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Can not read book for long hours with full concentration and patience
Hi Xperts I have an issue. When I am trying to read books(either hard copy or soft copy f
Soumick Basak 2017-12-01
11   Soumick Basak 2 months ago

infant cough
Hi my daughter is 14 months old she has yet another cough. She seem to get cough regularly
vee1 2017-12-09
4   drthoufeequebhms 2 months ago

Hello my post is addressed to drthoufeequebhms. You gave me advice about 6 months ago rega
Vegmom 2017-12-09
1   drthoufeequebhms 2 months ago

Toddler - eczema and dry skin on legs
I have a 21 month old boy with eczema. Main problem:Eczema patches on thighs and redness /

dragonsaur 2005-03-14
20   Megan Holman 2 months ago

Osteoarthritis and knee bending problem for my father
Hi, My father aged 75 years has osteoarthritis in both legs. Pain is observed in both kne

vjhos 2017-06-25
31   Reva V 2 months ago

pain in bladder after urinating
please help i have complete urethra soreness from last 3 year adn there is a great pain in
yasir riaz1 2017-12-10
1   homeo_helper 2 months ago

infant cough
infant cough Hi my daughter is 14 months old she has yet another cough. She seem to get co
vee1 2017-12-09
1   healer21 2 months ago

love for cure
the best remedy on earth is love
rohit3083 2009-03-19
2   rohit3083 2 months ago

Fallen Eyebrows
PATIENT FORM Patient ID: Marie De Souza Sex: Female Age: 10 Years Please answer the foll
Homeosepian 2017-12-09
1   healer21 2 months ago

Re: Proteinuria
Our doctor suggested Apis Melifica-30C 4 hourly through water.Since yesterday about three
vijaymahajan1962 2017-12-09
no replies yet

Help! Tried Nat Phos 6x for Infant
After much research we bought Nat Phos 6x for our 9.5 week old little girl with potential
HMA87 2017-12-08
1   healer21 2 months ago

15 week old with silent reflux
My daughter is 15 weeks and has silent reflux which I suspect she's suffered since ea
PrairieND 2017-12-07
4   healer21 2 months ago

Cough and throat infection
Hi Doctor I am sufering from red throat & dry cough, no fever only irritation and coug
Jyotishjigmail.com 2017-12-08
2   healer21 2 months ago

I want my Penis Enlarge and very hard
I am a perfect man and I am a child's father. My orgasm is a proportion of 3 inches l
Hammad 01 2017-12-08
1   healer21 2 months ago

Urea - Creatine
My father aged 75 is on dailysis. Yesterday Doctor asked us that its not better to give hi
sabahatnoors 2006-04-14
4   kumar6 2 months ago

Acne what to do??
Acne since 3-4 months, appeared as one but the problem aggravated sought to every treatmen
Shrishti1 2017-12-08
1   Shrishti1 2 months ago

pain in left testicle
Hi doctor i am 44 years male i have pain in left testicle which is make me depressive.ther
rajwad 2017-12-08
1   drthoufeequebhms 2 months ago

MM Potency
I am from India. I came to know that Doliosis Pharma make MM Potency.I asked the company a
gopal18 2017-12-08
no replies yet

Headaches due to use of Phytolacca Berry tablets
I have been using Phytolacca berry tablets for 2 days only, however I have noticed that ab
NVY 2017-12-07
1   Reva V 2 months ago

need help
Hi i am 25 years old i am masturbating from last 8years i have many problems.i am unmarrie
optimistickk 2017-10-01
2   optimistickk 2 months ago

grumpycat1212 2017-12-07
2   healer21 2 months ago

Which remedy i use for hypertension during pregnancy
iqbal3 2017-12-07
1   healer21 2 months ago

Bad breath over 10 yrs
Female in 40’s suffering with severe bad breath from mouth aand nose caused depressi
Asiya1 2017-12-07
1   healer21 2 months ago

3 year old dental abscess
Hello all, My son fell on some cement steps a bit less than a year ago when he was 2. Two
Vegmom 2017-05-08
6   Vegmom 2 months ago

androgenetic alopecia female hair loss
Age-29 Female, Single i have been suffering from androgenetic alopecia hair loss since 8 m
sonu2009 2009-12-30
8   Asiya1 2 months ago

Pain in right testicle
Dear Doctor, I been having pain/uncomfortable sensation in the right testicle(if you hold
purohit 2017-12-05
5   purohit 2 months ago

Bismuth Levels in blood
Hello Sirs During one of my recent blood tests I found that my bismuth levels are quite lo
gul0511 2017-12-06
1   kadwa 2 months ago

Agrohomeopathy : Can you tell me the solution for
Sir, Fruits does not mature in some of our platns/trees and fall before ripening.Thus we
BalbiSinghJosan 2017-12-05
1   kadwa 2 months ago

What is one dose?
I am trying Veratrum Album for my son's ADHD. I read a suggestion to give one dose an
lisbeth 2017-12-04
1   kadwa 2 months ago

Mastuburation and chewing tobbaco addiction
I am doing mastuburation since 10 years due to which I feel very weak mental and ph

Mree 2017-07-03
25   kadwa 2 months ago

baby gastroesophageal reflux- natrum phosforicum
Good evening! I need your help. I have a six month baby that was diagnose with reflux. He
estrelinha 2017-12-05
4   drthoufeequebhms 2 months ago

severe skin allergy on face with red rashes on forehead, cheeks and chin
Dear Sir, Lady aged 60, low blood pressure, no diabetes has severe skin allergy on face, f
sami123 2017-12-04
4   drthoufeequebhms 2 months ago

Help me I lost my health
Dr sahab mere madad karain .mere agar 31 hai or mujhay sexual weakness hai main apni wife
Imran30 2017-09-13
10   HealthyWorld 2 months ago

Erectile dysfunction and pe
Suddenly 1 day i lost erection. Since then i tried anti anxiety and anti depression in alo

Sexprob 2017-10-28
18   Sexprob 2 months ago

What strength and dosage?
If a person had a serious(and usually fatal) disease of the liver(can't mention the w
decan99 2017-12-06
1   healer21 2 months ago

Sinus pressure from allergies
I have had allergies in the past but cleared them up a few years ago. They returned while
KJR2011 2017-12-06
1   healer21 2 months ago

Parimal Banerji----Hypertension
This is a synopsis of a joint paper on the Effect of Aconitum napellus, Arnica montana and
gavinimurthy 2010-12-17
5   soniamsbr 2 months ago

How to Quit masturbation and recover
I Damn care for all. i am against masturbation as it destroyed me and my carrier. I lost m

signature 2009-02-16
70   Aromatic 2 months ago

Acne Scars......remove them yourself
Okay, I know what I am about to say is kind of controversial, but hey!I recently had a spo

davestar057 2005-03-07
45   removeacne 2 months ago

Allergic cough and dry cough suffering
Sir,I am with age of 39,married,70kg weight having dry cough which is more at cold atmosph
ttamurali007 2017-12-06
1   drthoufeequebhms 2 months ago

Dr. Akshaymohl , Antivirus , kadwa need urgent help....
my sister is 8.5 month pregnant first baby was died after 4 days of ceasar operation in Au

mariz 2017-11-28
18   mariz 2 months ago

PIVD , Lumbar herniated Disc
Hello Sir/Maam I was diagnosed for lowar back pain which shooted more pain while lifting
Gsingh19 2017-11-27
6   Gsingh19 2 months ago

Hipjoint Pain
Sir,I am 50 years old under whieght male. I am suffering from left side hip joint pain. I
Oichog 2017-12-03
3   healer21 2 months ago

penis hardness
I am 29 year old. my penis very soft. I want marriage but my penis very soft please help m
M Hashim 2016-12-04
4   kishore30 2 months ago

I am suffering from hyperhydrosis
Hi everyone..i am suffering from excessive sweating in my palm,feet,armpit since childhood

rizvi 2006-03-27
20   Finpirze 2 months ago

Serious case of UTI /Cystitis cured in cat
Hi again. I posted two days before about my cat who had a serious case of urinary tract in
ajtriva 2007-11-17
8   Chowvueckai 2 months ago

abis mold(hk) technology co.,ltd
ABIS was founded in Shenzhen China,in 1996,adjacent to Hong Kong,has its own factory of 12
frtte111 2017-12-05
no replies yet

Penile trauma
Hello sir I have taken a penile trauma by bending downward. Its almost one yr now and now
shivay1997 2017-12-04
1   akshaymohl 2 months ago

10 week old with Acid Reflux
My daughter is 10 weeks old and she just started 3 days ago sounding like she is choking f
KJR2011 2017-12-04
1   homeo_helper 2 months ago

urgent advise please
Hello I have ibs d with frequent stools but formed, slight pain near liver sometimes and
saish 2017-12-04
1   healer21 2 months ago

Only for Dr mohla. dont reply other doctor
Hi Dr mohla, its regarding my uncle Age -51,he has a anal fistula near anal opening. Ther
sadman1986 2017-11-24
6   akshaymohl 2 months ago

How to antidote ant crudum? Please help!
Hi , My husband has been belching a lot for months now after taking antimonium crudum 30C.
Jane77 2017-11-21
8   Jane77 2 months ago

my 4 year old son have cough
Hello my 4 year old son had sour through then cold and now after all he have cough most li
imran655 2017-12-01
5   healer21 2 months ago

Dr mohla sir can you plz advise for me..
Hi sir, From last 3 days I am feeling hand and body trembling and very weakness.sometime
sadman1986 2017-12-04
1   akshaymohl 2 months ago

Fast Metabolism...??
Hello im suman S- Male/21 Height-180cm Weight-57 Kg . I Have Trouble To Gain Weight I Have
suman10 2017-10-05
6   suman10 2 months ago

Phlegm issue
I am 48/ male from Mumbai. I am suffering from cold for last 5 days. It all started with r

Zoimp 2017-11-23
13   healer21 2 months ago

Mercurius Solubilus Hahnemanni
Hello, I purchased Mercurius to see if it would help my cervical dystonia and anxiety issu
toby1 2017-12-02
1   kadwa 2 months ago

fungal infection on penis
I am 37 years old and suffering with penis foreskin fungal infection. In Starting stage...
Nvhp 2017-11-30
7   Nvhp 2 months ago

Right Testicular Pain extending down to leg
Hi, I have pain in my right testicle and it extends down to my leg. Urologist says there
netwiz87 2017-12-03
1   kadwa 2 months ago

self medication
I have a homeopathic kit of 50-60 medicines and they are all dilutions of potency 30C .my
Ajay malaotar 2017-06-23
3   kadwa 2 months ago

I have Lupus and autism. I am 50. Need help with carcinocin. Can I take this? Will it make
whatevermylot 2017-12-03
1   kadwa 2 months ago

Premature ejaculation and other problems
Hello! adorable doctor,I am 29 year old. I feel some problems. 1. Sometimes, not regular,
Akash Biswas 2017-11-30
2   kadwa 2 months ago

Homeopath meds question
Does anyone know how to take mercurius solubilus for anxiety and neck and shoulder pain.
toby1 2017-12-02
1   HealthyWorld 2 months ago

Sleep Apnea
Dear Homeopaths and all others, I am a healthy, active 30 year-old male. Non-smoker and a
Lukasz 2017-10-25
8   kadwa 2 months ago

Habbit of masturbute remedy
Aoa dr sab Iam syed taha frm islamabad age 24. Sir iam a big addict of masturbute from th
Kazmisyed 2017-12-02
3   HealthyWorld 2 months ago

Hi, I've been having hissing in my right ear that began about three months ago. It c
richrf 2017-11-30
3   kadwa 2 months ago

pelvic muscle spasms and painful erections
namaste. i m a 27 yr old male weighing 58kgs and 5'8" high. i sit for hours infr
nani13 2017-11-28
4   kadwa 2 months ago

For a considerable time,
JWB 2017-11-26
10   JWB 2 months ago

4 week old
My son is breastfeed and is suffering from what I believe to be severe reflux. From birth
Broosu 2017-12-03
1   healer21 2 months ago

Index Finger joint pain
I am 57years old housewife. My index finger joint have stiffness and pain. Morning finger
chandhuc 2017-12-03
1   healer21 2 months ago

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