for 4 months
I've been experiencing a non-stop 'period' for four months, starting in mid-M
perpetua 2006-09-07
5   last decade

bloodshot eyes
I have been suffering bloodshot eyes almost daily for about two years. Actually it's
jradical 2006-09-24
4   last decade

Re-accuring inner ear infection..NEED HELP!
Hello all Hvae been reading a bunch of posts on ear infections from different people on th
glittergirl 2006-09-24
3   last decade

Recurring yeast infections, pancreas surgery
I'm about a year out from a surgery on my pancreas (had a benign tumor growing rapidl
smilingzona 2006-01-16
6   last decade

do not believe them!
walkin 2006-04-13
12   last decade

How does one receive their Consitutional Remedy?
I see many notes of Constitutional remedies being used. How does one determine this, is t

luckylot1999 2006-09-21
17   last decade

Diabetes Insipidus
My 1 year 5 months old child is recently being diagnosed of Diabetes Insipidus (Nephrogeni
ayesha29 2006-09-24
2   last decade

Sore Tonsils
Im 15 years old and have large tonsils and i'm always coughing up mucous and when i s
2loveable4 2006-09-23
1   last decade

Disc Degeneration
Hi there. I am trying to find help for my mother. She has been suffering from disc degener
vancouverguy 2006-09-23
1   last decade

Kuldeep pls help!! - Excessive dandruff
Hi! Im 32, male suffering from excessive dandruff and it's getting worse and worse. I
vaz686 2006-09-24
1   last decade

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