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Thuja Occidentalis - Fever And Chill symptoms - T.F. Allen

Arbor Vitae, Thuja, Thuya, Thuja Occidentalis, Thuya occidentalis, Thuj.

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HPUS indication of Thuja Occidentalis: Warts
Thuja Occidentalis
Common symptoms: Warts, Dizziness, Fungus, Headache.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Thuja in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.





Always very chilly,

General chilliness, at 3 P.M. (fifth day),

Chilliness every evening from 6 to 7.30, with excessive heat of the body, dryness of the mouth, and thirst,

Chilliness, without thirst, every morning,

Chilliness and febrile symptoms, so that he was inclined to lie in bed (twenty-first day),

Chilliness, discomfort, weakness, sleepiness, with drawing and weakness of the calves, so that he was obliged to go to bed (thirty-eighth day),

Chilliness in the evening, with flushes of heat, perspiration, and weakness, so that he was obliged to go to bed, with dulness of the head, followed by sleeplessness till after midnight (forty-ninth day),

Chilliness, with yawning, recurring daily in the forenoon, with violent one-sided pains in the head, extending thence to the pit of the stomach, with nausea, without being able to vomit, with loss of appetite and constipation (third month),

After waking in the morning with headache, chill at 10 A.M., lasting till noon, followed by heat and nausea with repeated bilious vomiting in the evening, and diarrhoea, with constant one sided headache (fourth month),

Chilliness frequently in the daytime (thirty-first to thirty-eighth day); chilliness continues (fifty-fourth day),

Chills over the whole body (first day),

Frequent chills over the whole body (fifth day),

General chilliness, without thirst, in the evening; pulse 100, full and hard (eighteenth day),

Felt chilly all over, especially on the extremities, at noon (seventeenth day),

Chills, even in a warm room (seventh and ninth days),

In the evening, chilliness for several hours, passing into heat on lying down (fourth day),

Chills, want of appetite, peevishness, and a small weak pulse again made their appearance; she now took Nux Vomica Nux vom.; an hour after a shaking chill, lasting half an hour; heat came on over the whole body, preceded by a gradually increasing warmth (forty-sixth day),

Chilliness, without thirst, in the forenoon,

Chilliness in bed, cannot get warm,

Chill and inclination to yawn (fourth day),

Chills in the evening in bed (first day),

Internal chills, with a general feeling of malaise (fifth day),

Slight chill, with dryness of the throat, painful deglutition, vomiturition, and such a feeling of illness that he was obliged to go to bed before the time (sixth day),

Frequent creeping chills,

Creeping chilliness, with icy-cold hands, in the evening, preceded by slight heat (after five and six hours),

Transitory chill over the whole body, with cold hands in a heated room (within two hours),

Slight chill (thirty-first day),

Slight chills in a warm room all day (first day),

Chilliness and headache (twenty-fifth day),

Shaking chill only on the left side of the body, which also feels cold, in the evening in bed,

Shaking chill in the evening on lying down, followed by some heat (after eleven months),

Shaking chill over the whole body, without externally perceptible coldness (after two hours),

Violent shaking chill for a quarter of an hour, about 3 A.M., followed by thirst, then profuse perspiration all over, except on the head, which was only warm,

Shaking chill, with much yawning; the warm air seems cold, and the sun seems to have no power to warm him (after three hours),

An internal shaking cold,

Shivering through and through from the slightest uncovering of the body in warm air, with or without gooseflesh, while the hands and face were warm (after one hour and three-quarters),

When dressed, he frequently shivers over the whole body, without gooseflesh, (after two hours and a quarter),

Shivering (tenth day),

Febrile shivering in bed several nights in succession, during which the skin was moist, but cold,

Repeated shuddering, beginning at the head (fifth day),

Internal shuddering and feeling of cold the whole forenoon, with dull confusion of the head (fifty-sixth day),

Slight shiverings, which spread themselves little by little over the whole body; afterwards a general sweat broke out, so that in the course of a minute the whole body was wet (seventh night),

Transitory coldness over the whole body, after dinner (third day); coldness all day (twelfth day); frequent creeping coldness, as during a fever, came on during dinner (twenty-first day); feeling of coldness in the forenoon; frequent feverish alternations of cold and heat, in the afternoon (twenty-fourth day),

Feeling of coldness over the whole body, soon,

Feeling of coldness, with numbness of the left foot (fifth day),

Cold over the whole body, with the thirst (twelfth day),

Coldness and sleepiness followed by heat, in the evening; with the coldness, thirst (eighth day),

Seeming constantly to be taking cold; inclined to coryza, sore throat, swelling of the face, toothache, and ulcerated teeth,

Coldness, as if dead, over the whole body, with anxiety (seventh month),

Icy coldness all over, with cramp in the chest, lasting two or three minutes after being vexed,

He wishes to keep the head and face wrapped up warmly,

The cheeks and nose feel cold as from a draught of cold air,

Shivering in the back (soon, after second dose, second day),

Shivering runs over the back from time to time (after thirty-two hours),

Creeping coldness over the whole back, worse at night in bed,

Coldness in the back, with alternations of heat, in the evening (fourteenth day),

Coolness and flying shudderings over the back (seventieth day),

Feeling of coldness through the back, with debility and stiffness in all the limbs, in the afternoon and evening (sixteenth day),

Creeping shudderings, particularly in the back, with hot face (seventy-second day),

Coldness in the back not relieved by the warmth of the stove,

On lying down, painful cold running from the nape over the back, down to the sacral region, which was increased by every movement of the body, and soon disappeared after rising (third day),

Cool extremities, with redness of the face, in the afternoon; copious general perspiration, with diminution of all the morbid symptoms, in the evening, after Cocculus Indicus Cocc. 30th, one drop (twenty-sixth day),

Feeling of coldness especially in the hands and feet, and on the anterior surface of the thigh down to the knee, when seated in the warm room (seventy-fourth day),

Coldness in the hands and feet (fifty-seventh day),

The hands are constantly cold and wet with cold perspiration,

The hands are cold, red, and dry,

The tips of the fingers are icy cold, as if dead, while the rest of the hands, face, and rest of the body are hot to touch, without thirst (after a quarter of an hour),

A persistent coldness of the lower extremities increases at night to general febrile chill, with simultaneous heat, with sleeplessness,

A stiffening coldness of the thighs, extending down to the feet, mostly in the knees, very persistent, even in bed,

Feeling of coldness, especially in the feet (sixty-first day),

Cannot get her feet warm (thirty-ninth day),

Chilly feeling in the feet, which were externally warm to touch, with the feeling of stoppage in the right nostril (fourth night),

A quarter of an hour after going to bed the feet again began to become cold, anxiety came on, and in an instant, in place of the regular beat, he felt a trembling of the heart; a sweat then broke out (eighth night); the coldness of the feet, anxiety, and palpitation were less in amount, and of shorter duration (ninth night),

Feet became as cold as ice, some minutes after going to bed (seventh night),

Feet icy cold and wet, with perspiration,


Febrile excitement, with great weakness, with constant lying down and sleeping, violent barking cough, worse at night, loss of appetite and constipation (first days),

Violent catarrhal fever, with hoarseness and pain in the eyes, whereby the face became dark red, and the eruption on the face and neck became worse, like tetter and raw, and after a few days desquamated and disappeared,

Feverish all day, especially in the afternoon, with stretching of the limbs, chilliness, with subsequent flushes of heat and some perspiration (twenty-second day),

Paroxysm of fever; towards noon he became weak, slightly chilly, and was obliged to go to bed, followed by flushes of heat, heaviness and dulness of the head and some perspiration; relief after lying down for awhile (fiftieth day),

Much stretching, as if a febrile paroxysm were coming on,

Fever, cold and heat alternating,

Alternations of heat and cold, in the forenoon (eighteenth and twenty-fourth days),

Frequent flushes of heat, all followed by perspiration, with burning in the abdomen and all the limbs,

Flushes of heat every day, after breakfast,

Flushes of heat, so that perspiration stood upon the face, frequently during the day (thirteenth month),

An agreeable warmth over the whole body, with cold fingers, especially of the left hand, without thirst, the whole evening, with a sensation of gooseflesh and slight shivering creeping over the whole body (after three hours and a half),

Hot pulsation over the whole body,

General burning heat, in the evening (thirteenth day),

Uprising of heat, from 10 to 11 P.M., with anxiety and loss of breath and cough (seventh month),

Heat and vertigo, for half an hour (after two hours),

Heat, in the evening, with sleeplessness, and as soon as she closes the eyes, visions of all kinds of figures,

Heat, with uneasiness in the blood, rising up of glowing blood to the chest and head, hammering in the chest and tightness of breath, dark redness of the face, confusion of the head, inflammation of the eyes, heat in the stomach, with longing for ice cold things, with constant coldness of the feet and great ill-humor,

Heat in the evening, perspiration and headache, relieved after rising from bed (thirty-ninth day),

Very hot in the morning; chill, followed by heat and sleepiness, in the evening (twenty-second and twenty-third days),

Much dry heat at night, and uneasy sleep,

Only dry heat, without ability to perspire,

Heat, with the feverish pulse (twenty-third day),

Heat, with thirst, neither preceded nor followed by chilliness, and with activity of mind (after one and four hours),

Constant heat of the head, so that he did not know what to do, relieved by external cold,

Increased feeling of warmth over the forehead, in the forenoon (third day),

Painful burning on the vertex, both temples, in the upper part of the left side of the chest through to the back, in the right side of the middle abdomen, in the left groin, and in the back, with chilliness through the whole extent, with paralytic heaviness in both lower extremities,

The occiput was externally warmer to the touch in a particular spot, corresponding with which I felt heat and pressure in the brain,

Heat in the face (immediately),

Sudden heat of the face and redness (after one hour),

Heat of the face, with heaviness of the head, after eating and towards evening,

Heat of the face, with red, puffy hands and feet, aggravated after eating, with tightness of breath,

The skin of the face is red, heated, frequently scaling, hurts very much when washed, as if raw and too thin,

Constant sensation of heat in the whole face, without change of color and without thirst, the tips of the fingers are cold, the rest of the hands luke warm, and all the rest of the body hot to touch (after three-quarters of an hour),

Heat of the face and burning redness of the cheeks, two evenings in succession,

Heat in the face and redness, without thirst, while sitting (after three hours),

Sensation of burning heat in the face, which causes neither real heat, nor redness, nor perspiration, with icy-cold hands, with moderate warmth of the rest of the body (after two hours),

Burning heat only in the face and cheeks, lasting the whole day,

Flushes of heat in the face, without thirst, while the hands and rest of the body were only warm (after half an hour),

Increased warmth in the face, with dull confusion in the head (effect of the alcohol), (twelfth day),

Heat in the cheeks, with the headache (thirty-fifth day),

Violently glowing heat in the cheeks, towards evening (fifty-sixth day),

Redness and burning of the left cheek, with chilliness on the back on every motion, on rising up and sitting down (not when standing or sitting quietly); her fingers become dead,

Great heat and weight upon the chest, breathlessness and occasional dry cough, with sticking in the head, when walking, in the afternoon (twenty-first day),

Burning hot hands,

Hands warm, with distended veins, while the face is cold and the forehead hot (after twelve hours),

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