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Cure for small growth on right vocal cord iwtg
My voice suddenly stopped on fine evening. I was put on anti acid reflux medicine as it wa
Virender2 2017-07-18
1   Reva V last year

Irregular periods
Suggest some remedy for pcod
Aije 2017-07-20
1   drthoufeequebhms last year

hi i am 30 yrs. old male. pls suggest the dose and type (30ch/1000ch or whatever) of Thios
dev 2017-07-20
1   kadwa last year

IBS Problem With Stomach Pain
Hello, I Am RITESH 33y Old Male From India.My problem is chronic IBS. my stool is always w

Ritesh _Singh 2017-01-29
15   kadwa last year

Phimosis i.e urine mouth not opening properly
I 67 years of age suffering from high blood pressure since long and under treatment of Doc
yogesh baijal 2017-07-18
1   kadwa last year

Sepia 200 ant-tart 30 need profesional advice
Hello I wanted some advice regarding my current treatment. My doctor has prescribed me s
Mum123 2017-07-17
1   kadwa last year

Frequent urination
I have problem of frequent urination will somebody help me?
Toakou 2017-07-17
1   kadwa last year

Fear of negative thoughts, low blood pressure...help please
I have a fear of negative thoughts that they will happen if i think them, ever since i had
Klimentexe 2017-07-06
4   kadwa last year

Genetics hair loss
Hi.. I am male 25. losing hair from last 4 year. I have lost my vertex hair and i am getti
pranavj 2017-07-16
4   kadwa last year

Severe osteoarthritis knee pain - To Dr Mohla
My mother, age 68 years, weight 70 kg has osteoarthritis since several years now and she e
vjhos 2017-07-20
no replies yet

PCOD at right side
Hiii,I m 26yrs old n unmarried.I was having my periods regularly without delay and with no
Dibyashree 2017-07-20
5   Nikkie last year

Joint pain ND pregnancy
Hi, I m suffering from multiple joint pain like in knee and wrist , I m going under medica
Heena Anand 2017-07-15
5   Nikkie last year

Arnica 30ch first trimester? Urgent!
Hi, I am in my 5week pregnant and I am taking sepia 30ch for heaviness in my belly, but to
Dididecho 2017-07-17
4   maheeru last year

DR. Sharma? Menopause, Insomnia, Eczema, fatigue, NO libido
Hello, I am 55 years old and 2 years ago after regular periods my entire life my menses st
robby24 2017-07-19
1   robby24 last year

Excessive Masterbation
1.Since 9years I'm Masterbating when I was child, 2.My age is 21 now. 3.Now i
Drod 2017-07-05
5   Drod last year

For Sir Kadwa Ji.
Hello Sir. Sir Kadwa You Not Reply My Post Here Us My Post Link http://www.abchomeopathy.c
Ritesh _Singh 2017-06-09
1   Ritesh _Singh last year

Masturbation, IBS D, underweight...
Plzz I seriously need help... I masturbated for around 7yrs and now experiencing various c
alpha97 2017-06-23
5   0antivirus0 last year

chronic constipation
Dear Doctor, I am 4o years old male. I hv been facing the chronic constipation and anal
Tahir3 2017-07-18
1   drthoufeequebhms last year

Help for Hyperthyroid
Please I need help for hyperthyroid Sex : male Age : 36 Present symptoms : 1.Elevated he
nick4 2017-07-19
1   drthoufeequebhms last year

caicium carbonicum hahnemanni 30
Dr, I want to ask that my mother is having heavy leucorrhoea since long. her leucorrhoea i
fatima gillani 2017-07-19
1   Nikkie last year

My father's age is 65. After his endoscopy, he has been diagnosed with tumor in his n
maneek01 2017-07-19
1   Nikkie last year

Nasal congestion since last week
Hello, I am 22 year old male.Last week I suffered from a cold attack.There was congestion
akki94 2017-07-19
1   Nikkie last year

Hello, I constantly experience heavy periods with clots, no pain. As a result, I am anemi
pollen 2017-07-16
8   pollen last year

senior citizen - Extremely tired, body pain, lack of appetite, fullness of stomach
hello, my aunt is 67 years old and she is suffering a lot. she has had no success with ho
SreenivasanC 2017-07-18
2   SreenivasanC last year

Depression since 30 years
My uncle is 58 he is patient of depression for 35 years. He feels his throat is choking an
Meera1 2017-07-18
1   simone717 last year

Depression since 30 years
My uncle is 58 years he's patient of depression. He feels his throat is choking and e
Meera1 2017-07-18
1   simone717 last year

endometriosis & scare tissue
Sir My wife is suffering from endometriosis Uscan report is as 6•3*7 cm hardened cys
manojkumarprahakar 2017-07-18
1   Zady101 last year

.:: vocal cord cyst ::.
Forgive me for my poor english.I am a woman that live in canada and english is my second l

Rojina 2010-04-17
30   simone717 last year

Burning sensation in urinary path
My self Ammel 31 years female I have a problem in my urinary tract after unination I feel
amberansari 2017-07-17
1   akshaymohl last year

weight, hair loss, anxiety, lack of motivation and confidence
Hello! I'm Sil. This is gonna be a long read. Please be patient and thank you in adva
ijinzu 2017-05-24
6   drthoufeequebhms last year

Emerging wisdom tooth
Hi, This is me Riyaz Ahmad. I am having toothache since day before yesterday due to emergi
riyazahmad5 2017-06-25
5   riyazahmad5 last year

THUJA 200c - I have hit the bulls eye, now what?
hi, my thuja 200c is working on my emotions and i am getting a return of old feelings. i a
dannypowers 2017-07-17
2   simone717 last year

Severe endometriosis with infertility
I m 37 yrs old. I have no baby. I want to conceive. I m suffering from severe endometriosi

Anitasingh1 2017-07-09
25   Anitasingh1 last year

Can I use Thuja 200 for hai loss? I have been using Jaborandi Q for massaging head for thr
riyazahmad5 2017-07-17
no replies yet

Suffering from typhoid since last 4 months Taking homoeopathic treatment typhoid tests res
bhardwajmanoj 2017-07-13
2   bhardwajmanoj last year

chronic constipation
my 1.5 yr old baby girl is suffering from constipation. her stool were very hard sometimes

ridhimaawasthi 2017-03-02
25   ridhimaawasthi last year

high bp of range 270-140
on 26 jun 2016, My BP was 260-145. Age-28 Weight-91 kg Height - 5'7" current Place of
robil15 2017-07-16
1   kadwa last year

acne especially of the inflammatory type With oily greasy face special nose pores with bla
sourabh24 2017-07-16
1   kadwa last year

Urgent (but simple) help required.
I went to see a Homeopathy doctor for a chronic problem and she wrote a prescription which
earth1 2017-07-16
1   kadwa last year

Need for silicea
Does one need to start silicea if the abscess just ruptured. The abscess is not In a place
Xena44 2017-07-15
1   kadwa last year

Dr. Kadwa help me
Help Dr. mujhe srvical ha aur left kidney me 21mm stone ha liver fatty ha aur paseena jya
verma007 2017-07-13
2   kadwa last year

Dose and potency to be taken for treatment of tinea capitis
Hello sir, I got suggestion that to use lycopodium for treatment of tinea capitis, but don
Balu 2017-07-14
1   kadwa last year

I test My Cretinine the result 1.41
Dear Dr. MY age is 49 Years. Please Advise me Usefull Homeopathic Remedy For reduce Creti
Suhail2 2017-07-13
1   kadwa last year

varicose veins
My mother is 58 yrs old. She faced back pain which was going down her legs, faced difficul
manav_skg 2013-09-29
2   Dixie Paredes last year

bartholin cyst
i am 26 year old female.. my labia majora on the right side is swollen.i noticed it one an
monalisa90 2017-07-11
4   kadwa last year

Feet pain - Dr Kadwa pls help
My wife, age 40 years is suffering from severe heel pain in both legs since last 2 days. P
vjhos 2017-07-12
3   kadwa last year

baby will have watery nose after giving cough remedy
Everytime my 1 and a half year old baby starts a cough, i'll give her the cough remed
namn 2017-07-04
3   kadwa last year

Excessive masturbation!!!!!!!!!#
Hi frnds am 21 year old..am suffering from premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.
Kpkri 2017-07-13
3   akshaymohl last year

45 year old male premature ejaculation
Dear doctors, I need your help in getting back my married life to normal again; I am 45 ye
Zen 2017-07-16
1   akshaymohl last year

Retinal bleeding in right eye.
Dr. Sir I got retinal bleeding in my right eye from a week ago which makes me loss of visi
Miavob 2017-03-19
3   Pratap Dayal last year

Multiple Problems... Dr. Nawaz
Hello I am suffering with following problems 1. Fungal & Scalp ( Head, Mustache, Che
tanzib 2017-07-14
3   nawazkhan last year

Is there any homoeopathic remedy for cold / flu in kittens?
My kittens have been showing symptoms of sneezing, coughing, sticky and watery eyes etc. f
Susheelin 2017-07-15
1   Susheelin last year

Susheelin 2017-07-07
5   Susheelin last year

Fear of Premature Ovarian Failure
Dear ABC Homeopathy, I have recently read a post of POF and am inspired to write. You ha
Suryatapa 2013-07-04
6   Suryatapa last year

Grasp 2017-07-14
6   homeo_helper last year

Bothrops Lanceolatus
I have read about Borthrops Lanceolatus in this forum and its use for Retinal haemorrahag
rajib2217 2017-07-15
1   akshaymohl last year

Hello, I need some help for my cat. I do not know if remedies are safe for cats? I hope
penny3 2017-07-15
2   Xena44 last year

High urea level
In RFT test of my Mrs. age 74, urea level is 98 Normal 10-50 mg/dl Creatinine 1.2
satish151 2017-07-15
1   Nikkie last year

Severe gastric acidity
Hello Can any pls help me with gastric problem. My age is 32 weight gained past 1 year abo
Preethin 2017-07-15
2   Nikkie last year

Nocturnal bed wetting
Hello My best wishes go to all who use this forum and get benefit from suggestions showeri
sandy3 2017-07-15
1   0antivirus0 last year

Right chest nipal pain
Hello sir Good morning. I m Abhishek...i m 27 years old Sir mera problem ye hai ki 7-8 yea
abhishek6 2017-07-14
2   abhishek6 last year

wound marks
i am suffering for 3 year in this marks i am consalt to allopathic doctors suggest cllonat

sourabh24 2017-05-16
14   sourabh24 last year

allergy, swollen nasal cavity, extremely dry skin
A friend had asked me (she knows utilize homeopathic/natural forms of everything. She is
ysalkeld 2017-07-13
1   nawazkhan last year

Excessive Sweating during Summers
Hello Doctors, I have problem from very long time. During summers i am excessively sweati
nadeemawan 2017-07-11
10   nadeemawan last year

Increase height
Hello. I am 20 years old and i would like to increase my height. I have read a post on th
Kapiele 2017-07-14
1   Nikkie last year

High bp
Hi i am 25 year old from delhi . 2 months suffering from high bp kft lft and others blood
Himanshu2 2017-07-13
3   Nikkie last year

Egg size i overy
Hello, I am trying to conceive but facing issue after multiple follicular study, egg size
pratima1 2017-07-14
1   Nikkie last year

Seeking Homeopathic Doctor in Karachi, Pakistan
I would like to know if any one of you knows good homeopathic doctor located in Karachi, P
sohail009 2008-02-25
2   saml last year

Homeopath in karachi
Dear All, Please please please any one can suggest a best homeopath in karachi who deals
saml 2017-07-14
no replies yet

Pitted scars and Open pores on my face
Hi iam 23 years old and I've been suffering from acne from 8 years, i usually have cy
devyanshu 2017-07-06
4   devyanshu last year

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