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Veratrum Album - Mental (inc. personality) symptoms - T.F. Allen

White Hellebore, Veratrum, Ver-a, Verat.

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HPUS indication of Veratrum Album: Collapse
Common symptoms: Exhaustion, Coughs, Cramps, Vomiting, Weakness.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Veratrum Album in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.




Slight delirium; coldness over the whole body with open eyes, with cheerful, at times laughing expression, he prattles about religious subjects and about vows to be performed, prays, believes that he is not in his own house (after one hour),

Slight delirium, constans." -Hughes.

Persistent raging with great heat of the body,

Cursing and howling all night and complaining of being stupid, with headache and salivation,

She is inconsolable over a fancied misfortune, runs about the room howling and screaming, looking upon the ground, or sits brooding in the corner, wailing and weeping in an inconsolable manner; worse in the evening; sleeps only till 2 o'clock,

Sensation in his whole being as if he were gradually nearing his end, though with tranquillity,

He groans, is beside himself; does not know what to do with himself (after two or three hours),

When he is busy his head is freer, but when he has nothing to do he seems dazed, cannot easily think, is quiet and absorbed in himself (after two and fifteen hours),

Joyfulness, sharpness of mind,

Very lively, eccentric, excessively joyful,


Taciturnity, it vexes him to speak a word, talking is very irksome; he speaks in a low and weak voice,

Melancholia, with chilliness, as if dashed with cold water, and with frequent qualmishness, 1.

Mild despondent mood, even to weeping (after twenty-four hours),

Depression of spirits, despondency and discouragement, with involuntary weeping and running of tears from the eyes, and inclination to hang the head,

Mood gloomy, depressed, can scarcely talk (fifth day),

Anxiety, ,

Great anguish,

Anxiety and Vertigo,

Anxiety causing crawling in the fingers,

Extreme anxiety taking away the breath,

Great anxiety in the morning,

Great anxiety through the whole night,

Extreme anxiety in the evening and after dinner, so that he did not know whither he should turn,

Anxiety as from a bad conscience, as if he had committed a crime,

Anxiety as if he dreaded a misfortune, as if some evil were impending,

(Anxiety after going to bed in the evening, lasting until almost midnight, with waking coma, and drawing movement in the abdomen, which causes roaring in the head),

He is utterly unable to rise for eight hours, is obliged to either sit or lie; if he stands he is tormented by the most frightful anxiety, wherewith the forehead becomes covered with cold sweat, and he becomes sick even to vomiting (after three hours),

Anxiety with fear of apoplexy during an evacuation of the bowels,


Loss of courage, despair,

Ill-humor (first day),

Ill-humored when provoked (after four hours),

He says nothing except when irritated, and then he scolds,

Irritable, inclined to be vexed with every interruption at work (sixth day),

Ill-humor in the forenoon; no inclination to work (seventh day),

He becomes very peevish, every trifle excites him (after one hour),

Vexation from the slightest cause, with anxiety and palpitation, with rapid, audible respiration,

He seeks out faults in others and contemplates them,

A certain indifference all day, so that he frequently rubs the forehead in order to think clearly and to collect his thoughts,

Indifferent, depressed mood, irritated by every work which does not go to suit him, with weakness (second day),

Restless mood, oppression and anxiety (after one hour),

Busy restlessness, he undertakes several things, but is always soon weary and accomplishes nothing,


Oversensitiveness; increased mental power,

Inclination and desire to work,

Disinclined to think, answers with difficulty, cannot apprehend answers (second day),

He cannot get on with mental work; there is very soon a loss of ideas,

Loss of ideas,

Memory leaves him,


Stupidity, difficulty of thought, distraction (first day),

Almost complete loss of senses,

His reason leaves him,

Is conscious only as in a dream,

Loss of consciousness,

Waking coma; one eye is open, the other closed or half open, and frequent starting up as if frightened (after half an hour),

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