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Thyroidine, Thyroidin, Thyr.

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HPUS indication of Thyroidinum: Headache
Common symptoms: Headache, Fatigue, Nausea, Weakness.
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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Thyroidinum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Progressive diminution of sight with central Scotoma.

Materia medica entries of other remedies mentioning Thyroidinum

Pyrog > general
Feels heart; as if tired, big or full PULSE QUICK, OUT OF ALL PROPORTION TO TEMPERATURE (Lil-t Thyr---- ) or the reverse Quickly oscillating temperature The nails threaten to fly off

Fucus-v > relationships
Compare: Phytol.; Thyroidine; Badiaga; Iodium.

Lycps > general
After a course of Thyroidin, and later of Thuja 30 (she had been much vaccinated), Lcps. 12 was given, and this tool, away all the heart pains.

Ooph > general
On the analogy of the action of Thyroidin in myxoedema, Ooph. has been used with much success in cases of suffering following excision of the ovaries, and for the climacteric sufferings of women. I have had good results with it in such cases in the lower triturations. It has been suggested as a remedy in ovarian cysts. E. Saalfeld (quoted H. W., xxxii. 296), in view of Landau's observations on the effect of Ooph. on the nervous sufferings of women at the climacteric, gave Ooph. to women suffering from acne rosacea and other skin disorders of the climacteric. A woman, 20, after double oophorectomy had lichen-like eczema. This was greatly relieved by Ooph. as well as the accompanying nervous symptoms and adiposity. He obtained good results also in some non-climacteric cases as ($51$) Acne and seborrhoea in chlorotic women. (2) A case of prurigo which had lasted from childhood in a woman of 26. In this case the itching was amel. for a short time after the period. This amel. during menses may prove a keynote, and relates the remedy to Zinc.

Pancr > general
Pancreatinum has been used with success in conditions due to disease or faulty action of the pancreas on the analogy of Thyroidin and the other Sarcodes. Burnett says pancreatics are often of great service in gout.

Ferr-i > relationships
Compare Alum. (anaemia, leucorrhoea, prolapsus uteri); Alumen (swollen vagina, prolapsus uteri); Cauloph. (prolapsus uteri and leucorrhoea from atony; fitful, crampy pains); Helon. (pruritus, prolapse, leucorrhoea, albuminuria); Hydrast. (debility and atony; tenacious, profuse leucorrhoea; palpitation); Graph. (chlorosis, leucorrhoea profuse, hot, watery); Iod. (red face, irritability; corroding leucorrhoea, marked) Kali bich. (stringy, albuminous leucorrhoea; stringy expectoration). Thyroidin (Palpitation; exophthalmic goître). Fe. bro. (leucorrhoea, prolapsus uteri). Fe. ars. (enlarged liver and spleen).

Kalm > relationships
Antidote to Tab.? Follows well Nux, Thyroidin, Spigel.

Phase > relationships
Compare The Leguminosae. In heart, Dig., Crataeg., Spig., Lach., Thyr. Punctured wounds, Hyper., Led. Diabetes, Syzyg., Thyr., Nat. sul., Uran nit.

Spong > relationships
Compare In general affections, Chlo., Bro., Iod. (Iod. dark, Spo. fair subjects), Thyroidin, Badiaga. Laryngitis, Samb. (with Samb. the spasms occur frequently); Lach. (sensitive to touch; Lach. from hyperaesthesia; Spo. from inflammation of cartilages). Cough amel. by eating, Anac. Dry tongue, Nux m. (with Spo. the dryness extends downwards; not with Nux m.). amel. Warm drinks, Ars., Alm., Lyc., Nux, Rhus (amel. cold drinks, Ver.). Heart, Naj., Sep., Kalm., Abro., Lach. Orchitis, Gels., Pul., Ham. (intense soreness), Merc. (with a little yellowish-green gonorrhoea).

Thuj > general
Cretinism, Bac., Thyr.

Uran > relationships
Compare Elemental relatives; gastro-duodenal affections, Chrom., and K. bi. Diabetes, Ph. ac., Syzyg., Thyr., Lac def., Lact. ac. Sinking immediately after meals, Ars., Cin., Lyc., Sil., Stp. Craves tea, Selen.

Urea > relationships
Compare Urinum, Uric acid, Thios., Urt. urens. Diuresis, Thyr. Tuberculosis, Tub., Bac.