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Please help any Doctor for Eczema & Allergy
I have posted previously also for my son's eczema and food allergy, but did not get a
daveap 2009-01-20
6   daveap 9 years ago

Azoospermia - No Sperms - Pls Help
Hello There, First of all Thanks for reading it thru...Though my problem is not small(like
azoomale 2005-12-25
10   sorahamsha 9 years ago

Treatment to paraganglioma
Hi, My father is 70 yrs old. He has bee diagnosed with multiple reccurent paraganglioma tu
r0yar1ndam 2009-01-21
no replies yet

frozen shoulder
i am having 'frozen shoulder' pain for the last 2 months. my x-ray and blood rep
shantipushp 2009-01-21
1   jainil2006 9 years ago

I am 42 years old and have been trying to concieve for more than 6 years. I had large fib
ashami 2009-01-20
4   ashami 9 years ago

With very sad heart it is felt that the purpose of the forum is itself defeated when neede
pramod bhardwaj 2009-01-21
1   Mahfoozurrehman 9 years ago

Anxiety attack with breathing difficulty
I am an Irish male and 37 years old and have lately been plagued by anxiety attacks which
rohogain1 2009-01-19
4   Mahfoozurrehman 9 years ago

acne and scars
28yrs extremely suffering from acne and scars, (8yrs) hair loss,dand
anjani 2009-01-19
2   anjani 9 years ago

severe acne and scars dandruff
Age: 28 Sex: m Location/Climate: andhra pradesh History of present illness: acne, scars,d
anjani 2009-01-20
2   anjani 9 years ago

please help deppression ,anger, violent
Hi Actually my wife reacts sometimes very different she get stress with little things and
aamiraj 2009-01-20
3   aamiraj 9 years ago

Knee Pain, Cervical Spondolysis & Joint Pain
I am a 43 year old army officer. I have been very active physically so far.. Since the las
aryan_army 2009-01-12
12   sorahamsha 9 years ago

Rashes on the cheeks
My Son is 6 yrs old. His complexion is wheatish brown. He has been having rashes on his ch
mantra 2009-01-09
3   mantra 9 years ago

Silicea Qs? Dr. Mahfuz? anybody?
Hi I am again posting this because nobody replied me earlier Dr please if you can guide me
blackstallion 2009-01-20
2   blackstallion 9 years ago

Sebaceous Cysts on labia
Hello, Could anyone please advice a treatment for Sebaceous Cysts on labia ( They a
piyar 2009-01-20
no replies yet

vitiligo treatments
I have visited two websites that claim to have products that provide great results in trea
themederman 2006-06-29
1   antivitiligotablet 9 years ago

white patches on lipsand finger tips vitiligo?
Iam 37 years old male. I noticed a small pink discolouration on my upper lip about 8 mont
selvam 2008-06-16
1   antivitiligotablet 9 years ago

siri suffer from vitiligo for the last 40 yrs.can y pl suggest medicine to cure r restrict
shamma 2008-02-08
2   antivitiligotablet 9 years ago

I have what is probably defined as vitiligo. Basically losing pigment on my arms, hands fe
brothera 2008-06-22
2   antivitiligotablet 9 years ago

Respected sirs please advise Vitiligo
my mother has having vitiligo for the past 5 years , for the past 1 year she has been to h
ggopalkrishna 2008-09-11
2   antivitiligotablet 9 years ago

3 months may B notmore I found some white spots on my arms but did not take any notice but
Sabir1943 2008-08-24
2   antivitiligotablet 9 years ago

vitiligo,white patches on abdomen
I have white patches on abdomen left side for the past 3 months. Iam taking ASF 3x but no
jsvirdi 2007-04-26
2   antivitiligotablet 9 years ago

I have been putting sunblock on my vitiligo affected areas to keep tit protected but does
kiran6 2004-06-14
2   antivitiligotablet 9 years ago

Are all vitiligo treatment scams or not tell me if something is worked for you.
Are all vitiligo treatment scams or not tell me if something is worked for you. Help does
mwmwmw 2007-04-14
2   antivitiligotablet 9 years ago

Vitiligo or Fungus?
After reading some postings on Vitiligo I am now not sure whether I have Vitiligo or a fun
jaydgreens 2007-03-16
2   antivitiligotablet 9 years ago

my daughter she is 3 yr old,she is having severe food allergies, asthma.she is allergic to
liljen 2009-01-17
5   liljen 9 years ago

Vitiligo nothing works I tried everything on this site for vitiligo all lies
Vitiligo nothing works I tried everything on this site for vitiligo all lies There is no c
mwmwmw 2007-05-14
3   antivitiligotablet 9 years ago

Need help have I got vitiligo?
HiI'm new here and I'm 17 and I need a little help, I wanna know is, do I have v
Ladybird 2006-04-25
3   antivitiligotablet 9 years ago

vitiligo + spots + dry skin
hi people! im 18 years of age, male and in good health. i suffer from vitiligo round my ey
amrany 2005-11-09
3   antivitiligotablet 9 years ago

Preventive for Vitiligo
Hello Everyone,Is there any Homeo Medicine to prevent Vitiligo in the long run.RegardsRatn
srprasad 2005-06-10
3   antivitiligotablet 9 years ago

Skin disease called vitiligo--anyone have a treatment that works?
Hi. I am new to this forum but have been reading some of the topics for a few days now. I
DebbieAnn 2005-07-25
4   antivitiligotablet 9 years ago

Vitiligo-Dr.Deoshok Sharma-Melanin LM4
You said Melanin LM4 does not regenerate Malanicyte in the skin. Well what does it do? Whe
mwmwmw 2007-05-19
4   antivitiligotablet 9 years ago

Vitiligo - Dogs
I have a friend who has a 9 year old German Shepherd mix and has vitiligo. The skin around
Georgex2 2006-12-06
4   antivitiligotablet 9 years ago

vitiligo or something else?
4 moths back i noticed a small about 2 mm diameter discolored(pink) skin on my upper lip.a
sona12 2004-09-29
5   antivitiligotablet 9 years ago

Ginkgo Extract Effective Treatment for Vitiligo
Ginkgo Extract Effective Treatment for Vitiligo By Darin Ingels, ND Healthnotes News
samroy 2006-08-19
6   antivitiligotablet 9 years ago

I am searching cure for Pre vitiligo.Pl advice
shivdhara 2005-06-17
9   antivitiligotablet 9 years ago

Hola, quiero que alguien que conozca la forma de contactarme con los medicos que tratan el

zandy 2006-09-08
13   antivitiligotablet 9 years ago

Teeth Grinding and Constipation - 6 Year old
My 6 year old daughter has been grinding the teeth since a long time, may be since she was

tilak2008 2008-12-16
25   sameervermani 9 years ago

Sleep Apnoea /Snoring/ Acid Reflux or Acidity in Night
Hello, Can sleep Apnoea be cured by homeopathy? I am a heavy snoring guy, 47yrs and have
RajanTX 2009-01-19
2   RajanTX 9 years ago

Mind - Body Connection
BODY MIND CONNECTION IN HOMEOPATHY There is no line that can be drawn between the physical
PANKAJ VARMA 2009-01-20
no replies yet

bend pennis
asalam o alaikum.i am nauman from faisalabad.i need your help. i hav eproblem. my age is 2
nauman_bashir99 2009-01-20
no replies yet

To all doctors
A mas an aged 65yrs has following problems 1.he is having lumbar spondylitis from last 30y
acchume 2009-01-20
no replies yet

CKD patient Please help
HI All, My Father has bilateral poli cystic kidneys.This has been identified in 2004, aft
nik_tcs 2009-01-20
no replies yet

Please help doctor - urgent
I am 48 years old female I have been suffering from symptoms for about 2 years now.. My sy
krishnamythri 2009-01-18
5   Dr.Haran ch malaker 9 years ago

Kidney stone ! Sameervarmani, Rishimba,Tahira?
I am 28yrs old and having stone in my right kidney since 18years ago i had surgery for tha
Mahneel 2009-01-19
3   Dr.Haran ch malaker 9 years ago

Help Me
hello dear doctor i ahve one patient she is 14 year old and suffering with severe autism.
dr.preetchhoudhary 2009-01-19
4   Dr.Haran ch malaker 9 years ago

Colic/trapped wind 5 month old baby
Hello, I've started comunicating with raphaeloliveira about my baby's colic-prob
Bellinamia 2009-01-18
5   Bellinamia 9 years ago

I am 48 yrs male.during inter course,im not continue till last.Before satisfaction of my w
asl_bshyamal 2009-01-20
no replies yet

kidney function
can homeopathy improve diminished kidney function in chronic glomerulosclerosis disease??A
savitaj 2008-07-24
11   kadwa 9 years ago

Hyperacidity & Pain in shoulder to Elbow
hello to all, My name is Nilesh Parmar.I am 32 yrs old & maaried. no children yet. I have
nileshparmar 2009-01-19
4   sorahamsha 9 years ago

my six year old tested positive with strep
My six year old has a rash on his trunk and arms, complains of headaches and his stomach h
Mrs.Mom 2009-01-20
1   sorahamsha 9 years ago

Any Doctor Take Doctor Sameer' Case
CASE SUMMARY OF THE PATIENT: i am 35 yr old, an allopathic doctor.i was always a physical

Doctor Humayun 2009-01-10
13   PANKAJ VARMA 9 years ago

2 things - Aspergers and an infected toe
My son was diagnosed with Aspergers, he has difficulty at school but is very smart. He
ljleonard 2009-01-20
no replies yet

blood pressure/menstrual/weight
What is good for blood pressure. Mine usually is 139/96 - 148/100. tonite it was 155/97. U
ljleonard 2009-01-16
2   ljleonard 9 years ago

Dientamoeba Fragilis
My two kids had a stool test recently(CDSA level 4) and Dientamoeba Fragilis was found. I
esmeant 2009-01-17
2   esmeant 9 years ago

my 9yr old son has been wetting the bed ever since . he weighs 35 kg . he has had lycopodi
ajaysmriti 2009-01-19
3   TONVIA 9 years ago

Dr Luc de Schepper changes my outlook on Homeopathy
Dr Luc de Schepper has completely changed my outlook on Homeopathy especially the method t

Joe De Livera 2005-03-19
26   delia2009 9 years ago

how to use Silicea for chalazion
Hi everyone, like many others I have a chalazion problem I have started hot compress with
blackstallion 2009-01-19
no replies yet

Muscles building in growing ages
Hi, My son is 14 years old and recently he started building his muscles doing 100~200 Pul
qaisersyed 2009-01-19
1   sorahamsha 9 years ago

pigmentation on face
Dear Doctor, I am 28 yr old, unmarried female from India. I am suffering from brown pigmen
siren_tina 2009-01-18
1   khushi_boo 9 years ago

pimple pain on face
Dear DR. Sameer, My wife is feeling pain on her left side face. She has a birth black pim
abutauhid 2009-01-17
2   khushi_boo 9 years ago

Nail biting 7 yr old.
My son is 7 years old, we just discovered that he is biting his nails, both hands and feet
guftaar 2009-01-17
2   khushi_boo 9 years ago

how i increase our height
i am 21 years old boy. and my height 5,1' so i am very worry about my height plz give
abhi.sharm 2009-01-19
3   sorahamsha 9 years ago

height increase
hi, I am a 24 yr old girl. I want to increase my height. i have not done any tests done
aditirane 2009-01-16
3   jainil2006 9 years ago

Dr. mahfuz Plz. Help
Dear Dr. Mahfuz, PLz, look at this page: 'http://abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/165027/&
secret86 2009-01-17
4   secret86 9 years ago

it is a new case for homeopathy
hi dodctor,i am 26 years old male from india.i am fully mature person in respect to everyt
mani83 2009-01-18
1   Zahid)2 9 years ago

Endometriosis with chocolate cyst
plz help doctors!!! Im suffering from endometriosis.My endo has reappeared after sugery.3
endogirl 2008-11-21
8   Zahid)2 9 years ago

Wegeners Disease
After being on Prednisone and Bactrim for almost 2 years for acute asthma and Wegeners dis
jaberry 2005-10-17
2   CHELLE 9 years ago

Dr. Murthy, Can you pls help me ??
1. Age- 35 2. Sex- F 3. Weight- 80 KG 4. Mode of living- 5. Occupation- HOUSEWIFE 6.

armada 2008-08-09
50   armada 9 years ago

effect of the remedy
Hi all, i am having a chronic disease and have started takeing homeopathy. i have been
wellbeing 2006-06-10
6   shubhashish_r 9 years ago

Need help for Hyerpegmentation and severe warts
My wife is suffering from severe warts and hyperpegmentation. she is having warts (Plenty)
sarma_ch 2009-01-17
2   sarma_ch 9 years ago

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