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Tinnitus - left ear .... Pls help -- urgent !!
Hi Doctor, I need your help.I am suffering from tinnitus.it started on dec,2016 that time
ishan01us.bi 2018-02-13
6   jawahar 3 months ago

Lower Back pain, Hip Pain want to cure permanent
Dear sir I m 32 years male . The problem started 2 years back. It started after long time

Nitesh Kamal 2018-01-18
14   emerson24 3 months ago

Body joints cracking/popping with psoriasis
Hi all, I have psoriasis and have been taking medication for it and I have been improving
zd1994 2012-06-04
7   irfan517 3 months ago

Carbo veg or Lycopodium
Hi, I am 45 years old married male. Have been suffering from acid reflux for 6-7 years and
coolsam2017 2017-12-21
12   coolsam2017 3 months ago

Teeth grinding
Grinding of teeth due to teething only during day sleeping for five hours we go to bed at
Mommamisty 2018-02-12
1   jawahar 3 months ago

For Dr.kadwa plz help - Fistula
Fistula in intersphincter Fistula in ano intersphincture I am sathis, 38,M,H 176cm, w 80
Frib 2018-02-12
3   homeo_helper 3 months ago

Sex problem
I am 47 year old male and father of four. Recently I got a problem of impotency of penis.
Toakou 2018-02-10
3   Toakou 3 months ago

I don't know much about homeopathy but I have blepharitis after using eyelashes condi
niki123 2018-01-24
2   niki123 3 months ago

arnica 6 helped a diabetic
I was browsing 1 month back about various treatment for Type 2 diabetes there I saw people
Hamdaan 2018-02-12
1   Hamdaan 3 months ago

Help please.
My 1 year old has Sensory issues and is suspected of having autism. He rocks back forth a
Mommamisty 2018-02-08
3   healer21 3 months ago

Sexual problems
Dear Sir ( Dr. Mafooz ) my name is saurabh and i am 29 year old. i am troubling from sexua
singh9292 2018-02-03
10   healer21 3 months ago

3 month old twin boy constipation issues (Premature 1 mo corrected)
I have twin boys who were born at 30 weeks and are now 3 moths old (1 mo corrected) What
cflolo3 2018-02-12
1   healer21 3 months ago

Son with Autism
My son is 4 he has Autism. He had two sets of vacccines one month apart when he was 16- 17
taramcmillan 2010-07-17
7   Simsarkar6 3 months ago

Gynecomastia Problem
I am a male, 18 yrs old and I have been suffering from very mild gynecomastia(glandular br

tanmoy 2012-03-29
109   Ipetouph 3 months ago

Dry cough and feeling cold
Hi, I am 30 male all fit just facing dry coughing issues and cold from past few days ,I&#
JayG 2018-02-10
2   Zady101 3 months ago

Groth of Thyroid gland
My daughter 9+ year suffering from (tonsil) from 8 year Which medicine can use for perma
subasiss7 2018-02-09
1   kadwa 3 months ago

Frequency urination--attn Dr Kadwa
Hello: Came on very suddenly frequency of urination. Please note for about 2 weeks I have
Fatigued 2018-02-10
1   kadwa 3 months ago

Binge eatin, anxiety, stress depression help
So i am 19 beginning university. I am totally new with homeopathy remedies. The point here
MarieMcG 2018-02-11
1   kadwa 3 months ago

Burnt toast
I have been researching burnt toast and the reason I gravitate toward food that has a litt
Adelsis 2018-02-11
1   kadwa 3 months ago

Optic Nerve damaged due to Benign Tumor
Hello everyone. My name is Amit, I am 16 years old. I live in Ontario, Canada. I need some
amit.saxena 2018-02-12
1   kadwa 3 months ago

Difficulty in writing & gripping a pen. hand shivering.
Dear Sir, I'm Ravi 28yrs old guy. i have facing a lot of difficulty during writing on
Ravi Saini 2018-02-07
5   kadwa 3 months ago

simone717 question
simone717: I want to ask you a question &amp; don't know how else to do it. It is
Mel 2018-02-11
7   Mel 3 months ago

antidot for cobaltum metallicum-?
any body knows specialy back pain over the right hip that it creates-? dont take too much
jamil ahmed quresh 2018-01-30
10   jawahar 3 months ago

Kindly reply
https://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/240077/ This was my previous history of hypothyr
venusonearth 2018-02-12
no replies yet

Mel 2018-01-20
29   Mel 3 months ago

2 year old sleep deprived
Can you help with a homeopathic remedy. My 2 year old wakes at 430 every day He is grumpy
Ofowzau 2018-02-11
2   Ofowzau 3 months ago

Plz help any one plz
My 2.7 years old baby girl.. have some symptoms of autism.. she is hyperactive.. she alway
Simsarkar6 2018-02-10
2   Simsarkar6 3 months ago

does any anyone know Antidote of Thyroidinum
bapu4 2018-02-11
no replies yet

please help 3y11m kid with autisum
Hello I have been advice to take for my son CALC CARB 1M I went to my homeopat to take it
rali76 2008-11-18
3   Simsarkar6 3 months ago

Mastoid in left ear (kindly attn. Dr. Kadwa)
Dear sir, I am having mastoid in left ear from last 10 years. Now from last 25 days, seve
pguri 2018-01-16
1   healer21 3 months ago

Gastric Problem
Please advise any medicines for gastric problem
SALIK1 2018-01-28
1   healer21 3 months ago

Over mastrubuted
Hi frnz.. These are the worst days of my life. Mastrubution took my life.I m doing it from
Love1 2018-02-09
1   healer21 3 months ago

Plz help feel no breast
m female 34, single, my problem is my breasts have lost volume and firmness and I feel no
Meera1 2018-02-04
11   healer21 3 months ago

C5 C6 disc protrusion causing facial tingling
Hello, I am 30year old male.On Nov 2015 due to lifting heavy suitcases to the third floor
Anyonya 2018-01-24
12   simone717 3 months ago

Hi Everyone! I'm posting on behalf of my mum. She suddenly come down with a nasty fl
unified 2018-02-10
1   anuj srivastava 3 months ago

Spotting after periods ended
Hello Am using homeo medicine for my irregular periods am happy with it but last month
Padmaja1 2018-02-10
2   Padmaja1 3 months ago

Att: Dr Mohla
Dear Sir, My mother age 67. Weight 65 kg.Her Brest tumer in both Brest . One is operated N

manaser2005 2015-08-29
42   manaser2005 3 months ago

6 years old daughter suffering from cough
Hello Dr. My 6 year old daughter is suffering from cough since a few days. Actually she
imtiyaz.ansari1 2018-02-09
4   HealthyWorld 3 months ago

Gender: male Age: 34 Body Type: athletic Height: 5'8'' Weight: 75 Kg G
raj40016117 2018-02-09
5   raj40016117 3 months ago

Erectile dysfunction - about to get married, help needed
Hi Dr, please help I have lost the ability to get an erection. This has been happening fo
sss07 2017-12-26
6   sss07 3 months ago

Severe Endometriosis please help
Hi everybody, I am 26years old female suffering from endometriosis. I have always had pai
sansor 2012-02-27
6   Sundeep1 3 months ago

gurgling sound in abdomen and unable to gain weight
hello all, before i fill your case taking just i have a question, right now i am taking ho
Ritesh4 2018-02-09
1   healer21 3 months ago

Postnasal Drip - Sinus Polyps
My age is 43 years, I am suffering from Postnasal Drip for number of years, ENT specialist
sajidnazir 2018-02-07
5   anuj srivastava 3 months ago

layers of skin removed..
Hi, i have had acne for 4-5 years, which eventually went away as i started taking diane-3

ishha389 2012-10-16
24   mnahil1520 3 months ago

Acute numbness in Arms, hands and fingers while sleeping
I am 58 years old male. Since last few months there is acute numbness in my arms, hands a

Niiev161 2018-01-11
18   Niiev161 3 months ago

Fistula in intersphincter
Fistula in ano intersphincture I am sathis, 38,M,H 176cm, w 80 Kg - fistula surgery did 1
Frib 2018-02-08
1   healer21 3 months ago

4 month child health problem
respected sir my son born on 5 oct 2017 with wight of 3 kg. after a month he was 3.60 kg.
malik kandan 2018-02-08
1   healer21 3 months ago

Premature Ejeculation and weakness
I am 39 year old Due to excessive mastrabution (from 14yr to 28yr).facing problem of PE si
Noajueli 2018-02-08
1   healer21 3 months ago

gum decays
njain4561 2018-02-08
1   healer21 3 months ago

Cure it
Hello sir I am Inder singh Age.42 Height.5.10" Thi
Ijsneetu 2018-02-08
1   healer21 3 months ago

ear; itching,sore, pain, vibration,
My left ear is sore at all times. It itches constantly, on the top of it, it vibrates bad
Gatubela1 2018-02-08
1   healer21 3 months ago

Fistula in ano
Dear Dr, Expert, Mr.Anuj Fistula in ano intersphincture I am sathis, 38,M,fistula surgery
Frib 2018-02-08
1   healer21 3 months ago

Getting bumps back after homeo medicines
I had severe acnes and I treated them the help of my homeopath . He gave me radium bromatu
rshrmawow 2018-02-08
1   healer21 3 months ago

My son is 3 years old and diagnosed as mild to moderate autistic 4 months back. He's
ssadek 2006-02-02
11   Mommamisty 3 months ago

pseudobulbar palsy due to ischemic stroke
My mother is suffering from pseudobulbar palsy with (dysphagia left side. she has swallo
Zaiwot 2018-02-06
5   healer21 3 months ago

Cold And Fever
My Son is 7 year old is suffering from cold from last 7 days. I have given kali mur 30 two
Nikita D 2018-01-18
10   Nikita D 3 months ago

Glaucoma kind att -Dr. Deoshok Sharma-Need help
My father is 75 year age and he is suffering from Glaucoma on both eye. And having low vis
Nikita D 2018-02-08
no replies yet

Diabatic, sleep apnea and obesity
Iam 47yr year old person suffering from diabetes and sleep apnea. my height is 6'11"
RadhaKrishnan Nair 2017-10-25
11   RadhaKrishnan Nair 3 months ago

Liver Cirrhosis
I have been diagnosed with moderate liver cirrhosis, i am 44, robust, fit and fine, do exe
ceaser555 2018-01-22
3   jiyoindia 3 months ago

cats and pets thyroid. Feline Hyperthyroid
hello, I'm looking for info for treating a cat with hyperthyroidism. also, is there
missminky 2018-02-07
1   kadwa 3 months ago

My son recently had facial sepsis due to an infection of the sinuses. The urgent care doc
Johnandnat13 2018-02-06
1   kadwa 3 months ago

Indigestion related issue from 3-4 years
I am 6 feet. Weight 55kg Wants to put up some weight. But i have indigestion. No consi
robin us 2018-02-05
3   kadwa 3 months ago

Need help with headache/migraine
My 22 year old son is suffering with severe headache from eye strain, pain is mainly on up
suna711 2018-02-07
3   suna711 3 months ago

Tryglyroids are high in lipid profile medicine
Hi I am RajeshBabu(42/M), I have taken lipid profile of mine. In that Tryglyroids are hi
elururajesh 2018-02-07
3   healer21 3 months ago

Chronic and Whooping Cough in 5 months Old- Please help Fast !!
My 5 months old Nephew has Chronic cough from almost a month. he has congestion and whoopi
B3auty 2018-02-07
3   healer21 3 months ago

I am going through a traumatic stage, and I really wanna get rid of this mind exhaustion,
Blair 2018-02-07
2   healer21 3 months ago

i have gastritis ,,mild antral gastritis confirmed in endoscopy symtoms stomach burning
anky2010 2018-02-07
1   healer21 3 months ago

Urgent ----> Tight Bladder Neck Remedy
Hi. I am 20yrs old and have genetically been born with a VERY tight bladder neck, which re

umer1 2006-05-15
45   simone717 3 months ago

Hello, my son Matej has a diagnosed ADHD. We have serious problems at school. It's ha
Ljiljana 2018-01-12
4   Ljiljana 3 months ago

Vaginal Dryness - Early Menapouse
Hello, I am 41 years old with an early menopause since 3 years. After a long break I am a
emma3 2017-12-08
5   emma3 3 months ago

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