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for dr rishimba
Patient ID: Sex: male Age: 24 Nature of work: stude
aquaaaa12345 2015-11-25
9   aquaaaa12345 last year

Get nervus and afraid of people
Hello Everyone, I am new to this forum and need help. I am 34 year old male. My problem i
Faizgi 2016-01-25
6   Faizgi last year

Sorry For My Previous Post
I want to apologize to everyone for my post I made recently where I was angry and cursed.
tonybaloni33 2016-01-28
3   tonybaloni33 last year

vestibulitis for some month
Dear Doctors: I have simptom like Vestibulitis. Burning,and redness at posterior opening
annie mar 2016-01-28
1   kadwa last year

Please Help! Dr. Nawaz Khan, Dr Kadwa, Dr. Akshymohl
Dear Doctor: I am 36 year old man from Pakistan, suffering from premature ejaculation and
Eargure 2016-01-27
1   kadwa last year

albumin in urine
Dear sir , I am 66 yrs old Male and is diabetic for the last two yrs i am taking foll
subhash49 2016-01-26
1   kadwa last year

Watery discharge & memory retention
Dear Sir, I would like to address two issues and request your kind attention. I had taken
ashishjai 2016-01-16
3   kadwa last year

attn. pls dr akshaymohl
How r u sir, I m new with u. My main main problem is head spin and fear. About me. I m 41
pkone 2016-01-26
6   pkone last year

gynecomastia/puffy nipples urgent help required please
i am 24 years old male. my problem is that i have puffy nipples. it looks very awkward. wh
abhay111992 2016-01-26
1   ankit99 last year

How to Give this Doses?
I want to give this medicine to my 5 months old baby. can anyone please let me know what s
hiren.v.modi 2016-01-28
1   ankit99 last year

Not Able to understand Doses.
I have read somewhere suggesiont by Dr. Reva K to give below medicine for cold. But I coul
hiren.v.modi 2016-01-24
2   hiren.v.modi last year

0antivirus0 Plz Help!
I am 36 year old man from Pakistan, suffering from premature ejaculation. The premature e
Eargure 2016-01-28
2   0antivirus0 last year

sexual problem serious any doctor here I'm new plz help me
Hello dear doctor, I'm very hopefully seeking ur help to get rid of my problem.let Me
Muzaddid Ahmed 2016-01-27
1   Muzaddid Ahmed last year

Loss of erection when I attempt sex.
Hi, I am 25 years old. I am having a good relationship for a few months now and I am havi
kidd0 2016-01-27
1   Mahfoozurrehman last year

last hope.please dr.nawaz,rishimba,antivirus,akshaymohl
i have discontinued from telescope sir i am not feeling any improvement i ahve depression,

mariz 2015-12-24
42   0antivirus0 last year

How to take medicine together
I take regularly hepar sulph for my colds, i want to take sulphur , and Causticum(for musc
proline 2016-01-27
1   nawazkhan last year

Red, painful, burning scalp with hair loss
I am a 28yo female and I have been losing my hair since September 9, 2011. I had big white
lucky83 2012-05-09
5   Frenchfry last year

Skin condition and allergies
I am a 37 year old female with preexisting conditions of endometriosis (stage 4) and hyper
Praigi 2016-01-27
1   fitness last year

Hairfall baldness along with dandruff
Male , 24 years old ,55 kg ,5'8 . I am having dandruff and hair loss. It is typical
rrgreat123 2016-01-26
1   herpes2 last year

Red hot itchy scalp and hair loss
I am a 53 year old female - I have a sore red hot itchy scalp and have been losing hair fo
Frenchfry 2016-01-27
1   herpes2 last year

plz help deoshlok, mahfoozurrehman'akshaymohl and any expert
sir my friend mother problem is on face .plz give best treatment. sir starting these red a
sudhirkunar 2016-01-25
4   sudhirkunar last year

very quickly ejaculation before intercourse plz help akshaymohl mahfoozurrehman deoshlok and any expert
sir i am 27 year old man and i am suffering from very quick ejaculation before enter penis
sudhirkunar 2016-01-25
2   sudhirkunar last year

Colitis cure in 15 days
I was suffering from colitis from 8 years but now I am cure 99% as u know there is no perm
shuixu1402 2016-01-27
no replies yet

ulcerative colitis and diabetes Autoimmune. disorder
Sir i m suffering from Ulcerative colitis which was confirmed by colonoscopy test and have
satz4alll 2016-01-09
7   shuixu1402 last year

height growth
Hi to all Doctors in this forum.......... my son is 19 yrs old and doing gym .... accordi
jwalavarun 2016-01-23
2   jwalavarun last year

Urgent please read carefully
Age 23 yr 10 months Country India Height 5ft 6in Wt 63-64 Am suffering from cold limbs fe
Ourkuemp 2016-01-23
2   Ourkuemp last year

Adult female acne, please help!
Hello, I am a 25 year old female, and I took accutane 5 months ago and my skin has been cl
boogie 2016-01-26
1   Joe De Livera last year

Still No Solution - Please Help!!
Hi everyone, I still have not found any solution to my problems. I have not been on here
tonybaloni33 2016-01-26
no replies yet

Ankylosing Spondylitis and the many issues it causes
Hello, I am a student of homeopathy and am writing on behalf of my father. I am looking fo
mricaille 2009-11-03
3   rarejul last year

pain on chest , left shoulder , right neck,
hello am a 23 year old student. oflet am feelkng someajns in the chest region left hand, r
Ourkuemp 2016-01-26
1   Ourkuemp last year

Help Required!! Please
Hi I am 22 years old male. It’s been five years I face this problem and I fed up of
Hary24 2016-01-26
2   Hary24 last year

Where can I get Berberis Vulgaris 1x in liquid??
Hello-dr nawaz asked me to get berberis vulgaris 1x in liquid and phytolacca decandra 1x.
emeraldbridges 2016-01-25
1   nawazkhan last year

Sinusitis,Hair Fall, Cold, Cattarh, Weak Vision, Weak Memory, Stomach Problem.
Dear Doctor , I have following problems: 1-Sinus(One nose blocked all time) ,cold(from chi
arghyaprmnk 2016-01-25
4   0antivirus0 last year

Brain buzz
I have no other way to describe this symptom than brain buzz. I should note that I have se

Silverbirch 2015-11-09
17   0antivirus0 last year

Dr. Kadwa Please advice
Dr. Kadwa, Please advice. Dear Doctor, I really need your advice. I am 42 years old. Ad
ashishjai 2016-01-26
no replies yet

dental caries
Pankaj verma or kadwa hep with dental caries
ankita0510 2015-10-16
2   kadwa last year

toddler congestion
My toddler has had a nose congestion for a week now. Asked for help already twice and Bern
bluesky77 2016-01-24
1   kadwa last year

Very important ,
IS There any medicine which can used as vaccination or protection provider against any hea
Ourkuemp 2016-01-23
1   kadwa last year

hair fall.
hey help me . my head gone clear I lost nearly all my hair... plss suggest me that can rec
jai1 2016-01-22
1   kadwa last year

e.coli intestinal infection - please help
Dear Doctor, I am suffering with Escherichia coli( E.Coli) bacteria infection. Initially
purohit 2016-01-22
1   kadwa last year

Please Help !!! Advise Required...
Hi I am 22 years old male. It’s been five years I face this problem and I fed up of
Hary24 2016-01-26
no replies yet

OSMF remedy- please help
Hi, I am 27 years male suffering from Oral submucous fibrosis aka OSMF. (diagnosed by ENT
rajni1 2015-12-23
4   kadwa last year

Hypericum for nerve pain? Dosing?
Hello, is there a doctor that can help? My cat has some nerve pain in her front leg due t
emeraldbridges 2016-01-18
3   kadwa last year

Urgent : Brain Hemorrhage + Brain stem infracts
Hi, My father(69.5years) has brain hemorrhage on 9th Nov 1AM in sleeping time.he had 2 br
makhare 2015-12-23
4   kadwa last year

Urgent please read carefully
Age 23 yr 10 months Country India Height 5ft 6in Wt 63-64 Am suffering from cold limbs fe
Ourkuemp 2016-01-23
1   0antivirus0 last year

Please I need help, continuos and causeless fear
I need a suggestion for long time problem of fears, TOC and phobias. Seroquel
seroquel 2016-01-23
5   vk804 last year

Chronic multiple issues
Dr. Kadwa, Please advice. 1At the age of 42, I am trying to get better to live better with
ashishjai 2016-01-26
no replies yet

Recurrent yeast infection/Folliculitis
Hi, I am suffering from recurrent yeast infections and also was just diagnosed with folli
momof3angels 2015-10-12
4   momof3angels last year

Please help with a remedy for post-antibiotic symptoms/constitutional remedy
I have been on antibiotics for Lyme disease for a couple of years. The Lyme is gone, but
magicandmiracles1 2015-12-13
3   magicandmiracles1 last year

dr.david and Dr.kadwa please help, Please be patient and read
Patient : Male, Tall 6'1, 178lbs, handsome, sharp, brilliant molecular biologist.

yogiram 2014-09-08
285   telescope last year

Technical Difficulties with Posting
Hello- Can someone help me with a technical difficulty I am having when posting a questio
magicandmiracles1 2016-01-23
1   telescope last year

dear doctors lycopodium dosage for libido
dear doctors what is the dosage of lycopodium to increase libido and good erection for tem
patientz 2016-01-24
1   sabkamalik1 last year

Dr Nawaz Khan plzzz help urethral stricture....
Hi All I am 24 year old non married.I am very worried about my health.I have gonorrhea for
khuramshahzad007 2016-01-24
3   nawazkhan last year

Strengthen Immunity Of Infant
I have twin baby girls born on 12-SEP-2015. They are not taking mother feed because of ins
hiren.v.modi 2016-01-21
2   hiren.v.modi last year

nawaz khan sir pls take my case
Pls suggest me remedy for 90% anxiety levels.
Dish 2016-01-19
7   nawazkhan last year

Nerve Pain after Blood Clot
My cat had a blood clot in her right front shoulder/leg in late December. We immediately b
DH-Homeopathy 2016-01-20
2   DH-Homeopathy last year

best remedy to strengthen reproductive system???
i'm chris. age 23. have a weak reproductive system, caused by over musterbation. tell
chrisgayle 2015-12-20
1   bapu4 last year

small red rashes under the breast
i have develop this problem since last month red rashes and lot of itching ..... applied c
jwalavarun 2016-01-22
3   jwalavarun last year

Why arent there homeopathic remedies for hyper permeable intestines
Why arent there homeopathic remedies for hyper permeable intestines? I am suffering from a
dwest2419 2015-12-27
1   bapu4 last year

invisible bugs crawling under skin
I am dealing with a condition that has been addressed before on this forum, but I think I
rawjewel 2016-01-22
2   WLaChenal last year

Help for PCO needed from Skilled professionals
Hi I am an 18 year old female I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovaries 4 months ago I h
amazingsoul 2016-01-20
3   amazingsoul last year

Dear Doctors I am 28 years old and my weight is grown to 96kgs. I do not like meat produc
tipukhan 2016-01-22
1   Joe De Livera last year

unusual feeling in heart
I m 29 years old, tall and thin person.6 Years ago suddenly my heart went racing with 180
fmsryp 2016-01-22
1   fitness last year

ACL tear
Hello, I am hoping someone can guide me with some dosage questions. At the beginning of De
ErikaM17 2016-01-22
1   fitness last year

Hello Everyone
I'm Emma Holden.I'm new and I'm excited to be here. Hoping to learn more ab
EmmaHolden 2016-01-22
1   sabkamalik1 last year

Medicine to control high dopamine levels
I am told by my doctor that i am suffering from high dopamine levels. Kind of addicted to
baniya 2016-01-21
4   baniya last year

how to increase appetite
Dear doctors, please help into the matter my 6 n half year daughter not eating meal prope
virgo_1978 2016-01-22
2   virgo_1978 last year

Help for ADHD child
Dear All, My son is 6 years old and from the beginning his behaviour was abnormal. recentl

dpvsingh 2015-11-03
23   0antivirus0 last year

Reaction of unknowingly consuming citric acid and vinegar mix aachar along with homeomed for oral thrush
Unknowingly consumed citric acid and vinegar treated aachar along with homeo treatment for
krishnasinh7229 2016-01-18
2   krishnasinh7229 last year

Stomach Worms
I am a 33 years male, indian. I went to doctor for my fatigue and anxiety and lack of focu
maneeshaf 2016-01-20
1   kadwa last year

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