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Belladonna has cured stummering
Dear All My name is Suraj Iam from india From Age -3/4 Suffering from stummering Currentl
suraj2 2018-01-15
4   drthoufeequebhms yesterday

very high sexual desire
I have very high sexual desire how can I reduce my sexual desire very urgent it causes man
kingwaqar 2017-11-27
9   healer21 yesterday

Headache and stomach issues
For over a year I have battled with digestion issues. It all started with a terrible migra
Jearbee 2017-12-20
3   healer21 yesterday

Anal Fissure and Chest Congestion - Help needed
Hi All, Basic Profile - AGE - 25 Gender - Male Issues - 1. I recently had anal Fissure w

nishantgoswami10 2017-10-25
20   demonoid 2 days ago

88 year father constipation
My 88 yr old father suffering from constipation last 2 days...please advise medicene.
andy_65_in 2017-11-29
2   Reva V 2 days ago

Alopecia all over
I need help with severe alopecia, auto immune disorder and severe chronic bad breath... f
Asiya1 2017-12-07
2   Reva V 2 days ago

Toddler not eating well. Urgent help required plzzz..
Hi.. My daughter is 2 and a half year old. She doesnt want to eat. She keeps the food in h
Ostoo 2018-01-16
9   John Stanton 2 days ago

I really need someone to look at this case of severe depression...please help
I came to this forum a year ago desperate for help. I have severe depression that has not
Mel 2018-01-06
6   Mel 2 days ago

Yeast infection?
Hello! Could anyone help me, I am having an itchy vagina and vulva. Personal information
YanaDi 2018-01-04
6   simone717 2 days ago

8.5 month baby suffering from GERD/Milk Allergy
My 8.5 month baby boy has been suffering from acid reflux since his birth. He has been on
kushal_chak1978 2018-01-12
3   healer21 2 days ago

Acute numbness in Arms, hands and fingers while sleeping
I am 58 years old male. Since last few months there is acute numbness in my arms, hands a

Niiev161 2018-01-11
14   healer21 2 days ago

Using the Remedy Finder my top match was calc-p 57% and sepia 43% for pelvic organ prolaps
PrairieND 2017-12-27
3   healer21 2 days ago

Worse before it gets better?
Is it true that symptoms can appear worse initially before they improve if the remedy is c
Welshhom 2018-01-17
1   John Stanton 2 days ago

Psoriasis Marriage.
Hi everyone, I am Riya Mishra from India.I have been suffering from guttate psoriasis sinc
Riya1 2016-08-14
4   Raja143 2 days ago

Cheeks swelling
Dear sir madam My left cheek looks puffy and right cheek is less puffy. Wit
Jagg 2018-01-17
1   John Stanton 2 days ago

right epididymitis
Hello Doctor, I been facing this issue for almost 5 months now.Used antibiotics, but of

purohit 2017-12-06
15   purohit 2 days ago

How to get rid of my depressive symptoms.. ??
This is Nayeem from kerala. I m 25 years of age. Im taking psychiatric medications (Fluvo

nayeemcity 2017-12-30
24   0antivirus0 2 days ago

its started with sore throat
Hellos dr i kind had sore throat and now i kid of lost my voice cant talk no cold yet was
imran655 2018-01-13
5   drthoufeequebhms 2 days ago

Chronic pelvic pain, burning in legs and throat irritation, recurring uti, please please help
Hi, I have got following health issues. 1. Chronic pelvic pain (genitals, anal area) on r
Nash 2018-01-16
3   0antivirus0 2 days ago

Hello, my son Matej has a diagnosed ADHD. We have serious problems at school. It's ha
Ljiljana 2018-01-12
3   drthoufeequebhms 2 days ago

premature ejaculation
im 50 years old male suffering from premature ejaculation. my penis does not erect easily
Zubaing 2018-01-16
4   drthoufeequebhms 2 days ago

severe watering from eyes
Sir I 68 years of age is suffering from watering from both eyes last eight. I have con
yogesh baijal 2018-01-13
4   drthoufeequebhms 2 days ago

Nerve pinch at c4 c5
I got MRI and reported that my nerve is pinched between c4 and c5 , drs are suggested for
nizamani 2018-01-16
1   drthoufeequebhms 2 days ago

Acid Reflux in 6 week old - Nat Phos not worked
Please can someone suggest an alternative to Nat phos it worked great for my first baby bu
Welshhom 2018-01-17
1   drthoufeequebhms 2 days ago

Headache / Migraine
Dear Doctors I have suffering from Migraine from last three months. Sometimes right side a

zaffar_consfela 2017-12-12
26   zaffar_consfela 2 days ago

penis enlargement
Dear Sir, Thank You very much.Please can you give one treatment.I want to increase my peni

funenjoy6 2012-11-11
36   HealthyWorld 2 days ago

Sexual Weekness
Hello Dr, Am 39 year age and suffering from premature ejaculation. After enter a penis

pramod4 2017-12-04
37   HealthyWorld 2 days ago

Periungal warts
Hello everyone! My name is Michael. I am a 30 year old male from California. I am current
Maiello2169 2018-01-16
1   Maiello2169 3 days ago

Genital Warts during Pregnancy
Hello, I am currently 31 weeks pregnant. I discovered genital warts at around 24 weeks an

Elka 2017-11-26
26   maheeru 3 days ago

Sticky Stool Constipation
Hi, I have been suffering through constipation right from my birth. Symptoms: 1) Very Stic
vksn82 2011-09-29
8   amitn73 3 days ago

plz help... chronic constipation and ill digestion
dear doc ... plz help me .... personal information: ------------------------- full na
hemant_1993 2012-04-26
8   amitn73 3 days ago

Loose motion with mucus
Doctor, My daughter, 7 months old, is suffering from loose stool with mucus for the last
raja007 2014-05-04
3   amitn73 3 days ago

34weeks pregnant Insomnia and persistent heartburn
Hi, I was wondering if there is anybody more classically-minded in the ways of homeopathy
rom109 2018-01-10
5   Reva V 3 days ago

please help! 9 yr-old boy's Eruption at the back of Right Hand
Hi, My son has been battling rash in his ears and limbs, plus face and torso since birth..
Jane77 2018-01-16
1   Jane77 3 days ago

Eyes long distance vision problem
I am checkup my eyes dr. Say me you will use glass -1 power my age 19 year so what i do m
sourabh24 2018-01-16
1   sourabh24 3 days ago

Fatty Liver Grade 3 and Renal Parenchymal Grade 1 Changes
Hi I am RajeshBabu (Male, Age : 42Years). As I am suffering with Urine color change and a
elururajesh 2018-01-14
3   elururajesh 3 days ago

Dosage of liquid Arnica 30c
I am diabetic for the last 10years and under alopathy treatment.My HBA1C was 7.1 Now it ha

aakay 2010-10-02
42   Dididecho 3 days ago

mom had stroke, blood thinner?
my mom had a small stroke on the right side, she has atrial fibrillation and congestive he
ajerara 2013-04-22
9   Dididecho 3 days ago

sexual perversion and homeopathy
Does anybody have any idea what kind of homeopathic remedies could suit ti the below patie
shemesh 2018-01-16
1   drthoufeequebhms 3 days ago

Chronic painful urticaria eruptions
Am Pradeep from Bangalore. my age is 30. having painful urticaria generating at scalp neck
chpradeep 2018-01-14
2   chpradeep 3 days ago

excessive sweating
hi, doctor i m 32 years old. i m facing this problem last 10 years. sweating too much whe

kalyan24 2016-03-11
65   kalyan24 3 days ago

Mastoid in left ear (kindly attn. Dr. Kadwa)
Dear sir, I am having mastoid in left ear from last 10 years. Now from last 25 days, seve
pguri 2018-01-16
no replies yet

Polycystic kidney disease
My name is Ramesh Kumar.my brother age 35 is suffering from polycystic kidney disease.mult
Ramu578 2018-01-14
6   Ramu578 3 days ago

Heel Spurs = Plantar Fasciitis
Question by "sazim", a forum member, in http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/

Nesha-India 2005-09-23
29   impix 3 days ago

life destroying jealousy
when there is a beautiful woman in the room, crowd, or on tv i feel sooo jealous. i dont w
Iceberg 2018-01-14
3   drthoufeequebhms 3 days ago

Mercurius Solubilis, Calcarea Carbonica and Pulsatilla
Where can I get pure Mercurius Solubilis, Calcarea Carbonica and Pulsatilla without any ot
VIN 2018-01-11
2   VIN 4 days ago

Wheezing, Difficult Breathing
Hello, I have been suffering from Alergic Rhinitis since last 10 years. Since last 2-3 Ye
kanu2912 2018-01-15
1   0antivirus0 4 days ago

retinitis pigmentosa
my son suffers from poor vision in the night. his side vision is poor only central vision
rajkumarkapadia 2018-01-14
1   0antivirus0 4 days ago

Post operative swelling on finger
Hi Doctors, I had and accident injury on my right hand index finger for which i had to go
imtiyaz.ansari1 2018-01-15
2   imtiyaz.ansari1 4 days ago

Urgently need homeopath for Candida east and diaper rash
I have Candida east infection and a bad diaper rash which is now comming on my pubic area.

WitchIcono 2017-12-02
18   WitchIcono 4 days ago

Baby very lean and not feeding
My baby is not gaining weight he is 6 months and only 6 kg his birth weight was 2.76kg . H
Shalu3 2018-01-15
1   kadwa 4 days ago

I am a long standing sufferer of PCOS for the past 7 years. USG showed both my ovaries are

Buink 2017-10-14
21   kadwa 4 days ago

Mal absorption Issue and Weight gain Problem
Hi, I am 32 years old male. 5.4 inche height and I weigh 45KG. I had some serious gas re
debdey 2018-01-13
2   kadwa 4 days ago

Pituitary Macroadenoma
80 year old age person with Finding of MRI is pituitary Macroadenoma and Right eye sudden
mdsharma 2018-01-13
1   kadwa 4 days ago

mastoid in left ear (kindly attn. Dr. Kadwa)
Sir, I am having mastoid in left ear from last 10 years. Sometime discharge or sometime in
pguri 2018-01-12
1   kadwa 4 days ago

Ref Kadwa: Homeo advise for child
My daughter is 13+ years old. The pressing concern is a stress fracture in her right foot
john doe1 2018-01-09
3   kadwa 4 days ago

weak erection,discomfort from left side kidney till testicle
hi,I am facing weak erection and low sex desire problem.i do masturbate once a week,during
ali_ahmad 2017-12-24
12   kadwa 4 days ago

Melasma / Hyperpigmentation during pregnancy
I started having dark spots around my cheekbones during pregnancy. They look like butterfl
Serendipity1 2018-01-13
3   drthoufeequebhms 4 days ago

Fulminant Hepatitis A
Hello, Start of May, I had fulminant Hepatitis A (ALT was at 5000) . Took 2 months of Ca

syria 2017-07-12
181   Reva V 4 days ago

Facial pain
My wife started having headache 10 yrs ago.Then started having back ache 8 yrs ago.7 years
fazl.muslun 2018-01-13
3   fazl.muslun 5 days ago

Macular degenration
hi to all doctrors i am male 35 and form Karachi Pakistan, meri problume ye he k 2005 main
dnlehsan 2008-11-03
3   rajkumarkapadia 5 days ago

3 year old with reflux
My son age three has acid reflux. We would like to treat naturally. What remedy would be b
Morningstar87 2018-01-14
3   drthoufeequebhms 5 days ago

I need help with chronic pancreatitis.
Hi I have had indigestion issues for a few years. Tests are indicating Chronic Pancreatiti
vohra27 2018-01-12
5   healer21 5 days ago

sex problem
Sir,My age is 42 yrs,Mera sex ki problem hain,jab main bibi ke pass jati hon tab mera ling
SEBA1975 2018-01-14
1   drthoufeequebhms 5 days ago

Hi All, I hope this will help the people suffering from Psoriasis. Is it good for a Psori

shiva_dba 2006-05-30
50   Raja143 5 days ago

Prescription needed
Your advice requested for following symptoms; Grey hair. At sides of head & at chin.
mc060401019 2017-11-12
4   Tiard 5 days ago

Blood in Semen
i am 27 years old. I have been suffering from blood in semen. since one week... pls... no
santu2 2017-11-15
2   Tiard 5 days ago

Anticipation anxiety
Hi, I put my symptoms to Remedy Finder and Answered was Argentrum Nitricum... should I ne
y_munib 2017-06-23
3   Tiard 5 days ago

Pneumonia in infants
I have a 2 year old son.he often suffers from pneumonia.Maybe it is such a month in which
nkdavid1 2018-01-14
1   drthoufeequebhms 5 days ago

My age is 26yr Male . I am suffering from hemorrhoids. It is bleeding. I comes out during
Rohit8989 2018-01-13
2   Rohit8989 5 days ago

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