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remedy for hepetitis b virus (hbsag)
I am Abdul Hannan aged 44.HbsAg positive for past several years.No symptom or other diffic

haney 2005-07-05
19   Saravanan 7890 3 months ago

gas pain
Male, 24 yrs. I am having recurrent gastric based pain and stomach upset issues since 5 ye
FOXTROT1 2017-11-24
3   healer21 3 months ago

lipoma problem since last 4 years
Good morning Doctor, My name is Vipin Kumar Sharma. I am suffering from multiple lipoma&#
vipin3 2017-11-25
1   healer21 3 months ago

Acidity.gas,headache,incomplete passage of bowel
I am suffering from acidity, gas, incomplete passage of bowel,sometimes headache and pain
om27664gmail.com 2017-11-25
1   healer21 3 months ago

chronic childhood problems. Asking for remedy.
Hi All, I am a 33 years male. I have following problems. Pls suggest a proper rem
Utsav1 2017-11-23
9   healer21 3 months ago

Leaky Gut
OK I have just been diagnosed with leaky gut and wondered if, along with other things I ne
kohler 2017-11-20
1   healer21 3 months ago

Anal fissure
Hi I am suffering from anal fissure from last one year. Have improved diet alot.drink lot
Romasainj 2017-11-22
2   healer21 3 months ago

Can hair fall due to masturbation be regained?
I have had severe hair fall in the last 1.5 yrs. My hair now are very thin and come out wi
Anonymous1231 2017-11-25
2   Anonymous1231 3 months ago

How much time will I take to look of my age.
How long will it take for me to look of my age considering the fact that I have been mastu
Anonymous1231 2017-11-25
no replies yet

Amniotic sac leak
If there is a hole or leak in the amniotic sac, what remedy should be taken?
Bugsy1 2017-11-23
1   maheeru 3 months ago

GERD problem of 3 months old baby
Hi Dr. My 3 months old baby girl is spitting out milk from last two weeks. She is on excl
Sunsgang 2017-11-24
1   healer21 3 months ago

Memory, Stress & daily habit of masturbation
Age 23 weight 54-58 somthing gets acidity easily slightly liver enlarged slightly curved

akhilsharma1 2017-10-24
25   akhilsharma1 3 months ago

mera age 22years hai .4 years se me masterbation karraha hu. maine bohut he kosis ki ye ad
sameer7 2017-11-23
2   healer21 3 months ago

My dad has suffering from diabetes since last 23 years, now his creatinine level increase
dulumani 2017-11-24
1   healer21 3 months ago

Dr. Nawaz please help on kidney stone on both sides
AoA Dr. Nawaz I have passed a stone in urine yesterday after having a bad episode of stom
imtiyaz.ansari 2014-06-05
2   phytoscience121 3 months ago

Dosage equivalence for Mother Tincture
Hello, 1. I will appreciate if some body can help me determine how much would be the equiv
dnautiyal 2017-11-22
1   kadwa 3 months ago

Dr.Kadwa....kindly Prescribe
Hi Dr. Kadwa I am posting here problem of My Sister. Details. Sex:Female(Married) Age 29

provision 2015-06-04
16   kadwa 3 months ago

High blood pressure
Hi my moms age is 77 yrs old Shez having high bp from past 7 yrs ...she is taking allopath
Nisha Nawani 2017-11-24
1   kadwa 3 months ago

Excessive hair loss
Hi my name is Geetha Jayanthi I am 23 years old. from past 1 year my hair is falling exces
Jaya2 2017-11-21
2   kadwa 3 months ago

Cough & Cold
Sir, I am suffering from cough & cold due weather change. I am getting problem to tak
anik1992 2017-11-23
1   healer21 3 months ago

am Eric a Ugandan who has suffered with the masturbation habit now over 10yrs and currentl
eric1 2017-11-23
1   akshaymohl 3 months ago

mera age 22 hai or 4years se mujhai masturbation karne ka addat hochuka hai .jitna kosis k
sameer7 2017-11-23
no replies yet

penis thickness
Cydonia vulgarisq aur cydonia vulgaris 30c kaise leni hoti haior maximum kitne dino tak le
vikaskumar1 2017-11-23
no replies yet

To Dr. Mohla - Excessive night pollution caused by masturbation
I am a 19 years old male from India. I am well built and I look healthy. But I'm suff
raj18 2017-11-20
8   raj18 3 months ago

Anal fistula
Hi i got anal abscess in may when i was 28 weeks pregnant.It was drained by colorecto surg
Star3 2017-11-22
2   healer21 3 months ago

Remedy to avoid episiotomy?
With my first pregnant I had a 3rd degree episiotomy. I would like to avoid having an e
bluesky77 2017-11-17
10   maheeru 3 months ago

Ejaculattes too quickly
Doctor, I masturbate once‚Äč in a day but from last two months my lower part of penis got

Ianpaza 2017-08-01
41   Ianpaza 3 months ago

Qualified Homeopath in Punjab Pakistan
Hello Previously, I asked this question on this forum but did not get the response. Kindly
spinal stenosis 2017-11-22
no replies yet

penis girth
Cydonia vulgaris q aur 30ch kaise leni hoti hai
vikaskumar1 2017-11-22
no replies yet

Viral arthritis
Hi, I suffered from fever 14 to 15 days ago.After a week, i had pain in finger joints,ankl
nriti1993 2017-11-18
5   nriti1993 3 months ago

Speech Difficulty - Mispronunciation and Repeating Some words - after a mild stroke?
Hi, A friend suddenly started mispronouncing words and repeating some words. Her family be
Jane77 2017-06-05
2   Jane77 4 months ago

High Allergy problem with nasal blocks
Dear sir, This is Imran from Bangladesh. I have been suffering for sinusitis since my chi
newinfo 2017-11-06
8   newinfo 4 months ago

Attn Dr. Udaya Kumar -
For the last year my bloodwork has consistently showed: Eosinophil - 11 (HIGH) Normal Ra
nancy2 2017-11-18
1   simone717 4 months ago

cydonia vulgaris for penis girth and strength
Cydonia vulgaris q aur cydonia vulgaris 30c kaise leni hoti hai or maximum kitne dino tak
vikaskumar1 2017-11-21
no replies yet

Scaphoid Fracture
I am 37 yr old male. I have a waist scaphoid fracture on Left Wrist, it happened 10 days b
homeofan3 2017-11-21
1   akshaymohl 4 months ago

Erectile dysfunction Problem
I am 36 years old and married. I started masturbating in the ate of 17/18. I am used to
Justin2 2017-11-20
3   akshaymohl 4 months ago

Some good doctor please help
If I say that I am in a mid life crisis this would be injustice to my suffering. I feel co
Aamir1 2017-11-08
4   healer21 4 months ago

Tail bone pain or Coccyx pain..Please help
Dear Members, I am male/29 yrs of age/Married. I am engineer by profession. I have been
needhelpamit 2013-09-11
4   Venkat3 4 months ago

Errection problem
Hello sir please help I m not able to do intercourse. I m 39 yrs old...while errection...
Manav2017 2017-05-12
3   Manav2017 4 months ago

Homeopath in Pakistan
Hello Could anyone please suggest qualified homeopath in Pakistan who can help me with my
spinal stenosis 2017-11-15
4   spinal stenosis 4 months ago

Suffering from bad effects of mustarbation
I am 19 years old I am suffering from bad Effects of mustarbation I had been mustarbation
Jyotirmoy876 2017-11-18
1   kadwa 4 months ago

Enlightenment of Penis
Hi. This is Imad Ahmed. I am 26 years old. I had some bad habit in my past now I have smal
Imad Ahmed 2017-11-16
1   kadwa 4 months ago

Pilonidal Sinus Fistula
40 years old, male, software developer, creative, interests in history, science and art.
Lamary 2017-06-26
8   Lamary 4 months ago

To Dr Kadwa - Frozen right shoulder and left elbow pain and swelling
My father-in-law, age 72 years has problem of left elbow swelling with pain and right shou
vjhos 2017-11-13
3   kadwa 4 months ago

plz help. High blood urea & high creatinine
my uncle aged 63yrs is a diabetic because of it his kidney is getting affected,recent test
vivpan 2006-11-07
2   spinzer 2015 4 months ago

Sepia and Severe Hormone Imbalance
I am presenting my case from the onset of Symptoms at age 10-11. I am a 34 year old female

sun27342 2010-08-29
186   Noor5 4 months ago

Attn: Dr Mohla—Strange behaviour/ gestures in my 7 year old son
Hi Dr Mohla, I am really upset and worried about a problem in my son who is 7 years. Rec

venus0743 2017-11-01
13   akshaymohl 4 months ago

I have a 5 year old son who fell from the bed and banged his head on the floor on 5th dec
Geetanjali1 2017-11-08
4   healer21 4 months ago

Cervical lymph nodes
My 3yr old daughter's cervical lymph node was raised after her dental infection. Now
Taurk 2017-11-19
1   Nishat Parveen 4 months ago

excess penis leakage
sir iam suffering from following problems. 1.main problem is spermatorrhea,its upto this l
aman10 2017-11-18
4   Lamary 4 months ago

Umblicus sinus track detected
Hi I am 36 male, suffering from navel smelly and bloody discharge.In my ultrasound report
Avtansh 2017-11-15
7   0antivirus0 4 months ago

chronic Throat infection
I am 70 years.Have sore throat and infection since 2 months,nasal drip,occasional runny no
mohiniwear 2017-11-18
4   mohiniwear 4 months ago

Skin disease of my son....please help
Dear Dr My son age of 13 having skin problems for many years.white circle arround two eye
Sudip3 2017-11-18
3   Sudip3 4 months ago

Acne & oily face
hello!! I am male 31 suffering from acne from almost 7 years, face is extremely oily since
john_pt 2017-11-18
1   healer21 4 months ago

Need help with calming our 1 1/2 yr old cat down
We adopted a homeless kitten over a year ago and she keeps wanting to chase our other cat
mookiee001 2017-11-17
1   maheeru 4 months ago

remeady for the symptoms of periodicity
hiiii frenndz which remeady is there for symptoms of periodicity like repaeating at same
ankitsamuel29 2012-03-04
2   arnadeem 4 months ago

which dose for acute and chronic
does it vary between doses if a condition is acute or chronic? Which is best ?
LaMachine809 2017-11-14
2   LaMachine809 4 months ago

Poor digestion and incomplete stool formation
Age 23 Male Suffering from many years--+ Sir,having poor digestion,food is not digested pr
Rup1994 2017-11-16
1   healer21 4 months ago

Can I repeat Nux Vomica for cold symptoms?
Hello, I was prescribed Nux-vomica-300 (digestion problems) and I discontinued it about an
Orlope 2017-11-18
1   healer21 4 months ago

Hello, I have been diagnosed diverticulitis. it happens very often and it is cleared throu
rukidwai 2017-11-18
1   healer21 4 months ago

6 year old- stomach pains, post nasal drip, apnea, anemia, dyspnea
Has your child been treated by a Homeopath before? No 2 LIST YOUR CHILDâ€&tra

Mummy1 2017-09-20
18   simone717 4 months ago

Suffering from bad effects of mustarbation
I am 19 years old I am suffering from bad effects of mustarbation i had been mustarbating
Jyotirmoy876 2017-11-18
3   Jyotirmoy876 4 months ago

Incredible fear and anxiety after sex
I had been dealing with severe clinical depression and seeing a homeopath for 4 years. My

Quail Neer 2017-08-09
37   Quail Neer 4 months ago

Deoshlok Sharma please help me
Gender: Male. Age: 26. Weight: 70. Height: 6’. Sir I am patient of Anxiety (most o

Myself1991 2017-02-11
17   deoshlok 4 months ago

Albuminuria/proteinuria and chronic kidney disease.
Patient is 66 years old female, High BP, DM type 2 past 17 years and on insulin. Cretinine
abchomeopathy1 2017-10-25
9   abchomeopathy1 4 months ago

Spermatorrhea / frequent nocturnal emissions / wet dreams / nightfall / night pollutions
I am a 19 years old male from India. I am well built and I look healthy. But I'm suff

raj18 2017-10-03
89   raj18 4 months ago

suffering from IBS, Hollow feeling in the stomach after passing stools
i have got some relief by taking 1.Nux vomica 30 2. Aloe 30 3. carbo veg 30 4. Hydrastis
sujaytarak 2017-11-18
1   healer21 4 months ago

Kindly Attention Dr.Reva !!!!! Skin disease of my son....please help
Dear Dr.Reva, Myself sudip Das from west Bengal. My son age of 13 having skin problems fo
Sudip3 2017-11-18
no replies yet

Dear Dr, My son age of 13 having skin problems for many years.white circle arround two ey
Sudip3 2017-11-18
1   healer21 4 months ago

Frequent urination
I have a small 4mm stone in RK identified 6weeeks back And I consulted homeopathic he gave

srikwins 2017-08-31
45   srikwins 4 months ago

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