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Interesting...continually harrassed for not behaving like everyone else, and then 'ba

Dr Organon 6 2008-02-21
17   Cordial last decade

event-driven anxiety
I am a newbie to homeopathy so I wanted to ask advice on a problem I am having and what so
nyjetsfan75 2008-02-21
4   John Stanton last decade

runny nose 9 month old
good afternoon, I wanted to know if there is any homeopathic medicine to help my son with
xvxjennyxvx 2008-02-22
3   John Stanton last decade

prudential distance
Hi All, I want some input about the minimal apropiate distance between a t.v and hom.
Albert 2008-02-22
1   Albert last decade

I suffered from constipation after taking iron in food or even taking ferrum phos.please s
commondo 2008-02-22
2   Dr Tahira last decade

cure for hydrocele
Is there any homeopathy medicine which can cure hydrocele in adults? What about drotonin?
rk534 2008-02-22
4   rishimba last decade

layman question about potencies
Few weeks ago, i went to a homeoshop (in india) and asked for a certain drug in 30C. The b
chiru71 2008-02-22
2   srisri last decade

Bipolar Disorder
Respected doctors, My father is a heart patient. He has undergone bypass some 3 years ago
mev80 2008-02-17
2   mev80 last decade

Homeopathic treatment for Ulcerative Colitis
Dear All, I have tried to provide as much detail as possible in this post, and would gre
Submariner 2008-02-22
3   Submariner last decade

artery blokage
my age is 30yrs .it seems there is 40% blokage in my left artery. i fell always dullnes n
pallavini 2008-02-22
2   girilal last decade

Any cure for unknown Leukodystrophy
Hello, My son is 2 years old and is suffering from unknown Leukodystrophy. We had visited
ssreddy 2008-02-21
5   girilal last decade

herpes on lips
I get a sore on lips -it pains and at times bleeds.I have tried all medicines and it conti

praty 2007-11-26
22   praty last decade

seminal leakage when thinking of sex
I have a very big problem, I use to masterbate 3 times a day and I use to sleep like 3 hou
rrs797 2008-02-16
6   rrs797 last decade

Helpful suggestions please.....
I am a teacher at our local elementary school and we know the generosity of our children e
lclawar 2008-02-21
2   jeac2008 last decade

child with strep throat
Does anyone know what to give a child with strep throat to avoid giving him an antibiotic?

maryo 2005-06-14
63   phaedragirl last decade

skin whitening
i am fair but i have a white birth mark in my half face and neck that make the other half
lving 2008-02-20
2   lving last decade

Where is John
Hey John, Where are you?/
mohammadjamaal 2008-02-21
no replies yet

Hi, can anyone help this person, Taken a lot of Ayurvedic, Unani and homeopathic remedies.
mohammadjamaal 2008-02-18
9   mohammadjamaal last decade

Mr.Organon - Head Explodes
Mr.Organon Head Explodes Dear Mr.Organon, I recently had a case of HCE (Hyper-Cerebral

Alexthink 2008-02-08
67   mohammadjamaal last decade

Tourette Syndrome
What is Tourette Syndrome? A. Tourette Syndrome (TS) is a neurological disorder characteri

deoshlok 2005-12-14
35   Dr Organon 6 last decade

Urgent Pankaj please check email
Pankaj, please check your email asap. Thanks!
Cordial 2008-02-21
no replies yet

treat vasomotor rhinitis
I have been to an allergist recently, had a skin patch test and she diagnosed me as having
mitulika 2008-02-20
4   mitulika last decade

eye glass number reduction and eye stress relief
are there any proven remedies for the above mentioned?
alwaysinecstasy 2008-02-18
6   alwaysinecstasy last decade

H.Pylori and Anxiety
I have beem very much affected from stomach trouble kindly prescribe me good and effective
Jibran 2008-02-20
4   Dr Tahira last decade

Kind Attn Pankaj Varma
Hi Mr Pankaj Varma, I have posted the feedback of your prescription for my father's
chiru71 2008-02-14
2   chiru71 last decade

broynai alb
about a fortnight ago i used broynia alb 30 and at that time i did not have any constipati
devagral 2008-02-21
2   Dr Tahira last decade

swelling of body, artheritis & brights desease
My wife age about 47 years is suffering from diseases. Symptoms as follows: Swelling of
m.mazhar 2008-02-20
3   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

Permanency of Remedies
Hello all, Is it possible to repeat a remedy too much to where the proving seems permanen
thekind78 2008-02-21
1   Dr Tahira last decade

achondroplasia suspected
Sir, Thanks for your kind information.But i have one doubt,my son is only 8months old
harshavardan 2008-02-21
1   harshavardan last decade

Can Homeopathy?
permanently cure the recurring problem of Sebaceous Cysts?
MarkD 2008-02-21
2   Dr Tahira last decade

achondroplasia suspected
Sir, My son is 8months old he is suffering from the disease called Achondroplasia.If a
harshavardan 2008-02-20
1   girilal last decade

Trying to get off Benzodiazepine-going crazy!!!
A couple months ago I found out I was pregnant, so I abruptly come off of Clonazepam. I t
flowerchild 2008-02-20
2   girilal last decade

What should I have on hand for infant
I have a three month old and would like to know what remedies I should have on hand and wh
moonchiald 2008-02-20
6   srisri last decade

pain under right rib cage
Hi, I get very severe pain under the right rib cage from last one year. The pain generally
gaziabad 2008-02-14
8   gaziabad last decade

Yeast Infection coupled with Helicobacter pylori
Hi. I have been diagnosed w/severe Candida infection which has progressed from digestive t
hujbakh 2006-03-26
7   merme last decade

Crazy Painful Itching
hello, I think i am allergic to cold. when the winter comes Crazy Painful Itching start.
mmnyb 2008-01-28
10   rishimba last decade

Height Increase
I am 24 years old,48 kg weight slim stature.What will be my doeses to increse my height.Th
pops007 2008-02-20
1   rishimba last decade

why i dont get reply
help me with cold or sinus problem From robina655 on 2008-02-18 2 replies 31 views hello
robina655 2008-02-20
3   Dr Tahira last decade

4yr old with constipation
My 4yr old DD suffers badly from constipation and it seems to be psychological. Once the
Candy11 2008-02-18
5   Dr Tahira last decade

bladder problem, parkinson patient
My father Aged 76 (height 5'5' , weight 70) is suffering with the following: Mai

chiru71 2007-09-18
19   chiru71 last decade

Last resort
Hi, I'm 23, male, from India. For almost a year, I had a few really small pimple lik
MarkD 2008-02-20
1   rishimba last decade

Help for self diagnosis
Can anyone recommend a book or another source for self diagnosing remedies? I have heard
annlivi2000 2008-02-19
2   rishimba last decade

white spots on nails.
My five and half years son has white spots on his nails . What is significance of white s
lucky123 2008-02-18
10   PANKAJ VARMA last decade

Urgent Help needed - Arnica 200
After 1 week of Arnica 200 (3 doses per day) following symptoms have arisen. Pressure in
alwaysinecstasy 2008-02-18
10   kabir_khan786 last decade

Mild skeletal dysplasia
sir,My son is 7 months old suffering for short structure of bones.for your information.Lli
harshavardan 2008-01-02
2   harshavardan last decade

Chronic kidney failure and started on Peritoneal dialysis
My father, aged 52yrs,has been a diabetic since the past 20yrs, and also has high blood pr
ritug 2008-02-19
3   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

sinus or stress
I am female age 48 have had numerous MRI and CAT scans, blood test nothing showing up. Doc
merc 2008-02-12
6   tochitra last decade

son needs help
hi i have a teenage son who i am hoping might be helped with a homeopathic remedy. he is
rana1968 2008-02-19
2   akshaymohl last decade

Itching is making me crazy!
About three weeks ago I started itching under my jawline with no rash. Then it started it

nandiqueen 2008-02-18
14   sajjadakram635 last decade

How to drop cholesterol medicine
Hello everybody! I am returning patient. Want to ask about how to avoid taking cholesterol
Clarewish 2008-02-19
no replies yet

I can sleep standing
I am a 40 y.old woman in a good health. I am overweight by about 80LB but had been my whol

Clarewish 2007-03-19
29   Clarewish last decade

Two year old has earache (poss. infection)
My 2 yr. old son has an ache in his right ear and a fever of 101. Yesterday his fever was
Fire Bird 2008-02-18
3   Dr Tahira last decade

30 th potency is safe
Anybody taking homoeopathic treatment you should take 30th potency of the medicine as its
dr suchi 2008-02-19
2   Dr Tahira last decade

Body Heated
Dear Sir, I am Pakistani. Changing the season in Pakistan(cold to hot) produce heat in my
s.jamal20 2008-02-19
2   Dr Tahira last decade

Advice needed for my 5 year old daughter
Hi All My daughter started with a cough about a week ago now. She has now started with a
shellnelliot 2008-02-18
1   rishimba last decade

Treating Miasms
Please guide the sequence of treating a psychotic miasm In this treatment psoric miasm be
hisam 2008-02-19
1   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

erectile dysfunction
Has any 1 heard of homeopathic tonic 3gX for erection problems?has any1 used it?IS IT REAL
eklota 2008-02-18
1   atolke last decade

method of taking LM potency
please tell the effective way of taking LM potency. should we start from 0/1 or 0/2 and ho

sumitra 2008-02-17
35   moderator last decade

running nose and sinusitis thru the year
I have a running nose through out the year and that leads to sinusitis as well. My nasal s

anamikagulati 2008-01-31
22   sameervermani last decade

Homeopathic Side Effect?
Hi my name is John, i've been use a product called Loma Lux Acne Pill. I have mild to
johntran 2008-02-18
1   John Stanton last decade

Neurodermatitis (Lichen Simplex Chronicus): John Stanton or others, please help...
Hi, I've been suffering from eczema (neurodermatitis) since age 7 (now 28), but my l
nautilus 2006-08-15
3   befrank last decade

Any remedy to reduce the pubic hair grown on the male genital
Is there any remedy that might focus on reducing or removing the hair grown on the male ge
majaown 2008-02-17
3   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

Unable to focus
I have a son of 5 and half years old . He is very active and good in study . But he has
lucky123 2008-02-11
12   lucky123 last decade

Ad Tedium...
Okay, as it would seem certain members here have nothing better to do than continually mak

Mr Organon 2008-02-14
74   Mr Organon last decade

All done now?
All done now are we? Good stuff. May I go back to treating patients? with all of your kind
Mr Organon 2008-02-17
12   Mr Organon last decade

help me with cold or sinus problem
hello i have one problem when i go to sleep eather side my hands go to sleep if i sleep r
robina655 2008-02-18
2   robina655 last decade

nux vomica seed
dear kuldeep u have said about making nux vomica at home by its seeds but we have been tau

sumitra 2008-02-17
30   Mr Organon last decade

herbal tinctures
Please explain what the letter D and the number after it means, when a combination remedy
Livia 2008-02-18
no replies yet

High Blood Pressure
Although I don't intend to treat this myself I am curious to know if/how someone who
Blossom 2008-02-15
4   Blossom last decade

where to place an order for 3gX tonic
please let me know from where to get 3gX i have heard its realy good for erectile dysfun
atolke 2008-02-18
1   atolke last decade

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