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very serious acne
I am 18 yr old boy . I am suffering from very moderate acne from last few years. I too
rshrmawow 2017-08-05
3   drthoufeequebhms last week

Piles problem (need urgent solution)
Hi Doctor, My wife is suffering Piles from about 3 years. some internal and external
MD. ROkon 2017-08-08
1   0antivirus0 last week

Damiaplant & Sperm Count
Hello Any Doctor. Please tell me. Can Damiaplant Increase sperm count and sperm motility
amit_tyagi2001 2010-01-06
7   arogyam917 last week

Sexual Power
Hello Dr!! I am 25 male married for 1 year facing the problem weak errection and low
Airlureffoath 2017-07-28
7   arogyam917 last week

Increase your height
Forget about growth hormone injection or limb lengthening operation. They are way to expen

deoshlok 2005-11-16
1333   sia last week

please help drthoufeequebhms
Hello sir, please help for my wife for back pain problem she has ceasar operation befor

mariz 2017-05-13
43   drthoufeequebhms last week

Dust allergy
Hello,my child in the age 12 suffering from chocolate and dust allergy . his history is

ranadr2010 2017-04-24
15   drthoufeequebhms last week

Skin problem
Skin at joints are black,hard and a little itchy.Skin is peeling off on itching. Please s

digitronic 2017-04-25
28   drthoufeequebhms last week

need remedy for irregular menarche
hello doctor I need help for my 12 years and 9 months old daughter.she got her menses sta

afskarimymail.com 2017-03-30
62   drthoufeequebhms last week

Bloating and weight gain
I m 27 years old female. 5feet and 68 kilos. I have been diagnosed with pcod. Of late i ha

Superbs 2017-04-25
25   drthoufeequebhms last week

too much leg pain.uterus warts
dr i need help age 34 single period regular i got vaginal sore/ ulcer , three years bac

mahsan 2017-04-17
23   drthoufeequebhms last week

Unknown Problem
Hello, I was hoping I can get help with something that I do not have a diagnosis for bu

tod86 2017-04-20
25   drthoufeequebhms last week

I have anxiety. I get very nervous when driving. I have fear of future . I get nightmares.

c_arora 2017-04-20
34   drthoufeequebhms last week

Low sex desire
Hi Dr. I am facing weak libido issue.I am 35 years married man.since two years,my sex
amit143mishra 2017-06-28
1   drthoufeequebhms last week

How to stop homeopathic aggravation?
Hello 11 years ago I became disabled by a quinolone antibiotic, ended in wheelchair and
freestyler1 2017-08-04
3   maheeru last week

Premature ejaculation
Hello please guide me some medicine I choose homeonpathy because I believe it's b
Jhangeer 2017-06-28
1   drthoufeequebhms last week

Hi, This is me Riyaz Ahmad. I am having toothache since day before yesterday due to emer
riyazahmad5 2017-06-29
1   drthoufeequebhms last week

need help for spasticity
hello my son is 7 1/2 years old. his right side of body is week and spastic.can not stan

afskarimymail.com 2017-03-31
53   drthoufeequebhms last week

Dizziness, Burping, Shivering, Tiredness, Heavyweight on head, Breathing trouble
Hi, My wife is 32 years old. She has been suffering from health issues for the last 6
udayabaski 2017-08-06
3   homeo_helper last week

my child's insecurity
Goodmorning everyone, I am new to this forum and i wish you can suggest a remedy for my gi

Alia S 2016-12-16
25   sameervermani last week

nervous at the exam hall, concentration problem, lack of will
I have the problem of nervousness and concentration. i am at very crucial stage of my li
debojyoti2017 2017-08-07
1   drthoufeequebhms last week

Hey Everyone, I want a remedy for Moles On my Face, i want to remove them, po lease help
alimughal 2017-08-07
1   drthoufeequebhms last week

Eczema and Sulfur 30C pellets
I have Eczema , and have had it for 35 + years, it rarely clears up completely, I have se
Bob W 2017-08-06
4   Zady101 last week

Fear of death .
I have fear of death .I think that my enemy will attack in night and kill me during sleep
earth 113 2017-07-29
4   simone717 last week

Aurum metalicum
My doctor prescribed me aurum met 30 potency for obsessive compulsive disorder and anx
earth 113 2017-08-07
1   simone717 last week

My daughter
Hi I am looking for advice with my daughter. I have read a lot and she seems a typical
andrewkp 2017-08-06
1   telescope last week

Hi I am 24 years old and married for one and a half years. I am a patient of polycystic

bhartikataria_121 2012-07-25
22   medicineman9 last week

Weak Nerves, General and Social Anxiety, Depression, Premature Ejaculation and Sleep Paralysis
-------------------------------- What I’m looking from this Forum ----------------

Erfeach 2017-07-18
25   Erfeach last week

Help needed- pcos
Hey. I am 24 years old female. I have pcos since past 5 years, I had periods after 2 o
Rabail 2017-08-07
1   drthoufeequebhms last week

Pcos help needed- Acne/scars/ hairfall
Hello, I'm 24 year old female. I had pcos since past 5 years, because of which I
Rabail 2017-08-07
1   drthoufeequebhms last week

Best Pelvic Inflammatory Disease Treatment
Pelvic inflammatory disease can lead to infertility in women if left untreated. Contact
sharukh1 2017-08-07
no replies yet

Anal Condyloma
Hello, You've helped me once before, so please help my friend. He has what doctor
hristaso 2017-08-07
no replies yet

Pcos- Acne
Hi! I'm 23 years old I have been suffering from pcod since 1 year and it has resulted

Pcosgirl 2017-07-26
29   Pcosgirl last week

Severe Chronic constipation. needs advice from Dr Kadwa
I am 50 year old female. I have suffered whole my life with severe chronic constipation. I

bak1 2017-06-11
13   kadwa last week

kidney problem
sir i am amarjit age 55 weaight 70kg height 5.6inch. my both kidnies were operated for s
mintubal 2017-08-06
1   kadwa last week

Dr. kadwa......Plz Advice (Pain in Right Knee)
Hi Dr.Kadwa Sir Plz...Advice medicine for my Father's Right Knee Pain Problem.He has

provision 2012-11-18
27   kadwa last week

Anal fissure with blood and hard stool for 3 months
sir, i have been diagnosed with three anal fissures . Strated taking homeopathy medicine f
debadurlabha 2017-08-05
1   kadwa last week

Side effects of Sepia 30
Due to some urinary problem a homeopathic doctor prescribed me Sepia 30 TDS. It was admi
Guptagk 2017-08-04
1   kadwa last week

klebsiella sbs found in urine culture
klebsiella sbs has been found in urine culture report, the effects on my body is as shiver
meharban Ahmad 2017-08-04
1   kadwa last week

my 5 yr old speech is very disorganised and is very hyper and could not process the language correctly
my 5 yr old speech is very strange and dis organised he does not speak normally and also i
Anni13 2017-08-03
1   kadwa last week

Erectile dysfunction due to over masturbation
I'm a 23 year old male suffering from erectile dysfunction due to over masturbation.
steve3 2017-08-03
1   kadwa last week

Good pasture syndrome
Any references on good pasture syndrome. Require help urgently
Soni3 2017-08-01
3   kadwa last week

Osteoarthritis and knee bending problem for my father
Hi, My father aged 75 years has osteoarthritis in both legs. Pain is observed in both

vjhos 2017-06-25
18   Reva V last week

9 month old baby sprained arm- which remedy??
Hello My 9 month old has a sprained arm- not sure where. It might be his forearm or wrist
Mariarico 2017-08-06
1   drthoufeequebhms last week

Dr Mohla Pls help
Dear Sir, My Sister is 52 lives in usa.Height 5.3 weight 52 kg. She had bad headache on

manaser2005 2017-04-27
19   manaser2005 2 weeks ago

Ardently seeking help
I am a 59, Male, fair, 60 kgs, 5'5", highly sensitive, soft-tempered teacher wit
sandy3 2017-08-06
1   drthoufeequebhms 2 weeks ago

My daughter has been taking Pusatilla since she has been an infant. It is her constitutio
penny3 2017-08-05
3   telescope 2 weeks ago

Burning sensation in urethra and tip of penis
Dear sir/ma'am, I am 24 years old male, indian, I masturbate daily 2-3 times, the
Darkknight 2017-08-04
4   drthoufeequebhms 2 weeks ago

CO2 to Recover Between Workouts
My physiotherapist prescribed transdermal CO2 therapy between workouts to help recover an
Jondonson 2017-06-23
1   tinytimmie 2 weeks ago

Dr. Antivirus please help for my niece
my niece she is 1 year old since last 2 to 3 days she is not eating anything except mother
human1 2017-07-26
10   human1 2 weeks ago

Homoeopathic Blood thinner and cholesterol lowering medicine
I am 74 year old had heart bypass surgery in 2004 .I was prescribed blood thinner and chol
Prafullit Nagar 2017-08-03
4   Reva V 2 weeks ago

instructions for homeopathic treatment
Sir I am a patient of cerebral hemiplegia (paralysed left side ). In 2012 I got an a
smmasterda 2017-08-03
3   Reva V 2 weeks ago

seamen leakage
i am having seamen constantly seeping out when i am in good mood ,i have back pains ,i hav
pratik1 2017-08-05
1   akshaymohl 2 weeks ago

[Attn: Dr. Mohla] Premature Ejaculation and Impaired Memory
Personal Information: ------------------------- Full Name: Sourav Das (not my real nam
shuvo93 2017-08-04
5   shuvo93 2 weeks ago

Sleeplessness, reeling sensation, headache
Gender: Female Age: 34 yr Body Type: thin and bony (not muscular) with sharp features
srisri1 2017-08-04
1   0antivirus0 2 weeks ago

gums receding :(
Hello, For the last five years my gums have been receding now some of my front top teeth
penny3 2017-08-03
4   homeo_helper 2 weeks ago

Prostatorea with Lower Back Ach
Hellow dear Doctors i m suffering from prostatorea since 4 to 5 years with extreme weak
asad3 2017-08-04
1   simone717 2 weeks ago

please help me
Hellow dear Doctors i m suffering from prostatorea since 4 to 5 years with extreme weakn
asad3 2017-08-04
no replies yet

persistent stomach bloating, fatigue, chronic bad digestion
Hello, I have been suffering from lots of bloating, fatigue, bad digestion, no matter what

Lulu61 2011-04-14
92   funkymonkey 2 weeks ago

joepathy and ensuing problems, please help dr.thoufeeque
My uncle 65 an ardent follower of Mr. Joe De Livera has been taking Arnica 30C Wet Dose
sandy3 2017-08-04
1   simone717 2 weeks ago

Prudendal neurogia
Sir one day i was not getting erection i did masterbuate while no erection since then i am
Dinesh kumar1 2017-08-04
1   0antivirus0 2 weeks ago

diabetes query
can help me by giving the permanent cure for diabetes age 20
aryan_chatz1 2017-08-04
1   0antivirus0 2 weeks ago

sexual problem
my penis is so weak, due long masturbation history, since 9th standard to after mariage.
Frouwi 2017-08-03
5   Frouwi 2 weeks ago

Re: Prudendal neurogia
Also feeling vivration in my palvic area penis and scrotum pls help
Dinesh kumar1 2017-08-04
no replies yet

LPR and Arsenicum Album 200
I have recently been diagnosed with LPR for a chronic cough and was prescribed by my hom
Natasha2 2017-08-02
2   simone717 2 weeks ago

dosage information
Can anybody please tell me how to take dosage of 6x 30c 200c potencies
asad6 2017-08-03
1   simone717 2 weeks ago

Valuable help
Good evening Our cat has a problem with tooth abscess, thus, he was given Hepar Sulp
mcv 2017-07-30
4   mcv 2 weeks ago

Chronic kidney disease stage 4 GFR 11
My husband has been suffering from ckd. His BUN is 61.64 and creatinine level is 6.52. Ur
Flower3 2017-08-03
2   simone717 2 weeks ago

Is it possible to cure VARICOCELE completely ?
Dear Sir, I m 32yrs old Single male from gujarat state of India. I found some swelling

ABC100 2009-08-14
14   abhiunseen 2 weeks ago

I am diagnosed herpiz. I have red rash near left hand elbow. Also have seviour pain in elb
rvdsh 2017-08-01
3   rvdsh 2 weeks ago

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