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block tubes, Pcos, weight grain, imbalance harmones
Aoa, 8years of marriage. age 36yrs. weight 80kg. height 5"3. complexation, fair.. ir
Mahi syed 2015-01-16
11   intruder# 2 years ago

over masterbation
Hi I am 41 years old and for about 15 years of age I started masturbated now I have so man
rsource 2015-03-11
10   kadwa 2 years ago

Headache, Reading problem
Hello, I am a computer engineer and working in an IT company for 1 year. I had a problem
Arghya128 2015-05-02
6   Zady101 2 years ago

Help needed for my one year old
Good morning all the respected Knowledgeable persons. Kindly suggest some solution to my o

nnagamahesh 2014-10-14
23   nnagamahesh 2 years ago

Need acute treatment recommendations please
Hello, My Mom got sick on Wednesday night and she says she is getting worse. Her symptoms
aprilm 2015-05-10
3   aprilm 2 years ago

using homeopathy kits 30c, 200c, 12c and 6c
Dear Doctors, If I am treating kids or adults at home from colds, flu, headache, stomach
Wizzo 2015-05-10
3   simone717 2 years ago

Therapy compatibility
Hi Is it okay to use a laser while on homeopathy?
gammyjam 2015-05-09
1   fitness 2 years ago

ask remedies
Sir I have backer muscular dystrophy last 5 years I'm 25 years old please tell me tre
azhar57 2015-05-10
1   fitness 2 years ago

7 month old baby excessive night waking
Hello, I'm looking for some advice about my 7 month old baby daughter. Up until 4.5
UKmum 2015-05-10
5   UKmum 2 years ago

Atypical chronic facial pain/scapular neuralgia
Hi, I have been searching for years to understand what my wife has been suffering and rec
fazl.muslun 2015-05-10
1   Zady101 2 years ago

Dry cough that does not seem to go away.
I am a 55 year old male from Canada. I had a round of cold and running nose about six wee
ashoksangita 2014-07-29
8   ashoksangita 2 years ago

My wife haveing 6th Epilepsy attach on our 1st day after wedding
Hi Drs My wife haveing 6th Epilepsy attach on our 1st day after wedding Here is the detail
Muhammad Anas 2015-04-28
12   nawazkhan 2 years ago

does bytra carb 30 cause acromegaly
I've been searching on Google for side effects of bytra carb 30. .and i came across t
rynsix 2015-05-09
5   simone717 2 years ago

Message to Dr. Rishimba : 8 year old girl who cannot accept herself
Dear Dr. Rishimba, I was advised to give the youngest daughter's case to your good s
Wizzo 2015-05-08
6   Wizzo 2 years ago

Infected Adenoid Treatment
My daughter is 4.5 years old. She has suffered from allergies for a year. It is dusty in D
sanalfissure 2015-05-08
4   sanalfissure 2 years ago

Atypical Trigeminal Neuralgia
This Slovenian lady in an astrology forum has chronic atypical trigeminal neuralgia for m

Wai Keong 2007-10-06
31   simone717 2 years ago

High Bood Pressure
Hi. I have bp of 175/105 and sometimes higher. I've tried nutrition but no change.

Gpteague 2015-05-01
28   telescope 2 years ago

dizzy spells and palpitations
Hello everyone! My problem is I have been having dizzy spells followed by palpitations for
pinkflower 2015-05-09
1   simone717 2 years ago

suggest the best medicine for weight loose and height increse
Hii.. I am 24 right now my weight is 74 height is 5.3.. Kindly suggest the best definte re
kanu sharma 2015-05-09
1   simone717 2 years ago

Please Help - My pet has Cornea inflamation
Hi My 12 year old dachshund had conjunctivitis from 2014 Feb . She was treated by the vet

Dashu 2015-01-11
21   gaintrox 2 years ago

Increase Height
I am NOOR (21 years old).I am 5'3".I want to increase my height.Is it possible b
NOOR A ALAM 2015-05-09
6   NOOR A ALAM 2 years ago

K Attn: Dr. Rishimba - Please Help - Severe tooth decay in a 3 year old girl
My 3 year old girl has few teeth being decayed. Four of her front tooth already broke off

jacobsmom 2015-04-07
16   jacobsmom 2 years ago

Advice regarding potency from qualified homeopaths
Sir I took Sulphur CM after studying my constitution.The medicine acted wonderfully on me
gopal18 2015-05-09
2   simone717 2 years ago

calcarea carb with silicea
Dear Dr... i m taking silicea 30 for hairfall but i have problem of nasal polyp a
vikash29 2015-05-08
1   fitness 2 years ago

Dark circle under eyes
Hello Doctors, I am completely new to homeopathy. I have dark circles under my eyes. I am
venkatm153 2015-05-09
1   0antivirus0 2 years ago

motor neuron disease
i am suffering from mnd .my muscles are going to weak day by day.there is no treatment in

vatozai 2014-12-11
32   0antivirus0 2 years ago

Thanks For helping pets too. They are grateful to you even if they can't speak
I wish to post a quire about my little 9 year old dachshund. She is my little girl. Today

Dashu 2011-11-19
24   Dashu 2 years ago

Snoring problem of my husband
My husband 43 years of age Snores a lot.Just after 5 or 10 minutes of sleeping Snoring sta
indukhare4u 2015-05-09
1   homeo_helper 2 years ago

Attn: Evocationer
Hello, I need help for my nursing pain which I am suffering from since nine months after
diya123 2015-05-09
1   simone717 2 years ago

Feline Lymphorrhea or Lymphectasis
Hi, My cat is suffering from what a biopsy found to be lymphectasis. The vet wanted to do
klk17 2015-01-20
9   0antivirus0 2 years ago

darks marks due to pimples on face
hi i am bhaskar. 2 years back i had pimples on face. i used to ride off the pimples with m
ebhaskar 2015-05-08
5   nawazkhan 2 years ago

In desperate need of Dr Evocationer
Hi Dr, I have been loosing my hair since I was 19, it is diffused all over, including the
123kid 2015-05-08
3   simone717 2 years ago

Open Pyometra in a ten year old dog
This infection has been draining for over two weeks. The dog is becoming weakened, has ex
Revelation 2015-05-03
7   Revelation 2 years ago

Need help in doseage
In was prescribed arsenicum album 30 for chronic cold and cough. I got a bottleArsenicum A
spacex 2015-05-08
1   simone717 2 years ago

Height issue of My daughter
Hello , My daughter is 1apr 99 born had her periods started when she was 11. She is 5ft ,
kdubey 2015-05-08
1   homeodr 2 years ago

Vitamins D
Kindly advice me for homeopathy remedy for 25 OH Vitamin D is 8.16
siask 2015-05-06
3   simone717 2 years ago

High Uric Acid -> Gout
I am hoping a homeopathic practitioner in this forum can help me out with my Gout. I am a

canada3000 2008-04-30
51   simone717 2 years ago

Urgent- Cat with kidney stone-life threatening
Need remedy for cat with stone in tube to kidney, need to help break up stone or cat will
summitbarb 2015-05-08
1   daktersaab 2 years ago

Premature ejaculation
Hello Doc. I am suffering from premature ejaculation may age is 35, married, smoker, dr
ravinderbh 2015-05-07
1   kadwa 2 years ago

night emission ,night fall
Sir I am 18 year old .I am suffering from night emission due to this we are suffering from
shubhamkumar 2015-05-05
1   kadwa 2 years ago

help my nightfall crisis
Nightfall is killing me. I'm weak in all parts of my body.hair fall,waist pain, ugly
nekus 2015-05-05
1   kadwa 2 years ago

Severe PE, thin semen
I'm 38 yrs old. I have a thin semen. I'm very sensitive person. My semen comes o
royalheart 2015-04-16
4   kadwa 2 years ago

Menopause - bladder incontinence
Hi All: this forum has been really useful. request you to help with this one as well.

Daisy1234 2015-04-30
18   Daisy1234 2 years ago

Rishimba....help for my mom
Hi Rishimba, I had posted this question a few days ago, and forgot to request you, and no
aprilm 2015-05-07
1   rishimba 2 years ago

In Desperate Need Of Help For Husband's Throat
Hello. I am seeking help for my husband, Paul, who has been suffering with a weird throat

aprilm 2014-03-28
45   rishimba 2 years ago

Urgent. Please help postpartum prolapse
Please help. I've been taking sepia 30c 1 pill under tongue 3 times per day. Initiall

Hopeful41925 2015-03-02
13   0antivirus0 2 years ago

10 year old knee pain
Sex : female Age : 26 Affecting : Left knee From 2004, suffering from left knee pain. Tri
harshita 2015-01-29
11   0antivirus0 2 years ago

Remedy for Pain and Cataract
Anger - When comes , it comes like Volcano and then afterwards it cool downs. Introvert,
bhuptgu 2015-04-18
12   0antivirus0 2 years ago

Knee Joint pain
Sir, Im 35years old and had a road accident and a year ago and occurred in a knee joint p

shahidkzm 2014-09-06
46   simone717 2 years ago

Can not Sneeze
Hello I am talking here of a very weird problem. I tried to find out but not getting enoug
gul0511 2015-05-07
2   fitness 2 years ago

Dog eating poop and gravel stones
I am looking for remedies that I could peruse regarding a little terrier( very very busy l
patad 2015-05-07
1   fitness 2 years ago

Lump under armpit
About 2.5 years ago I have noticed a lump under my armpit. I went for surgery after 6-7 mo

DubeyN02 2014-08-13
56   DubeyN02 2 years ago

dyshidrotic eczema cured
Hello all, I wanted to share the cure I found for dyshidrotic eczema, I had this for 2 yr
ECZEMA NO MORE 2011-03-05
8   simone717 2 years ago

Left Kidney Hydronephrosis
Does anyone know any good medicine for moderate hydronephrosis in left kidney. The ultraso

asimkhan79 2010-03-31
22   dreamflows 2 years ago

Inguinal Hernia treatment
Dear Dr Showrav, I am writing to You sir for Curing My Harnia Too. I am 43 years old Male
anujsinha4u 2015-05-07
no replies yet

Please help me.....
I am a 45 year old woman who has suffered from extreme asthma and eczema since childhood.
TinToronto 2015-05-06
5   TinToronto 2 years ago

hi , i have been dignosed with harnia ( just begning ) i have been asked to go for surgery

Himaksh 2011-11-13
15   Dr. Showrav 2 years ago

Dr.Showrav :: Weakness in legs after inter course
Dr.Showrav, Hope you are doing well. I am suffering from weakness in legs after sexual
kiran_87_reddy 2014-10-29
3   Dr. Showrav 2 years ago

suffering from std
Hello Doctor, I am 38 years old màle. I am suffering from STD sore and redness on m
rkulkarni 2015-05-06
3   homeo_helper 2 years ago

Increase Potency?
Hello everyone! I have been taking sulphur C30 and C6 with great results for my eczema in
JB2014 2014-11-25
6   JB2014 2 years ago

Leg muscle stiffness extending till lower back
Last year (2014) in may, i woke up and within 10 hours i lost control over my lower limbs
Rannjolly 2015-01-17
3   akshaymohl 2 years ago

loosing hairs
i am ravi,23 male.i am loosing my hairs.hairfall is too much.i dont have any kind of disea
munnaravi121291 2015-05-06
1   fitness 2 years ago

Staphysagria Dosage
I am looking for some help deciding on the proper dosage and potency i should take to trea
snuz77 2011-11-13
5   simone717 2 years ago

Severe birth asphyxia (now child is 7 month old)
sir, I am very worried for my baby girl named Aradhya, born on 12.09.2014 by full term no
gkumarbiharwale 2015-04-30
11   baba108 2 years ago

Multi noduler goiter
Hi I diagnosed with hypothyroid 6 months back. I took iodium cm potency 4 days. And on 29
Shiva mehra 2015-05-06
1   0antivirus0 2 years ago

My niece's rare case
Dear Friends, Natasha, aged 6, my niece, has been on homeopathy for a few years (seen two
Dario 2015-05-03
11   Zady101 2 years ago

Bent Penis & PE problem
Dear Dr, I am a 21 year man. I have been masturbating since last 4 years.But I have very p
Pranto 2015-05-06
1   Pranto 2 years ago

lymphatic congestion in head doctors pls help!!
I have been having lymphatic congestion in head for last 4 months.Symptoms were : 1.severe
Aj_89 2015-05-05
3   0antivirus0 2 years ago

Sex time issues
Dear Sir' I am suffering for sex related problem due to my time period is very low du
v.vikas57 2015-05-06
no replies yet

Large adenoids and tonsillitis with frequent cou
Dear Dr . My son is 4yr and 8 month old and is highly allergic spicy items like chips, Kur
Sharma_as08 2015-05-03
4   Zady101 2 years ago

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