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throat pain.
my wife has throat pain from last more than one month. when she take some cold drink or an
raviranjan 2011-12-07
2   raviranjan 6 years ago

four fingers except thumb in leaft hand could not be folded
dear doctor,i am 68years old and i am unable to fold my four fingers in left hand except t
sdvenkat 2011-11-07
7   Nikkie 6 years ago

Cervical bone degenerative changes causing compression/pain to spinal cord
Dear Homeopathic Doctor, I have severe neck pain and shoulder joint pain which is now spre
ghayur 2011-10-31
4   ghayur 6 years ago

[message deleted by starface on Fri, 06 Jan 2012 09:22:36 GMT]
starface 2011-12-12
7   starface 6 years ago

9 month old acid reflux
I have a little one that's got lots of stomach discomfort while eating. We're pr
esmom 2011-12-09
10   Joe De Livera 6 years ago

lower back pain
I have the worst lower back pain. I can't stand, sit, lay down,walk, etc for very lon
Kristie Wilson 2011-12-12
1   nawazkhan 6 years ago

Sinus issues with Insomnia and other
Please help me get healthy. My name is Ursula. I am a married female, 38 years old. I am
gwiazduncia 2011-12-04
9   nawazkhan 6 years ago

Prostrate enlargement and Urine retention
Dear Joe I read one of your earlier responses on the subject and have started Arnica 30C f

Madhi 2010-10-18
22   Joe De Livera 6 years ago

sexual problem
I never feel pleasure during sex. can any body solve my problem.
Friend1000 2011-12-12
no replies yet

Dr Batra's - Steroids laced?
HiI have been undergoing treatment with Dr Batra's for the last 18 months for backach

vikrant 2005-08-22
54   homoeo2011 6 years ago

High Blood Pressure.
I have been taking GP prescribed drugs for treatment of High Blood Pressure for the past 2

patch1 2005-07-24
30   Dr Zaair Husain 6 years ago

High blood pressure
Is homeopathy useful in high blood pressure cases ?? If yes, what all information is nece
hpadda 2010-05-07
12   Dr Zaair Husain 6 years ago

Help - High blood pressure
Hi, I am a 30 years old man and I was diagnosed with high cholesterol since 6 months and h
ocean_kairouan 2008-07-03
10   Dr Zaair Husain 6 years ago

High Blood Pressure
Dear Doc, I am 50 yrs old, and i have problem of High BP from last 6 - 7 years. Currently
Ashish Grover 2009-05-01
3   Dr Zaair Husain 6 years ago

High blood pressure
Hello,My mother's age is 55.her B/P often remains 180/110,170/90 since last year.That
aabid 2005-02-09
2   Dr Zaair Husain 6 years ago

high blood pressure?
i dunno if its because of anxiety and worries, but i get on and off pulse burst is that hi
alwaysongame 2006-12-11
2   Dr Zaair Husain 6 years ago

High blood pressure 26 year old.
My brother is 26 years old and suffers from high bloodpressure. with Allium Sativa 6x and
Midwhori 2007-08-08
2   Dr Zaair Husain 6 years ago

chronic high blood pressure
to all dr. i have hypertenision with fluctating numbers from 185/100 down to 137/90.have e
kahlil007 2009-12-25
2   Dr Zaair Husain 6 years ago

high blood pressure
hello dr. sharma, deoshlock i got a post from your listing from a year ago about bach flow
kahlil007 2009-09-23
1   Dr Zaair Husain 6 years ago

High Blood Pressure:
dear all doc i am Muttakin 29 years old Male. unmarried. Problem with 1) hypertension,
lubanluban 2011-04-04
1   Dr Zaair Husain 6 years ago

Hompath WildFire - The Latest in Homeopathic Treatment
Hompath has pursued a philosophy of supporting the Homeopathy Community, helping homeopath
socialhompath 2011-12-12
no replies yet

all doctors please help me.
dear doctors, my age is 32 years. i have abdominal pain from last three years. when i am
ravi98222 2011-12-12
no replies yet

kidney stones & cloting in brain
Dr, I am 31 years old, i have a stone in my left kidney of size 8 mm with a cluster of 5 m
anshul1323 2009-11-21
5   reachshiva1 6 years ago

ED in 40 years male
Married Male 40 years old Problem. Erectile dysfunction since last 1 month problems in get
daxxuk 2011-12-12
no replies yet

It is pitutory tumor. I got surgury and gamma knife in 2009 but still i m suffuring from m
kalyaniki 2011-12-12
no replies yet

Is it arthritis..? Plz help
I am 21 years old. female from Pakistan I am having this problems for the last 1 or 2 yea

syednasirt 2011-10-17
36   syednasirt 6 years ago

Mild brain atrophy
Sadia Imam is my daughter,she is 7 year and she is suffering from mild brain atrophy from
sufi imdad 2011-12-12
no replies yet

Hello I am wondering if there is a remedy for my problem. I recently has a hysterectomy an
Fadie 2011-12-12
2   Fadie 6 years ago

diabetes+enlarged heat+obesity
hi dr..my mother is suffering from diabetes and enlarged heart problem.. she is on insulin
shanze 2011-11-27
6   shanze 6 years ago

CORN REMEDY - Specialised doctor in that
HI there everyone! Was actually looking for some specialized doctors in the field when I
parlav 2011-12-10
3   kadwa 6 years ago

1 year old baby crying during night
Dear Doctors, My baby boy, he is now 12 months old and he is crying during the night and
anish_anirudh 2011-12-08
5   kadwa 6 years ago

Frequent urination
I'm 25 yrs old housewife, recently married in 2010. after 2-3 months i have developed
nklaxmi 2011-11-28
4   shouse_nsk 6 years ago

aggravation or something else?
About 4 weeks ago i took a dose of lyco 30, just one dose. I've had a chronic right s
karinamom 2011-12-02
4   brisbanehomoeopath 6 years ago

Ongoing Flatulence - roughly 10 years
Because I saw a post similar to my concerns, and one of the advisors here finally put up a

activiste 2011-11-04
29   brisbanehomoeopath 6 years ago

Asthma in little girl
Hello, I have question about my 4 years old little daughter: she suffers from cough and ch
morgian 2011-11-15
7   brisbanehomoeopath 6 years ago

homeopathy for tooth cavities
friends, is there any homeopathic or biochemic medicine that helps to cure dental cavities
pcthahir 2011-12-11
no replies yet

sex problem
Sir, I am masterbated from the age of 14 yrs. Now i am completing 20 yrs. My pennis is 5
akshaynewade 2011-12-08
3   Dr. Showrav 6 years ago

fearness and high BP
Hello Jeo de livera,and otherDRs I want to is homeopathic medicines caues week nervous s
randhir 336 2011-11-30
9   karan123 6 years ago

i m 26 yr old male,ht-176cm,having allergic bronchitis and gastric problem.presently i m h
anuj22jain 2011-12-11
1   Aarnaa 6 years ago

help asking 2nd time
age 34 married iím looking for the following medicines but iím struggling, please can yo
illyp 2011-12-05
2   daremitch 6 years ago

silicia and teeth filling
dear friends, if we take silicia 200C or higher, will it cause to eject the teeth fillings
pcthahir 2011-12-11
1   brisbanehomoeopath 6 years ago

insomnia,past trauma,not able to forget that incident
1. I am facing the problem of insomnia from last 6 months. 2.This problem starts from 9th
lordkrishna 2011-12-05
10   kadwa 6 years ago

all dear doctors please help
dear doctors, my age is 32 years. i have abdominal pain from last three years. when i am g
ravi98222 2011-12-11
1   shouse_nsk 6 years ago

High Blood Pressure Herbal and Holistic Treatment Tips
1. Folic Acid- Folic acid, found in green leafy vegetables and many enriched food products
michael123 2008-05-16
1   Dr Zaair Husain 6 years ago

Brisbane homeopath please
Hi David My daughter is on pulsitilla M fro a homeopath which she takes about once a mon
beanpole 2011-12-10
2   sumedh 6 years ago

cure for diabetes and high blood pressure
Please advise how to cure/control diabetes and high blood pressure through homeopathic tre
asimda 2009-09-20
3   Dr Zaair Husain 6 years ago

Enlarged Adenoids in 2.5 year old
My son was born at home. He is unvaxed. We eat mostly and organic diet (though he is a p

chlobo 2010-04-09
28   rezwan 6 years ago

doctor please help, need medication...
Patient ID:nassy Sex:Male Age: 21(running) Please answer the following questions in a des
nassy 2011-01-27
7   vishnu5 6 years ago

Hello doctor I have a very serious problem plz help me to solve the problem as soon as po
bindu madhavi 2011-12-11
1   shouse_nsk 6 years ago

masturbation ill effects
Hi!I am 27 and I live in Pakistan. I never had sex with anyone in my whole life but I have

peelachooza 2009-03-24
13   vishnu5 6 years ago

incurable diseases....is there any hope?
Hai , iam a 24 year male (unmarried obviously). I am suffering from from the ill effects o

sadiqglb555 2008-08-26
16   vishnu5 6 years ago

incurable diseases... can homeopathy handle these?
Hai i am a 24 year male . I am suffering from weakness in over all the body due to over ma
sadiqglb555 2008-08-26
4   vishnu5 6 years ago

i m 21 but having very less desire for sex premature ejeculation,loose erectile due to exxecive masturbation
i have been masturbating since age of 12 and initially i hv exxecive sexual appetite .due
sam kapoor 2009-12-01
4   vishnu5 6 years ago

How to have good semen reserves in body?
I am Dev 2007-09-24
2   vishnu5 6 years ago

Grandma's Concoction
We were going through a collection of grandma's various recipes and we came across th
dukelemoyne 2011-12-11
1   brisbanehomoeopath 6 years ago

Knee Problem, BP and Uric Acid
my mother and father both are suffering from knee and joint's pain. age are 62 and 59
ashish8419 2011-12-10
1   nawazkhan 6 years ago

att: dr nawaz
Attention Dr Nawaz please respond to this forum: http://abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/3077
swarnabha 2011-12-10
2   nawazkhan 6 years ago

Acid Reflux and Grit in Lower Teeth
I have constant gritty material from lower teeth. It appears to come from gums and back of
Beammie 2011-12-09
3   nawazkhan 6 years ago

Itch all over the body
For the past 1 month, I've been having terrible itch all over my body. I feel like sc

srini 2003-05-19
35   LolaH1 6 years ago

Pelvic pain, Cipro and muscle/tendon issues
Hi, I sometimes use to have urine burning and I was told that I have no bacterial prostat

ifee_pk 2011-01-12
16   MANDYSSS 6 years ago

Toxic reaction to Levaquin
Hi, I (and many others) have had a toxic reaction to levaquin (a fluoroquinolone antibiot
MANDYSSS 2011-12-10
no replies yet

High Blood Pressure?
I developed hypertension after a surgery (1998) where I lost the right lobe of my liver. I

ivorybow 2003-05-25
16   Dr Zaair Husain 6 years ago

til on face
sir, my son aged 17 yrs has very new til on his face in a large quatity. by these ti
jainsanjayjain 2011-12-10
no replies yet

10 month old with wheezy cough
Hi all I was wondering if anyone could help me with a remedy for my 10 month old. He cons
shellnelliot 2011-12-09
3   nawazkhan 6 years ago

acute headache
Hello Doctor, My problem is that I am suffering from acute headache from last 7-8 months.I
SHILPY0009 2011-11-29
2   SHILPY0009 6 years ago

osteonecrosis of knee
Hi, Does anyone know which homeopathic med will be good for 'osteonecrosis of the dis
manureet 2011-12-08
3   kadwa 6 years ago

Severe Acne Vulgaris, please help
Aoa Doctor , i am 24 years old, my hieght is 5'5 and weight is 85kg, i m not married.
Sidrah 2011-12-09
2   Joe De Livera 6 years ago

IBS & Anosmia
I am a 30 year-old female with severe IBS and have recently developed anosmia coupled with

Chelsea33 2011-10-03
88   brisbanehomoeopath 6 years ago

hi this is imtiaz .my mother is 72 year old.she is suffering from head distortion.firstly
hussain enterprise 2011-12-09
1   nawazkhan 6 years ago

Treatment for NPH.
Is NPH curable by homeopathy?
khick4 2011-09-24
2   abs_pc1 6 years ago

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