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Thuja Occidentalis - Chest symptoms - T.F. Allen

Arbor Vitae, Thuja, Thuya, Thuja Occidentalis, Thuya occidentalis, Thuj.

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HPUS indication of Thuja Occidentalis: Warts
Thuja Occidentalis
Common symptoms: Warts, Dizziness, Fungus, Headache.

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Thuja in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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(In far-advanced tuberculosis of the lungs a dose of Thuja gives great relief, by the evacuation of large masses of pus, by means of cough, diminishes the nightsweats, and restores the lost appetite),

(The tuberculous ulcers discharged from the lungs by means and paroxysmally recurring vomiting of their contents), (fourth month),

Orgasm of blood to the chest, with anxiety, preventing falling asleep, as in a threatened haemorrhage, at night, and repeated the following day, together with flatulence distension of the abdomen (third day),

An anxious uneasiness deep in the chest, between the heart and the liver, as from blood rushing through the large vessels (third month),

A peculiar feeling of weakness in the lungs,

Feeling of weakness in the chest (eleventh day), ; (sixteenth day),

Painful tension in the whole chest, when inspiring deeply,

Tightness now in the left chest, now in the left hypochondrium, which provokes a hacking cough,

Constriction of the whole chest, so that she weeps,

All the diameters of the chest seem shorter,

In some spots a feeling as if the thorax from without, and the corresponding portions of the lungs from within, were strongly and durably constricted, a feeling which returned frequently and strongly, especially during rest, induced frequent deep sighing, and annoyed me not a little,

Slight constriction and compression of the lower half of the chest (seventy-first day),

Sensation as if the lower part of the thorax were surrounded by a bandage, at noon, disappearing in the afternoon (sixty-fourth day),

Sensation as if the chest were distended from within,

Sensation of want pliability of the thorax and of insufficiency in the inspired air,

Oppression of the chest, ; (eighth day),

Oppression, with heaviness of the chest, and a sensation as of an inner voice calling "Woe, woe!"

Oppression of the chest, as from an internal adhesion (after a few hours),

Oppression under the sternum, with a bruised sensation in the chest (fifteenth day),

Oppression in the lower part of the thorax (sixty-eighth day); oppression of the chest (after one hour, seventy-second day),

Slight oppression of the chest, with inclination to cough (fifteenth day); oppression of the chest, with some pain on inspiring (fortieth day),

Heaviness on the chest (soon),

Heaviness of the chest, so that he was scarcely able to talk (soon),

Feeling of weight and frequent cramplike constriction in the chest,

Weight on the chest (thirteenth day),

A feeling of fulness and of being bruised in the chest under the sternum, in the forenoon; he had observed this for several days past (seventh day),

Soreness in the chest, externally, like bruised spots (purpura),

Sensation of soreness in the chest, with increased coryza (forty-first day),

Sensitiveness of isolated spots on the thorax,

Spots here and there on the thorax and extremities, painful as from a thrust, and especially during movement,

Pain as if the parts were sore, in the region of the ribs, on touching them (thirteenth day),

Pain in the chest, with now and then a taste of blood,

General pain in the chest, at night, provokes loud groans,

Pressure upon the chest (thirty-ninth day), ; after eating, ; transitory (nineteenth day),

Pressive, tensive feeling in the lungs, that became more perceptible and sticking, on taking a deep inspiration (twenty-ninth, thirtieth, and thirty-first days),

Pressing pain in the whole upper part of the chest, much more violent on pressure,

Pain like a pressure in the chest, worse after eating,

Cutting pains through the chest in different directions,

Often tormented by a very painful tearing drawing in the left side of the chest, in the neighborhood of the fifth and sixth ribs; this pain appeared when standing and sitting, disappeared when moving, and was rather diminished than increased by a deep inspiration (fifteenth and sixteenth days),

In the morning, on waking, the upper part of the body felt bruised, so that he could not move, could not turn over in bed on account of stitches and pain in the chest, which disappeared on rising (fifty-seventh day),

Sensation as though he had sprained or injured himself by lifting a heavy weight, in the left side of the chest, close to the pit of the stomach (after six hours and a half),

Bruised sensation in the chest, in the afternoon (ninth day), ; (thirteenth day),

Scraping in the chest, forcing him to cough (soon, second day),

Feeling of heat in the whole chest,

The chest smarted internally, as if sore, especially during the dry cough, which appeared from time to time,

Burning in isolated spots under the skin, particularly on the right side of the chest (sixty-second day),

Burning externally over the lower ribs of the right side (seventieth day),

Transient stitches in the chest,

A single stitch through the lower portion of the lungs, from behind forward. This was accompanied by a bruised sensation in the chest, with dulness of the head, sad mood, and discouragement, being the same in the open air and in the room (thirteenth day),

Vague stitches in the left lung,

Transient stitch, pains on both sides of the thorax, extending to the armpits (seventy-first day),

Stitches like lightning transversely through the chest,

Several stitches coming from the interior of the chest (first day),

Violent pulsation in the chest, felt over its whole surface,

Front and Sides.

Pressure under the sternum,

Pressing in the middle of the sternum, at 6 P.M. (eighth day),

Pressing in a small spot under the sternum, which gradually extended to the scrobiculus, in the afternoon and evening (eleventh day),

Pressing and fine sticking under the sternum (first day),

Constant pressure in the middle of the chest, with sticking pains during the attempt to inspire deeply,

Annoyed through the whole day with a crawling, pressive pain in the left side of the sternum, which was confined to a spot about the size of a dollar, remained the same in rest or motion, and finally left a feeling as though the spot were sore (nineteenth day),

Painful oppression under the sternum (increased by deep inspiration) and in the inguinal region,

Knocking in the chest under the sternum, extending to the sacrum, when lying on the back,

Very violent spasmodic pain in the sternum, on waking, as if everything in it would be screwed together with screws; after lasting half an hour it was followed by choking cough, ending with vomiting of white frothy saliva (eleventh month),

Anxious gnawing in the middle of the chest,

Troublesome clawing in the sternum, about 2 P.M. (seventh day),

Repeatedly during the day a cutting pain perpendicularly through the middle of the chest, from below upward, as far as the pit of the throat,

Slight burning under the sternum (third day); continued burning along the whole length of the sternum (eighth day),

Dull sticking pain near the lower part of the middle portion of the sternum, on the right side (fourth day),

A painless swelling of the bone of the left sixth rib diminishes in size during the first six weeks, and gradually disappears entirely during the next six months, in a chlorotic, rickety girl of fourteen years, and at the same time the spine, previously curved to the left, became straight and firm,

Pressing in the right side of the chest, all the afternoon, accompanied in the evening with sticking, which extended into the sacral region (fifteenth day),

Pressing in the left side of the chest, in the evening, relieved after a stool (sixteenth day),

Pressing in the left side of the chest, particularly troublesome in the region of the fifth ribs (sixteenth day),

Pressing in the left side of the chest (fifty-seventh day),

Pressing to the left under the short ribs (fourth day); the pressing pain appeared at the lower extremity of the right side of the chest, after getting up; it was somewhat violent at first, but decreased very much during the day, without, however, entirely disappearing (fifth day),

A sudden thrust from before backwards in the right half of the chest, in the forenoon (first day); a return of the chest pain, but in the left half (second day),

A bruised pain in the right chest beneath the arm (after three hours and a half),

Pinching pain in the region of the fifth and sixth ribs,

Cutting from below upward on the right side near the sternum (first day),

Cutting in the right side of the chest, extending from the sternum to the right elbow (second day),

Sticking in both sides of the chest (first day),

Sticking, causing soreness, in the sternal end of the clavicle,

Very painful stitch on the right side, near the sternum, on the fourth true rib, repeated in only one spot (first day),

Sticking on the right side near the middle portion of the sternum (first day),

Sticking in the region of the fifth true rib on the right side (first day),

Single stitches in the lower half of the right side of the chest (eighth day),

Flying stitches on the right side near the sternum, for a quarter of an hour, at noon; these stitches had this peculiarity, that instead of being aggravated, they disappeared, on a deep inspiration, and returned again only on the succeeding expiration (sixty-second day),

Sticking at one time in the right, at another in the left side of the chest (first day),

Sticking in the middle of the right side of the chest, near the sternum (after a quarter of an hour),

Some painful stitches in the side of the chest, within, after sneezing, at 4 P.M. (fifteenth day); very severe stitches in the lower part of the right side of the chest, at 6 A.M. (sixteenth day),

A crawling sticking in the right chest (after three hours),

Stitches in the whole left side of the chest, as if pierced through the outer portion to the scapula,

Acute sticking in the left upper half of the chest, in the forepart, extending to the scapula, with a sensation of swelling and some redness of the skin,

Violent stitches in the left side of the chest, which frequently returned throughout the day (third and fourth days),

A repeated violent stitch in the left side of the chest, in the evening (seventeenth day); a violent stitch in the left side of the chest, increased by inspiration, in the evening (twenty-fourth day),

Two flying, very painful stitches low down in the left side of the chest, late in the evening, when going home (sixty-first day),

Several stitches periodically in the left side of the chest, apparently deep in the pectoralis major muscle (fourteenth day),

Stitches in the left side, about the heart,

Sticking in the left side of the chest (within two hours); all the forenoon (tenth day),

Painful stitches in the interior of the left chest,

Pressing dull stitches in the left side of the chest, alike during inspiration and expiration (after one hour),

Several throbbing stitches in the left side of the chest (after two hours),

Dull sticking in the left side (of the chest), near the middle of the sternum,


Small indurations develop in the left breast close to the nipple, in a girl of eleven years,

The indurated spots in the breast become larger and more sensitive, with at times constrictive stitches in them, followed by a sore sensation over the whole area, and gradual disintegration and disappearance of the indurations,

The left female mamma becomes hard,

Drawing pains, with swelling of both breasts,

An ulcer on the right nipple, with violent pain in the whole breast,

Tensive sticking aching in the left female mamma,

Sensitiveness and heaviness of the breasts after the menses, with cutting pain in the nipples, which were surrounded by a brown areola, as in pregnancy (after twelve months),

Feeling, when seated, as though the breasts were compressed, from before backward, aggravated by stretching the body,

Constant painful pressure from within towards the nipple,

A double stitch in the breast (sixth day),

Very painful stitch through the upper part of the left breast, from before backwards, which immediately disappeared, and left a feeling of twitching in the spots,

Temporary stitch in the lower half of the left breast (fourth and twelfth days),

Stinging itching on the breast, and on both sides of the neck, towards noon (eighth day),

Around armpit

Tension from the first false ribs to the left axilla, especially on raising the arm (after one hour),

Attacks of pressure on the chest about the axillae,

Violent, dull, intermittent stitches in the chest, extending inward from the left axilla (after twelve hours),

An indurated spot in the left breast, of a young grown-up girl, becomes sensitive, with tension in the breast as far as the axilla, at the same time the whole left side of the neck, from the ear down, becomes filled with glands as large as hazelnuts (twelfth week),


A peculiar pain in the middle of the chest, close to the left side of the sternum, in a place as large as a half dollar, as if beaten with violent blows of a hammer, worse at night (fourth week),

Sticking beating in the middle of the right side of the chest,

Violent orgasm of blood every evening, throbbing and beating in the vessels on every motion; while sitting is more quiet,

Violent orgasm of blood, the heart beats violently; on going upstairs she is frequently obliged to rest,


Weak feeling in the chest, with pressure under the sternum and difficulty of breathing, especially when going upstairs (seventeenth day),

On deep breathing it seems very difficult to expand the chest, especially in the lower portion, in the region of the stomach, with an itching irritation through the whole trachea,

Tightness of the chest, frequently obliging to take a deep breath,

Feeling, when laughing moderately, as though the thorax were strongly compressed, with shortness of breath (fourth day),

Compressive oppression of the chest, extending even into the throat, and arresting the breath,

Oppression of the chest, with difficult respiration, and slight pain in the anterior surface of the stomach on taking a deep inspiration, as though from external pressure, at noon, before dinner; symptoms gone in the afternoon (seventeenth day),

With the cough, oppression of the chest, which seemed somewhat to embarrass the breathing (sixteenth day),

Soreness all about the whole thorax, is constantly obliged to take a deep breath,

Cramp in the chest, extending from the toes along the whole right side up to the chest, and there interrupting the breathing for a longer or shorter time,

Violent pain in the chest, arresting the breath and preventing motion, with cough and coryza (third month),

Pressing on the chest, with difficult breathing and sticking in the side, on going to bed (seventeenth day),

Pressing towards the back, in the chest, with oppressed breathing, in the evening (fourteenth day),

Violent pressure as from a heavy weight in the middle of the chest, not impeding respiration (while sitting), (after a quarter of an hour),

Increased tensive pressive pains in the chest, as if it were tightly constricted by a band stopping the breath, with great weakness and trembling, obliging one to lie quietly stretched out,

Burning aching over the whole chest and abdomen, with violent stitches in the left side, making it difficult to breathe, with tympanitis and cough, with expectoration of gray, gelatinous, salt pieces,

Succeeding sneezing, there was very violent sticking in the lower part of the right lung, lasting from 3 till 11 P.M., when, although very severe before, it disappeared at once; this sticking was greatly aggravated by sneezing, deep breathing, and coughing (not by movement), (thirteenth day),

Sudden stitches in the chest at times, which took away his breath, so that he was obliged to rub vigorously, which removed the sticking (after six months),

Pressure on the sternum, not affecting the respiration (first day),

Pressing in the middle of the chest upward into the neck, causing difficult respiration,

Pressure upon the sternum, in the afternoon, after smoking, so that he could not breath freely; at night, three times violent pressure on the sternum, which woke him, lasting only a few seconds (sixty-third day),

Cutting under the sternum, which embarrasses the respiration (second day),

Pressing in the right side of the chest, particularly noticeable when breathing deeply, and when bending the body (fourth day),

Tearing in the clavicle, making respiration painful,

Stitches in both sides of the thorax under the mammae, both during respiration and when not respiring (third day); afterwards these stitches often returned, and did not seem to be connected with the respiration,

Pressing in the left breast, after the sensation in the lower lobes of the lungs, especially when breathing deeply (sixth day),

Frequent feeling of faintness at the heart, relieved by warmth, with nausea and a peculiar pain, as if a number of threads were tied together in one spot, as large as a half-dollar, about the heart, and were painfully stretched with every respiration,

Palpitation in frequent paroxysms, recurring at irregular intervals; it begins with uneasiness and whirling in the whole body, followed by some beating in the chest, difficulty of breathing, with paleness of the face, then throbbing of the heart, so that she can neither sit nor lie, but is obliged to walk about,

Paroxysmal loud pulsation in the heart, at times interrupted by a violent extra sound, with intermittent pulse and with difficult breathing,

Hurried breathing, at night (thirty-first day),

Necessity of frequent deep breathing,

Increased need of taking a deep breath on account of oppression of the chest (first day),

Rattling of mucus, which is difficult to loosen, in the morning after waking, followed by vomiting of tasteless mucus (after twelve days),

At times troubled by short breath, with tickling in the throat and hoarseness,

Frequent attacks of shortness of breath (first day),

Shortness of breath, associated or alternating with griping colic (second day),

Shortness of breath and whistling in the throat, after every rapid movement and on going upstairs,

Short breath, at night; necessity to assist by breathing deeply,

Difficult, almost panting respiration (eighteenth day); shorter breath than usual, with weight on the chest (twenty-second and twenty-third days); respiration very short on walking (twenty-fourth day),

Constant difficult breathing,

Difficult breathing, in the evening; on going upstairs he lost his breath (after three months),

Difficult breathing (seventy-eighth day); with feeling of anxiety (eighty-fourth day),

Difficulty of breathing when going upstairs, which lasted some time (seventeenth day),

Before bedtime difficult respiration, with pressure on the chest, by reason of which she could not get to sleep for a long while (twelfth day),

The respiration is not altogether free; the thorax is raised during inspiration with somewhat more difficulty than usual (seventy-first day); troublesome breathing (seventy-second day),

Heavy oppressed respiration, with great desire for water and much anxiety,

Oppression of breath, in the morning, with wavelike movements in the whole praecordial region,

Sudden arrest of breath; she jumps up on account of suffocative anxiety; the eyes protrude; she cries constantly "Ah! ah!" and will not say anything else; after awhile it passed off,

Constant suffocative anxiety, with much desire to urinate and incessant yawning,

(Asthma, from which he had formerly suffered, returned in renewed paroxysms), (after three days after a dose of Thuja),

Asthma, pressure, and heaviness beneath the sternum, worse when walking, an hour after dinner (seventy-ninth day),

(In an old nightly asthmatic person the dyspnoea became less severe and more transient on account of the speedy appearance of cough and expectoration, so that the patient, who hitherto, in her paroxysms, could only sit up, could now lie down), (second month),

Awoke at night from a quiet sleep of three hours, with suffocating, whistling, tightness of breath, which lasted an hour (sixth month),

(The asthma of a boy, nine years old, was at first, for two days, more violent and frequent, then became better and easier, until it entirely disappeared after three weeks; thereupon there followed, in the fourth week, swelling of the cervical glands, frequent colic, headache, cough, and a sore nose, then return to health),

Larynx and Trachea.

Increased secretion of mucus in the larynx and trachea, at night (fiftieth day),

Constriction in the region of the os hyoides after eating ices (fifty-eighth day),

Dryness and crawling in the larynx, provoking dry tickling cough,

Pressure in the larynx,

Sensation of burning and constriction in the larynx,

Scraping in the trachea, obliging him to cough (third day),

The trachea feels spasmodically constricted in the morning on waking, obliging him to rise suddenly and walk about, after which there is relief,

Burning sensation through the whole trachea, with at times hoarseness, worse from 6 to 8 P.M.,

Pressing sticking in the left side of the trachea, just below the larynx, worse on swallowing (after three hours and a half),

Sticking in the trachea and region of the pit of the throat on breathing, for two days,


A feeling in the throat as if a membrane were over the larynx, which prevented singing, especially of the high notes,


Hoarseness and violent cough, with stitches in the left breast and left scapula (soon),

Hoarseness, in the morning and evening; in the morning bad tasting expectoration, followed by disappearance of the hoarseness, in a tuberculous patient (fourth month),

Hoarseness and fluent coryza (towards evening), (after eleven hours),

Hoarseness, as from constriction in the pharynx,

Somewhat deeper and hoarser voice on awaking, in the morning (forty-first day); hoarse, with frequent inclination to hawk, during the lecture (sixty-ninth day); hoarse during the lecture and throat so choked with mucus that he was frequently obliged to hawk (seventy-third day),

Hoarseness, and secretion of mucus in the fauces, obliging him to spit (forty-third to fifty-second day),

Roughness of voice,

Voice often low and husky, especially in the cold,

Voice weak, toneless, scarcely audible, for a long time,

Cough and Expectoration.

Cough, which he regards as possibly caused by exposure to cold (after eight days),

Cough, as if caused by pungent food, in the morning on rising (after twenty-five hours),

Cough, immediately after eating,

Violent cough, caused by tickling in the throat, for several mornings, lasting until the running of clear water from the mouth (sixth month),

Constant cough at night on lying down, obliging to rise, which gives relief; cough also during the day as soon as he lies down,

Awakened from sleep early in the morning by a catching cough, with expectoration of frothy saliva, even to nausea,

Spasmodic paroxysmal cough with whistling,

Paroxysms of incessant, racking, spasmodic cough, even to vomiting, with a catching drawing in of the completely expired breath, day and night, but worse at night, lasting a long time (fourth month),

Constant dry irritable cough, even to vomiting, with short and difficult breathing,

Constant dry tickling cough, especially at night in the open air, after loud talking and laughing,

Dry cough, with stitches in the larynx,

The dry cough, the constriction in spots on the thorax and in the corresponding parts of the lungs (frequently returning, very irritating, and annoying, compelling frequent deep inspirations, and ameliorated by wine and beer), first entirely disappeared in the course of about eight weeks,

Dry, frequently returning cough, which rendered me so anxious about my health that I discontinued the experiment,

Short and hacking cough (seventy-eighth day),

Repeated short dry cough,

Dry cough, increasing in a direct ratio with the duration of the experiment, becoming constantly more troublesome, and finally obliging me to lay aside the proving for awhile,

Frequent short dry cough (fourth and seventh days); frequent hacking cough (eighth day); frequent short dry cough, in the evening (tenth and eleventh days),

Whooping-cough, in a grown girl,

A paroxysm of fatiguing cough, like whooping-cough, beginning with hoarseness and tickling in the larynx, which made her cough all night, with violent scratching and burning in the throat, with a sensation as if it continually became tighter, increasing even to vomiting, with increased leucorrhoea, with itching burning and sore spots in the groin (twelfth week),

The whooping-cough decidedly diminishes within three days, and entirely disappears on the ninth day,

(The tuberculosis cough, dyspnoea, and wasting fever immediately diminish; the hitherto suppressed menses return normally, and the hitherto profuse leucorrhoea begins to cease for days, during the first four weeks, followed by undisturbed gradual progressive cure, in a young girl),

Cough, with expectoration of mucus, when eating; after eating, cough, with raising of tough mucus,

Constant cough, with very profuse yellow, pasty, sweetish expectoration of mucus, though without any difficulty in breathing, in one convalescent from asthma,

Cough, with expectoration of brown pieces of mucus,

Cough, with expectoration of blood,

Hard white mucus loosens from the throat and is coughed up, which relieves the hoarseness,

Frequent raising of mucus, with cough and reddened tonsils, without pain (seventeenth and eighteenth days),

The expectoration on coughing begins to have a better taste, and at the same time the nightly ravenous hunger ceases,

Spitting of blood twice while walking (fifty-fifth day),


Heart and pulse


Pressive anxiety rising to the heart like a rush of blood into it; as this accumulation recedes from the heart there remains a slight painful sensation at this point, from which it disappears as after an unusual distension,

The heart is drawn downward toward the left side, as from a weight hanging upon it, with whizzing in the head,

In the region of the heart a small spot, sensitive to touch, with pain as if sore (fifth day),

Pain in the region of the heart,

Constant pressive pain at the heart, with violent beating when lying on the left side at night,

Transient feeling of pressure in the heart (eighth day),

Very disagreeable pressing in the region of the heart, confined to a small spot, in the evening (sixty-fourth day),

A transitory pressing and tension in the heart, in the forenoon (sixty-fifth day),

Sensation of falling drops in the heart felt through the whole heart into the chest,

Twitching pains under the heart,

Tearing pains in the region of the heart, and from there into the left scapula, in the open air (fifth day),

Sticking pains in the region of the heart,

Sticking in the heart, with a hot, burning sensation in it, and then throbbing in the heart, causing anxiety and depression of spirits,

Stitches in the cardiac region,

Sticking burrowing in the region of the heart,

Heart's Action.

Momentary palpitation of the heart (seventy-eighth day),

Palpitation on moving and stooping,

Palpitation, with want of air, so that talking is difficult,

Anxious palpitation, after smoking part of a cigar (sixty-third day),

Beating of the heart at night, and throbbing of the pulse in the forehead, and twitching in the face,

Visible palpitation, without anxiety,

Violent beating of the heart in the morning when washing, disappearing during the day, suddenly returning in the evening with great anxiety, so that she did not know what to do, with heat and rush of blood to the head, dark-red face, followed by shaking chill with cramp, the next morning after which she still felt dizzy and confused (fourth month),

In no position of the body, whether sitting or lying, could he feel the pulsation of his heart; after a quarter of an hour he experienced a trembling of the heart, which recurred for a quarter of an hour, with anxiety (seventh night),


Accelerated pulse (twentieth and sixty-fourth days),

Pulse 120, full and hard, in the evening (twenty-second and twenty-third days); feverish pulse, with headache in the evening (twenty-third day); pulse moderately accelerated, full and hard (twenty-fifth day),

Full, quick pulse during the access of heat (thirty-fifth day),

Pulse weak, fell below 60 (after four days),

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