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Please help Dr Kadwa

I am 21-year-old female in London, just finished university and looking for jobs or further studies.
Depression, anxiety, panic, stress, nervous, often restless and feeling tired and weak. Always forgetful and absent minded. Difficulty in waking up from bed. Mostly sleep in day time. Difficulty sleeping at night. It takes time to get a deep sleep. I wake up exhausted. When nervous, I feel panic, my body shakes. I get frustrated with people and would not like to talk.
I get nose bleeds often from childhood mostly left nostril recently, I feel weakness later.
Face skin gets red after bath.
Severe period pains, heavy bleeding and weakness. Periods between 3 and 4 weeks. Twice a month sometimes.
Constipation only sometimes otherwise empty bowels every day. Piles and bleed when constipated. When constipated, always pain and spasm in right sides of lower abdomen. Checked by doctor for appendix and was told its due to constipation. I burp a lot and loudly.
Dry skin, eczema, and itching over whole body, Black dry skin on ankles, knee, toes and finger knuckles and elbows. Underarms dark skin. Regular headaches, always have pain around the eyes. Sometimes have chronic headache. I cry and vomit during the headache. It can last around 10 hours. Sometimes feel hot and later chill.
Cones/lumps on toes and fingers of feet. One Verruca which has turned into dry skin at the sole of the left feet.
Eyes feels dry and strain even with regular wearing glasses. Cough builds up in my throat for days making it difficult to swallow the saliva and sits in the throat whole day long. It even does not clear, when brush or gargle. Breath very heavily. Difficulty in breathing.
My permanent disability is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Doctors in UK say they cannot operate as the nerve test results are normal and it’s for life time. My symptoms are unable to type, text, write, cannot lift things as little as a bag. Wrist is affected and so my upper arms and shoulders. Always pain in my lower neck and feel tender back. Fingers of my hand in night heat and swells up. Takes time to relax back in morning.
Pins and needles in both hands and feet. Cracking in Ankles and must click fingers for relief.
Sweat in under arms. My scalp hairs fall out quickly.
I take following medicines
Bedranol SR Capsules (Propranolol Hydrochloride-80mg) for anxiety.
Fluoxetine Capsules 20mg for depression.
Mefenamic acid 250mg (2tablets three times a day) for period pain.
Vitamin D, vitamin E, Magnesium and Iron tablets.
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  jus1 on 2017-06-18

This is an internet forum. Posts are not from medical professionals.
Please take Phosphorus 200 twice a day for 3 days and see how that affects over 15 days.
One dose means 2 pills.

kadwa 11 months ago

Dr Kadwa only phosphours 30C is available in health store.

Will that be okay and in what dose. Or do I wait till i find it online or from India.
Thank you awaiting your suggestion.

jus1 11 months ago

You may have Phosphorus 30. All instructions on dosing remain same.

kadwa 10 months ago

Dr Kadwa,
Now I have completed 15 days after taking Phosphours 30c.
By qualification I want to be a solicitor but I am worried my performance will be poor due to nervousness, anxiety and emotional sensitivity.
I’m not feeling weak as I use to before but I still feel fatigue and breathless. However, I still have depression, anxiety, panic, stress, nervousness. I do worry, if something goes wrong or does not ends up correct, for example, I quit car driving lessons half way, although reports were that I was doing good. Anxious and fearful when learning to drive on road. Worried about accidents and hazards.
I am a nervous person with low self-confidence and self-esteem. I feel nervous at performing concert in front of audience. When talking to another person I do feel confused and loss of words. I am very forgetful and absent minded.
I take Beta-blocker (propanol) for palpitations. I get palpitation when panic and in nervous situations. I am very anxious and worry a lot, for example, my results or about future. I would like homeopathy remedy for palpitations because little things like exam results, interviews, presentation or confronting in heated arguments makes me anxious and speechless. I am very emotional.
After the treatment with Phosphorus 30C, I don’t have much trouble getting out of bed and I am able to sleep at night. I did not have any nose bleeds since the past 15 days. But I still have dry skin inside my nose which irritates me and feel like picking. My face isn’t as red after bath as it used to be.
I have not had my period cycle since the past 15 days so unable to tell.
I am not constipated now and bowels open daily. Stools are soft but still of offensive order and no blood found on toilet tissue indicating bleeding piles. I still burp loudly and a lot.
I still have Itching dry skin all over body. There is no improvement in dry black spots on ankles, elbows, knuckles, knees, thumb, fingers of hands and feet. No Change in cones/lumps on fingers of both feet. One of the nail is half black colour. Also no change in dry skin/Verruca on sole of left feet.
Eyes are not as dry as they use to be. My headaches are not as often. However, my eyes feel heavy at times and it causes headaches. Sinus pains.
Cough is less in the morning however not as much. Lump in the throat still exist. My breathing is still very heavy and at times find difficult to breath. My hair ends splits.
Pain in my hands and arms have reduced, however I am unable to lift heavy objects. Although opening the lid of jar or cap of water bottle is difficult. My hands are very weak. Although I started playing flute but stretching fingers causes pain and stiffness. I get tired very soon, mentally and physically.
There is less pins and needles in my hands. I don’t wake up at night as often as I use to. Although I have not stopped cracking ankles and clicking my fingers for relief.
Sweating in underarms has reduced but not significantly.
Irritable, hopeless, confused, feeling worthless, difficulty in concentrating, anxiety, fear, numbness, fatigue, joint pains and aches. Sensitive to scolding, shouting and screaming from family members. Sensitive to insults, anger. This all leads to sleep talking at night.
Recently, I have gained lots of weight due to bad eating habits. I crave for junk food like sweet and sour.

Dr Kadwa, thank you for taking my case.

jus1 10 months ago

Please take Calcarea Carb twice a day for 3 days and see how that affects over 15 days.
One dose means 2 pills.

kadwa 10 months ago

Dr Kadwa,
Now I have completed 15 days after taking Calcarea Carb 30c.

Calcarea Carb 30c has not helped me as much, mentally and for the above symptoms. I still get heart palpitations, stage fright. No nosebleeds, no chronic headaches with vomiting.

Pain eased in my wrist and fingers. My arms and upper shoulders/neck are still very sore.
Fingers don’t click as much however, my ankles still crack often.

Yawning, sigh a lot and blinking. Get physically and mentally exhausted quickly.
My skin is very dry and rest of the symptoms remain the same, as above.

Issues with self-confidence and self-esteem.
Worse in evening before sleep because of fatigue.

I can now sleep peacefully at night. I still get fright and fear, anger, faultfinding, irritated, sometimes quarrelsome.

I cannot perform good in exams. Its nerves that get in the way. Someone has to accompany me to the examination.

Feeling disconnected and get blank, numb and lost of words.

Spasms in body; hands, legs, back.

Sensitive to scolding and insults. emotional sensitive; become speechless in arguments; sympathetic. Forgetful.

I can be very secretive and I cannot open up to my family due to fear.

Please advise and thank you again Dr Kadwa for accepting my case.

jus1 9 months ago

Please take Rhus Tox 30 twice a day for 3 days and see how that affects over 10 days.

kadwa 9 months ago

Dr Kadwa
I have Rhus tox 200. Will this be okay. Please can you let me know the dosage.
Thank you

jus1 9 months ago

It's okay, dose will be the same.

kadwa 9 months ago

Dr Kadwa
completed 10 days after Rhus tox 30. Not much considerable change.

Chronic Fatigue: Affects exam preparation. I have chronic fatigue, low energy levels, sleepy and get tired. Feel weak when studying for exams and low concentration levels.

Menstrual cycles: Period pains are unbearable. My cycles are once a month. Heavy bleeding for five days continuous with severe pains. Sleep can reduce the pain.

skin problems and all others are same.

Thank you Dr Kadwa. Waiting for your reply.

jus1 9 months ago

Please take Phosphorus 30 twice a day for 5 days and see how that affects over 20 days.

kadwa 9 months ago

Dr Kadwa,
Phosphorus 30 has helped me a lot with my sleeping patterns. It helped me in my exam preparations and I do not feel as fatigue and low energy as I use to.
However, I have a lot of brown dry skin, thick spots on my elbows, ankles, knees, joints. they are getting very bad. and very dry and doesn’t look nice.
My ankles click a lot while walking. And lumps/cones on my toes are building up.
Please advise and thank you

jus1 8 months ago

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