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compatibility of remedies
Could someone tell me where do I find information as to which remedy is not good for takin
cmbyrd 2005-10-31
1   last decade

swollen lingual tonsil
Hi there, I have been suffering from a swollen lingual tonsil on the left side of tongue f
tanya1 2005-08-02
2   last decade

Panic Attack Help
Hi Al, I am not able to post a reply directly from your post. So this new Post. I think Ac
willway 2005-10-31
no replies yet

depression, insomnia, very sensitive
my name is mirza, i am about 100 pounds above my ideal weight and been on HBP med since 10
mirza 2005-10-31
no replies yet

Dr Suresh - Please help me.
[message deleted by mani_jee on Sun, 12 Jul 2015 04:18:35 UTC]
mani_jee 2005-09-09
9   last decade

cough and wheezing for the past month
I'm 18 and for the past month I've had continuous cough and wheezing. I drank a
bareeska87 2005-10-31
1   last decade

HiI have a 3 month old baby who has always been a fussy and difficult feeder. The problem
genie001 2005-10-27
9   last decade

dry throat !
hi! I've got this condition that everytime I get nervous,my throat starts drying out
mrrho 2005-10-26
6   last decade

PCOS is there a cure for this?
I have been diagnosied to be suffering from PCOS. I am taking Glycomet 500 twice a day. I
deepa 2005-10-29
3   last decade

can anyone suggest cure
plz do not disappoint me this time. plz dr do not make fun of me and read carefully.plz do
orris 2005-10-30
2   last decade

To:Joe - Clarification please
I have just given your Nat Sulph 6C instructions to a patient and want to check something.
Rochelle 2005-09-24
8   last decade

reg:sleep problem
hi alli cant get a continuous night sleep for more than 7 hours....sleep disturbed oftenly
poorna_1984 2005-10-30
1   last decade

Biochemic Cell Salts-Can all 12 prove effective??
In Cell Salt reportizing some health issues for myself and my sister, I found that there w
Jane525 2005-10-19
12   last decade

I wanted to have some more information concerning granules. Are they all formulated to be
sunshinelollipop 2005-10-29
1   last decade

leg pain for 2 years anyonepleasehelp!!
I've used the Remedy Finder twice for my partner, now I'd appreciate some real h
jimncath 2005-10-29
3   last decade

Fear, Anxiety, Stress, Hair Loss, Acidity
I have been suffering from very sever stress, exhausted since 4 years. I have acidity prob
Bunty 2005-10-22
4   last decade

"brave" dog problem
Hi,what is a possible remedy for a big dig that is a lion at home but a mouse outside. (ar
Eיוג 2005-10-29
1   last decade

Carbonated Beverages/Artificial Sweeteners
I love soft drinks -- in particular, Diet Dr. Pepper, Diet Sprite, and Fresca (a diet grap
salsaboy 2005-10-24
4   last decade

Severe Acid Reflux. Please help.
I am 47 yrs old and I have been asthmatic since last 5 yrs and take medicines for it. Four
jewel1 2005-10-24
3   last decade

receding hair
hello, im 23 year old male and this is my first post.i am noticing that my hair has recede
samkris 2005-10-28
1   last decade

hair loss in 23
hello sir,iam ramu male 23 facing sever hair problem from 1 yearsymptoms:-no hystory of ba
ramu_llb 2005-10-29
1   last decade

Silicea 200c
I just got some silicea, in hopes to remedy acne scars. They told me to take 5 tablets of
Karrot13 2005-10-28
3   last decade

Eye Problem
Need to know is there any remedy for lazy eye (left side) for my daughter who is 5 half yr
pritpal 2005-10-21
10   last decade

perennial rhinitis
I am a junior in high school and recently discovered that I have perennial rhinitis. The
robertnguyen281 2005-10-28
3   last decade

Acid reflux?
Okay I am 21 years old and this has been going on for more than 2 years. Everytime I swall
MichaelE 2005-10-26
3   last decade

is medusa right for me?
I have a three week old son, and I don't have enough milk.I'm seeing a lactation
tink23 2005-10-29
1   last decade

Cat with severe dental issues
My 7 year old female cat currently has tooth decay. Worse on the right side, back molars a
Namaste27 2005-10-27
3   last decade

Severe foot pain and cramping
Experiencing severe pain in archs, also feet and ankles are swelling. My feet are startin
alwaysintegrity 2005-10-28
3   last decade

Any remedies for getting rid of colon polyps?
Hello, everyoneWould you help me with your advice, please? I have a bleeding polyp in the
Galina 2005-10-28
3   last decade

Lichenoid Psoraisis
I have been diagnosed with Lichenoid Psoraisis after a biopsy being performed in August th
Dungi 2005-10-27
3   last decade

Dental cyst
Hello- I am looking for advice to help reduce a dental cyst. The cyst is about 5mm in diam
lilunturtle 2005-10-28
1   last decade

Cat with eating disorder
I have a 15 year old cat who loves to eat and eat and eat and eat and eat, until she vomit
Namaste27 2005-10-26
5   last decade

Can not get a remedy
Hi,Sorry for starting so many posts at one time.A friend of mine is trying to find China R
TLMaH 2005-10-27
3   last decade

11 month old son with milk allergies
My 11 month old son has an allergy to milk products including goat's milk, because of
Serena 2005-10-27
6   last decade

After reading the messages on this site, I started taking Nat Phos 6X 2 Tab twice daily af
sanju 2005-10-24
11   last decade

thiamin intoxication
I took vitamin B1 (thiamin) too much during several months. What can i do to liberate my b
voxpopuli2 2005-10-27
1   last decade

I need contitutional remedy
Will any one be willing to help me with this. The funny thing is I have 2 10mon old done a
lmoore 2005-10-23
6   last decade

Non-productive cough
My 7 year old son started sneezing about 5 days ago. Runny nose.I gave him some calcium +
anjuverma 2005-10-23
2   last decade

ringworm on vulva-help!
Yes-and it's causing yeast infections now. Doctor's thought it was lichen sclero
miss itch 2005-10-23
3   last decade

not being good enough
Is there another remedy that helps a person who says their biggest fear is "Not being good
cmbyrd 2005-10-27
1   last decade

loosing weight
I want to lose weight as my cholestrol is high is there anything I can take? I am excerci

kathyurech 2005-10-22
14   last decade

Pelvic Pain in Men
Anyone know of anything to relive pelvic pain in men after long term prostate infection?
Jude1 2005-10-20
4   last decade

Side effects
Are there any side effects from taking calcarea carbonica. I am concerned about that issu
kbrown85283 2005-10-26
1   last decade

Back and leg pain
I have been having low back pain and leg pain in my left leg for about four years now. I
wasemd1980 2005-10-26
2   last decade

Skin allergy
i have had hives (urticaria)for about 2 years now and 4 months ago it disappeared. the rea
spowell 2005-10-23
2   last decade

problem, anxiety
i have a problem that gives me stress, it basically has to do with my brain and it gives m
alwaysongame 2005-10-26
1   last decade

As Dolisos Dolivaxil has been discontinued, can anybody reccomend an alternative?Thanks
robertm 2005-10-25
2   last decade

menopause moods
I'm 48. Been in menopause 1 year. Night sweats and moodiness, irritability biggest
Trinn 2005-10-25
4   last decade

my daughter's problem
Dear All,The following is my daughter'ssymtoms.Request you please suggest the suitabl
pattaswamy 2005-10-24
2   last decade

Help For Earth Quake in Pakistan
Dear All ,I am Pakistani. Iwant some homoeopathic medician free.Contact with me on my E-Ma
idealbukhari005 2005-10-24
1   last decade

dropped foot
looking for information for my sister who has a dropped foot from a back surgery that went
kathyurech 2005-10-23
1   last decade

kathyurech 2005-10-23
1   last decade

1) Enlarged Tonsils from childhood.2)Severe Throat pain leading to cough
Debasish 2005-10-24
1   last decade

nasal polyps
i've had them for a good few years and had a number of ops to remove them...no sense
ojhnny 2005-07-31
11   last decade

2yr old with chesty cough and "itchy eyes"
Hello, I wonder if anyone can offer any advice. My 2yr old son has recently had a cold whi
dazedandconfused 2005-10-25
1   last decade

Lets discuss Constitutions !!
Hi Everybody,Constitutional remedy forms the backbone of homoeopathic treatment, and often
magicure 2005-10-20
3   last decade

Repeated Split Dose/Plussing Method
What is the "repeated split dose" method of taking a remedy? What is the plussing method
salsaboy 2005-10-24
1   last decade

Antidoting Remedies
Hi All,I've been suffering with chronic ankle, achilles and foot pain for 18 months n
TinTin1976 2005-10-25
1   last decade

Severe Shin CrampingÑDid Nux Do This????
Hello, everyoneMy husband came home feeling sick last Saturday afternoon. He said it all s

Jane525 2005-10-14
35   last decade

lower back pain
i am a ental surgeon having chronic lower back pain since 4 years.it has aggrevated since
meg_kashy 2005-10-20
3   last decade

75000 dead in Earthquake
We who live in Sri Lanka have suffered the loss of over 30000 lives by an official count l
Joe De Livera 2005-10-11
8   last decade

Could someone tell me why Carcinosin is not in the materia medica listings? or available f
cmbyrd 2005-10-14
4   last decade

Eczema around eyes
For about 13 years, I have had problems with my eyes. Certain times ofthe year, the skin a
suffering33 2005-10-24
1   last decade

Homeopathy Success Stories
Hi all,By popular demand, you may post successful case histories here, by replying to thi
moderator 2005-10-06
3   last decade

at my wits end - please help!
I read with interest your postings on Euphrasia. For the last 10 months I have had nothing
annie1 2005-10-10
4   last decade

Post Opeartive Fibrosis resulting to rediculopathy
My mother has been operated 3 times for Spine (Disectomy - L5S1).After the surgery she has
sanju 2005-10-24
1   last decade

Constant pain - fingers and toes
Hi,I am a 38 year old female, with 2 kids. 4 years ago I developed chicken pox. 2 years

maria 2005-10-05
13   last decade

lms or chs
Hi all, would like any input about dosing for a case of long term social phobia disorder.W
Albert 2005-10-24
1   last decade

pain in penis after ejacuation,dull penis
i am suffering from pain in my head of he panis after ajacuation.also itching effect remai
sai24 2004-03-14
1   last decade

whooping cough
my 6 yr old daughter has been coughing for over 3 weeks and 7mo son for about 2 weeks. c
irisblossom 2005-10-23
2   last decade

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