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X-ray - Head symptoms - H.C. Allen

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HPUS indication of X-ray: Fatigue

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of X-ray in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.


A feeling at right external orbital margin as if it might be an ache, immediately (the first symptom observed).

A pressing across forehead with a miserable feeling generally as though going to be sick.

Sense of pressure in centre of forehead.

Head feels empty as though scraped, worse at night in bed.

Sensation of fullness of head with slight full feeling in ears, worse in right ear.

Sharp stabbing in left temple, followed by clearing up mental function, the heart immediately feeling the impulse.

Feeling in head and nose as if coryza would set in, with slight desire to sneeze.

Sense of pressive fullness starting from posterior prominence of vertex in a central straight line to bridge of nose, followed by fullness in entire vertex extending to bridge of nose.

Aggravation of fullness over vertex, worse along the centre to nose and when stooping over.

Disagreeable fullness of head all morning, with bland coryza and stoppage of nostrils.

Aching on top of head across along coronal suture on blowing nose and after it.

Constant ache in vertex, worse on awaking, also on coughing, sneezing, or head low.

Drawing in and across the brow approaching nose and resting there, immediately.

Heavy pressure on vertex as from a hand (old symptom, absent a year).

Sickening grating between the bones of the cervical spine on turning the head.

Cords feel too short.

Cannot bear slightest touch, though hard pressure relieves for an instant; better by walking the floor.

Unable to lift head from pillow without taking hands, and then by a slow circular motion.

Morning awaking earlier than usual with dull aching in left occiput, and immediately in left sacro-iliac region, lasting fifteen minutes.

Suddenly sharp ache in left occiput on small area, recurring two or three times at intervals of some hours, without regularity.


Stiffness on left side of neck, turning in bed.

Sudden "cricks" attack first one side of neck, then the other, worse on getting cold; turning the head nearly produces convulsions.


Awoke with headache next morning, continuing at intervals through whole day.

Sleepy with headache.

Headache gradually extending to frontal region, worse in centre of forehead.

Dull headache in morning, worse when stooping and after rising.

Headache and soreness, worse toward afternoon.

Pain in right side of head above temple.

Threatening headache, pressure through temples.

Headache across brow, and a different pain in temples.

Pain in right side of head, passing around base of brain to right ear, followed by paralytic numbness.

Pain in left temple, worse 8 P. M.

Pain across brow over bridge of nose.

Sticking pains in different parts of head and face.

Pains steady, but at times appear in sharp "cricks", then in streaks down the course of the nerves worse by turning the head or neck; moving the head on pillow at night is agony; better keeping perfectly quiet; again by gentle motion.

Pain in left side of head and neck, intensely and constantly, at times paroxysms of cramping pain in cord, from left shoulder to head, back and above left ear.

Pain better by lying on left side of face and body.

Pain in back of head better at times by massage slightly, also by heat.

Back of head at times seems perfectly well, next moment cannot bear slightest touch or lift my head from the pillow without great pain on both sides and in muscles of neck.

Violent sick-headache second day of menses, pulsating pressure outward in forehead as if bursting, vomiting, pain relieved by hot water applications.

Neuralgic painsp

Stiffness on right side of neck, with intense pain at night; occurs in paroxysms during the day better somewhat by hot applications.

Pains more severe behind the ears the mastoid process.

Aching pains in left side of neck.

Clutching, shooting, aching pains begin behind left ear and in muscles of left side of neck on sitting up over twenty minutes; better by lying on left side.

Pain on both sides and in muscles of neck when lifting head from pillow.

Pain relieved on keeping perfectly quiet; sometimes by gentle motion.

Stinging contracting painp

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