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HealthyWorld help required
Actually I was trying to recover from years of masturbation .. I've read drafts from
Dileep7 2018-03-21
2   Dileep7 last month

How to get rid of stubborn mucus in throat?
My 2yo stared with a loose cough. Was prescribed to give her phos 30c 3 days and her coug
namn 2018-03-20
9   namn last month

Increase in Sex Timing
1st My Age is 27 i have a problem that when ever i think about the sex drops comes from my
Mehar1 2018-03-20
1   simone717 last month

Hello Sir, I am a 40 year mail requesting you to suggest remedy according to the symptom 1
devalega 2018-03-20
2   simone717 last month

The patient is 75 F. Diabetes diagnosed since More than 20 years. Heart patient with bypas
sanju_dp 2018-03-19
2   healer21 last month

Chalazion on 4 year old daughters lower eye lids
My 4 year old daughter has had a chalazion on her right lower eye lid for about 4 months.
tbirdmom 2018-03-20
2   healer21 last month

migraine help!!
Hi, I am seeking help here for my mother, she is 67years old and is suffering from severe
arien 2018-03-19
4   arien last month

Stomach Issue
Dear Team, My Name is jamie, and i am 30Y Old. I am patient of Stomach issues, like bloa
Jamie3 2018-03-19
5   0antivirus0 last month

Hello 0antivirus0 Would you please take my case. regards
1. Age,sex,weight,country,occupation. ANS. 38, Male, 70kg, Pakistan, currently unemploye

spinal stenosis 2017-11-23
40   0antivirus0 last month

Too emotional
Hello Doctor, I have the following problems Too emotional, cry on small things, cry while
Zohebnawaz 2018-02-25
12   healer21 last month

suffering from pcos and stress
I'm suffering from irregular periods from starting. need help
nalinishree 2018-03-19
4   nalinishree last month

Low erection problem
Dear all, I am 27m from india weight is 95 kg .have been masturbating for past 15 y
ifthikar89 2018-02-07
12   Dr. Hashmi last month

8 month old with reflux
Hi, My 8 month old has suffered from reflux since birth. We started him on ranitidine wh
aneeb 2018-03-19
3   healer21 last month

Shrinking testis after Staphysagria use! Please please save me!
Hi! I am a 27yo male. I suffered some psychological trauma a few years ago & I was a m
katsumi 2018-03-18
4   katsumi last month

Sir i had dysentry from many years sometimes Guardia lambaia some time amebiosis and some
suresh5 2018-03-17
2   suresh5 last month

Severe acne 29 years old-acne scars pitting-please assist me
I have suffered from acne almost my entire adult life. It began when I was about 14 and h
Ashena 2009-04-01
3   garekar last month

please help aggravation anal sphincters contracted
hello i'm 26 male. 8years ago after one injury to my anal muscles,my anus got contrac
rez12 2018-03-16
9   rez12 last month

Dr. Kadwa - Please Help - Abdominal Pain
My father aged 73 is suffering from abdominal pain since one month. Details as below: -Abd
sajidnazir 2018-03-18
2   sajidnazir last month

Dr.Kadwa Hats Off, BP Stabilized
Dear Sir Thanks a lot as you helped my BP to be lowered.145/90 in average. Not so bad I p
sandy3 2018-03-18
1   kadwa last month

I am a male aged 26 yrs suffering from dorsal mylities since last 3 yes causing I can not
Sahil kumar 2018-02-10
8   kadwa last month

mercurius dulcis 25% alc.
Hi, just bought mercurius dulcis 25% alc. concentrate. i have plugged ears and pressure in
zuzi 2018-03-06
5   kadwa last month

Help needed with body pains ( bones and joints )
Hello all, I am seeking help with my issue with body pains. since couple of years I am su
demonoid 2018-03-12
11   Tui last month

eye sight problem
dear sir, my right side eye is in disturbance to see text, it turns the lines in like cyc
amirhaider 2018-03-12
3   healer21 last month

Vitiligo for my 4 year old kid
Dear Dr, My kid is suffering from Vitiligo since two and half years, mostly white patched
srinivasest 2018-03-12
10   healer21 last month

Wet dose versus dry dose
Which is the best way to take a 6c remedy - one pillule in a bottle of water which you can
kohler 2018-03-17
4   maheeru last month

petit mal epilepsy case, age 7 years child
my son is suffering from petit mal epilepsy for the last 2 years. no improvement till now,
curative 2012-11-20
4   maheeru last month

Semen coming out at stooling time.
I am 22 years old from bangladesh.have a great problem of semen ejaculation at the time of
Rudeboyoo55 2018-03-18
3   drjitesh last month

Solitary Kidney
Hello sir, I am having a single kidney by birth.My creatinine level is 4.8 and high Blood
Ashish4 2018-03-18
1   drjitesh last month

1.5yrs baby flu and cough
My son who is 1.5 yrs old had watery eyes and runny nose.. Allergy like symptoms symptoms.

mominisb 2018-03-12
26   healer21 last month

Brain Hemorrhage 5 years back leading to Paralysis. Now it si over 5 years , Can i still take Arnica for healing?
1)Brain Hemorrhage 7 years back leading to Paralysis 5 years back. Now it is over 5 years
khurana76 2018-03-18
4   drjitesh last month

help with aggravation! carcinosin aggravation?
hello, please I am hoping someone can help me?? I think that I am going through an aggrav
tod86 2018-03-15
8   Tui last month

Suicidal Thoughts, Feeling worthless, Sad, Feels like crying inside all the time
Age: 34 Weight: 73 Height: 5.75 ft Gender: Male I need help, I just need to shut my emoti
Wours 2018-03-17
5   Wours last month

Chronic Orchitis - Epidydimitis / Atrophy Of Testicles
Need help as years of complex and potent antibiotic treatments and vigorous prostate massa
shino 2018-03-16
3   homeo_helper last month

Need help with Sebaceous Hyperplasia
Need urgent help. I am 53 year old female. I have been diagnosed with Sebaceous Hyperplasi
suna711 2018-02-06
4   suna711 last month

I feel very lazy. I spend my most of the time in front of laptop. bit of addict to interne

akhilsharma1 2018-02-27
31   simone717 last month

1. Age-9 sex-male weight-32kg, height-138 country-slovenia, 2. Main complaints and other
Ljiljana 2018-03-16
10   Tui last month

Need input Re: Pellets to wet dosing for my patients
Hello All, I've looked around on this site and tried to find the appropriate way to

emerson24 2018-02-08
19   simone717 last month

Staphy 200 & Causticum 200
My Friend has recently started to study and practice Homeopathy , he is student yet;; 4 we
khurana76 2018-03-11
10   maheeru last month

Remedy for chronic Nightfall/wetdream
Dear doctors, I have been suffering from nightfall for past 6 years. The usual frequency
aarjuna 2018-03-10
6   aarjuna last month

Urgently Reply for My Hair Problem
Doctor, I am 27 years old girl. My problem is hair fall. After po

Tuilip 2015-08-07
15   drsnehanshusaha last month

Homeopath doesn't tell the name of remedies!
My homeopath labels my remedies as 'loose cough' 'dry cough', 'fe
namn 2017-11-07
5   jawahar last month

Problem of piles.
My mother is suffering from piles. Very painful. She is 76 year old . Kindly help.
Ruchira 2018-03-08
2   jawahar last month

Excessive urination at night
I am 75 yrs old male, diabetic with mild hypertension. I am suffering from chronic ailment

kks 2018-03-04
25   simone717 last month

HealthyWorld - Knowledge Required
Actually I was trying to recover from years of masturbation .. I've read drafts from
Dileep7 2018-03-13
1   Dileep7 last month

Anal Fissure and Chest Congestion - Help needed
Hi All, Basic Profile - AGE - 25 Gender - Male Issues - 1. I recently had anal Fissure w

nishantgoswami10 2017-10-25
23   demonoid last month

Dosage of staphy200
Few weeks back, someone suggested me to take staphy 200 based on inputs I shared. Staphy
khurana76 2018-03-14
1   Reva V last month

Taking Multiple Remedies Together
I have been told to take 2 different remedies, and was wondering if I can take them at the

allbratz 2007-10-19
16   simone717 last month

Moomin 2018-03-15
no replies yet

Locked jaw, pains in left wrist, pain in lower jaw teeth and gums Please help, Dr Antivirus
Dear Dr Antivirus, You helped our son get over a terrible rash, a puffy face, double chin
Moomin 2018-03-15
no replies yet

Question to Dr. Antivirus (Additional information related to previous post)
I'm 28 years old. 185cm (6.1ft) height, 68 kg weight. I used to masturbation daily fo

alik 2017-09-20
52   0antivirus0 last month

Sneezing/nasal congestion in cats
I run a cat rescue and suffer with cats having had flu being left with nasal congestion. V
Frierterdui 2018-03-06
4   Frierterdui last month

Help me I lost my health
Dr sahab mere madad karain .mere agar 31 hai or mujhay sexual weakness hai main apni wife

Imran30 2017-09-13
13   Imran30 last month

Dear kadwa Could you help my daughter? She has huge painfull wart in sole of her feet. W
Mia1 2018-03-14
4   Mia1 last month

Right eye ptosis
I have ratina detechment in right eye due to premature born and also ptosis in right eye a
Mahaveer1 2018-03-14
1   kadwa last month

Dr. Kadwa, Sorry to Bother You Again
Dear Sir, I beg your pardon as I have no other way than to disturb you once again. My kne
sandy3 2018-03-12
1   kadwa last month

irritable bowel syndrome
mje ibs h 5 year se pls bataye m weight bdane k liye alfalfaQ lu ya china 200 aur m abhi
ragil 2018-03-14
1   Ioze last month

Abscess tooth
Soreness externally above gum but below nose. Tooth feels funny. I ate a ton of garlic t
Magu 2018-03-14
1   Mahfoozurrehman last month

Hello... Doc I have a periods problem. . I am little worried about it... I am unmarried an
Meerab1 2018-03-11
5   annanelson963 last month

severe hair fall
sir myself VEDVYAS PATI aged 27 .i am suffering from severe hairfall ,hair falls out from
vedvyas 2018-03-13
5   HealthyWorld last month

High cretenine and potassium and patient take weekly two dialysis
My father Rishikesh Chandra Prasad is having kidney problem. His currently cretenine is 10
RAJESbc1 2018-03-13
1   Tui last month

Treatment for weak eye sight
Hello Name= Hafiz Muhammad Age= 19 Sex= male Weight= 60kg or 132 lbs Marrid/unmarrid= unma
Hafiz Muhammad 2018-03-14
1   Tui last month

Chronic kidney failure
My father's age is 67,suffering from Chronic kidney failure,creatinine- 5.2 and urea-
bidishapaul 2018-03-13
2   bidishapaul last month

Blocked tear duct on right side of eye
Dear Sir, Myself has a tear duct blockage for last 5 years I tried so many medicines but
RAJESbc1 2018-03-01
4   Tui last month

Auto immune disorder CNS vasculitis/paralysis/urine bladder issues;
I will be grateful for ur advice if that helps me in my healing and disease. I got stroke
khurana76 2018-03-14
no replies yet

Diabetic neuropathy need help
My wife has acute pain on left side only on left arm nerve and below knee on left leg she
RAJESbc1 2018-03-01
6   Hamdaan last month

Kidney failure
Hi..sir. My dog..Pomerania..is in kidney failure.. Will homoeopathy reverse the failure!??
Roshani 2018-03-13
2   Tui last month

Pinched nerve
My friend has what he feels is a pinched nerve between his shoulder blades. It's on h
granola1 2018-03-12
3   Tui last month

Eye sight
Name : Hafiz Muhammad Age : 19 year Sex : male Country: pakistan Meri eye sight weak
Hafiz Muhammad 2018-03-13
1   healer21 last month

Help with purchase : Medorrhinum single dose VS 130 pallet
In the past few months I've seen a professional homeopath who's prescribed me to
Mush 2018-03-13
3   Mush last month

Sharp pain in lower back point/whole right leg. NO HEALER21
Hello Doctors, I have pain in the right leg, right hip, right lower back since the last 3
syria 2018-03-12
4   simone717 last month

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