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Posts about Allergies, CFS, Tinnitus

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Tinnitus, CFS, seborrhea, allergies, ?leaky gut

My husband is a 35 year old male of Indian origin. His diet is broad and good, but he suffers from multiple ailments. He was always very thin with small muscles, although now he is still quite thin but has a small belly. He remembers having perennial allergic rhinitis since forever, with significant postnasal drip. Mother emotionally labile; he was physically abused by her till age 24. He was sexually abused by various male relatives as a child several times. At age 13, his parents sent him to a army hostel for two years where he became severely constipated (only 1-2 bowel movement per month due to lack of time). Since then, although his bowel habits improved, he has developed persistent significant odorous flatulence and still has a tendency to constipate. He developed persistent moderate to severe seborrhic dermatits of scalp at puberty, which continues to date. He started masturbating at 18, and combined with nocturnal emission, he states that he has definitely overindulged. He was clinically depressed at age 22 for 2-3 years, took doxepin; now off medications and emotionally well (he actually sayes he feels dimished capacity to feel sad now). He complains of sexual aesthenia, diminished desire & occasional spermatorrhea. He always had easy fatigability, which is worsening very prominently with time. Since last four years, he has tinnitis in both years, left more than right, predominently ringing type. He has both tension and migraine type headaches, they often start as the former. The latter are of throbbing type and worsen on lying down or sleeping. He has cervical spondylitis. He also has sporadic back pain, although they are better when he takes calcium. Miscelleneous: fair skin color, introvert but pleasant personality, mild tremor in both hand fingers, severely allergic to shellfish & cats; bad sleeper (many dreams, wakes a lot; rare cataplexy). No smoking or alcohol. Takes centrum and calcium each day; selenium (nonhomeopathic) if headache. When headache is full blown, takes tylenol & advil. Mother diabetic & hypertensive. Father hypertensive and now morbidly obese. He is married to me and we are happily settled in Canada since 6 years, quite away from his previous problems. But he is physically very weak now; he gets extremely tired and his muscles ache by the end of the day; improve with good sleep. His tinnitis has diminished his ability to read and concentrate. He feels that his memory, especially short term, is now almost zero. He is a physician assistant, but feels handicapped due to his inability to read or work. I am worried he may get depressed again. Lycopodium and calceria carbonia have failed. Phosphorus gave a mild temporary improvement in rhinitis. Phosphoric acid gave a mild temporary improvement in headache. Homeopathic selenium used to strengthen him in his early twenties, doesn't anymore. Any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
  dockazimi on 2004-12-13
This is an internet forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
I have read twice. There is no simple answer here.

I suggest his early life abuse is eating him alive.

Abuse "memories" seem to abate from time to time, but they come back like evil black spectors when one least expects it. Usually when one begins to feel better.

Also, the abuse and his traditional culture is at odds with one another. No matter, the culture is there, too hard to ignore.

Add all these things together and he cannot find the "door" to begin to change his life.

He needs big time therapy. Is there a man that really has the "mind" that can do this for your husband? Will he be sensitive enough? I do not feel a woman would be successful because of the mother. You may be the only "safe" woman he knows.

Is there a hypnotherapist that will be sensitive enough?

Another thing to think on. Vitamin therapy, beginning with B12. You need a good nutritionist to guide you without spending too much.

Study Quantum Physics. This teaches "one is not the body." So if someone in this shape can direct his/her attention to the "attitude of the mind," more can be accomplished.

There is a movie out called "What the (bleep) do we know?" Look up on the web. In January, (I hope) it will be out to purchase.

It is a pleasant informative view of what we do to ourselves with addictions to fear, anger, self doubt, and thinking we have to look a certain way to be accepted.

Our constant habits of being caught in negative thinking and action overwhelms the cells of the body with peptides and receptors that cause more and more negative action within the body.

I wish you well in your search. If I run across something that may help, I will post again. Others will probably have some suggestions.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade

any warts or moles?. Coming from India it is likely that there is some TB in family history?. But as he was abused when youg may have got one or more doses of Gonorrhea did he have antibiotic treatment ?. This case need miasmatic treatment.
passkey last decade

No family histoy of TB. Lab tests for STDs negative. Has multiple moles on face and a few on trunk; normal nevi pe dermatologist. No warts. No malnutrition; clinically excluded by a nutritionist. Not clinically depressed per recent phych evaluation.
dockazimi last decade

Seem to be making progress. Does he like-or dislike - thunderstorms. Does he like music [?what type?] . Is he better in sea air. Is he fastidious?. Is there any family tendency to cancer. Does he suntan easily.
passkey last decade

Not fastidious. Does suntan easily. Not sure about sea air effect. I asked him about thunderstorms and he says he never thought about it before and concludes he is probably neutral towards them :) Loves music; he is himself an amatuer musician actually; likes all kinds of music but prefers slow to medium paced songs probably b/c his own strength is composing ballads. One aunt (father's sister) died of gall bladder cancer.
dockazimi last decade

Seems to tidy everthing up - my suggestion is as below.

Website : http://www.symbiosis.com/.
Date. 2004-12-19
DIET.. Avoid where possible:- Pepper , spices , use coffee as weak as possible , red meat . alcohol , i.e. keep intake to minimum tolerable . Use unprocessed whole foods without additives or flavourings ; & preferably avoid cow produced dairy products.
GENERAL. Smoking __________________avoid___________________________
Alcohol ___________________avoid__________________________
Sex ____________________avoid_________________________

EXERCISE . DO NOT GET OVERTIRED.Exercise should be in the hands of experts.
Preliminary Course: Carsinosin 30c/1m/10m 1 tab of each potency- at 24 hr intervals. Advise after 7 days. completion , before if any query.

[1]Tablets which fall to the ground , or touch other people should be discarded.
[2] Tablets should be tipped from the bottle into the lid and transferred to the mouth, before the lid is replaced on the bottle .
Do not eat or drink for 10/15 min before or after taking a tablet.
Homoeopathic medicines require some special handling and storage - so that they may not lose their power and become inert as a result of contaminatíon. They should always be kept in the container in which they are supplied. They should be kept away from strong líght, from great heat and especially from exposure to strong odours or perfumes, for example camphor, menthol, moth balls, carbolíc soap. The medicines are usually supplied in the form of pills, tablets or powders. The dose should be típped into the contaoner lid and transferred to the mouth, or, if in powder form be tipped direct on to the tongue. No water need be taken to "wash the medicine down". Absorbtion takes place from the mouth - chew or suck the tabfets or pills. Sometimes the remedy is needed to be taken in water. The cup, glass, or spoon used should be "cleansed" before further use for another remedy. The dose should be put into a "clean mouth". It should not be taken until the mouth is free from the effects of food, drínk, tobacco smoke, taothpaste, mouth washes and confectionery. An interval of a quarter of an bour should suffice. While taking homoeopathie remedies it is pr-eferable to avoíd use of other medicines including laxatives, nasal drops and liniments.
passkey last decade

Thanks. I am not yet able to find a supplier of Carsinosen in Canada (this website, abchomeopathy, also doesn't seem to carry it). Probably we will get it from India, but this may take a while. Will post a followup then. Really appreciate all inputs.
dockazimi last decade

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