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Are there any remedies that address this problem other than sabal serrulata? If arnica can
jentoun 2005-04-30
12   last decade

help with general health and weight
Hi theream new comer to homeopathy adn this site and have received some excellent advice r

gerth 2005-04-11
13   last decade

Excessive water in the mouth
Since having the flu last year and having a ear infection which caused me to loose 99% of
dindin 2005-05-15
2   last decade

Longstanding earache
Posting on behalf of my dad (57) - has had earache, rather, ear agony for many years now,
Spides69 2005-05-17
8   last decade

Hello,I noticed this morning that I seem to be developing a small stye near the lower, inn
monettececile 2005-05-17
1   last decade

sun blisters
I am not sure what I am supposed to describe. I am a plus size woman with natural blond ha
tweetystone 2005-05-15
1   last decade

I read with Findings of Dr. Pathak's research that Glioma can be addressed by RUta 6.
Chidambaram. S 2005-05-17
1   last decade

Low platelet count
My wife, age about 45 years is suffering from HCV. After having homeopathy treatment, her
sheeza 2005-05-17
1   last decade

ronda 2005-05-16
1   last decade

Hi,have been under homeopathic treatment for more than 2 years now and start losing hope.H

natasha 2005-05-15
13   last decade

To Moderator
I tried to contact you. It wouldn't accept the submit button. I am annoyed that the P
sabra 2005-05-17
3   last decade

chalazion / stye upper right eyelid
I've been treating my 7 year old daughters chalazion with silicea 6x with 2 granu
bralfinley 2005-05-16
2   last decade

chronic lung infection - help!
I am 29 years old and have had asthma that has gotten increasingly worse since age 18. I
Ewitham 2005-05-14
7   last decade

Summer Diarhoea.
VERATUM ALB.- severe conditions, stools like rice-water; summer diarrhea that is frequent;
shamid 2005-05-16
1   last decade

ear problem help
im new here and this is my storysince i was kid oround 4 my ear was hurting bad every mont
nawozy 2005-05-14
4   last decade

arrrggghhh!!!! my eye!!! o.0
I really need help here...I have been suffering from Conjunctivitis for most of my life, b
Jimmimak 2005-05-15
2   last decade

weaning from xanax slow release, can any one help?
hi,someone i know was put onto xanax 1mg slow release for severe depression some time ago.
mariedo 2004-11-21
5   last decade

Just wanted to share with you that I gave my cat with tapeworms Psorinum 200C, 1M, and the
Namaste27 2005-05-15
1   last decade

Help to relieve the MS symptoms, please.
My husband has developed the symptoms of MS such as double vision and problems with balanc

aster 2005-03-16
13   last decade

I am addicted to Fiorinal #3
I have been taking Fiorinal #3 for almost 2 years. It is the only medicine that helps my m

davepatrick33 2005-01-12
13   last decade

Leathery patches on skin and remedies ?
I have noticed some leathery patches (skiny skin) which is slightly darker on my skin. The
anthony76 2005-05-12
2   last decade

molluscum contagiosum
My daughter has been diagnosed with this. There is a lot of conflicting information about
amabaie 2005-03-11
4   last decade

lupus (kidney)
Hi Sabra,as you requested, this is a fresh posting. had replied in salma's posting ea
imcluless 2005-05-12
3   last decade

Child head sweats while sleeping
My son is 2 years old, and upon going to sleep at night, his head sweats. His hair will b
lajaw 2005-05-12
4   last decade

Blisters in mouth and throat
Hi ,I am 17 female. I have developed blisters in mouth and throat. very painful. have had
Rahulb 2005-05-14
1   last decade

Sabra please respond
Sorry for putting out this post. I am still awaiting your diagnosis regarding 'Testos

tjalal 2005-03-08
49   last decade

Arnica, pain due to typhoid shot.
Hi,Can i use arnica for pain due to immunization.(typhoid shot). I read somewhere that it
anon99 2005-05-13
3   last decade

Help with patient with depression, ED, RLS and thyroid deficiency
Hello,I am new to this Forum. I have been working with a 61-year-old male patient for 8 mo

Jim Sheldon ND 2005-05-08
29   last decade

Rus tox or acconite for Acne?
Hi,A few days ago a homeopath with quite a few years experience suggested a way to get rid
windwaker 2005-05-09
7   last decade

Increase Appetite
My son is 21/2 years old. He gets cold/cough sometimes accompanied with fever very frequen
nshukla 2005-05-12
5   last decade

Do asian babies cry more and harder?
My uncle is a doctor in US. his friend, when listened to a new born cry in the hospital co
tjalal 2005-05-13
2   last decade

Help for 'genetic' urinary stricture?!?
Husband is due for surgery to relieve urinary stricture blocking kidney function. This is
EarthMother 2005-05-13
1   last decade

Please Help!! 2yo w/thrush, blisters in throat, ear infection, fever, swollen lymph
My son is sick w/ fever, swollen lymph glands, ear infection, blisters in his throat from
EarthMother 2005-05-13
2   last decade

how to gain weight
Dear Members i am a juvenile diabetic for past 18 years and blood sugar is under control
pawan.saxena 2005-05-13
1   last decade

I would like to ask any of the dr. here, what is the nosode that corresponds to Phosphorus
mariah 2005-05-13
3   last decade

Sleep problems Pyschosis
Hi All, I am having sleeping problems at the moment. I am taking Solian 800 mg a day whic

godspeed 2005-04-29
17   last decade

Arnica and jet lag
Hi,I read in internet that arnica helps with jet lag.Did any body tried it for jet lag? If
anon99 2005-05-03
3   last decade

Rid off Klonopin
I have been given (prescribed) clonacepam 2-4 mg/day for anxiety issues for about 13 yrs.-
mariah 2005-05-11
4   last decade

Blisters on ears
I'm wondering if anyone has encountered this aliment before. My son has had herpes I
mrs.princess 2005-05-12
1   last decade

bad hair and skin
hello, I am a 24 year old male. I eat well, exercise regularly, and have general good hea
bigwig9119 2005-02-13
7   last decade

dairy intolerance
Hi. I am looking for some help with reversing my wifes dairy intolerance. I have establish

baccerelli 2005-04-11
17   last decade

tooth ache
I have some very sensitive teeth, my dentist wants to do a root canal but I want to avoid
droost 2005-05-12
2   last decade

what else could be wrong
my friends daughter is 7, since she was born she has had problems w/ bowel movements. she
concerned friend 2005-05-12
3   last decade

This is me... Joe/Sabra/everyone
-27 year old femal-married 7 1/2 years-mother of 3, 1 boy, 2 girls-1 aboriton-194 lbs-5�
homeofive 2005-05-12
1   last decade

From adarsh Bhatt colour problem
my 7 years old son stuying class 3. last one month we are watching he reconized orange col
adarsh 2005-05-10
5   last decade

Please help me from chronic gastritis....!
Hello Dr's,I am a 29 year old male from North India. I am suffering from gastritis pr
help-me 2005-05-05
3   last decade

My son is being recircumcised this week. I wonder if calendula given after his original c
maltesemd 2003-09-14
2   last decade

bells palsy to kuldeep and ruth-45
Just want to update my situation. I started with causticum 200c 12 hrs ago and I think the

hughette 2005-03-04
34   last decade

Side effects of my medications...
I am a spinal cord injury patient (Males , 40 years) with level of injury Td and am parala
oracle 2005-05-03
6   last decade

help for friend w/ celulitis
she is a large womanwas in the hospital with thistreated and it has come backi think it st
concerned friend 2005-05-12
no replies yet

concerned friend 2005-05-12
no replies yet

White Bumps on Tongue
Been having these daily for 2 weeks or so. Seemed to start after eating strawberries but
teenee65 2005-05-12
no replies yet

Urgent Help Required - Depression
Hi, I am writing on behalf of my dad who has suffered with depression for years but which
slg1_uk 2005-05-09
3   last decade

6 weeks infant with GERD/reflux
Sabra/Passkey et al..I have sent an email about the case at a1remedy(at)yahoo(dot)com.Plea
homeopathbuff 2005-04-28
8   last decade

Recurring Cough Attacks
Once-twice a year, I get a cough that "attacks" about once every two hours, for
frivoniss 2005-05-09
4   last decade

Potency Probs!!
Dear All,For all those having impotency or errection problem can get a cure on viagrapunch
mike_funks 2005-05-11
no replies yet

hypertension/stone in kidney
hi! i am rasheed from india. i am suffering from hypertension and have a stag horn "s
rasheed 2005-03-13
6   last decade

Hi. I am wondering how much healing from homeopathy could a person reasonably expect afte
joy50 2005-05-10
6   last decade

Chronic tinnitus! Please help
I would really like to help my brother who has been suffering from Chronic tinnitus for th
whitebird 2005-05-10
2   last decade

operagirldia 2005-05-01
11   last decade

eye problem
my 7 years old son stuying class 3 last month onwards we are watching eye colour problem.
adarsh 2005-05-10
1   last decade

Infection of Optic Nerve
Around 2 years back my mother had a sudden bout of blindness. The problem has been diagnos
arijitsur 2005-05-06
4   last decade

Blocked Middle ears.
Back in may 1999, I had surgery to correct a deviated septum, but unfortunately the surger
milas 2005-04-21
8   last decade

piched nerves
I have recently experincing sysmptoms of pinced nerve. It appears in the hips and on getti
homeodoc 2005-05-09
2   last decade

epaderm ointment
Hi, I have been given this to treat my dry skin but I find when i use it it either just si
emma.devaise 2005-05-10
1   last decade

White spots all over toenails
I think this may be caused by nailpolish, but my toenails are speckled with white spots on
maltesemd 2004-04-15
2   last decade

heavy metal toxicity
Does anyone have any information or experience with using homeopathy to treat heavy metal
jalaia 2004-12-14
9   last decade

Overdosed infant with Hyland's, please advise
I have two main question about my infant daughter. The first is about an overdose, and the

Momma 2005-04-27
58   last decade

vasclular hemangioma
my friends baby has vascular hemangioma. is there any remedy that can help treating this c
1whiteheather 2005-05-08
1   last decade

Dr Sabra/Dr passkey - treatement for my mother
Hi Dr Sabra/passkey , I wanted to seek your opinion for my mother who is a diabetic .,My m
sriniraon 2005-05-03
10   last decade

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