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Stramonium - Back And Neck symptoms - T.F. Allen

Thorn-apple, Stramonium. Datura Stramonium, Stamonium, Stram.

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HPUS indication of Stramonium: Restlessness

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Stramonium in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.


Back and neck

Pain, as if beaten, in the back and abdomen, excited by motion (after twelve hours),

Pain, as if beaten, in the back and shoulder (after twelve hour),


Remarkable sensitiveness along the spine in the cervical region, the slightest pressure caused the most violent outcries and raving,


Neck swollen (after three hours),

Stiffness of neck (second day); gradually wearing off (third to ninth day),

Pain, first on right, then on left side of back of neck on moving head (fourteenth day); on bending head back, pain in left side of back of neck; afterwards on bending head forwards, pain in left side of neck (fifteenth day),

Great rigidity of the muscles of the neck and back,

Drawing (rheumatic) pain, extending from the side of the neck into the limbs,


Back very stiff, but not painful (third day),

Small spot in the back pains (drawing) when touched,

A spot in the back pains when touched or not,

Drawing tearing pain in the back and upper abdomen (after one hour),


Pain between the shoulders during the act of coughing (seventh day),

Drawing pains in the middle of the spine, with drawing pain opposite, in the posterior portion of the stomach,

Drawing pain in the middle of the spine,


While playing the piano in the evening, two severe stitching pains simultaneously in both lumbar regions, midway between hypochondria and iliac crest (fifth day),

Pains in lumbar region, like rheumatism (third day),

Drawing pains in small of back,

Severe pains in the loins,

The voluntary power of the extremities was gone, and the limbs were violently agitated by spasmodic twitching and jactitation (not by regular convulsions), alternately with short paroxysms of tetanic spasm (opisthotonos). During the coma she still continued to be affected with convulsive twitching and jactitation of the limbs, alternated with short paroxysms of rapid, vibratory, spasmodic motions of the hands and forearms, of a peculiar, though I believe diagnostic, nature as regards the effects produced by poisons of this class,

Violent motion of the limbs,

He moves his limbs to and fro,

Limbs especially the hands, in excessive motion, as in swimming, flying, etc.,

Slow contracting and stretching of the limbs, repeatedly in paroxysms,

Hands and feet up to the knees were affected with slight spasms or jerks, especially the fingers of the left hand, which jerked repeatedly, and without pain (fourth and fifth days),

Paroxysmal twitchings of the limbs every five minutes were very marked, and more so in the arms than in the legs; but the limbs were not so rigid as in the other boy,

Spasmodic jerking of the limbs,

Jerking of the extremities,

Constant motion of hands and arms, as if he were spinning or weaving (after eight hours),

Irregular movements of all the limbs,

The arms and lower limbs were tossed about, screaming and crying (after three hours),

Spasmodic tossing up of the limbs,

Twitching of the hands and feet,

Twitching of the tendons, ,

Twitching of the extremities,

A frequent tremor of the limbs, as in a chill, yet the surface was above the natural temperature,

Tremors in her limbs,

Constant tremulous movements of the hands and feet,

Trembling of the limbs,

Trembling of one or more limbs,

Trembling of the hands and feet,

Trembling of the extremities, and especially of the hands; she made such movements that it seemed as though she was momentarily afraid of falling; the body was bent backward,

The limbs totter when walking or standing,

Limbs visibly paralytic,

Very little control over the movements of the upper and lower extremities,

Difficult motion of the limbs, with crawling in them,

Difficult motion and creeping in the limbs, with lachrymation,

Immobility of the limbs; she is unable to make the least motion (a kind of catalepsy),

Limbs feeble,

Paralyzed limbs,

He feels, in his hands and feet, as if they were loosened in the joints, and he is quite inconsolable about this sensation,

Sensation as if one part of the limbs in the joint were completely separated from the other, and could not be united again,

Sensation in the arms and legs as if they were separated from the body,

The limbs are asleep,

The limbs feel asleep,

Heaviness of the limbs,

All the limbs ache,

Continual cramp in both hands and feet,

Crawling in all the limbs,

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