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X-ray - Genitals Etc symptoms - H.C. Allen

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HPUS indication of X-ray: Fatigue

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of X-ray in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Retained urine, vesical tenesmus after enormous evacuation, vomiting for twelve hours to 4 P. M.

Seven days from beginning of attack return of renal colic with vomiting, continuous nausea and retention of urine on left side.

A clutching pain from left kidney to bladder that never relaxed for two hours, causing the wildest demonstration of agony, ghastly face, blue rings around sunken eyes, cold sweat with trembling, frightful restlessness, urine retained in ureter (giving a perfect picture of Tabacum Tabacum which relieved at once).

As soon as the pain in ureter relaxed after it, urine was filling up the bladder and then passed without pain.

Some spasm remained and was relieved by Cantharis Cantharis in five minutes.

(She had something of a like trouble a year ago, but not so severe as this, only a strangury).

Great prostration followed this attack.

Frequent urination, worse after getting into bed.

Pressure as from congestion about kidneysp


Testes relaxed, impotent feeling.


Sexual desire lost in man.

Unnatural or disgusting, lewd dreams on several nights, or several times in one nightp

Pain darting upward in region of left ovary when sitting, walking or standing.

Mental condition upset, she would like to kill somebody (three years ago she proved Uranium nitrate.)

Flushes of heat; better afternoons and eveningsp

Air Passages

Cough caused by palpitation during evening.

In morning after rising and before eating, a cough caused by irritation in larynx, accompanied a pain in right side just above the crest of ilium, eating relieved cough, but side felt bruised when bending, jarring or pressing it.

In less than a week a cough with tearing sensation in bronchi, hoarseness, palpitation.

Phlegm of greenish hue causing cough in crawling up.

On rising in morning expectoration of considerable white mucus.

Much expectoration of tough mucus at fingers' ends whitish, like gelatine, raised easily.

Raising of jelly-like mucus, worse in forenoon, tenacious and tough.

Grayish expectoration.

In two other cases, which had resisted the best of treatment for months, the remedy developed numerous sycotic excrescences on glands and the symptoms calling for the similimum were sharply indicated, and it cured permanently.

The physical and mental incubus, which for months had made one patient's life a burden, was immediately removed on the reappearance of the condylomata, which had followed suppression by injections and were subsequently disturbed by cauterizationp


Menses dark green one day.

Second day of menses a violent sick headache, pulsating pressure outward in forehead as if bursting, vomiting (pain relieved by hot water application).

After cessation of menstruation for six months it reappeared again, violent, profuse, without pain but prostrating, the flow lasting several days.

Three or four days before menstruation, felt from waist down as if bursting with distention and weight in abdomen, and wanted to hold herself up, relieved by the flow.

Up to that time had never missed a regular menstruation, but irregular ever since).

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