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Sulphuricum Acidum - Mouth symptoms - T.F. Allen

Sulphuric Acid, Sulph-ac, Sulfuricum Sulphuricum Acidum, Sulfuricum acidum, Acidum Sulphuricum, Acid Sulph, Sul-ac.

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HPUS indication of Sulphuricum Acidum: Hot flushes

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Sulphuricum Acidum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



General Mouth.

Breath very offensive,

Frothing at the mouth, with constant retching,

Black frothy matter issuing from mouth,

Copious secretion of liquid in the mouth,

Mucous membrane of the mouth swollen, covered with brown bloody liquid, which was constantly expectorated,

Large superficial ulcerations in the mucous membrane of the mouth, with discharge of bloody liquid,

Aphthae in the mouth,

Vesicles on the inner surface of the left cheek,

Mucous membrane of the mouth, throat, and wherever the acid touched, was discolored,

All the parts touched by the acid, from the mouth as far as could be seen, became covered with crusts and exuded an offensive ichor; the parts finally became aphthous and gangrenous,

Mucous membrane of mouth white and ragged,

Lining membrane of mouth had a white bleached appearance,

The whole mouth and pharynx covered with a thick white coating; swallowing difficult; voice without sound,

Mouth of a brown color,

Inside of mouth of an ashy-gray color,

Frightful pains in the mouth and stomach,

Complained of great pain and of a burning heat in his mouth and throat,

Sore pain in both corners of the mouth,

Pressure, as with a finger, just above the left corner of the mouth,

Burning pains in the mouth and throat,

Burning heat of the mouth, pharynx, and oesophagus,

Burning pain in the mouth, along the oesophagus to the stomach,

Excessive burning pain in the mouth, pharynx, and pit of the stomach,

Violent burning in the mouth and oesophagus to the stomach,

Sharp burning heat in the mouth, pharynx, and stomach,

Violent burning pain in mouth and throat; he spoke with difficulty and with pain,

Intolerable burning in the mouth and throat,

Violent burning pains in the mouth, pharynx, and pit of the stomach,

The mouth is insipid and pasty, in the morning in bed, which disappears after rising,


She could speak or swallow only with the greatest difficulty,

Speech short, abrupt, hoarse, with at times hoarse hacking cough,

He could not articulate distinctly, but was quite sensible to what going on about him,

Speech very difficult,

Speech scarcely intelligible,

Inability to talk or move,



Gum and inner surface of the lips grayish white, thick, wrinkled,

On examination of the body, the mouth, lips, and part of the chin were found to be charred and desiccated,

Mucous membrane of mouth, lips, and throat pearly white,

The inside of the mouth, as well as the surface of the tongue, was dry, white, and corrugated, as far as the lower lip, where there was a distinct line of demarcation,

Gums and teeth

The teeth presented a yellow and black fur, like the sordes of fever,

The teeth were of a chalky-dead whiteness, and had completely lost their polish,

Subsequently, all the teeth broke off and fell out in pieces,

Teeth on edge at various times,

Teeth on edge the whole afternoon (after four hours),

Toothache, aggravated by cold, relieved by the warmth, preventing sleep all night,

Toothache in the left lower row, in the evening after lying down,

Gnawing toothache in the right lower row, in the evening, worse after lying down till 2 A.M.,

Gnawing pain in the back tooth and in the incisor, only when biting on something hard,

Digging pain in a hollow back tooth during and after chewing something hard,

Pain pressing inward in the right upper incisor,

Frequent painful tearing in the teeth of the left side,

Tearing in the left lower teeth, in the bed, in the evening till midnight,

Tearing in the left eye-tooth and in the lower jaw, all night, during the menses,


Swelling of the gum of the right lower jaw; when pressed, pus exudes,

Ulcerated gum,

The gum has a furzy feeling; bleeds on the slightest touch,


A discharge of stringy Cuprum Metallicum copper-colored mucus and froth was issuing from the dependent corner of the mouth,

Much brownish mucus in the mouth,

Mucus frequently comes into the mouth, which causes choking, hacking; is obliged to swallow it constantly,

Transient dryness of the mouth,

Disagreeable sensation of dryness in the mouth, for two days,


Salivation, ; (second day),

Profuse salivation,

Frequent collection of watery saliva in the mouth,

Collection of saliva in the mouth, as from hunger, lasting several hours,

Collection of saliva, with acceleration of the pulse,

Could only speak in a whisper, and was scarcely able to open the mouth, from which exuded a ropy mucus (after ten hours),



Tongue horribly swollen,

Tongue swollen, covered with wrinkled white skin,

Tongue and throat horribly swollen; swallowing impossible,

Tongue, cheeks, and mouth swollen,

The mucous membrane of the tongue and mouth was corrugated, thickened, and milky white,

Tongue thick, white, denuded of mucous membrane,

Phlyctenae on the back of the tongue and the palatine arch (second day),

Tongue covered with crusts of a grayish-white color; the tip and edges red,

Tongue denuded at the tip and intensely red; parts of it covered with a thick white coating,

The tongue became eroded, white, and dry (second day),

Tongue presented a dead-white appearance,

Tongue and inside of mouth white (second day); the pellicles covering the mouth have dropped, the mucous membrane beneath being bright red and very sensitive (fourth day),

Tongue redder than natural, often bluish red, and with a peculiar shining surface,

The tongue has cast off its cuticle, and is quite red with prominent papillae (fourth day),

Dark tongue,

Tongue shrivelled, small,

Tongue insensible; very dry in the centre (after six hours),

Mouth, tongue, and throat white, denuded of mucous membrane,

The acid had caused large white patches in the mouth and throat; the whole internal portions of the mouth and tongue were white, with a large quantity of tenacious glairy mucus,


Excessive flow of tasteless saliva,

Collection of much saliva of a saltish taste in the mouth, even in the morning,


Bad taste in the mouth, in the morning after waking (fifth day),

Very bad offensive taste in the mouth,

Bread has a bitter taste, like bile, and causes great pressure in the stomach,

Loss of taste,


Mucous membrane of the tongue, mouth, and fauces of a pearly-white color, and covered with a white viscid secretion,

Swelling of the whole mouth and fauces,

All the soft portions of the mouth and fauces were frightfully swollen and inflamed the corners of the mouth burnt, with burning heat in the pharynx and oesophagus,

Whitish-gray swelling in the mouth and fauces,

Whole mouth, fauces, and pharynx inflamed,

The inside of the lips, tongue, and fauces were swollen, having the appearance of being smeared with thin arrow root (after half an hour),

Mouth and fauces shrivelled and dry,

All the soft parts of the mouth and fauces covered with a thick fuzzy membrane,

The mouth, tongue, lips, fauces, and pharynx, as far as could be seen, had a whitened and sodden appearance,

The mouth, lips, tongue, and fauces were white and slightly excoriated (in two hours),

Mucous membrane of mouth and fauces was covered with a whitish fur, which was already peeling off in parts, leaving a raw reddish-brown surface; this was especially the case on the dorsum of the tongue and the end of the uvula,

On the second day, the mouth and fauces were covered with fungoid blackish-red masses,

Burning sensation in mouth, fauces, and gullet,


Mucous membrane of the palate and pharynx swollen and injected, with several ulcerations,

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