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Tabacum - Rectum, Anus, Stool symptoms - T.F. Allen

Tobacco, Tab Ac, Tabac, Tab.

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HPUS indication of Tabacum: Sea sickness

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Tabacum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Burning pain in the anus after the stool,

Itching in the anus,

Repeated ineffectual urging to stool, followed by a hard evacuation several hours after the usual time,

Tenesmus and violent pain in the small of the back during stool, though the evacuation was soft (fourth day),

Frequent urging to stool in the morning (eighth day),

Desire for stool with frequent tenesmus in the rectum (after four minutes),

Violent straining at stool with pressure as if the faeces were retained, yet the stool was soft,

Straining and violent burning in the anus during stool (eleventh day),

Frequent desire for stool, but always a scanty evacuation, preceded and followed by sore pain in the abdomen (second day),



Diarrhoea, etc.

Profuse diarrhoea,

At intervals, violent diarrhoea, accompanied with severe gripings, lasting sometimes several days, and followed by constipation,

The diarrhoea was not like that produced by tobacco in the provings; it was urgent watery, painless; one movement on rising in the morning, and four or five before reaching his office, and no more till next morning; cured in two weeks,

After one or two years the symptoms of chronic poisoning begin with serous diarrhoea, followed by a peculiar change in the color of the face, which becomes a pale gray; the blood becomes very thin, and passive congestions occur,

He was subject, for eighteen months, to severe attacks of diarrhoea, which almost invariably came on at night, about 2 A.M. On discontinuing the use of tobacco, these attacks ceased,

Simultaneously with the convulsive attack, he was purged to a most unusual and extraordinary extent, the whole bed and floor around it being flooded, as it were, with the discharges, which consisted of feculent matter of a dark greenish-brown color,

Diarrhoea with vomiting and delirium (after two hours),

Involuntary evacuations,

Involuntary evacuations at times of both urine and faeces,

Bowels very loose, especially in the morning; generally has to rise from bed about 4 A.M., in consequence of a call to stool, and he has frequently two or three evacuations before breakfast also; the motions are of a good color, only thin,

Purging several times (second and third days),

Purging and emission of flatus immediately after eating (fourth day),

Purging three times with sore pain in the anus (fourth day),

Purging with colic (fourth day),

Five diarrhoea-like stools at night, with burning and tenesmus in the anus (seventh day),

Liquid, very offensive evacuation, followed by tenesmus,

Green, slimy diarrhoea with tenesmus,

Frequent thin evacuations,

Thin evacuation of the bowels, increased in quantity,

Stool at the usual time, and rather thinner than usual (first day),

Stool softer than usual,

Frequent pasty stools,

Involuntary thin stools,

Habitual soft and often diarrhoeic stools,

A very sudden, almost involuntary pasty yellow-green evacuation, followed by tenesmus,

Stool pasty, increased in quantity, frequently slimy, with emission of flatus,

Stool softer than usual, after large doses,

Black, fetid stools,

Several stools,

Two thin stools with some colic,

It depresses the action of a purge upon the colon,

Stool only after thirty-six hours, harder than usual, and of a dark color,

Frequent involuntary and unconscious evacuation of bloody and watery faeces and watery urine,

Two soft stools at night (second day),

Two soft stools within two hours, followed by internal sensitiveness of the abdomen (second day),

Two small soft stools in the evening, followed by straining for a long time (second day),

Stools resembling those of cholera,

The faeces, resembling the excrements of sheep, had for long only been passed after the use of enemata and purgatives; at first, on the contrary, purging had been present,

Let an individual smoke half a segar in the morning, soon after breakfast, and almost before he has finished, he will have an urgent desire for an alvine dejection,

Stools irregular,

Stool indolent, with at times diarrhoea, associated with great weakness of the sphincter ani,

Average weight of faeces, 8.10 ounces (for five days before smoking); 8.09 ounces (for five days while smoking),

Average weight of faeces, 6.04 ounces (for five days before smoking); 4.52 ounces (for five days while smoking),


Constipation, etc.

The stool usually daily, omitted for two days,

Absence of stool, contrary to habit (first day),

No stool (fourth to seventh day),

The evacuation that usually occurred in the morning, now took place towards evening, and was harder than usual,

Inclined to constipation at times,

Habitual constipation, worse when the patient is worse in other respects; never has diarrhoea,

Unrelenting constipated bowels,

Obstinate constipation, changing at times to diarrhoea,

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