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for skin itching issue
dear doctor, my age is 30 and gender male. i have skin itching and allergy issue for last

sh.asim666 2016-12-24
15   jawahar 11 months ago

Hello i need help for My mental state
Hi i would really need some advice for Tics(in My case Nervous Tics) And this Will be a R
HeartandSoul 2017-01-01
1   HeartandSoul 11 months ago

want to increase my height
Sir i m 21 yrs old nd my height is 5' 3" only please suggest some medicine which
krishnakushalgupta 2015-06-29
2   Nur1 11 months ago

Treatment of Epilepsy
Is the cure of Epilepsy is possible by homeopathy? I am taking homeopathy treatment from a
tiwari1772 2016-12-31
2   simone717 11 months ago

masturbation case..
sir my age is 23...height 5.11ft.....weight 76 kg..sir i had habit of masturbating 5 times
harry250513 2016-12-31
no replies yet

Excess weight
Gud mrg sir my name is Pavan age 25 weight 57 I want to decrease my weight 7kg because bad
pavan111 2016-12-31
no replies yet

Gas trouble in pregancy
i am 35 year age female and i am 9 week pregnant.Now continuously i am having gases troubl
Nikita D 2016-12-21
3   mnaari 11 months ago

feeling pain/irretation inside and tip of my penis to do masturbate after out my sperm
its not happens every day, i did musterbest every day, i'm 26 year old unmarried male
dip.k 2016-12-29
9   dip.k 11 months ago

dry cough
Dry cough Coming from stomach Heavy in the night Lips are dry. Thirst is high or normal Th
agriz 2016-12-30
1   homeo_helper 11 months ago

watery stool for 2 days in a 15 month old
hello, My son recently had been going watery stool for the last two days. it started of
vidrathi 2016-12-30
2   simone717 11 months ago

Weight gain in new born baby
My baby having 4 month age is suffering from loose motion and bad appetite he is not gaini
Anish1 2016-12-30
3   simone717 11 months ago

Happy new year 2017
Wishing all doctors and patients visiting this forum a very special New Year ,to bring you
akshaymohl 2016-12-30
1   simone717 11 months ago

Need help for Weight Loss & Breast size reduction
Sir, My age 35 weight 90 kg. Want to reduce my weight and also reduce the size of breast
star1452 2016-12-27
2   star1452 11 months ago

Premature ejacuation
Hi, I am male 32 yrs old, height 5'2. I have issues with Premature Ejacuation. I am
MikeM 2016-12-28
2   Ootoofo 11 months ago

Cough 4.7 year old
My child is having fever since last 5 days. And now coughing non stop since yesterday. Ple
vidhaan 2016-12-30
1   HealthyWorld 11 months ago

Perianal warts that bleeds
pls suggest me the best homeopathy medicine for treating perianal warts that bleed. Regads
matifsyed1 2016-12-28
2   matifsyed1 11 months ago

Genital Herpes
i am male 26 , sexually active , 3 days back i have had itching on my thighs near groin ar

Maij 2016-12-01
19   simone717 11 months ago

Attn Murthy Sir: Mom's Insomnia
I am writing this for my Mom. My mom is suffering from Insomnia. Unable to sleep at night
HelpwithLP 2016-12-26
6   HelpwithLP 11 months ago

Emergency please. Avena sativa proven wrong.
I took avena sativa 3 days ago. It got my stomach disturbed and i was even having fever. I
baniya 2016-12-25
5   baniya 11 months ago

dear HealthyWorld i am "AS1" i also want to know about the dosase... i wan
as1 2016-12-29
7   HealthyWorld 11 months ago

Dosage question
The instructions I am trying to follow says - "Lycopodium clavatum as a 12c potency t
sheryljo 2016-12-24
7   HealthyWorld 11 months ago

Dr Plz Suggest
Sir I am Male 43 Years old mera problem ye hai kay sex ka sochtay hi prostate fluid ana sh
emranulhaq 2016-12-22
2   kadwa 11 months ago

Fever with weakness and choked voice
Sex : Female Age : 26 Body built : Average Season : Winter with average temp between -5
sonu_cemk 2016-12-24
6   telescope 11 months ago

dr.mahfooz/Dr Kadwa pls help (Liver Fibrosis)
Hello Sir I am 41 years old male and suffering from Diabetes Type 2 for last around 8 year
gul0511 2016-12-22
3   kadwa 11 months ago

Restless legs Syndrome
Hi Dr , i have restless legs syndrome at nights and not able to sleep . I have low ferriti
Ana2 2016-12-10
2   Ana2 11 months ago

Is this drug correct?
I am taking Mercusol 200...and Sulphur 30C for Hydrocele and Cyst. But Google says the a
mtak12345 2016-12-28
1   simone717 11 months ago

Lower than 6C?
Hello, my baby is 16 months, and we are trying to solve many problems. My naturopath sugge

Rosy Momma 2016-12-12
13   Rosy Momma 11 months ago

Multiple Lipomas
Hi Doctor, I'm suffering from multiple lipomas mostly around belly and back. A few o
rishi2163 2016-12-28
1   deoshlok 11 months ago

Dr.Kadwa Please Help me/Heel Spur/planter facitis
I would like some help with Heel spur in my right feet/Pain In right nee when walking. Hav
bhavnas90 2016-12-28
no replies yet

Psoriatic Arthritis
Hi, I am 34 years, male, married & have children. two years ago. I started feeling alo

aksun 2011-10-23
67   Janine1 11 months ago

Nodular-cystic acne
Im suffering from severe nodulocystic acne all over my back since 2009. Please help me out
Ramneek 2016-12-27
1   telescope 11 months ago

Cervical Myelopathy - Pins and needles
Dear Doctor , I have been diagnosed as cervical myelopathy by the neurologist. I have pric
vsnikhal72 2016-12-27
2   telescope 11 months ago

Development/global delay
I have twin baby. Twin one is absolutely ok but twin two has some behavioral problem. Tw
ghoshdastidar1980 2016-12-26
1   telescope 11 months ago

All doctors save my life please please please
Age-24 Hight-5.4" Weight-63 Colour-fair Hair color- black Eye color-black Prefer cold
Shemul 2016-12-23
5   simone717 11 months ago

Gallbladder stone...
Hello, My Uncle, Age 50 is suffering from Gallbladder stone, the size of stone is 3mm. T
ansarishoaib 2016-12-26
1   ansarishoaib 11 months ago

End stage open angle glaucoma
I am myself an ophthalmologist.My father was complaining of decreased vision in both eyes
Erpo 2016-11-29
8   Erpo 11 months ago

For Simone171
Simone, recently saw this information on making your own remedy. I know you have been on
timechange123 2016-12-26
1   simone717 11 months ago

Baby screaming all night, peaceful all day.
Starting about 1-2 weeks ago, my 5 week old started screaming all night long. Generally
Tgaruccio321 2016-12-26
3   sameervermani 11 months ago

sexual problems
m really tired of running after doctors,homepaths and Herbalist but nobody could cure my d
asad3 2016-12-20
1   harry250513 11 months ago

please help!!! bartholin cyst !!
Please help me. I have a bartholin cyst that comes and goes every month or so. I think it

bluesky77 2016-12-04
39   nawazkhan 11 months ago

For murthy
Hi, I want to ask your opinion on what I am telling my brother to take. He lifted a heavy
simone717 2016-12-23
5   simone717 11 months ago

nervousness, general anxiety, social anxiety, depressive feelings
I am 47 y.o. male. I want to know if there are any potent remedies to cure or at least r
Susheelin 2016-12-21
4   simone717 11 months ago

How to recover the effects that suffer from over masturbation,
I have 18 years old, i regularly masturbate last from 3 years , weekly 4 times , In start
Rakesh3 2016-12-26
1   HealthyWorld 11 months ago

Ars Alb for Ulcerative Colitis
I have just started taking Ars Alb 6x for a burning pain in my bowel. It is working but I
Maryruth 2016-12-24
1   kadwa 11 months ago

Hii. My mother is suffering from blepherospasm(diagnosed by an allopathic neurologist) for
maestroasif 2016-12-26
1   kadwa 11 months ago

Eating in sleep, sleep walking somnombulism remedy
Can someone please suggest an appropriate remedy for sleep-walking-eating? I do this ever
taz55 2016-12-24
1   kadwa 11 months ago

for my pet dog
My pet dog Raja, 9 yrs,weight 9.6 kgs, male, German Spitz has not been eating since last
Sanjib1 2016-12-22
1   kadwa 11 months ago

Abdomen Pain afrter sex
I am 20 years old. I am married and want to be pregnant. But when my husband ejaculate,
asmaakter 2016-12-22
1   kadwa 11 months ago

Severe itching and bone and muscle pain
My mom suffers from pain in the back of the neck and the left houlder (it's more in t
bunnylake 2016-12-22
1   kadwa 11 months ago

testicular problem
sir my agr is 23...height 6ft...weight 76 kg. sir i had habit of masturbating 5 times d
harry250513 2016-11-12
3   kadwa 11 months ago

continues ringing in ear
Hi I am 32 year old. I have problem in my ear. There is continues ringing sound hear in me
jigspat 2016-12-17
5   HealthyWorld 11 months ago

Herniated disc
I have herniated disc issue in lumbar L4-L5 3 months back . My orthopedic doctor prescribe
Nira 2016-12-20
2   Nira 11 months ago

Reverse voice deepening caused by steroids to women?
I'd like to ask whether homeopathy can reverse voice deepening in women caused by the
Linda4 2016-12-25
3   telescope 11 months ago

Hair thin and hair fall
i am facing hair fall and my hair becomes very thin.Can i use natrum mur30 with olive oil
abj 2016-12-25
1   jawahar 11 months ago

Ulcerative Colitis
Could you please tell me the best remedy for Ulcerative Colitis and the dosage ..thank yo
Maryruth 2016-12-25
4   homeo_helper 11 months ago

Painful Symphiolysis during pregnancy
Hi there, I'm 30 weeks pregnant and am struggling with very painful symphiolysis.
maddie37 2016-12-25
3   sameervermani 11 months ago

Eye infection and allergic reaction to medication in toddler
Hi there! Our 18 month old daughter was diagnosed with an eye infection in both eyes last
maddie37 2016-12-25
3   sameervermani 11 months ago

Attention dr Asad. Genital herpes
Dear Asad. I would like to receive yr help to resolve herpes.. recently i have had it almo
divinci 2016-12-25
no replies yet

Low sperm Motility
Volume=2.3 Consistency=Gelatinous Color=Light Yellow Liquefaction Time = >60 Sperm Coun
AliShehzad 2016-12-25
no replies yet

Highly Stress and Unable to Sleep Properly
Sir I am 34 yrs old and I am suffering from the following for the past few years. &middo
loogu1982 2016-12-21
6   Teupne 11 months ago

Need urgent prescription for piles, anal fissures and hairfall
Hello doctors, I'm Arhaan (22yrs/Male) from delhi. I'm suffering from Piles and
Craib 2016-12-24
2   Craib 11 months ago

Help Needed for Mother
Dear Doctors, I posted a topic few days ago but now it is not there so going to start new
illperson 2016-12-23
2   illperson 11 months ago

where to buy Q potency
Hi, I need some Q potencies of several remedies. My 2 children are being treated by a home
Jane77 2016-12-22
12   Jane77 11 months ago

ocd+ weak sex
m an Ocd patien t .I m on SSRI nexito20 mg and clonazepam 0.5 mg.Ihave obsessive about oth
sanyasifat123 2016-10-30
5   simone717 11 months ago

Sleep-walk eating somnombulism
What is a good remedy for sleep waling? I eat in my sleep and have been doing it all of my
taz55 2016-12-23
no replies yet

PCOS and Infertility
Dear Sir My details are: 1) Age - 28 2) Female 3) Weight - 57 4) Height - 5" 5) Clim
kb8888 2016-12-23
1   0antivirus0 11 months ago

Severe acid reflux and anemia
My acid reflux has been really bad on and off for years. My first episode was over 9 years
jazmine7 2016-12-23
1   0antivirus0 11 months ago

Attention Asad genital herpes
Dear Asad. I would like to receive yr help to resolve herpes.. recently i have had it almo
divinci 2016-12-23
no replies yet

varicocele and epidydimal cyst
sir my age is 24..height 5.11ft..weight 76 kg..i had habit of masturbating 5 times daily s
harry250513 2016-12-22
no replies yet

i am the biggest Challenge For Homeopathy
hey sir asad here.. i m really tired of running after doctors,homepaths and Herbalist but
asad3 2016-12-20
10   simone717 11 months ago

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