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does any anyone know Antidote of Thyroidinum
bapu4 2018-02-11
no replies yet

please help 3y11m kid with autisum
Hello I have been advice to take for my son CALC CARB 1M I went to my homeopat to take it
rali76 2008-11-18
3   Simsarkar6 4 months ago

Mastoid in left ear (kindly attn. Dr. Kadwa)
Dear sir, I am having mastoid in left ear from last 10 years. Now from last 25 days, seve
pguri 2018-01-16
1   healer21 4 months ago

Gastric Problem
Please advise any medicines for gastric problem
SALIK1 2018-01-28
1   healer21 4 months ago

Over mastrubuted
Hi frnz.. These are the worst days of my life. Mastrubution took my life.I m doing it from
Love1 2018-02-09
1   healer21 4 months ago

Plz help feel no breast
m female 34, single, my problem is my breasts have lost volume and firmness and I feel no
Meera1 2018-02-04
11   healer21 4 months ago

C5 C6 disc protrusion causing facial tingling
Hello, I am 30year old male.On Nov 2015 due to lifting heavy suitcases to the third floor
Anyonya 2018-01-24
12   simone717 4 months ago

Hi Everyone! I'm posting on behalf of my mum. She suddenly come down with a nasty fl
unified 2018-02-10
1   anuj srivastava 4 months ago

Spotting after periods ended
Hello Am using homeo medicine for my irregular periods am happy with it but last month
Padmaja1 2018-02-10
2   Padmaja1 4 months ago

Att: Dr Mohla
Dear Sir, My mother age 67. Weight 65 kg.Her Brest tumer in both Brest . One is operated N

manaser2005 2015-08-29
42   manaser2005 4 months ago

6 years old daughter suffering from cough
Hello Dr. My 6 year old daughter is suffering from cough since a few days. Actually she
imtiyaz.ansari1 2018-02-09
4   HealthyWorld 4 months ago

Gender: male Age: 34 Body Type: athletic Height: 5'8'' Weight: 75 Kg G
raj40016117 2018-02-09
5   raj40016117 4 months ago

Erectile dysfunction - about to get married, help needed
Hi Dr, please help I have lost the ability to get an erection. This has been happening fo
sss07 2017-12-26
6   sss07 4 months ago

Severe Endometriosis please help
Hi everybody, I am 26years old female suffering from endometriosis. I have always had pai
sansor 2012-02-27
6   Sundeep1 4 months ago

gurgling sound in abdomen and unable to gain weight
hello all, before i fill your case taking just i have a question, right now i am taking ho
Ritesh4 2018-02-09
1   healer21 4 months ago

Postnasal Drip - Sinus Polyps
My age is 43 years, I am suffering from Postnasal Drip for number of years, ENT specialist
sajidnazir 2018-02-07
5   anuj srivastava 4 months ago

layers of skin removed..
Hi, i have had acne for 4-5 years, which eventually went away as i started taking diane-3

ishha389 2012-10-16
24   mnahil1520 4 months ago

Acute numbness in Arms, hands and fingers while sleeping
I am 58 years old male. Since last few months there is acute numbness in my arms, hands a

Niiev161 2018-01-11
18   Niiev161 4 months ago

Fistula in intersphincter
Fistula in ano intersphincture I am sathis, 38,M,H 176cm, w 80 Kg - fistula surgery did 1
Frib 2018-02-08
1   healer21 4 months ago

4 month child health problem
respected sir my son born on 5 oct 2017 with wight of 3 kg. after a month he was 3.60 kg.
malik kandan 2018-02-08
1   healer21 4 months ago

Premature Ejeculation and weakness
I am 39 year old Due to excessive mastrabution (from 14yr to 28yr).facing problem of PE si
Noajueli 2018-02-08
1   healer21 4 months ago

gum decays
njain4561 2018-02-08
1   healer21 4 months ago

Cure it
Hello sir I am Inder singh Age.42 Height.5.10" Thi
Ijsneetu 2018-02-08
1   healer21 4 months ago

ear; itching,sore, pain, vibration,
My left ear is sore at all times. It itches constantly, on the top of it, it vibrates bad
Gatubela1 2018-02-08
1   healer21 4 months ago

Fistula in ano
Dear Dr, Expert, Mr.Anuj Fistula in ano intersphincture I am sathis, 38,M,fistula surgery
Frib 2018-02-08
1   healer21 4 months ago

Getting bumps back after homeo medicines
I had severe acnes and I treated them the help of my homeopath . He gave me radium bromatu
rshrmawow 2018-02-08
1   healer21 4 months ago

My son is 3 years old and diagnosed as mild to moderate autistic 4 months back. He's
ssadek 2006-02-02
11   Mommamisty 4 months ago

pseudobulbar palsy due to ischemic stroke
My mother is suffering from pseudobulbar palsy with (dysphagia left side. she has swallo
Zaiwot 2018-02-06
5   healer21 4 months ago

Cold And Fever
My Son is 7 year old is suffering from cold from last 7 days. I have given kali mur 30 two
Nikita D 2018-01-18
10   Nikita D 4 months ago

Glaucoma kind att -Dr. Deoshok Sharma-Need help
My father is 75 year age and he is suffering from Glaucoma on both eye. And having low vis
Nikita D 2018-02-08
no replies yet

Diabatic, sleep apnea and obesity
Iam 47yr year old person suffering from diabetes and sleep apnea. my height is 6'11"
RadhaKrishnan Nair 2017-10-25
11   RadhaKrishnan Nair 4 months ago

Liver Cirrhosis
I have been diagnosed with moderate liver cirrhosis, i am 44, robust, fit and fine, do exe
ceaser555 2018-01-22
3   jiyoindia 4 months ago

cats and pets thyroid. Feline Hyperthyroid
hello, I'm looking for info for treating a cat with hyperthyroidism. also, is there
missminky 2018-02-07
1   kadwa 4 months ago

My son recently had facial sepsis due to an infection of the sinuses. The urgent care doc
Johnandnat13 2018-02-06
1   kadwa 4 months ago

Indigestion related issue from 3-4 years
I am 6 feet. Weight 55kg Wants to put up some weight. But i have indigestion. No consi
robin us 2018-02-05
3   kadwa 4 months ago

Need help with headache/migraine
My 22 year old son is suffering with severe headache from eye strain, pain is mainly on up
suna711 2018-02-07
3   suna711 4 months ago

Tryglyroids are high in lipid profile medicine
Hi I am RajeshBabu(42/M), I have taken lipid profile of mine. In that Tryglyroids are hi
elururajesh 2018-02-07
3   healer21 4 months ago

Chronic and Whooping Cough in 5 months Old- Please help Fast !!
My 5 months old Nephew has Chronic cough from almost a month. he has congestion and whoopi
B3auty 2018-02-07
3   healer21 4 months ago

I am going through a traumatic stage, and I really wanna get rid of this mind exhaustion,
Blair 2018-02-07
2   healer21 4 months ago

i have gastritis ,,mild antral gastritis confirmed in endoscopy symtoms stomach burning
anky2010 2018-02-07
1   healer21 4 months ago

Urgent ----> Tight Bladder Neck Remedy
Hi. I am 20yrs old and have genetically been born with a VERY tight bladder neck, which re

umer1 2006-05-15
45   simone717 4 months ago

Hello, my son Matej has a diagnosed ADHD. We have serious problems at school. It's ha
Ljiljana 2018-01-12
4   Ljiljana 4 months ago

Vaginal Dryness - Early Menapouse
Hello, I am 41 years old with an early menopause since 3 years. After a long break I am a
emma3 2017-12-08
5   emma3 4 months ago

Viral Bronchitis with a mild fever
My soon to be 4 Year old has been diagnosed with " viral bronchitis". He has been having a
Arlena 2018-02-07
1   anuj srivastava 4 months ago

Adverse reaction
Hello! My homeopath gave me Thymuline 9CH. Because of my constant flus. I have took it a
Annabelle1 2018-02-07
1   razaraza 4 months ago

Dr Kadwa Please help: Right Shoulder Impingement (Rotator Cuff Syndrome)
This is 28 years old male. I have pain in my right shoulder and its movement is restricted
baby 2018-02-07
no replies yet

12m girl and Causticum 30ch
Hi. My daughter got prescribed 2 pellets a day of Caust. 30CH as for a long time she wakes
Granicus 2018-02-07
1   healer21 4 months ago

umbilical hernia
Sir, My name is Radha aged 57 years and underwent UTRESS operation in OCT2015 due to suspe
pbabu 2018-02-07
1   healer21 4 months ago

Urgent help! Sticky Leucorrhoea
I'm single female 36, I've restarted sticky,leucorrhoea again. It has smell and
Meera1 2018-01-08
11   jawahar 4 months ago

Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD)
Hi, My 3.2 years son is suffering from Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD)that is what occu
das 2017-08-29
4   Reva V 4 months ago

PCOS need urgent help
Hi, I am 29 yrs old, I have PCOS since 2 yrs. I have irregular periods, I was diagnosed w
Ravm287 2018-02-06
4   Ravm287 4 months ago

HELP!! Sulphur: severe reaction.
Please, help! I'm new to homeopathy, donít know much about it. I got scabies and

MisterX 2010-11-07
80   Cathycathy00 4 months ago

I have some medical problem can any doctor help me
I have some medical problem can any doctor help me.....pls reply...then I will tell you ab
mAn85 2018-02-05
1   healer21 4 months ago

Dark spot and pimple scars
I'm 29 years old male and have been suffering from sudden break out on face and ultim
Sud16july 2018-02-05
1   healer21 4 months ago

experienced doctors pls help me (premature ejaculation)
I have a problem of premature ejaculation pls help, cant able to fully erect after 1 or 2
mAn85 2018-02-04
1   healer21 4 months ago

6 kgs overweight kid - any cure for my 7+ years old daughter
Hi All My daughter weighs 31 kgs . She is 7 + years old and her height is 120 cm. She eat
earthangel 2018-02-05
1   healer21 4 months ago

acne, i have enough!!!!!!!!!
Does the acne could be cure by homeopathy? Do you know anything abut that? Please help me
niki123 2018-02-05
1   healer21 4 months ago

increasing height in 14 and half years old girl
Hello, my niece is 14 and half years old (will be 15 in august), she started her period wh
maryam 2018-02-06
2   healer21 4 months ago

Fistula in ano intersphincture
I am sathis, 38,M,fistula surgery did 1 yr before now recurrence not in same place. Mri sa
Frib 2018-02-06
1   healer21 4 months ago

Heavy Sweaty Palm & foot Sole
Hii, I have being using this forum since last 1.5 years and getting useful help & medi
sandipan1 2018-02-06
1   healer21 4 months ago

about back pain or backache
Sir my lumber l5 s1 spine was opreated last year. After that everything gone well. I start
Uchows 2018-02-06
1   healer21 4 months ago

Dear Dr. Kadwa pls. help me
from last ten years I am suffering from cold or allergy I dnt know but symptoms are in fir
mAn85 2018-02-04
3   mAn85 4 months ago

Watery sprum comes out after urine
Iam cmy Age: 26 Height:164cm Unmarried & Never had any GF. Situation: From t
Cmy 2018-02-01
5   healer21 4 months ago

For Zady101-my case
Not sure where to start, I really don't know what matters and what doesn't. Do I

cosmicweaver 2017-07-03
108   cosmicweaver 4 months ago

fistula (anal fistula) - the badguy
Dear New Patient, Welcome to this thread! As you already know that Anal fistula, we call

nawazkhan 2011-01-05
4743   Frib 4 months ago

Anal fissure since 3.5 years
Dear Homeopathy’s Experts, I am 33 year male, pure vegetarian suffering from anal Fi
rakesh.km1983 2018-02-05
3   HealthyWorld 4 months ago

PE. and Clomid side effects
Dear Sir/Madame, I am 45 y/o male, been using homeopathy in general for about 20 year no
adamues 2017-12-11
5   adamues 4 months ago

Bone Trauma
I was adviced to use Symphytum Officiale 200 c for bone trauma (broken ribs). I am 67 and
elifeli 2018-02-05
1   homeo_helper 4 months ago

McDonald's fry chemical may cure hair loss
Google the above to read-just read this. Japanese scientists using the silicone used for F
simone717 2018-02-05
1   healer21 4 months ago

help my penis enlargement
penis hardly 4 inches when erected and hardly in 1 inch in girth , i can satisfy my girl f
brave 2010-04-26
6   healer21 4 months ago

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