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hi, i masturbate an average of 45 times in a month from past 10 years. i am currently aged
unknown2908 2016-12-29
3   jawahar last year

Male Infertility
My Semen Analysis Report color= grey white viscosity= viscous sperm count=05 million motal
noorkhooharo 2016-12-24
4   jawahar last year

Male infertility
I am 32 years old.i have married for 2 years ago but have no child. This is my semen test
Gooz 2016-12-15
4   jawahar last year

Hernia (right inguinal) for years, now piles and possible anal fissure/fistula
Male, (half European half Indian origin), 50 yo, vegan 21 years (mostly a raw food eater),
Aesops 2017-01-21
3   kadwa last year

Plz Suggest
I have small warts on my neck face armpits etc plz suggest remedy
emranulhaq 2016-12-22
4   jawahar last year

Fistula In anal Region
Dear Sir, I am suffering from anal fistula from past 1 year.Have taken Ayurvedic medicine
sanjm 2016-12-13
5   jawahar last year

Is there any remedy..?pls suggest me
Dear experts please suggest any permanent remedy... I used to masturbate since 14 years of
Shemul 2016-12-24
7   jawahar last year

Cat not Improving
One of my sprayed cat is not showing improvements. She eat well, she take Me-o cat food an
yoga2000 2017-01-16
5   kadwa last year

Guidance for complex symptoms- body and nervous system
I'm looking to explore homeopathy for this experience. I had a traumatic experience t
sarastar 2017-01-26
1   sarastar last year

Side effects
I am facing with acne from 2years from last month i am taking sulphur 30 does it have any
Teja 2017-01-24
3   jawahar last year

Urination Problem
1. Describe your main suffering? State the correct location of pain or suffering. While
sinusman 2017-01-24
3   sinusman last year

Molluscum & Antimoniom/thuja. 3 year old
PLEASE anyone who has knowledge about this help me. We have battled MC for 2 years and it
snaphappymom 2017-01-19
2   MCV Dad last year

Eye inflammation - Uveitis
Hello - I am suffering from eye inflammation for about a couple of years now. I get sporad
aarkay1 2017-01-18
4   bapu4 last year

anxiety regarding health
Hello, my husband for past few years is suffering from anxiety...he is worried that if he
sally2 2017-01-24
1   homeo_helper last year

Sulphur and Psorinum: dosage frequency ?
Hi I am on a long term treatment with Sulphur 1M and Prosinum 1M. I wanted your suggestio
ranaknight 2012-05-16
12   simone717 last year

I need urgent help,please help me
I have been suffering from bad effects of masturbation for four years which includes nerv
AMIT SHEKHAR1 2017-01-04
3   jawahar last year

Reversing of grey hair to black
Dear all, Is there a remedy that will restore the black pigment to hair that has become wh
SaraChacko1 2015-08-29
11   bilal khan1 last year

Expert Dr for conceiving problem
hello Dr. please help me i am not conceiving i am taking treatment on this forum from Dr.

human1 2016-10-20
47   human1 last year

Tonic for underweight kid
Hello doctor I want to ask if I can give alfalfa malt tonic to my 7 year old son. He is
Bbsr1 2017-01-24
4   akshaymohl last year

I had some filings when I was younger. .. my Wixom teeth have been coming in... One upper
Hawaiianmommy 2014-12-21
9   Hawaiianmommy last year

[Solved] Toothache and nerve pain
My wife is suffering from toothache and nerve pain that sometimes travels up to her left e
varunb 2017-01-21
4   gavinimurthy last year

help needed
dr i need help age 34 single period regular i got vaginal sore/ ulcer , three years back
mahsan 2017-01-06
5   mahsan last year

Piles / Fistula
Sir, I am suffering from my Fistula for a long times. Previously it was pilesjust infront
dmitra59 2017-01-22
2   dmitra59 last year

Dry cough
Sir, I am 24 years old. suffering from dry cough last 3/4 days. so please give me some ad
anik1992 2017-01-05
10   HealthyWorld last year

Sir, I am 52 years old lady and housewife. I am a diabetic patient and it has detected in
nandamitra65 2017-01-06
7   nandamitra65 last year

High sexual desire, pain in testicles
Dear doctor, I am a 23 year old guy. I have been experiencing a very high uncontrollable u
nihit 2017-01-22
1   kadwa last year

anxiety ,palpitations,hamorrohids,manopause
suffering since 5 years, help me..got almost every homeo medicine
shama1 2017-01-22
1   kadwa last year

Dry lips, depression, eyes sensitive to light, lean body
Hi im 27 years, having dry lips,my eyes sensitive to light, no hunger,anger, depression, s
Sandhya3 2017-01-22
1   kadwa last year

Premature ejaculation
Hi Dr I am 25 male 84kg weight masturbating since I was 16. At start I masturbate 2-4 time
mm1122 2017-01-21
1   kadwa last year

counter side effects of Streptomycin injection
Hello experts, My father is 74 years of age he has brain stroke for which we gave treatmen
Homeopathy1980 2017-01-20
1   kadwa last year

dr.kadwa please help me
Sir my age is 24 ...height 6ft..weight 76 kg..sir i have some reproducative organ problems
harry250513 2017-01-20
1   kadwa last year

Acne, Weight Gain, Constipation. Please Help.
Problems - Cystic Acne on face, weight gain, constipation without the use of probiotics/or

raina66 2016-10-23
15   kadwa last year

Dr.kadwa please help..Life threatening problem
I have penis pain in the right side of my glans..i already used many antibiotics and pain
Shaik Munvar 2017-01-19
1   kadwa last year

Unintrupted sound sleep for few hours
Sir after hectic activity whole day I need a sound sleep for around 5 hours so that nobody
Bick 2017-01-23
2   Bick last year

Dear dr. I have problem of Azospermia . In testis biopsy only few spermatoginiaa seen
Akgupta10 2017-01-14
3   kadwa last year

Spinning sensation due to dry and fatigue eyes
Hi Doctors, I am 36 years old software engineer. Most of my work is on computers so I spe
imtiyaz.ansari1 2017-01-12
5   akshaymohl last year

Pregnancy symptoms
Hi Im 33 yrs old 33 weeks pregnant. This is my third pregnancy. And not going very smoot
navedsha 2017-01-04
5   navedsha last year

No doctor coming to help!
I had requested help/ advice on treating an Endometriosis case.No doctor has come forward
jawahar 2017-01-22
2   simone717 last year

Premature ejaculation
Sir, I masturbated many times at the age of 10-28. My age is now 29 and I am married. My p
djdjpj 2015-10-20
7   djdjpj last year

URGENT: Chicken / Hen / Rooster affected with ranikhet disease
Hi I lost my two hens and one rooster for Ranikhet disease. Other hens and rooster are sh
agriz 2017-01-22
1   mnaari last year

Help for Alopecia Areata
Sir, I am suffering from alopecia areata for more than 5 years. Take medicine in allopat
star1452 2016-12-06
4   HDr.Shaikh Waseem last year

9 years boy not getting height/weight
dear, My son is 9 years old,he have chronic constipation,but his height and wight is not
chakbedi 2017-01-20
1   chakbedi last year

sexual problem, please help me urgently
I am 25 years old Male. i have very low beard growth, just little hairs on chin only. seco
abhay111992 2017-01-21
no replies yet

Info on some rare homeopathics
Hello. Does anybody know anything about Bismuthum Bromatum and Platina Iodata Magn.? My ho
Kelly1 2017-01-17
11   simone717 last year

Diagnosed h pylori from breath test and have been suffering vaginal irritation
I have been diagnosed with h pylori through breath test. I have been suffering from recurr

Flower3 2017-01-05
20   Flower3 last year

1M Potency
On the bottle it says 3-6 pellets 3-4 times a day. Isnt that alot for a 1M?
nataldav2 2017-01-21
1   simone717 last year

2.5yr child enlarged adenoids and tonsils
Hello, I'm looking for recommendations to try homeopathic medicine to treat enlarged
ejk 2017-01-20
1   homeo_helper last year

Post paralysis retrograde of tongue
My wife age 36 suffering obesity .in previous winter she required excessive fanning since

honey635 2016-07-31
44   honey635 last year

abdominal pain
For myself: I have a problem for which i hvae had to be taken to emergency about 2-3 times

plaguedmum 2009-11-21
17   plaguedmum last year

Ulcerative Colitis .......Dr Mohla ....pls help
y dad, who is around 75 years of age is suffering from Ulcerative Colitis since 9 years. T

venus0743 2016-01-28
13   akshaymohl last year

Question about.(Cartilage regenerator) dr.deoshlok sharma
it is cartilage generator for the joint pain in a 6 month (Cartilage regenerator) Hav

ridha89 2010-04-10
14   dpnctl last year

Paralysis on the right part of body
Paralysis on the right side of the body My Father is 61 Years old. And he has paralysis at

fakhruddin.mota 2013-07-01
31   vinay2224 last year

Gallbladder Polyps
I have 5 Gallbladder Polyps, 3 are tiny but the other 2 are 0.5 and 0.6cm, every 6 months
Gerald1 2016-12-24
1   Gerald1 last year

Peyronie with gynecomastia
Hi All, Is there any remedy for Peyronie and gynecomastia in homeopathy. If it is then at
Midhu 2017-01-19
no replies yet

Alfalfa Tonic And Liv-T
Can I Take Alfalfa Tonic And SBL Liver Tonic At Once In A Day ? Thats Like Alfalfa Before

suman10 2017-01-11
15   suman10 last year

Please Help: Long Term Ulcer In Gum
Hello there, I am from India and my age is 36 years. A painful ulcer has appeared from

khmedia 2016-12-01
17   khmedia last year

Dr Kadwa Please Help with Thinning Hairs and Hairfall
Sir, I am 28 years old Male from Ghaziabad, India. I have been suffering from excessive h

mayankgates 2015-12-08
22   kadwa last year

Central retinal vein occlusion
Dear Doctor I am 26yr old female and recently had multiple haemorrhages in the Retina in
Zeba siddiqui 2017-01-18
1   kadwa last year

Erectile disfunction and pemature ejaculation and semen leakage
Dear Sir, Im from india leavimg in middle east in saudi, I have a serious problem. Im m
Needcure 2017-01-16
2   kadwa last year

chapped lip and infection
dear sir in every winter there is a problem for me chapped lip and small infection on lip
Nitesh Kamal 2017-01-18
1   kadwa last year

Retinal vein occlusion of right eye
Retinal vein occlusion of right eye approximately 7 years ago in 60 year old female. Loss
Sweetbriar 2017-01-17
1   kadwa last year

hypothyroidism post pregnancy
Hi I am 32 year old. I developed hypothyroidism after giving birth to my second child a bo
samee1 2017-01-16
1   kadwa last year

is here homeo are curing patients?
hello reader and patients is any homeo doctor is really curing or not,i think h

Dit 2016-10-28
52   Drquest last year

Cold flu congestion
Hi I am new on this forum. I face flu and cold problems (symptoms like snezzing, running n
Ierzou 2017-01-18
1   HealthyWorld last year

How to cure side effects of masturbation
From Gujarat. My name is Andrea, I'm a patient of over masturbation. I'm 24 year
Evaristo 2017-01-17
1   akshaymohl last year

Migraines from dairy
I have been getting migraines and I believe it is caused by ingesting dairy. The headaches
natahleigh 2017-01-18
1   homeo_helper last year

Ankylosing spondylitis
Dear all I m suffering from ankylosing spondylitis with stiff back and neck can homeopathy
skumar09 2017-01-16
1   Ali007 last year

Kid- Preventing root canal and extraction
Hello Sir, Hope to find a urgent remedy that works for my 6 year old daughter. I need ur
lemi 2017-01-17
5   Drquest last year

6 year old boy with hearing deficit
My son is 6 year old and he seems to have hearing issues. He constantly needs us to repeat
Swati028 2017-01-05
8   0antivirus0 last year

High BP with high pulse rate
My wife age 40 is suffering with high BP , remains(100+,160+) and pulse rate remains 100+.
keshavktl 2017-01-18
no replies yet

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