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Help with husband's fractured wrist.
My husband is 39 years and 5'10' ht and 176 lbs wt. He fractured his wrist while
mimo28 2009-08-29
4   akshaymohl 8 years ago

A case of facial tics in a Sycotic boy
12 year old boy. Brought in for involuntary facial tics and grimaces. Has been prescribed
brisbanehomoeopath 2009-08-29
1   brisbanehomoeopath 8 years ago

Arnica Dosage for Old Ankle Injury
I sprained my ankle badly 5 years ago. Significant damage to cartilage on the OCD. Had s
wizard 2009-08-16
6   brisbanehomoeopath 8 years ago

Breast enlargement
Dr. Mehfooz and Dr.Sharma kindly help. I am a 26 year old unmarried girl having 30 as my
sweetysharma 2009-08-30
2   sweetysharma 8 years ago

Thanks priyanka sharma 4 studying mine case history
Thnx priyanka sharma G for suggesting me Aconite-200C/5 pills thrice in day for 7 days.
sandy22 2009-08-30
no replies yet

Thnx priyanka sharma g for studying mine case history
Thnx priyanka sharma G for suggesting me Aconite-200C/5 pills thrice in day for 7 days.
varun546 2009-08-30
no replies yet

I am confusion
Age: 26 years old Problems are stated below... 1) I have masterbated since 14 years
SHAMAN 2009-08-30
no replies yet

keloid scarring
please can anyone help. My 6 year old daughter is covered in 100 + keloid scars from chick
julesjules 2009-06-13
6   julesjules 8 years ago

staphyloccocus aureus for 9 months in baby
On my eighth month of my pregnancy I had very sore throat with stitches, I couldnt swallow
sayayin 2009-07-16
11   Niel Madhavan 8 years ago

Plz Dr. Kumar suggest me plz plz plz
I am male. My age is 20. My family member's has no problem about hair. But now my sca
Salim5566 2009-08-05
2   Dr Kumar 8 years ago

my mother is 70 yr old and her both hands tremble she is unable to hold any thing . please
dmtechddn 2009-08-30
1   rishimba 8 years ago

fallopian tubes inflammation homeopathic treatments
After a Hysterosalpingography the doctor told me that both my fallopian tubes are 100% non
maria_s 2009-08-30
1   rishimba 8 years ago

re shut down emotionally and physically
Hi there, I am loking for a remedy that matches symptoms of needing to be in control and
hattie111 2009-08-30
1   rishimba 8 years ago

Will onion necessarily antidote?
I am sensitive enough to touch a remedy and have its actions imparted to me. Five hours
bamilton 2009-08-29
3   kadwa 8 years ago

Face Rash/ Mouth Sore
Hi, I have just returned home and found out that my 9 year old son has developed a rash ac
klara3005 2009-08-28
2   klara3005 8 years ago

dear sir , am married for more than one year i dont have a child i my wife is ok she is f
mukki 2009-08-29
no replies yet

bilateral ptosis
Hello. I have bilateral ptosis and am 20 years old. I was not born with this condition but
jamelie 2009-01-06
4   besos13 8 years ago

please inform
sir i am aware that Ainsworths and helios are genuine homeopath supplier.they make their
gopal18 2009-08-29
no replies yet

Dear DR Sameer, which arnica is good for sugar
My wife is suffering from diabetes type 2. Some 25 years back she developed this problem a
dspuri 2009-08-29
1   lal_anar 8 years ago

30 years old severe agoraphobia panic disorder
I have been suffering now for 8 years with severe agoraphobia and panic disorder. Meds and
christina2727 2009-08-29
2   sameervermani 8 years ago

Long term stomach issue, any advise??
Hi, 9yrs ago I had a bout of Giardia which was not diagnosed for a few months until I went
jalal75 2009-08-28
1   kadwa 8 years ago

8 year old bed wetting
My little boy is 8 and has always wet the bed. We started causticum 30 this week and we ha
jacksonhole99 2009-08-28
4   jacksonhole99 8 years ago

Eczema 3 yrs old daughter
My daughter has been suffering from eczema since she was 1 month old. She had severe form

ursraj 2008-09-12
85   rishimba 8 years ago

I am 38 years old. Last year diagnosed with PCO. I have a hard time losing weight, high
jacksonhole99 2009-08-29
1   kadwa 8 years ago

blocked fallopian tubes
Can anyone throw light on how effective homeopathy is for treating blocked fallopian tubes
ritu14s 2008-03-31
5   rishimba 8 years ago

about practice
I would like to know after completeion MHM, Kerala i am eligible for practice in Kucknow?
ashish singh 2009-08-29
no replies yet

Errectile Dysfunction
Dear Doctors, I am aged about 31 years and I have been facing a problem of Errectile Dysf
ksreedhar123 2009-08-26
3   akshaymohl 8 years ago

A Rose by any other name...(or miasm)
Runny nose has continued, at night Very fuzzy feeling in the head Not an overwhelming head
brisbanehomoeopath 2009-08-29
no replies yet

Example of the Leprosy Miasm
Presenting Symptoms: Something that is getting worse Feel really disconnected from peopl
brisbanehomoeopath 2009-08-29
no replies yet

Fear of Vampires! (A case to delight and entertain)
Female patient, 33 yrs old Presenting symptoms PMS - short tempered, impatient, sensit
brisbanehomoeopath 2009-08-29
no replies yet

13 years acute facial eczema
Hi Docs, My daughter 13 years old seemed to have a severe reaction to eye make up applied
busymum 2009-08-24
5   busymum 8 years ago

Itchy sole of foot with no visible rash
Hi, I am 38 right now and during my mid-term of my last pregnancy 4 1/2 years ago I develo
lucyloo 2006-02-28
7   kadwa 8 years ago

Seeking advise/suggestion for my 5 year old son
1. We have 1 son who is now 5 years old. We are a small nuclear family (myself, my wife an
mini9 2009-08-28
1   rishimba 8 years ago

Hi, I got married in Feb'09. my age is 29.5 and my wife's is 29. we had interco
gaurav_6580 2009-08-28
1   Niel Madhavan 8 years ago

BoooBooo : Benefits Of Homeopathic For Tinnitus
Homeopathy seems to be a rather involved topic to most people. As such, all the different
booobooo 2009-08-23
6   booobooo 8 years ago

Any Headache Expert?
My daughter, who is 9 year old has a continuous headache. The headache is on the back side

uspeed 2007-10-10
35   sci_spi 8 years ago

Eczema - blisters in the foot
Hi, I am 26 yrs male. My problem is that I am getting blisters in my foot. it mainly app
vinay31.82 2009-08-27
5   vinay31.82 8 years ago

Dr read once plz
1) Mental agony ,does not disclose his suffering to others ,visibly appears happy. 2) Bas
varun546 2009-08-28
1   kadwa 8 years ago

its very urjent uncontrolable pain in back
Dear Doctors, I am Khurram Kausar and i had a problem when i walk or jogging or any other
khurramkausar 2009-08-27
4   mazharmhm 8 years ago

father heart patient
Hi, My father underwent a bypass (CABG) in 1994 and in 1999 he also underwent a Balloon A
vinay31.82 2009-08-27
3   vinay31.82 8 years ago

Using plant groups and repertory to make an acute prescription
Male patient, presents as extremely ill from unknown disease. 6 weeks earlier, patient h
brisbanehomoeopath 2009-08-27
no replies yet

Using plant groups to determine the mental state of a small remedy
Young female patient seeks treatment for 'emotional strain' Wants to get bac
brisbanehomoeopath 2009-08-27
no replies yet

Using the periodic table to prescribe a well represented but underused remedy
Male patient What is the reason you are here today? I am putting on weight even thoug
brisbanehomoeopath 2009-08-27
no replies yet

Using the periodic table to come to an unsual remedy
Female patient presents with exhausting dreams. They hinder a good sleep. Very involved
brisbanehomoeopath 2009-08-27
no replies yet

Using Gesture to cure a small child
Female Patient, 8 weeks old Current state: (motherís report) Rash on both cheeks Started
brisbanehomoeopath 2009-08-27
no replies yet

Diabet type 1 curing?
Hi,everybody! I have diabetes type 1 for 10 years. In 1997 I started to cure my condilomas
silverback 2009-08-27
1   rishimba 8 years ago

hey booboo
what is the good remedy for TMJ and pain because of grinding jaw while sleeping
lal_anar 2009-08-27
no replies yet

I have a boil on the arm, when to the Dr. and he press on it and got the puss out, put me
visionaria 2008-07-24
9   parfait 8 years ago

Difficulty waking
My 16 year old son is extremely difficult to awaken. I know this is not uncommon with teen
madonna 2009-08-27
5   madonna 8 years ago

social anxiety for toddler
hi everyone. i have a 2.5 year old daughter who is suffering from some social anxiety iss
e4energy 2009-08-27
1   rishimba 8 years ago

HI, I am 33 year old woman. I recently had a baby now 9 months. During the 4-5 month of my
vkbpb 2009-08-14
7   rishimba 8 years ago

Thyroid and Prostate Problems Please Help!
I request all who can help me, please do help me. I am facing two main problems one is of
ss7388 2009-05-06
1   tempo 8 years ago

piles problem
i have piles problem ,thts is why it pains when i sit. It feels really ocward to sit in lo
XYZ1234 2009-08-25
7   homeopathylover 8 years ago

Heavy Hair Loss
Hi Doctors....I am a female-37 years old. I am having a problem of heavy hair fall for the
Sumyog 2009-08-17
4   Dr. Bagyavasan.k 8 years ago

Cat with FIP please help
Hello, My vet thinks my cat has FIP, he is also diabetic, we took him to a specialist who
kebkiss 2009-08-26
9   kadwa 8 years ago

Acidity Problem-Help..!!!!
Doctor, I am currently having all these symptoms, In the morning inbetween 5-7 am i feel
coolgal 2009-08-27
1   kadwa 8 years ago

Dear Sir, I am 42 years old (Male) Weight is 78 Kgs. Height - 5.4' Somking, Drinking -
mdaurang 2009-08-27
no replies yet

Homeopathic treatment for Chickungunya
My mother had chickungunya 1 month back . we went to allopathy doctor for the treatment .
sushmar 2009-08-27
4   booobooo 8 years ago

BoooBooo : Chikungunya Treatment
Chikungunya (also called as Chicken Guinea) is a form of viral fever caused by an alphavir
booobooo 2009-08-27
no replies yet

BoooBooo : Female Diseases Treatment
Amenorrhoea, Dysmenorrhoea, Leucorrhoea and others... #Pulsatilla. Pulsatilla is one of
booobooo 2009-08-27
no replies yet

BoooBooo : Heat Cramps + Heat Exhaustion + Heat Stroke Treatment
Exposure to excessive heat can cause loss of body fluids and a rise in body temperature. T
booobooo 2009-08-27
no replies yet

BoooBooo : Painful Menstruation & Menstrual Cramps Treatment
This condition refers to the pain or discomfort associated with menstruation. About 80 per
booobooo 2009-08-27
no replies yet

joe de livera ,neil,kudwa,rishamba,booboo,sameer
hi everybody, Today on 26th AUG i was diagnosed with Grade A Oesophagitis after undergoin
amraghuhyd 2009-08-26
4   homeopathylover 8 years ago

I have had a real dose of flu, all the symptoms of swine flu, but not the constant high te
lucy45 2009-08-27
1   kadwa 8 years ago

preventation from H1N1 influnza
please tell me medicines for preventation purpose from H1N1 influnza in advance
mguptapdil 2009-08-26
3   Mahfoozurrehman 8 years ago

Bed Wetting
My son is 7 he will be 8 in December. He still wets the bed. Every night he wakes up wit
38special 2009-08-26
1   akshaymohl 8 years ago

staph and nux vom
What is the relation between staphysagria and nux vomica? Do they antidote each other? Af
adumpling 2009-08-26
3   adumpling 8 years ago

help DR MAHFOOZ to choose good remedy
i m 31 years old single and i never did sex in my life. but after 28 years i feel that my
honest_friend 2009-08-15
3   honest_friend 8 years ago

3 year old with angry temper tantrums
could someone please help me with my three year old daughter??? she has been VERY difficul

mullek79 2009-08-24
23   mullek79 8 years ago

Gall stone
Recently i was diagnosed to multiple gall stone and was advised for surgery. Is there any
Harminder58 2009-08-24
10   Harminder58 8 years ago

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