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Junior Athlete cannot play in front of power figures
My generally anxious kid, who is a great junior tennis athlete, cannot seem to play in fro

wireless1 2018-07-26
120   Mister4 3 days ago

Dear Sir My son is very active( 9 years old). We always get complaints from school for hi

gopal18 2018-07-06
42   HealthyWorld 3 days ago

Kind attn of Dr. Maheeru. I am the CKD Patient.
Dr. Maheeru. I am the CKD patient M.Srinivasa who e-mailed all my details, and you were k

Srini3553 2018-06-14
30   Srini3553 3 days ago

For Dr Kadwa only, please
Hello Dr Kadwa, Please help this mother. Age: 42 (a mother of a 9 year old) Location

Dr Kadwa only 2018-02-25
45   kadwa 3 days ago

Irregular Periods...Unwanted Hairs...Breast Lumps...Low Blood HB...Hair Fall...Overweight...Sleep problem
Hi Respected Doctors Kindly prescribe me.I have mentioned information regarding my symptom

jiya2 2018-02-26
18   kadwa 3 days ago

Dr. Kadwa ... Please take my case nightfall
I’m 20 years old. I think, i am suffering from nightfall.  I am very thin,&nbs

Shafi1 2018-06-07
21   kadwa 3 days ago

Dr Kadwa only, please
Name-Sourabh Age- 19 Sex- male Hight -5.8 fit Weight -50 Present complaint- long distance
sourabh24 2018-06-30
3   kadwa 3 days ago

Sulphur 1000ch Aggravation.
‌I have taken 5 globules of sulphur 1m for one day prescribed by doctor for skin itch
Iarpou 2018-09-15
6   Reva V 4 days ago

I am male 64y, and a last 7y I suffer from PD. According to doctor perscription I am using
ana4 2018-09-15
3   Tui 4 days ago

lipoma cure
hello doctors, I am a 24 year unmarried male. there is lipoma around my belly and hand an
ghostas 2018-04-24
8   Tui 4 days ago

Dear All, I started to feel afraid aprox. when I was 14 y old.Since then and now
Albert 2018-09-16
2   Albert 4 days ago

Doctors: Please, some help.
Dear doctors, How long do a person has to wait to take sulphur 30ch after having taked ca
julia2 2018-09-16
no replies yet

Stress , anxiety , indigestion, low libido , fatigue
Hello Dr Reva I am male 34 years old lean built I have been in stress from long time ,

amandeepsingh 2018-08-11
18   amandeepsingh 4 days ago

frequnt urination day time with every 30 minute
i am 29 year old, Men,i have problem of frequnt urination day time with every 30 minutes.
nk111 2018-09-16
2   nk111 4 days ago

Pituitary Macroadenoma tumor
I mahesh singh, age 40 years is suffering from pituitary macroadenoma (benign) tumor and
Mahesh Singh 2018-09-16
1   simone717 4 days ago

Ear problem
Hi... I've been suffering from ear blockage due to sinus.. I've been using Homo
Kiran kumar2 2018-09-16
1   anuj srivastava 4 days ago

Atypical Facial Neuralgia
Hello I'm from Austria (27 years old) and have found this forum by searching for a c

survivor2 2018-08-23
19   anuj srivastava 4 days ago

antidote aconite
I was using aconite30 to antidote sepia which was aggravating badly. The sepia effect is r
vandy 2007-06-11
5   Ddsramesh7 4 days ago

k/a dr tui
Pls help my 10 month old baby For my 10 month old baby Patient ID: Ambu Sex: F Age: 10
venusonearth 2018-09-10
6   venusonearth 4 days ago

URGENT: Toddler with speech issues
Hello everyone My grand daughter is 3.9 and does not say a single word. She was evaluted a

Sueeti68 2018-09-07
16   Tui 4 days ago

Withdrawing from Cymbalta
I am at 30mg Cymbalta with one week to go until I stop taking it all together. I have bee
dshahen 2018-09-04
8   dshahen 5 days ago

External hemmrhoids
Hi I am 30 year male I got suffered from bleeding piles at the age of 16..... I had some
Tarp21 2018-09-14
3   Tui 5 days ago

Disc Bulge L4-S1 & L5 and Vericocele Vein
I have pain in my lower back and I was asked for an MRI. It suggest there is a disc bulge
Aquib81 2018-09-13
4   Aquib81 5 days ago

reperory help
Hello, I have found reading a case an interesting rubric that will suite my case : MIND
bayard 2018-09-14
3   simone717 5 days ago

Do homeopathic eye drops work systemically?
I have eye drops which have sulphur and graphites in them. Do these drops only work for t
ababona 2018-09-13
1   ababona 5 days ago

Poor mental generals
Hello sir, i m a 22 years old girl..an i am suffering from lots of mental problems... I wa

Maria Khan 2018-08-25
26   Maria Khan 5 days ago

Severe obsessive compulsive disorder
I have extreme obsessive compulsive disorder .even I can't take antidepressants I thi

earth 113 2018-04-25
30   Tui 5 days ago

Dr basu , need advice
Sir as uh proscribed I used to take arnica Montana 200c for three days and now 7 days has

rshrmawow 2018-04-19
44   Dr R Basu 5 days ago

Cold Cough Mucous
Present issue Cold n cough from last 4/5 days. Mucous is yellowish and copius. Also from

Zoimp 2018-09-10
16   anuj srivastava 5 days ago

Quitting tobacco
Dear Sir, I want to quit tobaccoo but it is not happening I have taken 2-3 dosage of calad
shatrughnavyas 2018-09-14
3   anuj srivastava 5 days ago

Use of Ginkgo Biloba
I am suffering from schizophrenia for the last 23 years. I am under allopathic medications
Irshad1 2018-04-05
9   katsumi 6 days ago

Hormones and pain
It is possible aching joints or muscles could be linked to your menstrual cycle. And if so
Brittany 2018-09-14
1   Tui 6 days ago

Hearing loss with air filled in ear
For many years I have had air filling my ears like when one goes to high altitude. When I
Sungho1 2018-09-14
1   Tui 6 days ago

Dr kadwa help me plz
Bleeding gum toothbrush ke time bohot bleeding hora or jab face wash kar ra tab bhi muh me
sourabh24 2018-09-14
1   sourabh24 6 days ago

Social Anxiety, OCD and Depression
Age: 27 Blood Group: B+ Sex: Male Country: India I am suffering from Social anxiety, OCD a

jsm0077 2018-08-29
35   jsm0077 6 days ago

premature ejaculation
hello i am from INDIA I AM 35 YEARS OLD and married and have problem of premature ejacula

AMIT18 2018-08-24
14   Mister4 6 days ago

sulphar reaction - challenge for homeopaths
Can any practicing homeopath take this challenging case of Sulphar 200 (two doses) reactio
Mr123 2017-10-23
3   Mr123 6 days ago

Sinus tract in surgical wound
A deep biopsy was conducted on my operated and radiated breast. The stitches healed but so
Sungho1 2017-08-04
6   Sungho1 6 days ago

Plea for urgent help , Dr. Kadwa.
Respected Dr KADWA I am suffering from chronic diseases for last 12 yrs . This has almost

kksingh 2018-03-11
40   kksingh 6 days ago

Newborn milk protein allergy / GERD
My son is three and a half months and had runny poop since he was born. He was exclusively
Borna 2018-09-06
5   anuj srivastava 6 days ago

Pain nausea diarrhea every morning
Hello - every morning upon waking my son (15) is in intense stomach pain often doubled ove
synthcomp 2018-09-13
7   anuj srivastava 6 days ago

plesse advise
sir I am 19 year old male from uttar pradesh India.. sir I am 5feet 4 inches of height and
Ienkiej 2018-09-14
no replies yet

Quitting tobacco
Dear sir, I want to quit tobaccoo but it isn't happening I have yakta 2-3 dosage of c
shatrughnavyas 2018-09-14
no replies yet

Hip pain, thigh pain, heel pain and some pain in right side of waist
Dear sir I am 33 years male from Bihar India, from past 3 year suffering from right side

Nitesh Kamal 2018-08-16
16   Tui last week

Dear simon707
There's a request, I was very busy these days, and before 30th September i'll no
Mister4 2018-09-13
2   Mister4 last week

Lycopodium or a more specific remedy?
For some years I have been suffering from (chronic) complaints (fear of taking responsibil
Tangram 2018-07-14
11   Tangram last week

How to get chubyy cheecks or filled cheekbones.I am very skinny through face.only want to

Mehak1 2018-08-09
19   Mister4 last week

Minimal CP Angle Blunt in Chest X-Ray
Hello About 5 weeks back I had chest infection and since then I have taken 3 courses of a
zmanzoor 2018-09-12
1   kadwa last week

Increase in Height after gaining puberty in girls
Hi I have a 11 yrs old daughter who just started with her periods.She is just 143 cms and

jyotimehr 2008-03-24
13   geetika1 last week

height increase Homeopathic treatment to help gaining height
i am 24 years old and my height is 4'10''. so plzz give me Homeopathic trea
jan1_ripon 2011-03-01
3   geetika1 last week

Homeopathic presctiption for increase in height
Sir,, My daughter is 15 year old.her height is 5.4.her father height is 5'11 and her
geetika1 2018-09-13
no replies yet

Dr Kadwa......please help on allergy sinusitis
Need help .....suffering from sinusitis and breathing problem Hi Doctor, I am 35 now an

bhelpu 2017-07-23
94   kadwa last week

Dr. Kadwa Help Please
Dear Doc As per your instructions I am taking Causticum, Nux, Sulph, Thuja all in 30 C. F

sandy3 2018-06-28
28   kadwa last week

mundhe780 2018-09-06
3   kadwa last week

Burning sensation in urinary tract
I am suffering from Burning sensation in urination problem from almost 15 years.I had take

amit143mishra 2018-06-21
14   kadwa last week

Dr. Kadwa only. Masturbating at night unknowingly
Hello Dr, I'm 23 years old. I often found myself masturbating at night without my wi
Athens1 2018-08-24
5   kadwa last week

Dr kadwa Please help with Hairfall and baldness
Sir, I am 31 years old male from Ghaziabad. I am suffering from excessive hairfall. I am
mayankgates 2018-08-24
3   kadwa last week

Find Out Constitution medicine
Hello Doctor, This is Manoj Kumar. I am suffering from allergy and asthma since last 12 y
manu001 2018-09-11
3   HealthyWorld last week

Pain over the body and Ankle
Hi, I am aged 60 Years and have the following ailments, out of which 1, 2 & 6 equire u
acs 2018-09-12
4   anuj srivastava last week

my year and half old daughter have ear pain
my year and half old have pain in her left ear this happen 4 to five time already took her
imran655 2018-08-20
7   anuj srivastava last week

Cal carb cause cold?
I gave my five year old son 3 pellets of cal carb last night. This was his first does for
ivey465 2018-09-12
1   Mister4 last week

I cant sweat
Hello I am 32 yr old male. I have a problem where most of my body doesn’t sweat. Th
Uewiorz 2018-09-06
7   Mister4 last week

Fulminant Hepatitis A
Hello, Start of May, I had fulminant Hepatitis A (ALT was at 5000) . Took 2 months of Ca

syria 2017-07-12
327   Reva V last week

Poor handwriting, spelling mistake, reluctant in following instructions
Sir/Madam, My son,7 yes old,is very poor performer in his study. His handwriting is very p

Toal 2018-08-09
19   Mister4 last week

my wife has itch out side of her vagina
my wife has itch on her vagina not inside ,like on the lips of vagina little bit redness n
imran655 2018-09-12
1   homeo_helper last week

Female baldness
I am 36 years old female. Gave birth 2 1/2 months back Experiencing hair loss. Am already

Wuiz 2018-07-12
35   anuj srivastava last week

Pennis problem
My pennis is curved to right. I did mastrubation. Now it is curved. I want remedy for thus
Ranaimran 2018-09-12
no replies yet

Hi, I have been suffering from spots on my face for the past 15 years now. They are alway
fjklasjfeopw 2018-09-09
6   unified last week

Night owl medicine
I'm a night owl. I cannot make myself sleep. I keep on engaging in some work . I read
iconresponse 2018-09-10
5   iconresponse last week

I was diagnosed with knee pain and was given some insoles by my podiatrist. The insoles di
cs.orthofeet 2018-09-12
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