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olp, ls, lp, & prolapse,
HelloI am 26 yrs old. I have recently been diagnosed with oral Lichen PLanus (OLP).I went
Miss K 2006-03-10
1   last decade

fungal infection on shoulder and neck
My husband has white irregular patch on his right shoulder. The doctor says it is a fungal
mohini 2006-03-08
3   last decade

Irregular cycle and trying to get pregnant
Hi this is faheema 24 years old and i am trying ot get pregnant for 3 years. My cycles ar
faheema 2006-03-09
1   last decade

bells palsy, acupunctue does it work ?
i have bells palsy and have been getting acxupuncture for two weeks. this cost alot of mon
ROBNCHEST74 2006-03-10
no replies yet

gerd help me please
I'm 17 and i've had really bad heartburn since 4th grade. Last spring it got alo
katyskrew 2006-03-08
2   last decade

Carisoprodol (Soma), an alternative
My mother has chronic neck pain due to whiplash. Doctors prescribed Carisoprodol, this th
lizipenny 2006-02-19
2   last decade

Victim Mentality
Hey Everyone!Out of curiosity, does anybody have ideas on homeopathic remedies that might
Herbalguy451 2006-03-01
12   last decade

My husband has suffered terrible attacks of abdominal pain for several years and we can�
wellnesswallcharts 2003-11-22
10   last decade

Preventative for Strep Going Around School
Many confirmed cases of strep going around schoolSymptoms include:high fever over 102sore
irishgal22 2006-03-09
1   last decade

Diabetic - Just a humble THANK YOU
THANK YOU THANK YOUDear Forum, and Mr. Beek,I have taken much from my life and that of my
Annalisa 2006-03-08
4   last decade

I see Lycopodium discussed here and elsewhere in the context of depression, fear, anxiety
yardflea 2006-03-07
1   last decade

Knee aches
Since I have been suddenly putting on weight, I started taking half an hour walk. But, I h
mohini 2006-03-08
2   last decade

Homeo for Genetic conditions
Hello Everyone,Hello Everyone,Just wondering about genetic conditions. These conditions co
himabindu 2006-03-08
3   last decade

rescue remedy reaction to nat mur
I took nat mur 30c three months ago and it caused a proving on my eyes.2.I antidoted with
mizouk 2006-03-07
1   last decade

how safe is it to take arnica
i would like 2 know frm all homeopaths here hw safe it is to take arnica 30c daily as a to

yogeshnagpal 2005-11-16
14   last decade

guttate psoriasis
Re: Guttate Psoriasis From bhupindersharma on 2006-03-07 Late Rai bahadur Bishambar Das, a
bhupindersharma 2006-03-07
1   last decade

Post nasal drip like a slug in throat
I am 59, post menopausal, and have had PND for two years. It feels like a slug stuck in m
Ally Sauros 2006-02-15
11   last decade

Pernicious anemia?
My family has had great success with Homeopathy. We are stumped with my mothers symptoms..
horsetrainer 2006-03-05
5   last decade

general differences between extracts and whole plants
hey guys can someone explain the difference between whole plant and extract- with regards
masterp 2006-03-08
4   last decade

deoshlok, please advise
Thanks for your response to the ulceritive proctitis. You said Sulphur 200 and Nux Vomica
tbarbie 2006-03-08
1   last decade

On reading a few posts I was wondering about constellations. Is astrology a religion? I wo
WNCGirl 2006-03-09
no replies yet

Anybody have success in treating Guillian-Barre Syndrome?
A friend of my younger brother was in a car accident back in October. It has begun to des
Chariot 2006-03-05
3   last decade

Will Hot Tea ruin remedy?
Hi there, Im using rooibos organic tea caffine free. My question is, will dissolving arni
hotty198 2006-03-05
4   last decade

calcarea phos
My son is 4 months old and it seems that he might be teething. Is it ok to give him calcar
Bhanu Frueh 2006-03-07
3   last decade

i am on asacol 9 pills and hav started homeo named carbolyic AC i wana know how safe its i
koolsaket 2006-03-08
1   last decade

Ulcerative Colitis
To all sufferers of UC--When none of the medicines precribed by your doctor works then try
nirmal 2004-09-25
8   last decade

Nose drops compatible with homeopathy?
I wonder if I can use sodium chloride solution as nose drops (for a runny nose) during con
Nejlika 2006-03-08
2   last decade

Do These Remedies Really Work?
I am new to this forum. My line of work, driving a truck over the road makes it extremely
finn888 2006-03-08
no replies yet

Kan u advise any hoemo medicine for enlarget lymph glands i neck (one on each side, suprac
arsjtr 2006-03-08
1   last decade

guttate psoriais
Late Rai bahadur Bishambar Das, a great Homeopath of 1960s in his book "Select your remedy
bhupindersharma 2006-03-08
1   last decade

difference between extract and pure nettle root
hey guys i bourght some nettle root but the shop didnt have extract o i brought capsules o
masterp 2006-03-08
1   last decade

How to live a hundred years
HOW TO LIVE HUNDRED YEARSAs seen and authored by Swami SivanandaIntroduction:The question
WNCGirl 2006-03-02
6   last decade

For Nesha - Help with Eczema Treatment
Hi Nesha,Thank you for replying to my post on your 'THIS FOR THAT' post regardin
stickyfingaz99 2006-02-16
7   last decade

its worth reading for every one about homeopathic
Conventional medicine cannot cure or treat satisfactorily many conditions. Alternative med
javaaid81 2006-02-26
2   last decade

brown discoloration on face
hello mohinibrown patches on face, please advise 10 184 mohini please read folic acid .75
bhupindersharma 2006-03-08
1   last decade

Increase your weight
Increase your weightYou can increase your weight with our diet and constitutional medicine
deoshlok 2006-02-23
1   last decade

You didnt know there was a Medical Mafia
The Medical MafiaDate: 2/25/06 Author: Pam Killeen Interviews Ghislaine Lanct�t, Au
walkin 2006-02-28
1   last decade

I humbly ask the assistance of the Doctors
I am a 39 year old Black female who has struggles with breakouts (mostly fine blackheads)
wisteria 2006-03-02
8   last decade

brown discoloration on face
Brown patches on face, please advise . I am 47 year old female and had no problem with my
bhupindersharma 2006-03-08
no replies yet

Please Help! (Dr. Kumar, homeopaths, or anyone with experience in the field)
Hello out there...I originally posted a topic on March 5, 2006 titled "Message for Rajiv o
freespirit 2006-03-07
2   last decade

Why soy is harmful
Thanks to walkin's intelligent find, here are some possible harmful side effects of s
WNCGirl 2006-03-05
1   last decade

has your drug been confirmed???
The Food and Drug Administration said in an annual report that, as of Sept. 30, 65 percent
walkin 2006-03-04
4   last decade

Dr. Agrawal's glandular remedies
Can anyone knows where to find information on line about Dr. Agrawal's glandular reme
argie 2006-03-05
1   last decade

Phytolacca Berry 30
Many people have had success with this for their dandruff problem.I also tried it but it d
monashafi 2006-03-04
2   last decade

Homeopathy and the contraceptive pill.
I read somewhere that the contraceptive pill can be affected by using homeopathic remedies
laurali 2006-03-05
2   last decade

For Nesha or Deoshlok please
hello...could you please advise...my 11 year old daughter has been experiencing hairloss f
thistlewish 2006-03-06
1   last decade

lower estrogen and SHBG in men
hey guys is there any way to lower the total estrogen in a man, and lower the SHBG which b
masterp 2006-03-06
3   last decade

Buy shares in Big Pharm
An example of how misguided belief is used to generate profitGirl's Death Moves Paren
walkin 2006-03-07
no replies yet

bone fracture
hello,my freind had an accidant, the was a broken leg and hip fractrue, he was oparated an
sawsanlabib 2006-03-06
1   last decade

does smoking but not inhailing effect the vascular system
would smoking the odd cigarette (but not inhailing at all) effects ones vascular system.wh
masterp 2006-03-07
no replies yet

allergy or reflux
I've posted here before trying to get some help with our 7 month old (3 months premat

gurly 2006-01-06
18   last decade

Advice needed.
3 weeks ago I had traces of blood in my urine and semen. No pain while urinating but pain
rsaad 2006-03-06
2   last decade

any homeopathy for pilonidal cyst?
is there any homeopathy one can take to get rid of a pilonidal cyst without having surgery
maryam23000 2006-03-06
1   last decade

tissue salts
Erika-Hi. Can you tell me the difference in action between the cell salt 6x and the homeo
joy50 2006-03-07
2   last decade

Goat Milk and real honey
Can someone recommend a company that makes healthy goat milk and healthy honey? It would
Pat2006 2006-03-07
5   last decade

Homeopath in Los Angeles?
Can anyone reccomend a great homeopath in Los Angeles? I am on the west side but will trav
mikefive 2006-03-06
no replies yet

Nut Allergy
Is there any remedy in homeopathy for allergy to nuts specially peanuts?
s_dipity 2006-03-06
no replies yet

Dr Sajid i kneed your help
I am suffering from sexual exaustion, which has resulted in severe muscle wastage on my ar
Akuma 2006-03-06
1   last decade

Hip Injury in 8th month - desperate!
In June of last year a persistant sore hip got worse and it began a journey that I'm
blugh 2006-03-05
5   last decade

fear and anxiety
I've been having fears (sometimes very intense) off and on for the last 2 years, espe
anxious1 2006-02-16
7   last decade

A great perspective on the history of q,uackery.http://www.mnwelldir.org/docs/history/q u
WNCGirl 2006-03-06
no replies yet

Dr. Sajid, Case is refered to you
Can you please help me ridding severe dandruff on myhead, eyebrows and mustaches; rather a
glenwood 2006-02-16
5   last decade

Maggot in hollow teeth??
Is it possible to have maggots in hollow teeth. This poor girl of 14 had a toothache - a b
maya_hari 2006-03-05
4   last decade

Dr sajid please help
Dear dr sajid,My elder brother 37 years has recentaly detected astryctoma brain tumor) in
nanupanwar 2006-01-30
1   last decade

For Rajiv Prasad
I have read some of your replies to people and wonder if you could help me. I am a 60 yea
chinalady 2006-02-26
6   last decade

ulceritive proctitis
I have a friend searching for help with ulceritive proctitis. I'm not sure what it i
tbarbie 2006-03-03
3   last decade

salix nigra (to sajjad )
Can anyone tell what are the symptoms and characteristics define the remedy Salix Nigra at
Eliran1 2005-12-04
5   last decade

please suggest some medicine
my x-ray report says:X-RAY LUMBER SPINE AP/LAT VIEW:-degenerative osteophytosis seen at mu
waheedsh 2006-03-05
1   last decade

Ankylosing spondylitis ?
Hello,Whether anyone has any experiance of following remedies for getting some benefits fr
Logical 2006-03-03
5   last decade

Hi!Is there any homeopathic remedy for this peculiar problem - Inability to work in groups
panna 2006-03-05
1   last decade

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