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5 week old suffering from silent reflux
My daughter has silent reflux from the day she is born. She has the following symptoms 1.
Ryanfam 2015-03-18
1   0antivirus0 2 years ago

Hi doc.I'm 39 year old I have problem is nill sperm please tell me wech medicine I ta
thapa 9710 2015-03-20
no replies yet

Involuntary eyes blinking
Hello i have frequent headache, eyes blinking all the time, eye strain, tension and someti

Manojpuri2050 2011-04-25
45   Manojpuri2050 2 years ago

Sufferin from Cerebral Atrophy
Hi all My name is sharu and I am in my early 40s I am suffering from Cerebral Atophy ( C
sharu75 2015-03-18
8   rishimba 2 years ago

gallstones!! need advise
hello, i am suffering from gall stones multiple . some one recommend me to take these medi
rachitdelhi 2015-03-18
2   homeodr 2 years ago

Why you should stand up every half hour
Read 2 things today that I think are important to put into most peoples routines. EXERCIS
simone717 2015-01-21
4   simone717 2 years ago

Chronic Epididymitis, Pulsatilla dosage?
Hello my name is Zach, I am a 22 year old male who has suffered from chronic epididymitis
Stattman 2015-03-18
3   simone717 2 years ago

Attention:Simone Sister has palpitations
Dear Simone, In late January or February my sister was prescribed Quebracho 4x and Vana
declan 2015-03-19
1   simone717 2 years ago

Premarture eject.
i m 26 yrs . i am sufuring from PE and low power for 6 years. when my penis touch the vagi
vickyji 2015-03-19
1   Dr. Rahat 2 years ago

mobile friendly forum
Hello all, I am working on making the forum work better with mobile phones. If anyone enco
moderator 2015-03-19
no replies yet

need help
Hello doctor. my name is simi and i m unmarried . i have sexual relation with my BF. Now
siminice 2015-03-19
no replies yet

Bach Flower Remedies
Dear All, Whenever I take Bach Flower remedies, I get heaviness at back of head. The feeli
rahukul2015 2015-03-19
7   simone717 2 years ago

hair loss(alopecia ) due to dht
hi i am 18 years old boy from india. i am expericing hair loss at very high rate nearly 30
hellosingh 2015-03-18
2   hellosingh 2 years ago

Horrible flatuence
Ive been suffering from flatuence for a little about 2 years now.It goes on all day along
Dward 2015-03-19
1   0antivirus0 2 years ago

premature ejaculation
i am 23 year old and i am suffering from premature ejaculation.i recently bought lycopodiu
sonu049 2015-02-20
6   woodyallen 2 years ago

Excessive masturbation, nervousness, anxiety etc.
Hello experts.. i am a 23 years old guy.i masturbated daily for at least 8 years.i have fo
vishal1011 2012-06-25
5   dehnaloud 2 years ago

Sir / Madam My mother have filariasis plz give me suggested medicine I'm surching f
sarwanasuresh 2015-03-18
1   deoshlok 2 years ago

fear of intercourse please help
form Dr.Deoshlok sharma's questionairre 1. Name -neha momin 2. Age - 25 3. Sex -
samsung1 2015-03-18
2   samsung1 2 years ago

priestofthenecro 2015-03-19
no replies yet

DNS and nasal polyps + gall stone
Hello Forum I am 35 yr male , having acute DNS and nasal polyps left nostrils from the la
amagan 2015-03-09
5   fitness 2 years ago

Vaginismus - Dr. Deoshlok Sharma
Vaginismus is an involuntary spasm of the muscles surrounding the vagina that closes the v
deoshlok 2006-07-10
1   samsung1 2 years ago

for evactioner
New threaf just saw you told me to make a nee thread 1. What are the issues in your life
tj7472001 2015-03-14
9   Evocationer 2 years ago

decreased penis lenght and girth despite of handsome sexual urge
1.im a male 30 yr old suffering from regular decrease in my penis size both length and thi
mukaram 2015-02-27
2   mukaram 2 years ago

Weight Loss
Hi, My name is Bijender from Sonipat, Haryana. My wife is 25 years old and we have two kid
Bijender Kumar 2015-03-18
no replies yet

Suffering from Cerebral Atrophy
Hi All I am sharu and I am suffering from Cerebral atrophy since last 14 years. Doctors d
sharu75 2015-03-18
1   simone717 2 years ago

To: Evocationer (Psoriasis)
Dear Dr. Evocationer, Patient ID: Sex: Male Age:36 I have seen your thread and would l
rmasood 2015-02-02
10   rmasood 2 years ago

breathing problem
Sir I am student my age is 20 from last 4-5 year's I am having problem of breathing m
sarwardelhi 2015-03-16
3   rishimba 2 years ago

does anyone treat layers of symptoms
Like sequential...and by silinimum...for example toxic state caused by antibiotics...suppr
tj7472001 2015-03-17
8   simone717 2 years ago

Dog hit by car doing well till last night
He is not barking and going to bite us. He was hit 11 days ago. They said he has head tra
Tasybear 2015-03-17
3   telescope 2 years ago

4 year old cries of reflux pain at dinner nightly
My 4 year old daughter had a cold 6 weeks ago then 1 month ago she and the rest of the fam
Happyandfree 2015-03-18
1   telescope 2 years ago

Symptoms fingers normally just one well swell up with a huge bump around the joint. red an

suedee 2015-02-10
18   suedee 2 years ago

Heart Palpitations please recommend Remedy
Hello All. I want to start off by saying Happy New Year & May God bless you,your off
kingkoopa 2015-01-19
6   kingkoopa 2 years ago

Hardened tiny Chalazion (HELP)
Hi there! 8 months ago I discovered (by touching) a tiny "growth" in my left low
Balonez 2015-03-15
5   fitness 2 years ago

Suffering from planter fasciitis
Hi, I m suffering from planter fasciitis as diagonised by orthopedics. I got an X ray of
chashmian 2015-03-16
1   homeodr 2 years ago

Joe de livera
hai JOE I am following your arnica30C in wet dilution(magic pill) My question is How to
serampore 2015-03-17
2   serampore 2 years ago

Hi all, I am new to Homeopathy. My baby prescribed pulsatilla30c for eczema. Would like t
MotherOfBaby 2015-03-17
3   simone717 2 years ago

hard to sleep
Dear doctors. I am jawid, male, age 40, height 5'8'', weight 80 kg unable t
jawid.ahmed 2015-03-15
3   homeodr 2 years ago

My 4.5 years old daughter is continuously itching on her body since last 4-5 days. Itching
ritu14s 2015-03-17
1   shouse_nsk 2 years ago

Indigestion weakness ibs after typhoid fever
Hello Doctors My Self Mandeep Kumar Male 26 Height =5'10 inch Weighy=58 kg Body- Ver

Mandeep4u 2015-01-04
42   0antivirus0 2 years ago

my age 21 year. can I increase my height
aalim 2015-03-17
no replies yet

Chronic Headache
hi, age 34, Male. I am suffering from headache from the last 15 years. It is dull, const
adnan012 2015-03-13
2   adnan012 2 years ago

nux vomica 30 in ibs
I am suffering from IBS please advice the dosage of Nux vomica 30.
harisaq 2015-03-08
12   harisaq 2 years ago

nux vomica action
since last 3 months I suffer from frequent ineffectual desire for stools along with anal i
pardas 2015-02-20
11   pardas 2 years ago

angry with being stuck in life!
HOW TO DESCRIBE YOUR COMPLAINTS (Physical Components) In homoeopathy, prescription is ba
beth88 2015-03-10
4   Evocationer 2 years ago

Seborrheic dermatitis
Dear sir, I am 27 yrs male and I have been suffering from seborrheic dermatitis from pas
Nikhil_1987 2015-03-16
1   0antivirus0 2 years ago

Vagus nerve with stomach, heart and neck pain
Hi, I have pain and burning sensation just below my left rib, it radiates from left uppe
gedra 2015-01-24
6   0antivirus0 2 years ago

Nux Vomica antidote Merc Sol?
Could someone tell me if Nux Vomica antidotes Merc Solubilis? I'd like to take Nux Vo

franion 2015-02-28
18   simone717 2 years ago

extreme sharp rectum pains
Hi, Recently I have been having extremely sharp pain in rectum (and between the genital-r
hashmash 2015-03-17
1   anindya384 2 years ago

breathing problem
Sir I am a student my age is 20 from last 3-4 years I am facing problem of breathing mostl
sarwardelhi 2015-03-16
1   anindya384 2 years ago

Help on dose please
I have a history of severe gastrointestinal issues and have seen numerous homeopaths. In
baddiver 2015-03-01
4   Evocationer 2 years ago

Bone fracture toddler, rashimba or evocationer help?
My toddler fell on Thursday and has bern limping since. Friday took him to the ER, xray do
bluesky77 2015-03-11
6   bluesky77 2 years ago

4 month old vaccination
Hello, My daughter would turn 4 month old and has her vaccination due in 3 weeks from now.
Misssethi 2015-02-08
7   Evocationer 2 years ago

remedy for depression & homosexuality
Greetings to all, I am 28 years male. I need cure for HOMOSEXUALITY and DEPRESSION. I am

Anonymous_gentlema 2013-12-25
108   anindya384 2 years ago

Eyelashes point stiffly toward nose
I remember reading this but cant remember the remedy. Can someone tell me? Thanks, Ruth
ruth45 2015-03-16
1   simone717 2 years ago

Autism 27 months son
Hi all I am really upset regarding my son.. 1.unwanted pregnancy 2.srtrongly thought it wo
Anni13 2015-01-29
8   Evocationer 2 years ago

Sleep apnea cure
Hello, I am a 31 yrs old male. I usually sleep at late hours due to work pressure, but I
shayonbh 2015-03-16
4   shayonbh 2 years ago

please help me . i want to alive
dear sir, i am mizan rahman, age: 27, gender: male, hight: 5.6, weight: very low abou
ibs-mizan 2015-03-08
8   ibs-mizan 2 years ago

acidity and huge gas create huge clear mucus???
i have been suffering huge gas and mucus in abdomen. gas passing my all body just like han
ibs-mizan 2015-03-09
11   ibs-mizan 2 years ago

Sores and Paranoia- Classic Homeopath Opinion
I would like help finding constitutional treatment from a classic homeopathic standpoint.
NathanRay 2015-03-16
1   gaintrox 2 years ago

Migraine in 37 year old woman
Hello. I have suffered from migraines off and on for the past 20 years, mostly in the past
karalm 2015-03-15
8   rishimba 2 years ago

Forum homeopaths Please help me
Age : 43 yrs male. Height : 6.1 Body Type : thin Weight : not checked. But have lost

zibban 2014-08-13
120   zibban 2 years ago

swine flue prevention
sir I will be travelling to delhi. I want to take some preventive medication as my immunit
serampore 2015-03-16
2   gopal18 2 years ago

Dear Sir, My son is 1 month old, when he was born he were unable to get the proper oxygen
Devank Arya 2015-03-16
8   rishimba 2 years ago

diarrhea n vomiting
my 3 yr old daughter is suffering from diarrhea n vomiting since 3 4 days. Though, it'
priyabhi 2015-03-16
2   priyabhi 2 years ago

High Sugar
I am sugar and High Blood pressure Patient, My lips color dark, and have eye black circle
saeedawan 2015-03-16
no replies yet

Any remedies to remove acne scars
I had acne for the age of 13yrs. Now I am 34yrs, I have acne but the scars are remaining o

prashanthc 2004-12-20
267   rambo kutti 2 years ago

Weight Loss
Hi, My name is Bijender from Haryana. My wife is 24 Years old and after giving birth 2 ba
Bijender Kumar 2015-03-16
no replies yet

4 year old sick
My four year old is on day three of fever, congestion, wet cough, and today red sore throa
cosmochess 2015-03-15
1   0antivirus0 2 years ago

autism spectrum and Carc
Hello, I started seeing a homeopath for my2 year old son who was diognised with autism spe
tippy 2015-03-14
11   Evocationer 2 years ago

broken rib cartilage
hi : i broke my rib cartilage,in the front right side, like 10 years ago, i am mostly fine

love and peace 2013-11-07
30   Evocationer 2 years ago

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