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Help with oily skin/acne/pcos/hirsutism
Hi, So I'm currently suffering from excessively oily skin on my chest, back, face a
Applepeach 2018-04-02
1   Tui 3 weeks ago

Good Morning, I have a 8 year old who has been diagnosed with ADHD since the age of 6. I
simplychi83 2018-04-02
1   Dr R Basu 3 weeks ago

Pulsatilla to turn breech baby
I have the 30c potency. I am 35.3 weeks and baby is breech. I began doing some breech exer
Mswest37 2018-04-02
2   Mswest37 3 weeks ago

about potency
Why is there this gap from 200ch to 1000ch? why doctors never prescribe potencies like 4
abcjoana 2018-03-30
1   maheeru 3 weeks ago

arsenic in rice
I'm trying to figure out a way to remedy arsenic in rice, as it is a problem in the U
ashimada 2018-04-01
4   maheeru 3 weeks ago

Sepia LM1 Aggravation?
I went to see a Naturopath in January for a bunch of different issues such as bad periods

PollyEster 2018-03-20
16   PollyEster 3 weeks ago

Has homeopathy really worked for anyone in here?
I've tried it many times for many years to no avail. Been to many professional" homeo
guser1586gmail.com 2018-04-02
2   maheeru 3 weeks ago

Erection Issue
A male 51 years old gets normal erection when he sits or sleeps with his wife without any
abid ali 2018-04-02
2   abid ali 3 weeks ago

Advice on Silica please.....
I've been in treatment with a homeopath for about 5 months and it's going well.
Nikky10 2018-04-01
12   Dr R Basu 3 weeks ago

Dr. kadwa......Plz Advice (Pain in Right Knee)
Hi Dr.Kadwa Sir Plz...Advice medicine for my Father's Right Knee Pain Problem.He has

provision 2012-11-18
31   kadwa 3 weeks ago

Dr. kadwa ,,,,Plz Advise(Pain in right Arm)
Sir plz suggest medicine for my mother's Right ARM pain problem. AGE:50 years Sex:F

provision 2012-07-28
40   kadwa 3 weeks ago

Hello everyone. My name is akash my age is 30 I am unmarried. Its been 2 years I have
Akash12 2018-04-02
1   kadwa 3 weeks ago

Pls help Dr Neil and Dr kadwa ....i m facing acne problem since years...dis is just reduci
Jaz2 2018-03-31
1   kadwa 3 weeks ago

For Dr Kadwa
I am 32 years old. I have hair fall issue for 3 years i took treatment of elopathic an yea
Imran30 2018-03-11
8   kadwa 3 weeks ago

Dr Kadwa, Resolve Reflux Induced Hoarseness Issue Please
Dear Sir, My wife is fine. Her upset stomach is totally set right now.Now it's my tu
sandy3 2018-03-24
3   kadwa 3 weeks ago

Suffered ganglion cyst and urine drops
I have ganglion cyst on back of wrist just above the joint since 8 years. It is very hard
baby 2018-04-02
1   Tui 3 weeks ago

Grade 3 meniscus tear and partial tear of ACL
I met with an accident on 3/3/2018 I have undergone operation on 8/3/2018 for meniscus t
Ravikiran135 2018-03-28
3   kadwa 3 weeks ago

I am suffering from chronic constipation for years. I use Luzy tabs - how long ? Looking f
shahwin 2006-07-03
6   Saddy1 3 weeks ago

Need Expert opinion: Urine problem and Erectile Dysfunction
Dear Dr please help me. Please don't get angry. I am telling you all in detail with t
alik 2018-03-30
3   HealthyWorld 3 weeks ago

Please help me find my constitutional remedy
I am a 31 year old male. Weight : 70kg. Height 510. Married. Some of my symptoms are a
eurostar 2007-10-22
9   guser1586gmail.com 3 weeks ago

Masturbation Addiction
Hello Doctor, I have been masturbating when I was 13 years old,and now I am 25,due to th

Aj19911991 2016-11-06
15   Aj19911991 3 weeks ago

hi all, my friend is having psoriasis, we are looking for the girl who have the same prob
priyainarun 2007-12-24
5   ashish684 3 weeks ago

Psoriasis Marriage.
Hi everyone, I am Riya Mishra from India.I have been suffering from guttate psoriasis sinc
Riya1 2016-08-14
5   ashish684 3 weeks ago

Flatulence - Farts
I am suffering from flatulence for last 2-3 years. Lots of allopathic medicines but of no

bad.shape 2006-09-01
30   Akash12 3 weeks ago

Stomach pain with gas
Hello doctor, I am a 42 year old women. Since the past week or so, I have been experiencin
Simran25 2018-03-15
3   Dr R Basu 3 weeks ago

facing problem from erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation
Hi everyone, from last 5-6 months I am facing problem of erectile dysfunction and prematu
raj40016117 2018-02-09
4   raj40016117 3 weeks ago

Hi, I am 44 years old, female, teacher, live in Canada. I am experiencing a recurring symp

pollen 2018-03-25
15   simone717 3 weeks ago

Gallstones Issues - may need your help
Hi ! A complete Story about Pain & Gallstones! ---------------------------- Last 6 mont
faisalrfs 2014-02-11
11   Ircoompi 3 weeks ago

scalp psoriasis
Our ten year old granddaughter has non pustular psoriasis on her scalp and behind her ears
shananda 2018-03-10
7   0antivirus0 3 weeks ago

11 year old Dog - Arthritis in both hind and Front right leg
I have a 11 year old Labrador retriever female. She has painful arthritis in back legs and
NVY 2017-11-30
7   Reva V 3 weeks ago

my hairloss treatement result -- please read this
I hope all women who have had hairloss problem read this: I have been suffering from hairl

zuummaa 2006-01-23
62   rswami 3 weeks ago

... .
Tiard 2018-01-22
2   Tiard 3 weeks ago

Right shoulder
Dear Sir I am Nadeem ,60 yrs of age from Islamabad Pakistan About three months ago I lifte

mnadeemkh 2017-07-26
16   simone717 3 weeks ago

Erectile Dysfunction and other issues of sexual and urological organs - Please help Dr. Jitesh Sharma
I am describing my symptoms and conditions as follows: Summary: 1. Mind: (a) Obsessive-Co
sadeqahmed 2018-03-17
7   sadeqahmed 3 weeks ago

Obesity and Breathlessness
Hello all, -------------------------- I have posted similar content but unable to find it
emayank 2018-03-30
no replies yet

16 months Old.baby suffering eczema
Hi My 16 months old baby is suffering from eczema.. Her symptoms She was born with cra
Pari1 2018-03-28
4   Pari1 3 weeks ago

Acid reflux with high mucus in my 8 month old baby
To Joe, Hello Sir, my son is of 8 months old and he is having acid reflux from first mon
Reshma. D 2018-03-28
1   maheeru 3 weeks ago

perianal abscess/homeopathic remedies?
I recently had a perianal abscess drained and am in the process of recovery, however I wor

aqua123 2006-11-26
33   Mayflower1 3 weeks ago

home remedies for blocked fallopian tubes
Hi ! Will Homeopathy Theory was a ideal home remedies for blocked fallopian tubes ? Any g
pattersonlyy 2018-03-29
no replies yet

Female 21years old very hairy, acne, acne scars, help needed!
Hi , Hi, I am new hear as well, i just read through some posts on the website. And i rea
ib-student5 2007-01-15
3   garekar 3 weeks ago

Hand palms pain ,leg pains feet,after sleep ,specially short sleep
Sonu6 2018-03-28
1   kadwa 3 weeks ago

To Dr. Kadwa only
Hi Dr. Kadwa My name is Vikrant, I have male pattern baldness kindly suggest me the medici
vikrantortho 2018-03-28
1   kadwa 3 weeks ago

To Dr. Kadwa only
As you prescribed medication (Aurum Mur 30, Graphite 30, Sulphur 30)in February 2018 for
pratprat 2018-03-28
1   kadwa 3 weeks ago

Rhus Tox and Arnica
Hello, I took Rhus Tox 30C 1 dry dose (1 pill) for my neck pain that started after I used
mvcivil 2018-03-01
8   kadwa 3 weeks ago

Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation Problem
Dear Doctor I am 47 years Male. I have been suffering from ED and PE issue from last 3 yea
harshmalhotra11 2018-03-26
3   kadwa 3 weeks ago

Nat Phos 6x OK with probiotics?
Hi, I have just started my 2 month old son on the Nat Phos 6x remedy for his silent reflux
mamaearthling 2018-03-29
1   simone717 3 weeks ago

Pagets disease, Generalized increased bone density, Ascites, right pleural effusion and known patient of psychiatr
Dear doctors, a well known patient of psychiatry and made a suicidal attack with knife mad
Dr Riaz 2018-03-29
no replies yet

small penis
hey sir i have a small penis also i m suffereing from disease jareyaan.every morning when
aligg 2006-03-29
2   jahanzaib 4 weeks ago

Dear I am 34 years male, 15 days back i got indigestion and got 2to3 times stool, from the
babu123abhi 2018-03-27
5   simone717 4 weeks ago

16 months boy unable to expel phlegm
my son is having cough which is bring up phlegm but he takes it back, i have seen doctors
fizspace 2018-03-28
4   simone717 4 weeks ago

A question
By buying a pocket biochchemic (12 tissue salts) book, can a person become a prescriber ?
earthair 2018-03-28
1   simone717 4 weeks ago

Please save my merraige life...plz help some one urgent
Low sperm count and less Motality problem also have erectile disfunction and Premature eja
Rumi 2018-03-28
no replies yet

Candidiasis vaginal yeast infection
Hi I am suffering from vaginal yeast infection since September 2016, did allopathic treatm
Orchid1 2018-03-27
2   simone717 4 weeks ago

Osteoarthritis in the right knee
Hi, I would really appreciate some help. i have arthritis in my knees, specifically the

ticatee 2018-02-22
26   ticatee 4 weeks ago

Low sperm count and Motality also have ED and PE problem
Dear doctor, Please suggest me medicine for following semen analysis Report. Total semen
Rumi 2018-03-28
1   Rumi 4 weeks ago

Both Kidneys Calculus (stones)
Dear Homeopaths, Kindly prescribe over a condition, on which a stone is in the urethra of
meharban Ahmad 2018-03-23
4   meharban Ahmad 4 weeks ago

Oily scalp with dandruff and sweaty palms and feet
HI. I am a male, 23 years old, fair complexion, 86 kg weight, height- 5'11. I have tw
shubhamrathore17 2018-03-27
1   Tui 4 weeks ago

Soft palate inflamation
I m an Asian origin female with 3 kids. A week ago I had an argument with my hubby and I w
mominisb 2018-03-25
3   Tui 4 weeks ago

Low Testosterone Count
I m taking Dr.Reckwegs R41 for sexual problems like premature ejaculation,sad mood,I hv ve

Akshay21 2013-06-25
13   sagheerahmed 4 weeks ago

Need a general health remedy! Dr kadwa or Dr vikas_grower
Hello all, I am Mayank and I have recently started reading about homeopathy in detail. I
emayank 2018-03-28
no replies yet

khurana76 2018-03-11
5   drjitesh 4 weeks ago

DR KADWA/MAHEERU Acute left bunion pain+ right hip/leg pain
Hi Dr Kadwa/Maheeru, For the last ten days, I have pain in my right hip/leg which is wors
syria 2018-03-19
9   simone717 4 weeks ago

Hello, There is a 23 year old African American women who has been suffering with dry, crac
penny3 2018-03-27
1   simone717 4 weeks ago

Inflamed sinuses
My 5 years old woke up talking funny like he is pinching his nose while talking. I asked h
bluesky77 2018-03-23
5   simone717 4 weeks ago

Post Clubfoot surgery issues
Dear all, My nine year old son was born with clubfeet and had two feet surgeries done (a
rgarg 2007-09-28
5   Anildalvi88 4 weeks ago

About club feet
Hi My son have one leg club feet and he is now 8 month old can homeopathy cure club feet o
Anildalvi88 2018-03-27
no replies yet

Acne & old acne scars treatment
I developed acne in my teen years and am currently ~29 yrs old. It has been controlled off

rxmom08 2006-06-05
22   Ansi 4 weeks ago

P.E & Erection problem
Hi, I am 40 years old, married and having 3 daughters. From 3,4 months i am facing 3 prob
khanjikhan 2018-03-10
4   HealthyWorld 4 weeks ago

Kali Sulph 6x Antidotes Pulsatilla 30C?
I gave my daughter Kali Sulph 6x because of her peeling lips (the flakes in her lips are t
Jane77 2018-03-23
2   Jane77 4 weeks ago

Headache / Migraine
Dear Doctors I have suffering from Migraine from last three months. Sometimes right side a

zaffar_consfela 2017-12-12
46   zaffar_consfela 4 weeks ago

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