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Wegener Disease
I have come to know that if we deplete B cells from the blood, we can treat the Wegener di
rajiv_mehrotra 2015-09-19
7   telescope 2 years ago

Severe Hyperhidrosis all over the body
Hello, everyone! I have a very extreme case of hyperhidrosis all over my body, which incl
thor00700 2015-09-09
5   thor00700 2 years ago

suffering from fissure plz help
Sir I am 32 yr female suffering from fissure since from last 2 yrs. I was on diet for 3
kar123 2015-09-16
3   nawazkhan 2 years ago

Re: urinary tract infection?
Dr.Deoshlok Sharma,Dr.Abhishrk Dr.Kwada Pl.help me - My wife aged about 59 years sufferin

prasantadalal 2015-08-28
27   Reva V 2 years ago

Hair Fall, Dandruff, Dry and Curly Hair
Hi I am suffering from hair fall and dandruff. I have lost significant amount of hair from
manishcfa 2013-01-08
4   manishcfa 2 years ago

pruritis ani (itcy butt) problem, help please.
Pruritus ani usually occurs in men. The reason is unknown. I have a very itchy outer rect
ahmedali25 2010-03-24
10   manishcfa 2 years ago

Severe Hair Loss - Woman
I am 40 year old and live in Dublin, California. My hair loss started when I was about 20
angela123 2015-09-18
2   angela123 2 years ago

Chronic sinusitis with headache
I am having chronic sinusitis from last October. I get very bad taste mucous as post nasal
transcriber 2015-09-20
1   rishimba 2 years ago

Gynecomastia - small size
[message deleted by Bintu on Tue, 06 Oct 2015 11:38:09 UTC]
Bintu 2015-09-16
1   Bintu 2 years ago

platelets decrement
sir its all about my dad who is suffering from long 1.5year platelets ,haemoglobins are go
sk ibrahim khadim 2015-09-20
3   telescope 2 years ago

Are there any homeopathic remedies for cholecystitis? Especially to avoid painful attacks.
bluesky77 2015-09-18
3   rishimba 2 years ago

Brain surgery
Hi everyone, Can anyone advise me, I want to help my friend with some homeopathy, to go al
Phoenixflower 2015-09-18
2   Phoenixflower 2 years ago

Anal Fissure
Sir, I am 56 years old man. Now I am facing some problem about anal fissure. But there is
dmitra1961 2015-09-19
5   vk804 2 years ago

hi.... simone717 ! no one
[message edited by ak2000 on tue, 22 sep 2015 07:54:02 utc][message edited by Ak2000 on Tu
Ak2000 2015-09-20
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Please help me to recover
Hi I have already post an add about my over mastrubation problems. I am 20 years old and I
thedynamo 2015-09-18
5   vk804 2 years ago

akale 2015-09-19
no replies yet

Re: Anal Fissure
Hello Debasis, Thanks for the details, Please let me know what all homeopathic medicine
vk804 2015-09-19
1   vk804 2 years ago

silent reflux and sleep issue
My daughter is 5 weeks 3 days and was diagnosed with silent reflux at 3 weeks and has been
Jayee1213 2015-09-17
6   Jayee1213 2 years ago

Medicine for skin whitening
Can anyone please please suggest me any effective medicine for skin whitening. I need it b
Beenishaltaf 2015-09-19
no replies yet

skin whitening
Hi iam 21 years old from India with brown skin my problem is dark spots on my face and I
fathima sherin 2015-03-31
3   Beenishaltaf 2 years ago

allergic rhinitis and allergic bronchitis
Dear Sir, Left nostril block, Left eyelid drooping, pain and pressure over left eye,pain,
prowlnpry 2015-09-18
3   prowlnpry 2 years ago

22 month not repeating words
My son whose 22 months old doesn't repeat words. He babbles in his own baby language
Am123 2015-09-19
2   Am123 2 years ago

serious endometriosis treatment
Dear dr. I am looking for endometriosis treatment .As there is no list of dr with their s

jass101 2015-06-22
91   nawazkhan 2 years ago

Effects of Immunizations
I remember being told, or maybe I read it, that there is a homeopathic remedy for the ill
mrsmac88 2015-09-19
1   telescope 2 years ago

To increase the sperm motility
Hi doctor's I have the prblm of low sperm motility can someone help me to increase th
bharathgoms 2015-09-19
no replies yet

Suggestion chai..
Nipple fule jawa problem.body thanda thakle/toka dile/aghat/gym korle savabik hoi.koyek se
Meskat 2015-09-17
1   deoshlok 2 years ago

increase my height
my daughter is 11 yrs old and having 47kg weight and height is 4feet 8 inc pls suggest me
sanjee 2015-09-19
1   deoshlok 2 years ago

Sepia Depression?
45 years old. Want to be left alone. No libido. Completely exhausted. No desire to do anyt
vayavaca 2015-09-14
8   vayavaca 2 years ago

Mani_jee doctor pls reply me
Hi doctor, I have send my lab report pls give ur advice for result is normal or not.. If a
bharathgoms 2015-09-17
12   bharathgoms 2 years ago

Heart rate increse and shivering after masturebation
Hello. I have posted my issue earlier. But no one help me plz reply to my prob and sugge
Salmanz3 2015-09-18
5   Salmanz3 2 years ago

kindly guide
My daughter was born on 17th july 2015 at 3.07 Am.From birth white fluid filled blister st

varunsodhi2008 2015-09-08
31   varunsodhi2008 2 years ago

Urgent Help needed.Shingles/Herpes Zoster for my Mother.
dear all, My mother is suffering from herpes Zoster or Shingles from 15 days.Please sugge
homeopatient001 2015-09-18
1   rishimba 2 years ago

CFS / Dr. Mohla or Rishimba or Reva
Male 49 long term CFS. CFS, heavy metals, mercury and lead retention toxicity, thyroid, a
William.W 2015-08-30
8   William.W 2 years ago

To simone717 kindly guide
My daughter was born on 17th july 2015 at 3.07 Am.From birth white fluid filled blister st
varunsodhi2008 2015-09-18
no replies yet

Disc bulges at L3-4 and L4-5 with central herniation. Severe pain in legs
Hi, I am 29 year old male.Recently I am diagnosed with slip disc in L3-4 and L4-5. I am ha
riteshksingh 2015-09-18
5   0antivirus0 2 years ago

Brain damage due to lack of breathing/heart failure
Dear friends, My daughter 8 years (SMA - spinal muscular atrophy) patient has breathing di
mjafzal 2015-09-16
4   telescope 2 years ago

increase height..
I am taking Baryta carb 30 and silicea12x for 3 month. Now plz suggest me other medicine.
anshgupta 2015-09-18
no replies yet

Please Bangladeshi Dr sahajjo korben
Picture dilam..etai Amar somossa.Body thanda thakle/ gym korle (nipple)savabik hoi...kichu
Meskat 2015-09-17
no replies yet

Salute to my Honourable Dr.kadwa.
Dear Doctor, I am gratefull to you and thank you for help and nice Explanation about remed
Hussain20 2015-09-17
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my husband is no free from hep b
Good Day everyone.. Mr name is Stacey Wathan from California, My husband has been sufferi
stacey098 2015-09-17
no replies yet

Permanent Solution for Anal Fissure
I am basically from India, but staying in USA since last 2 years. Since Last 6 months I am
onlylina4u 2015-09-16
5   nawazkhan 2 years ago

Premature Ejaculation from last 6 year
Hi, My age is 29, weight - 60 KG, height - 5'7, married (from last 5.5 year) & he
bls555 2015-09-15
5   mani_jee 2 years ago

pls doctors suggest me for my report
Hi, I have send my lab report pls give ur advice for result is normal or not.. If any prbl
bharathgoms 2015-09-17
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Re: To doctor sabkamalik
Hi, I have send my lab report pls give ur advice for result is normal or not.. If any prbl
bharathgoms 2015-09-17
1   bharathgoms 2 years ago

Dr Kadwa Please Help Me (Swelling Tonsil Stone & Pus)
Dear Sir I am 26y male & suffering by Swelling Tonsil Stone with white bump(Pus) in t
Jaanjot 2015-09-17
4   Jaanjot 2 years ago

bhukh ke liye
mujhe bilkul bhi bhukh nhi lghi hsix years se ye problem chal rhe hmene bhuh dilhaya mgr k
alaudeen deshwali 2015-09-16
1   kadwa 2 years ago

Doctor kadwa,Request you to help me
Dear Doctor Kadwa, I want to make the dose of Euphrsia 30c for myself. Therefore,kindly h
Hussain20 2015-09-15
1   kadwa 2 years ago

3 year old son
My son was having cold 4 days back. I gave him 2 dose of alium cepa 30. he was fine, but h
vidhaan 2015-09-17
3   mani_jee 2 years ago

black moles on face
Hello Sir please help me I have moles on my face how to remove the moles fastly
razasjp 2015-09-17
no replies yet

GERD/Infant Reflux
Hello, I'm seeking help for infant reflux in my second child. I've scoured the
Jrbain 2015-09-13
4   kadwa 2 years ago

please advice me about skin diseases
dear sir I would like to inform regretfully that I am suffering from skin disease with itc
mondalroy 2015-09-17
no replies yet

Loss of Memory
I am a male of age 27 yrs. For last 1-2 years i have started experiencing loss of memory a
riziraj 2015-09-16
6   riziraj 2 years ago

premature ejaculation
Sir, I am 51 years old suffering with blood pressure (80-90/120-130, sometimes within rang
RAVIRAJ4691 2015-09-16
1   mani_jee 2 years ago

Nasal Sinus Issues - Heart Palpitations - Body Exhaustion
I am writing because I am experiencing chronic sinus issues, heart palpitations and total
duveduve 2015-09-11
4   0antivirus0 2 years ago

avoiding teeth decay
suffering teeth decay,enamel leaving the teeth ,a little bit hole appeared.how to reverse
honey635 2015-09-17
no replies yet

Pain back of knee
Problem - My daughter, age 11 years, having pain behind of right leg knee and finding diff
Maneesh4996 2015-09-12
7   vk804 2 years ago

Prescribing Question
All, I recently saw a homeopathic prescription with the remedy name, followed by potency,
Recovering572 2015-09-16
1   mani_jee 2 years ago

Problem with colitis
Hello, i am a 19 year old guy who's been suffering of colitis for more than 1 year no
franky1996 2015-09-16
9   mani_jee 2 years ago

Can't reach Sameer, please advise
I have a post under glandular swelling. Sameer had suggested sepia 200 as the next course
angelicam 2015-09-15
5   sameervermani 2 years ago

Diarrhea with weakness
Gender: Female Age: 25 Build: Normal Diarrhea - always have the urge to stool, watery y
sonu_cemk 2015-09-16
1   mani_jee 2 years ago

Mark as
Mark as me as
labdos 2015-09-16
11   mani_jee 2 years ago

Need Advice
Can i take cinnamomum while on homeopathic treatment??
Pran7 2015-09-16
no replies yet

Schuessler tissue salts - No 28 - General tonic
Hi all: How good it is to take schuessler tissue salts no 28 for general well being? Can
Daisy1234 2015-09-12
3   vk804 2 years ago

is bee pee aid used to lower triglycerides
hi, I have very high triglycerides and Uric acid.Doctor prescribed BEE PEE AID and B Tabl
manafpc 2015-09-16
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excessive sweating in feet and palm
May I take silicea 200 ,or siliea 1m for my problem .few months ago I was took botox injec
pritish Kumar Bar 2015-09-16
1   telescope 2 years ago

Telescope Sir Plz Help
Plz reply me sir, i am experiencing pain in my left testicles, spermatic cord(left) is th

Pran7 2015-09-13
24   Pran7 2 years ago

graham57 2015-09-14
5   Nishat Parveen 2 years ago

bruise on wrist?
My sister got a bruise on her wrist, she is not sure how (probably bumped it, I would gues
bluesky77 2015-08-21
5   simone717 2 years ago

I Don't know what this is. Maybe OCD?
Hi i am kokhow 20 from Singapore. Recently i had a issue which is unusual and can't f

centive10 2015-08-21
51   simone717 2 years ago

Sir, I am 50 years old lady and housewife, doing everything whole day for my family. Last

dmitra59 2015-09-11
13   sabkamalik1 2 years ago

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