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Need help with calming our 1 1/2 yr old cat down
We adopted a homeless kitten over a year ago and she keeps wanting to chase our other cat
mookiee001 2017-11-17
1   maheeru 3 months ago

remeady for the symptoms of periodicity
hiiii frenndz which remeady is there for symptoms of periodicity like repaeating at same
ankitsamuel29 2012-03-04
2   arnadeem 3 months ago

which dose for acute and chronic
does it vary between doses if a condition is acute or chronic? Which is best ?
LaMachine809 2017-11-14
2   LaMachine809 3 months ago

Poor digestion and incomplete stool formation
Age 23 Male Suffering from many years--+ Sir,having poor digestion,food is not digested pr
Rup1994 2017-11-16
1   healer21 3 months ago

Can I repeat Nux Vomica for cold symptoms?
Hello, I was prescribed Nux-vomica-300 (digestion problems) and I discontinued it about an
Orlope 2017-11-18
1   healer21 3 months ago

Hello, I have been diagnosed diverticulitis. it happens very often and it is cleared throu
rukidwai 2017-11-18
1   healer21 3 months ago

6 year old- stomach pains, post nasal drip, apnea, anemia, dyspnea
Has your child been treated by a Homeopath before? No 2 LIST YOUR CHILDâ€&tra

Mummy1 2017-09-20
18   simone717 3 months ago

Suffering from bad effects of mustarbation
I am 19 years old I am suffering from bad effects of mustarbation i had been mustarbating
Jyotirmoy876 2017-11-18
3   Jyotirmoy876 3 months ago

Incredible fear and anxiety after sex
I had been dealing with severe clinical depression and seeing a homeopath for 4 years. My

Quail Neer 2017-08-09
37   Quail Neer 3 months ago

Deoshlok Sharma please help me
Gender: Male. Age: 26. Weight: 70. Height: 6’. Sir I am patient of Anxiety (most o

Myself1991 2017-02-11
17   deoshlok 3 months ago

Albuminuria/proteinuria and chronic kidney disease.
Patient is 66 years old female, High BP, DM type 2 past 17 years and on insulin. Cretinine
abchomeopathy1 2017-10-25
9   abchomeopathy1 3 months ago

Spermatorrhea / frequent nocturnal emissions / wet dreams / nightfall / night pollutions
I am a 19 years old male from India. I am well built and I look healthy. But I'm suff

raj18 2017-10-03
89   raj18 3 months ago

suffering from IBS, Hollow feeling in the stomach after passing stools
i have got some relief by taking 1.Nux vomica 30 2. Aloe 30 3. carbo veg 30 4. Hydrastis
sujaytarak 2017-11-18
1   healer21 3 months ago

suffering from effects of excessive masturbation
Dear Doctor, I am a boy of 25 year age and I am suffering from effects of over masturbati

amit90 2014-07-16
28   raj18 3 months ago

Kindly Attention Dr.Reva !!!!! Skin disease of my son....please help
Dear Dr.Reva, Myself sudip Das from west Bengal. My son age of 13 having skin problems fo
Sudip3 2017-11-18
no replies yet

Dear Dr, My son age of 13 having skin problems for many years.white circle arround two ey
Sudip3 2017-11-18
1   healer21 3 months ago

Frequent urination
I have a small 4mm stone in RK identified 6weeeks back And I consulted homeopathic he gave

srikwins 2017-08-31
45   srikwins 3 months ago

Autistic symptoms and Lycopodium
Hello, I was hoping someone could answer this question. Does Lycopodium have symptoms tha
sensations 2017-11-17
1   akshaymohl 3 months ago

Please help me.......Masturbating destroyed me
Im 14 now... I was over masturbating since 12 ........ My Story : I WAS atheletic soccer
gothaa1 2011-12-11
2   healer21 3 months ago

my nephiew fell from bike and heart his knee
imran655 2017-11-17
1   healer21 3 months ago

Degenerative Meleopathy
My German Shep. was diagnosed with Degenerative Meleopathy. It is a non painful disease w
Lady3dm 2017-07-24
4   RMB 3 months ago

Excessive nightfall problem
Sir, I am 26. I am not marriage.I feel fear to get marriage. I have got a excessive nightf
Harun2 2017-11-15
8   healer21 3 months ago

constipation,mouth ulcer and insomnia
Hi, I am Suffering from Constipation and during Constipation I Have Mouth Ulcers.Which No
dolmacb 2017-11-10
6   healer21 3 months ago

my son is 5 1/2 year old.He has constipation prblm.He will not do motion 4-5 days.He will
Amtul 2017-11-14
4   healer21 3 months ago

Frequent Cold,Flu and Chest Congestion Problem with my 3 year old daughter
Hello I am posting my issue to this forum and request your kind inputs/suggestions to help
sanjeevbose 2017-11-02
10   healer21 3 months ago

hair falling & becoming nwhite
Dear sir My age 33 Hight 5.7' weight 60kg I am suffering hair falling & white h
tulasiram.vizag 2017-11-16
3   Naba1990 3 months ago

Gastric problem after masturbation
I am Noor... Sexual: I have been involved in masturbation evil practice for 12 years. Now
NOOR A ALAM 2017-11-16
3   Naba1990 3 months ago

How to Use Cannabis Indica MT
How can I used Cannabis Indica MT to improve my sleep and severe forgetfullness ? Also are
Frainporvie 2017-11-14
4   Frainporvie 3 months ago

Pain in knees due to osteoarthritis - To Dr Kadwa
My mother, age 68 years, weight 70 kg has osteoarthritis since several years now and she e

vjhos 2017-07-26
57   akshaymohl 3 months ago

Brown/black spots on lower legs
Dear Sir That my nieces age 36 years is suffering from some brown / black spots on
yogesh baijal 2017-11-12
3   simone717 3 months ago

Phimosis i.e urine mouth not opening properly
Sir, I am 68 years of age and regularly taken Allopathic medicine for high blood press

yogesh baijal 2017-08-22
20   kadwa 3 months ago

Trigeminal neuralgia - left side pain
My mother - aged 69 - is suffering from left side TN. Due to severe pains on the top side

sapatwardhan 2011-09-03
27   kadwa 3 months ago

Get remedies for masturbation
Myself Fareed, I'm 23years old i am masturbating since 10 years due to this i am gett
Mdfareed 2017-11-15
1   kadwa 3 months ago

My dog needs your help..
My dog was recently diagnosed with a spinal cord Tumour. The lesion is localized to the ca
Robbiefernando 2017-11-14
1   kadwa 3 months ago

My wife aged 37 years has the problem of tinnitus for the last 5 years. Please suggest the
gslalwani 2017-11-13
1   kadwa 3 months ago

IBS Diarrhea to dr. kadhwa
Hello, I am taking aloe socotrina 30c 3 times a day but its not helping me. So i am planni
saish 2017-11-13
4   kadwa 3 months ago

Unable to control eye movement
Dear Doctor, I am a 38 years old male executive, and I have come up well in life mainly d

utpal1999 2008-03-02
77   Martin2 3 months ago

ibs diarrhea
I am looking for medicin for ibs diarrhea. It all started a year ago when i overdose Aceta
saish 2017-10-09
7   0antivirus0 3 months ago

Classical Homeopath Doctor
I am looking a good homeopath practitioner in Karachi, Pakistan who provides the treatment
preshan 2017-11-15
1   homeo_helper 3 months ago

Suffering from Fissure
Name - Dhanashree Age 48 Weight 48 Suffering from Fissure for past 2 weeks.Having great d
sapatwardhan 2017-11-15
2   homeo_helper 3 months ago

Gerd and throat pain
Hello Joe, I was surfing the internet to find some remedy to cure my persistent Gerd probl
Samzee 2017-11-15
1   healer21 3 months ago

Antidote Tub Bov
Hello, What remedy antidotes Tuberculinum Bovinum? Thank you.
sensations 2017-11-15
2   sensations 3 months ago

mercury poisning
My friend, Female, aged 38 years, has accidentally consumed mercury. he has the following
gslalwani 2017-11-13
1   maheeru 3 months ago

ANy Good Doctor here for help
dr i m suffering from indigestion and abdominal pain from last 10 years. 10 years ago i wa
ali27 2017-10-15
1   Naba1990 3 months ago

Weight gain, hair loss, gastric, PCOS, diabetes
Diabetes since 3 years Gastric problem Stomach bloating Constipation Pimples on back, s
Alleepoi 2017-11-12
5   healer21 3 months ago

Urgent, Please Help Female Hair Loss
Hi, My wife is suffering with hair loss from last 4 to 5 months, also hair gone weak. Sh
nadeemawan 2017-11-08
11   nadeemawan 3 months ago

diabetic neuropathy
'dear sir , please suggest best remedy. i am suffering from diabetic neuropathy and ha
RAVIKAPOOR 2010-01-20
3   akshayv 3 months ago

Failing to remember things
Hi, I need advice regarding my mother. She is 70 years old. She has been a diabetic patien
Shahid7 2017-11-14
2   Shahid7 3 months ago

whistling in ears
Have had this for a few weeks. Older adult. Not sure but it might have appeared after so
nalanomis 2017-11-14
1   healer21 3 months ago

constitutional remedy requested...
1. 57 years old 2. Male 3. Married for 27 years blessed with 2 daughters 4. Approx. Weig
Niiev161 2017-11-14
1   healer21 3 months ago

Just a medicine
Age 26, unmarried My face looks puffy specially cheeks, its also dark red. I am unable
Jagg 2017-11-14
1   healer21 3 months ago

Short memory, can't study, face looks old.
I'm female 34, single. My memory is getting weaker day by day. I can't remember
Meera1 2017-11-12
7   healer21 3 months ago

Acidic Burps for kids
Hi , My kids 3 & 7 yrs old getting acidic burps from past one month, They also got c
rt15 2017-11-13
8   healer21 3 months ago

Mixing mother tinctures of defferent homeo medicines together and taking it a
I have high blood pressure 140/95 . I am taking rauvolfia Q , craetegus Q and passiflora
ishtechmech 2017-11-14
1   akshaymohl 3 months ago

Frozen Shoulder
Male 66age with diabetic (on insuline) and hypertensive taking medicines. Had left frozen
minhaj 2017-11-14
1   akshaymohl 3 months ago

Dosage question
I am seeking some help. I have recently come across the definition of Staphysagria and f

littlemoth 2017-10-27
14   akshaymohl 3 months ago

How can I become virgin again : compact vagina
Hello Sir please help me..please..I am 24 years old girl from Delhi.I have lost my virgini

Ishika 2009-04-24
23   Ivi 3 months ago

excessive precum and night fall problem
Gender: Male Age: 21 Body Type: average Height: 5.9 Weight: 75 Respected doctor: I have
hariskhan 2015-01-16
6   raj18 3 months ago

free software download
could somebody please suggest a website wherefrom i can download a good homeopathic softwa
ABDELAZEEZ 2006-04-21
2   mamsha 3 months ago

Astro Homeo-Biochemic
New mechanic to identify your ailments or likely to occur depending upon your planetary co

Rajendra 2010-06-04
32   sjd 3 months ago

Hello can someone please explain in lay mans terms what dilution 200c and 30c mean thank y
redpat 2009-04-03
5   kiki2 3 months ago

Rectum and Vaginal itching
I developed Hemorrhoid after delivery. Few days after, my hemorrhoids are gone but my anus
Hemorrhoid Sufferer 2017-11-12
3   Hemorrhoid Sufferer 3 months ago

can i take almonds while on homeopathy?
Im on homeopathy... Can i eat 25 soaked almonds everyday
saranaaz 2017-11-13
1   simone717 3 months ago

Jenneedszen 2017-11-12
1   healer21 3 months ago

Benefits of 12 salts for patient suffering from hypercalcemia.
In what way 12 salts are benefit for patient who is suffering from hypercalcemia, where ca
Ramchander 2017-11-13
1   healer21 3 months ago

Its so hard to get reply for any post... please help
Hello, I am taking aloe socotrina 30c 3 times a day but its not helping me. So i am planni
saish 2017-11-13
1   0antivirus0 3 months ago

diabetes, sleep apnea and overweight.
Dear Doctor, I have taken the medicine u prescribed me and taken it now sleep is more , s
RadhaKrishnan Nair 2017-11-06
2   Pharmascience1 3 months ago

Heel pain in left foot..help
Hi I am 31 years, 6 feet, 97 kgs computer professional. I am feeling pain in my left f
earthangel 2013-03-05
9   kadwa 3 months ago

Severe canker sores
hello, im 23m india. i have this strange illness where every year religiously, in the mon
aby123 2017-11-09
1   kadwa 3 months ago

7 years old boy stammering
My 7 years old boy having periodically stammering problem , 1. he stuck between sentence
Crerdo 2017-10-26
9   kadwa 3 months ago

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