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X-ray - Modalities Etc

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HPUS indication of X-ray: Fatigue

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of X-ray in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.


Modalities etc



In bed; towards evening and at night (both mental and physical); in the open air; in the afternoon.

"Six years ago I received a severe X-ray burn on my left hand and finger.

Eighteen months afterwards warts appeared one seedy old chap, near knuckle of left index finger, second joint, gave me much concern.

Various remedies were tried.

Five months ago it became exceedingly annoying to me, and then I looked up the Materia Medical carefully, and three, sure enough, was the remedy.

I took Causticum Causticum 200, and one dose, after a while, of the cm.

I am usually a high potency man.

The result was a cure.

Then I recalled the article of Dr. W. P. Wesselhoeft, in October issue, 1906, Medical Advance, under "Reminiscences", and had I remembered it I could have been cured of the unsightly warts long before.

Some day I may write up the case for the Medical Advance.

It may help out some one suffering from these X-ray warts, so common from X-rays." Sgd. J. W. King, M. D.

Kienböck lays down this axiom "The stronger the dose given at a séance, the shorter the period of latency, the sharper the reaction, and the longer its duration."

"The first degree of intensity is characterized by hyperemia and infiltration of the skin, accompanied by exfoliation of minute scales and a considerable amount of itching.

Atrophy of the appendages of the skin glands, hair and nails may follow.

"The second degree of dermatitis is characterized by the occurrence of vesiculation and phlyctenule.

Inflammatory signs are severe, the tension considerable and the pain intense.

Under the phlyctenule the bares chorion appears red and discharging.

"The third degree is characterized by total destruction and sloughing of the irradiated tissues.

These show the usual signs of dry gangrene; the sloughs separate slowly, leaving behind an ulcer of a very torpid nature, which sometimes remains unhealed for years.

"In radiotherapy one should endeavour to irradiate the tissue with the exact quantity necessary to produce a definite result.

In the use of other therapeutic agents we are often obliged to vary the dose.

A given dry may have tonic-action in a small dose, an emetic action in a moderate dose, and a poisonous action in a large dose.

The same may be said of X-ray.

Take, for example, their action on the scalp.

In small fractional doses they have a stimulating effect on the hair, whereas in large doses they cause epilation, and in still larger doses vesiculation, and sloughing."


"At first sight it may seem contradictory that the same agent will, in one case, cause the hair to fall out, and in another case favour its growth.

The contradiction, however, is only apparent, as the results depend on the amount of rays absorbed by the hair papilla and the consequent inflammatory reaction.

It is evident that if this factor is varied the results will be altered."


WORSE, in bed, afternoon, evening and night; open air.

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